The Pirates of the Caribbean

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Tired Hiker
I loved it and thought it was a horror movie more than anything. They could have put Bruce Campbell in it and called it 'Evil Dead 4'. Disney has come a long way. I'm not sure what this film was rated, but many a throat wer' slit an' da stabbings were a plety, yaaaar!!!!

i dont think potc is a horror movie.

R u joking? POTC is anything but a horror movie! The skeletons would be a little scary for a kid but it's rated PG! the scariest Johnny Depp has done is Sleepy Hollow so i doubt he'd do a scary classifies under either action or comedy big grin

Tired Hiker
Yeah, I thought about it and your right. POTC isn't a horror movie at all. I was delusional. I'll admit when I'm wrong.

Klear Eyez
That made me chuckle

potc is pretty scary and i absolutely love that movie

Tired Hiker
Oh, I [email protected]#ing love it so much. I wanted to see it again yesterday but I was broke as usual so I didn't. POTC is just so cool, I wish it wouldn't end when I'm watching it. Sometimes I pretend that I'm Johnny Depp and I wear black eye liner and drink a lot of rum then go out and . . . okay, time for me to land the plane.

Klear Eyez
Do alot of mother****ers die in this movie or what?

ya i think it would be action and its actually rated pg-13 and ive seen it four times its my fav

Tired Hiker
Yeah, fools get cut and shot and chopped in the back with throwing axes . . . It's not really a blood fest, but you will find yourself saying, "this is Disney? [email protected]#k yeah!"

yeah i saw it. it was good, not great. depp was great. the movie wasnt. too much hype. entertaining flick though.

Tired Hiker
What do you think would have made it great?

better characters.

It was horror movie?
I haven't seen it yet. It's not in cinemas in Lithuania sad


blink Weird

Yeah, i dug this thread up

wow, that;s old

i know shock

I liked the movie too, especially with the curse and stuff. It was an orgianl idea, but could ya use this link instead? thanks!

pirates of the caribbean

wtf this thread is ancient you must be sooooooooooo freaking bored

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