Terminator - Time Travel Issues

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Timetravel runs in loops. The original timeline of events proceeds through the first time until timetravel is created. Then someone is sent back and disrupts time therefore altering it. This can only happen once because all the events repeats itself from then on. This I believe is what is happening in the Terminator series. All the events have happened before. John Conner grows up to lead the revolution without having to deal with the Terminators when he was little. The machines decide then to send back a Terminator to destroy John Conner which begins the loop and changes time forever. The movie actually shows the sencond or later loops, because all the events as we find out in T3 have already happened before. Every time the reach the point of timetravel another loop in time developes causing a pile of time loops which will go on for infinity. hpowever these loops keep repeating. So after one loop of time has been changed it can never be changed again.

Just wanted to get everyone elses thoughts on my theory.

Everytime the terminator goes back in time , the future changes doesnt it, How can you have a big pile of loops, diffrent loops? That means diffrent dimentions? happening parallel to each other, IF infact the whole underlying story was about Kate's father being in control of skynet, why dont mention it earlier, when the terminator came back instead of going to protect kate and john, go straight the father remove him for skynet, or even in T2 , ok i have confused myself now. no

Dr Plaid

well stated and i thought i was the only one (read my comment in the who was john connors' father or first father, whatever) who felt that it was highly unlikely that a beautiful woman, who is young, employed with her own apartment will not find a sex partner in the crowdwe city of LOS ANGELES @ such an age when women in that time peroid often look to settle down. One of the reasosn i think they portray the idea that if john doen't send kyle john can never be, it an attempt to keep sarah's character innocent and wholesome who only had sex with kyke due to his compelling story, one enough to move her to find herself attracted to him. He a soldier who's fate is to protect her. But i figured that hey if she can date guys who drive porches, then within that yer or by the following few years, whe would have met someone any settled down and maybe had a family when the waR HIT IN 1997. CONNOR BEING S SURVIVOR GROWS TIRED OF THE TRATMENT OF HUMANS AND BEING THE SON OF SPUNKY SARAH HAS HAD ENOUGH AND GATHERS HUMANS IN A PLOT TO OVER THROW THE MACHINES BEFORE THE HUMAN ARE WIPED OUT. Kyle is born in the ruins and becomes an experienced soldier qualified to be sent back to protect sarah connor. hence t1. So i agree john had another father before kyle. SARAH WOULD NOT HAV DIED A VIRGIN. i THINK the events of ti sped up the development of the machines and chip technology and the events in t2 slowed down the events of t3 and judgement day due to destroying any evidence of t1, but any development based on it since t1, but it's a matter of speeding uo and slowind down. Prevention or closure can happen only two ways: humans somehow learn their lesson or the human race looses the war and is wiped out.

this is 2 confusing, STOP IT!

But he (dulobast25) is talking the truth...about that should Mostow think, when started to write a script!

i guess its meant to be John conner would be born regardless who his daddy is and he will rise to form the resistance etc.

YEs it think so, but nobody knows it even the viewer except skynet. I guess one hint is that they never even made an attempt to kill the father, either because they had not info on him, or because from the future point of view, the father could have been anybody thus the mother who taught john was the more imprortant, the more fixed character. I think that john pretty much was destined to be born and to be sarah's son. But suppose john had a diffrerent mother.. assuming fate, it would not matter for his name would be fdifferent but fate the same.. i guess looking at it from that perspective, if john didn't step up it is likely that someone else would have and in an alternate timeline that person would be the destined one who would have been john but due to circumstances was not. In other words.. the person who was destined to lead likely would have regardless who his parents ended up being and what is name ended up being.. just a theory.

Yeah, i thinkd= sarah was under the impression that kyle had to be sent back for her son to be john but either way you look at it, sarah is the necessary element.. in the 2nd timeline kyle is the father but sarah trains john... before kyle could have been his father, john must have learned on his own but in either case the father is not as importtant, just a mother to give birth.

