Neo stops bullets. That's all ??

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If Neo can stop bullet and make them fall on the ground (which means : he reads the code and modify it), can you tell me why he doesn't throw them back to the men who are trying to kill him ???
It could have been a great scene too, if Neo used Merovingian's mens' bullets to kill them all.

hmmm good point theres just not much that can be said on it

He is not omnipotent; there are decided limits to his powers.

mibbe he just felt like a challenge lol

If he did that the others would have dodged the bullets stick out tongue
I think he cant move stuff meaning he couldn't make the bullrts move. Just stop them. Does that make sence?

What about the sword He "Jedi'ed" from the wall, and himself and others He moves. Shooting them with their own bullets would have been cute, but in retrospect a little over the top. Changing velocity parameters to ZERO is one thing simotaineously changing them back to high velocity vectors toward a specific target a great deal more complicated.


why cant he just pin everybody up against a wall or something and escape haha

He doesn't need to escape

Actually, there is no limit to what he can do. He only changes things as he see's fit - This was said about the previous One by Morpheus in the first film.

So if he can change things as he saw fit, why can't he just change his opponents and kill them with ease?

several of the merovingian's helpers are rogue programs, which cannot be easily killed (remember persephone has a gun with silver bullets), so that probably wouldn't have worked out anyway. plus, fighting scenes kick ass. i'm amazed no one has mentioned this as an explanation yet. furthermore, in matrix 1, the obvious explanation for not just using the bullets is that agents can dodge 'em.

Metroplex: I didn't say that - Morpheus did in the first film.

2nd: He only seems to change things (major changes) when there is emotion involved ie. Love smile

rysdigital hit the vein. what the hell kind of movie would the matrix be if neo just nodded his head and everyone dropped dead? i wouldn't shell out eight bucks for m3, that's for sure.

lol Ur right. Its not very interesting watching someone who can kill their opponents without a challenge.

yea he could rip apart his opponents by raising his pinky in the air, but thats not fun

and when you've got a semi-omnipotent being taking on troves of armed bloodthirsty opponents, that's all you want -- for him to have a good time

yeah i prefer watching him kick ass!! *sigh* hes so good at it love

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