What The Heck Do The Machines Do???

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Okay, so here is the deal.

In M1, agent Smith discribes to Morpheus that the humans are like viruses, they go to a place and spread. We get the impretion that he hates that, yet isn't that what the machines are doing? What is the MAchines Ultimate porpuse, We learned from the animatrix AND M1 that they use humans as their power sorce, but for what? power themselves, power the sentinals, they go after the human resistance to make themselves continue to manufacture ..... themselves, yet for what? help out with the human crops, to manufacture themselves to help out with the human crops to..... THEY are just like humans to Smith's eyes, the go to a place and spread....

If anyone can help me shead some light on this, please do !!!

Well I think what Smith means is that humans breed themselfs to destruction. The machines just need the humans to power themselfs, it doesn't mean they keep building.
Besides this way the humans are no threat to them.

Evil Dead
#1. What makes you think the machines spread...........all we've ever heard about them is that they live in 01 (Zero-One......their city)......

#2. "What is the machines ultimat purpose (I corrected the spelling there so I guess it isn't a direct quote)"..........................

If you watched the Animatrix you already know the answer.......to survive, they don't want to die.........that is their goal.......that is why they use humans as a power source........not because they want to, because the HAVE to if they wish to live. Did you not watch the first Renn. episode about B166ER? Why did he kill his human master? "Quite simply, he did not want to die"...........

If you mean they are just like humans in their wish to survival and willingness to do anything to ensure this, you are correct............however spreading like plague and whatnot you are spouting off about, you are incorrect. There is nothing said nor done in any comic, movie, game, or animatrix episode to even make you come close to thinking this.........this part you have created in your own mind. Leave the script writing to the Wachowski Bros. You try to make the entire premise complicated when it isn't. It has already been told to us. The machines use humans as a power source so they can stay alive, they do not wish to die. That simple.

#3. Why in the holy name of hell do you keep posting topics as polls? What purpose does this serve? You don't even have a poll listed......

well put

Evil Dead
Actually I made a mistake........I was in a hurry........01 is actually the name of their country isn't it, not just a city.

ummm I think and I forgot where I saw this post that the machines are here because we can't live without them and they can't live without us. We screwed up the planet so much we can't live outside, and they need us for power. This is assuming that even Zion is inside the matrix

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