But he has to get somehow from father or enybody skills which make him leader. If he is now alone with no parents, no friends...he cannot get skills for his future...

he has the inate qualities to be a leader..genetic qualities, sarahs backbone that she never even knew whe had....she trained him in t1 timeline because she was told that she did it before.. in the original timeline it is likely john stepped up becasue somebody had to and remember, the events in t1 sped up judgement day...so john would have had more time to develop skills as a survivor of the war... and living in that time we would ALL learn one way or another to be a soldier of some sort. Sarah learned, and all kyle taught her was to make plastique bombs, the rest she learned herself..how to survive, i mean. the idea to go the mexico, these were he ideas when faced with a war she feels she and her son must fight....same change would have affected john when faced with judgement day, he would change from a regular kid to a person of necessity.. he would have found that inner strength that sarah did. after all she converted after battleing one terminator. What do you think john would do having to battle with amny terminators.. adapt, plan.. like his mother would have.

I think there is a daisy chane of loops more of like dime loops riding along an timeline continuum. Where the event originally happens worse but is revisited each time someone jumps in time ad it desrupts all events after that if inderectly related.

How come Skynet always sends back a terminator years after a previous one has failed. Okay the first was sent back to 1984, the next was sent in 1994 or 95. How come they just didn't send one back to either 1983 or further back. Understand what I'm saying?

Connor McLeod
No, not really.

So your asking why skynet never sent a terminator back farther in time instead of going in the future??

If this is your question there is an easy answer the time machine can only go back so far. (At least this is my guess) and there are big risks with sending someone to far back in the past the farther you go back the more you can F things up

Lets say skynet sent a terminator back in time to kill Johns Great Great grandpa and lets say it succeeded. There would be no John Connner in the future because it ended the family gene pool but what if Johns great grandpa had something to do with the computer industry or robotics industry or even a manufacturing plant he could have crated something that made it possible for skynet to be built in the first place or he could have saved the life of Dysons great grandpa or something like that.

The farther you go back in time the bigger the change in the present. A super advanced computer would relies this and not take the risk of ending its own existence

after they developed the t-1000 why not just send it back again to kill sarah connor, it seems they would just keep trying with his mother, because it supposedly the mothers teachings and warnings that helped john become the leader of the resistance so it did have more to do with his mother than john connor, i guess it never works when you try and disect the movies though

tis a movie people...let it go... smile

I was just making a point.

u r right but ya, just a movie. and ya, just a point, an ya ITS THE BIGGEST THING: THE TEMRINATOR

so i would say that they had 2 make things more interesting for terminator2

the plot for T-2 was great fit like a glove, and sometimes its fun to get lost in the fiction thats what ther made for

I the first terminator
film the guys at the police station are asking Kyle questions about the terminator and they ask him why didn't he bring any weapons from the future and he says that only flesh can come through the portal so how can the T1000 and the T-X get trough the portal if they are all Metal?

I think the T-1000 gets away with it because it`s technically alive.
Kyle just mentioned something about the field generated by living tissue, the mimetic polyalloy would seem to qualify as a living organism.
I suppose the T-X would use the same loophole, although it is less likely considering how little of the alloy it uses.

bad banana
It's also possible time travel technology advanced, but then that would leave people to wonder why they still have to come out naked.

if its a female terminator i dont care if she comes out naked even if shes stuck in a bad movie


as long as shez nude

she is naked everynight in my dreams frankly, but uhm yeah solid metalic objects can not pass thro the time portal however bare human skin can. Perhaps its a little like your microwave, put in a donut and everything is fine, but put in a spoon on top of ur donut, u see sparks fly, however i have never really wrapped a donut around a spoon to see if the microwave particles do not bounce of the metalic surface hmm. So anyways i think the polymatic covering even though its not human skin it is a covering which sheilds the termy's metal structure from the time continium.
Ok on another point i was once on another message board and someone posed a good question, if kyle came thru and had no weapons fro mthe future, why not catch a dog stuff some weapons in it and send it thru with kyle also before the dog died. Same goes for arnie as a good termy, why not get a dog stuff some laser canons stitch it back up and send the dog back thru with arnie. MAkes u think eh!

bad banana
I'ev heard of that concept before, and frankly, if you think about it, it's pretty morbid. Would moviegoers really want to see a dog with its intestines spilling out as our fearless heroes plunge their hands into its bloody underbelly to fish out weapons from the future? And on that note, you'd need some pretty big dogs to do that.

i just read that somewhere one night when someone posed that question, when you see the t800;s with their laser blasters, it looks about just right sized to fit in a german shepards frame, so in t1 kyle could have had the advantage if they put a laser canon in a dog or something and send it along with him. But obviously it is kinda gross doing it that way smile

It's called... a plot convenience! There is no logical sense in the T-800 being able to come back through time because it is covered in living flesh, but unable to have a gun inside it. But sod logic! The T-1000 and the covering of the TX are both organic; the TX cheats by having its weapon as part of its design. Which OBVIOUSLY means it can bring it back with it, because that is VERY different from just having a gun put inside you. Oh yes it is. Ssssh.

yes it added more twists and turns to the drama, of course with t3 and the tx having weapons ......well we all know t3 was directed diffrently!

