2 trusted programs, an Oracle and a Baby in a Pear Tree :D

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Right here is a little theory I just come up with:

When Neo is talking to the Oracle in Reloaded she say's the following:

"Be there, at that exact time and you may stand a chance"

Then we have Seraph who "protects that which matters most" which, from by the way he acts, is the Oracle. Now I am gonna refer to the Dolan plot on this one but it makes complete sense (not that the whole thing is real...but this seemed to fit). Seraph is the guardian of "The Future", but the Oracle IS Future possibly. She knows what is going to happen and she knows what things must be done to achieve it etc.

Then we go to Enter the Matrix where the Oracle says the following:

"2 programs who I trusted sold the termination code of my original shell to the Merovingian"

These 2 programs would know her termination code...why? It could possibly be the that the 2 programs are the ones which are essential for the future to happen.

Now, when Neo and co. enter the Merovingian's restaurant there is the bearded guy and the cuckoo clock noise. What I am thinking is that Neo etc. never arrived at that "exact" time. Then when Neo etc. start their conversation with Mero, he starts going off on one about time.

"How can you ever have time, if you do not ever take time"

Now I dunno if you can see what I am getting at yet but I will try to explain it as best as possible. I think possibly that the Bearded guy is one of the programs who the Oracle trusted. What program do I think it could possibly be? Time.

Now there is another program somewhere (one whom the Oracle trusted) and I have not yet figured out who it is. But going back to earlier, remember I said about "That which matters most" being the Future (Oracle) and that the 2 trusted programs are essential for the future?

Well, Time is definately essential to the Future but I can't put my finger on what it may be for which it is essential - Any opinions would be great - but this was just a little theory.

Oh, I have thought of one more thing. Is it possible that the other program whom the Oracle trusted is the black woman who opens the door in the Oracle's apartment in the 1st movie. She seemed to be trusted by the Oracle and not to mention she looked about 3 months pregnant. So if 6 months have passed between the 1st and 2nd film this would leave just the right amount of time for the 2 programs' child to be born.

Anyway, just a thought...gimme your thoughts on what u think.

The Omega

or that neo and trin are programs and maybe they will have a child in the future

The Omega
And when, prey tell, should either of them have had the time to sell the Oracles termination code to the Merovingian after the Zion rave, GET the Oracles Termination code, and how did they survive out in the real world? Not to mention, why should the Merovingian be in any position to save a fetus?

I know about the Gloria Foster dying but I was just putting this forward as an idea for how they might have done that. It sounds plausible but it is probably wrong knowing the Wachowski's smile

grrrrrrrrrr no!! miffed: sorry i was just expressing my anger i will shut up now embarrasment

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