I look at it that molecularly, the surface of t-1000 mimics humans skin,maybe iven in temperature and alters the electons rotatin around each atom to fool the machine into allowing it to got..designed with the time machine in mind or the mchine this time around was a little more advance allowing mor mallable forms of metal through but not unconvered hard steel. Mybe it always soft mimetic moving metal but it wasn't invented yet so t-100 was designed that way for that reason. the weapons issue prevents it from being a war movie which is why i feel although it would be cool to see the war, there was never anhy intenrion of showing it and onlt becasue there is so many sequels that we now want to see it casue eveything else is old, but face it a war movie is likely to be boring, it's the throwing human around and surviving shrapnel fire and going uo again multile humans and gund that make the terminator cool. how cool would it be to see human laying terminators down with a single shot from theor own plasma cannons, just like shooting humans. we would neve see thier amazing abilities, so it was a plot device, a story telling device..withoiut it, no movie and it justifiy arnold having a humn apperance and justfiys the design of the endoskeltion.

the plot wa great for t1 too, i think if they sent t-1000 back to 1984, it wouldn't be ralistic becasue fashion would be different, everybody would be older...it neede to age realisitcalliy and assuming only a yaers development of t-1000 say sent back from 2030, skynet within second sfter t-100 was sent back realized like t-800, the t-1000 failed, so thusly made "improvements" (which were not...the t-1000 is tto tough an acto to follow, don't envy mostow in that way). it is a computer's way of chising a model based on it's sucesses and failures, thusly the end of the 600 series and thus the creation of the 800 series and thus the t-1000 and tx prototypes. Funny thing is they say the tx is more advanced, but they never actually say mor advanced than t-1000. They only say over the t-800. and to me, it seem between the t-800 and th t-1000, (t-1100) would have the ability to morph and emit photon beams and change into energy form senitent matter and warp much like a minature time machine, but would have major weaknesses in magnetic fields, etc.. It is likely an issue that when skynet sends a machine back and it fails, it generates an imprive model and tries again, without knowing exclty how the previous model failed, it's just being sytematic and sending th advance mdoel would not only mak ethe movie repeditive, but whole movei woul dhave been AMOST the same with some changeds like the the punching thru the windshield scene would have killed sarah quickly and the end of the movie would come fast and the beginning woul dbe just like t1.....in addition bieng syatematic,it mjust foqure that that time period may have had stategical problems so goes after john directly. and does so when hes' aboy. like i dais eveybody would be 12 years older looking too. This way is more feesbile. I agree with earlier comment regarding going further back in time. the term went as afr back as the files it hadwas only sure of the last known address and dates and cites. Remember, it didn't knw what she looked like nor where her mother lived, or they could have killed sarahs mom BEFORE sarah was born...so they ewnt as afr abck as they conclusinvely could and went from there. Yes it is jsut a movie, but detail are okay to discuss..free country and it's fun.

wheres the money and sequels in doing all of that? lol! Its hollywood people, they wont kill off money -_-) You make perfect sense though. Who knows though, perhaps they will provide a viable explanation for skynets time transport. Maybe there are certain rules or laws (in terms of their physics or what have you).

yeah, i agree. Still wan to see arnie end his term career as an evil csm 101 with partial endo, but rather with an exposed ribcage and skull. after being fully skinned in an attempt ti kill john conner in the future and then suceeds before bing terminated by tech com speical forces.

t4 will b cool no doubt

i know i read that t4 will address the time travel part of the movie franchise, most of the terminator storyline addresses the terminators and judgement day etc etc but now the time travel portion.

i pray that they dont make an assassination movie again! plz ENOUGH OF THAT

they need to show john connors assasination. These movies aree called terminator, which is an infitrator and an assasin. It isn't callled hk4 rise of the machnies. these movie are about assasins. There will be assasinationd in t4 regardless of the war..and arnie needs to play a cameo NO t5

ya what i mean is int he future. not like backin the 90's through time travel. thats getting boring now

the only going back in time i wanna see is kyle and arnie going back thru the time displacement unit..the rest of the story should remain in present day. I hope mostow understands this!!

I agree, but (detail again) in a strange way there is not future anymore..the future is here..the history of things that came. So i agree that's the only time trave necessary. they MAYBE should show t-1000 and t-x go back with the 2nd t-800 and the t-850. And maybe show the t-50 design change from nuclear to hydrogen cells etc. but they will have to have subtitle showing the battles and skip around a bit so its' not like 2001 space odessy. war will have quiet dead spots..so they should show major battles that change the tide along with flashbacks, cameos, some storytelling and rounding off and smoothing out the problems in the plot and show what was mentione in t1 t2 and t3 that didn't get changed.

I think the timeline we see in T1 isn't even the 'original'... I think humans from somewhere well beyond the year 2029 or 2032 first invented time travel, OR, aliens came to explore Earth and were drawn by heat and conflict, and their spacecraft was used for time-travel experiments... they visited the Old West, and the jungles of South America and the concrete jungle of gangland LA, these Predators, and each time, they were met by human resistance, warriors who defeated the alien predators and sent them running away. At some point, humans took control of the time-traveling spacecraft, and tried to return to a time before the predators had damaged the timeline. Unfortunately, all this ended up doing was corrupting the timeline further, giving humans from a distant past ideas on how to vastly improve their future by inventing 'machines' to do our work for us...

Time passed and passed and the human resistance from the future kept going back and trying to alter things, but each time, the aliens still came back, and each time were defeated by man, all the while man developed machines at a greatly-increased rate in each successive time-loop...

finally, eventually the machines became self-aware, and fought back against their creators, which inspired humans to use the time-machine again, this time to prevent the machines from taking over... they try again and again and again, staying 1 step ahead of the machines, or so they hope, but they have lost focus on the real cause of the problem... unfortunately, by this time, the space-time continuum is so distorted, damaged and corrupted from all past meddling, and humans have become so certain that the machines started it all, they no longer realize or even remember that the TDE is actually from the Predator spacecraft. So, that's why Judgement Day is inevitable, thats why the future war with the machines happens no matter what; because the past history of the world is corrupted by the Predator TDE craft, long long before Sarah or John Connor were even born...

Arnold needs to meet with Danny Glover so Danny can show Arnold the wild west pistol Danny got from the Predator, and he and Arnold can figure out that this is where the problem started, in the wild west!

Schwarzenegger, Glover, Pesci, and Chris Rock as T-Doggy-Dogg69 in:
Terminator 5: The Future War of 1812!
Only in theaters, July 2032

Its mindboggling even coming from a purely fictitious point of view! OK, I thinkt Shkynet may have alternative pasts, odd as that may sound. The Cyberdyne origin of Skynet was nullified, so it became an internet virus instead.

Zero The Hero
I finally got it!! This is a must read, a very well-written explaination about time-travel in the Terminator movies.


It all makes sense now, to me

It's very well told. I liked it. Good job Zero The Hero!!!

Beware of posting links though... such a thread was closed just this minute...

But a good explanation, nevertheless...

Zero The Hero
I hope they dont close this. Every Die-hard fan of Terminator should read this page, its excellent.

There's no problem if they close this thread {as you'll still be able to see that link}. It's if they DELETE the post that you might have a problem...

But that probably won't happen...

Yeah, I'd found that one. They say that the rebels sent a defender back DESPITE KNOWING that the terminators had failed... I can't really believe the military could take down the T-1000. T3 simply contradicts their theory.

that thinking gets tricky... you have to know that once Skynet sends a terminator back, if the terminator succeeded in its mission, that future would have altered instantly and the rebels could not send back a defender from the same future the machines sent back a terminator, because that future no longer exists... so, we have to believe that the terminator failed any way, before the defender was sent back, in order that the rebels still remain in that same timeline at the point the machines send back the defender...

the movies all just show the 'best-case' scenarios of the repeating and evolving flows of the temporal anomolies, while time and participants figure themselves out and go with the flow...

I'm sure T-3 can be broken down in much the same way as the first 2 were broken down by that same N-Jump theory and explanation... as well as T4 being set-up and explained in the same manner... it will just take a good writer, with a solid grasp of all that needs to happen to affect all that has happened, without much deviation or distortion, in order to complete the story...

there will have to be some scene at the end of the final movie, to explain either going back and erasing all previous installments, reverting to the original N-timeline, where no machines no SkyNet no war... or to reflect the humans defeating the time-travelling, but not preventing the war because the Judgment Day was inevitable, and just going forward with whats left over of humanity and the planet in post-apocalpytic 'bliss'...

in the end, we have to remember 'history is written by the winners' and since the voice-over narrations at the beginnings and ends of the movies so far have been humans, we have to know that humans will ultimately be victorious over the machiens, regardless how many times the machines try to stop us...

Bumping, as it makes for good discussion.

Very good discussion. cool

What about the fact that Reese has the same photo taken of Sara?

I guess that theory in the second link clears things, but that's something I've always wondered about.

J.M FcThumbs-Up

J.M FcThumbs-Up
Reply reply reply......please, bitte, por favor, alstublieft.......where is everybody??????

The first movie is a casual loop. Reese is always the father. He always has been and always will be. The future is set. The Terminator always fails. The future is caused by trying to change it.

I'm going to take us through the timeline of the Terminator movies and try to explain what should happen as we go as best I can. I'm not going to do much research (probably just Wikipedia) for ages or years, so just bear with me. Spoilers below.

1) Sarah Connor is born. She grows up, meets a man, may or may not marry him, they have intercourse in which John Connor is conceived and the man dies or leaves. John is born, he grows up, Skynet is created at some point and become self-aware, and Skynet begins Judgement Day. John and some other humans survive and start a resistance to the machines with John as their leader. On the brink of defeat, the machines send the terminator back to 1984 to kill Sarah Conner.
1a) The terminator tracks her down and kills her. This causes John to never exist. He never becomes the leader of the resistance and Skynet never has reason to send the terminator back to kill Sarah. Therefore, the timeline enters a loop, creates a paradox, and the universe explodes. Luckily, this doesn't happen because:
1b) The resistance finds out about this and John sends Kyle Reese with a picture of Sarah back to protect her. He succeeds and the terminator is destroyed before it can kill Sarah. However, Kyle is killed as well and is unable to affect the timeline or the future. This restores the timeline, although Sarah now knows about the future and begins recording advice for John. Meanwhile the picture Kyle had of her is taken of her and given to her. This should be the normal timeline. However, 2 things affect it:
1c) Parts of the crushed terminator are found and CyberDyne is created earlier than normal. The only way this can avoid a paradoxical loop that destroys the universe is if Judgement Day occurs, John survives, becomes the leader of the resistance, and the terminator and Kyle are sent back to the exact same seconds in 1984 as they were in the original timeline. And
1d) During a night of passion, Sarah and Kyle have intercourse and John is conceived. This can lead to two new timelines:
1d1) John is now a different person, with different personality traits. This can cause him to be in a different location for Judgement Day and is killed in the explosions or he fails to become the leader of the resistance, thereby removing him as a target for Skynet to eliminate, so they don't send the terminator back in time to kill Sarah, which begins a paradoxical loop that destroys the universe.
1d2) John is now a different person, with different personality traits. However, Sarah trains him well, he survives Judgement Day and become the leader of the resistance. Skynet and future John send the terminator and Kyle back to the same exact seconds in 1984 as they did in timeline 1. Therefore this is the new timeline that continues the Terminator timeline for the sequels.

2) John Connor, son of Sarah and Kyle, survives Judgement Day, becomes leader of the resistance, and leads them to victory over the machines.
2a) Skynet sends the T-1000 back to 1995 to kill John. It succeeds. He never becomes the leader of the resistance and Skynet never has reason to send the terminator back to kill Sarah (or the T-1000 back to kill John). Therefore, the timeline enters a loop, creates a paradox, and the universe explodes. Luckily, this doesn't happen because:
2b) Future John sends the T-800 back to protect John. He succeeds, though both terminators are destroyed. Therefore the future continues as it should, however,
2c) John, Sarah, and the T-800 destroy CyberDyne and Miles Dyson dies. They also incinerate the terminator pieces from T1. This delays Judgement Day from 1997 to 2004. This can result in two scenarios:
2c1) These 7 years affect John, in which Sarah has died from leukemia, and he dies during Judgement Day or does not become the leader of the resistance. Therefore Skynet never has reason to send the terminator back to kill John, the timeline enters a loop, creates a paradox, and the universe explodes. This can only be avoided if:
2c2) Although 7 years later, John becomes the leader of the resistance and Skynet and future John send all terminators and Kyle back to the same exact seconds as they originally did. Therefore this is the new timeline that continues the Terminator timeline for the sequels.

3) John survives Judgement Day, becomes leader of the resistance, and leads them to victory over the machines.
3a) Since, in 2004, John has been living off the grid, Skynet cannot locate him, so it sends the T-X back to kill his future lieutenants.
3a1) It not only kills them, but locates John and kills him as well. He never becomes the leader of the resistance and Skynet never has reason to send the terminator back to kill Sarah (or the T-1000 or the T-X back to kill John). Therefore, the timeline enters a loop, creates a paradox, and the universe explodes.
3a2) It only succeeds in killing his lieutenants. This causes either:
3a2a) John to hire new lieutenants who are inadequate and they lose the war. Skynet never has reason to send the terminator back to kill Sarah (or the T-1000 or the T-X back to kill John). Therefore, the timeline enters a loop, creates a paradox, and the universe explodes.
3a2b) John to hire new lieutenants who are just as capable as the previous lieutenants, and they are on their way to defeating the machines, which causes Skynet to send the terminators back to kill John/Sarah/lieutenants. However, Skynet and John need to send all terminators and Kyle back to the exact seconds from previous timelines for this to work.
3b) Similar to timeline 3a2b, however the T-850 is sent back to protect Kate and John, though other lieutenants are killed by the T-X. (Therefore, look at timelines 3a2a and 3a2b to see what the death of these lieutenants means for the future.) It succeeds, however Judgement Day still occurs. Kate and John survive and live to become the resistance leaders. Skynet and John will need to send all terminators and Kyle back to the exact seconds from previous timelines for this to work.

4) John and Kate lead the resistance post-Judgement Day. Terminator Salvation does not have any time travel and takes place before the time-travel machine is used. However, John, Kate, and Kyle all have to survive (which is implied as the universe hasn't exploded from a paradox) in order for the previous movies to occur.

Now that I have explained about all four movies and my brain is sufficiently hurting from all of this 4th dimension thinking, I do want to state some flaws that are evident to me:
1) The fact that all terminators and Kyle are all sent back to the exact same moments from each possible timeline. (At least in Back to the Future the dates were inputted into the time circuits, so it is conceivable that it had some sort of memory that allowed Old Biff to travel to the same date the lightning struck the clock tower. BTW, though I've thought in depth about the BTTF trilogy, I can't really come up with any flaws in their time travel timelines, except for that Doc was able to make a steam-powered, time-traveling flying locomotive that worked better than the DeLorean.) So how did potentially 7 different iterations of Skynet from 3 potentially different years send the original terminator back to the exact same second in 1984 (and same locations) on its mission to kill Sarah? And even if you want to give the reason that Skynet has computer efficiency that allowed it to somehow accomplish this, how did John accomplish the same task with Kyle. What if Kyle arrived a day late and Sarah was already dead. What if Kyle arrived in the middle of a freeway and was struck and killed by a car, thereby allowing the terminator easy access to Sarah?
2) Everything above is subjective to what we know from the series. We don't know what effect the death of John's lieutenants and Kate's dad have on the future. We don't even know the effect of John's death would have on the future. It's possible if Sarah was killed (let's say by a car while crossing the street) that some Everyday Joe would rise to the occasion after Judgement Day and lead the human resistance to victory, thus making Skynet target him and his mother instead.
3) While Kyle and Sarah were having intercourse, Kyle's memories of John should have changed as, since John is now composed of Kyle's DNA, his personality and physicality should have been different.
4) Also, why doesn't Skynet learn? By T3, I would think it would have figured out: send the T-X through the portal, than destroy the machine before Kate can take possession of it and send the T-850 back to protect her and John.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion and I hope I did not offend anyone with all of my exploding universes (which I got from BTTF 2). I am also sure that I failed to think of some scenarios or other aspects of the series. I do believe this could have been all avoided if:
1) Kyle wasn't John's father,
2) The original terminator was crushed to dust and no parts were found, and
3) John and Kate's future lieutenants were not killed.

I also took a few of my ideas from the movie Looper, which I believe, though it was a good movie, had many time travel flaws and the universe should have exploded at the end.

If you have any comments on what I've written, please leave them. I would be happy to read them and even comment back to discuss the movies some more.

Thanks for reading this really long-winded explanation. If only I thought this much about important matters, such as school and work.

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