The Matrix vs. The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix vs. Star Wars

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Which is better?

Oh thats difficult!...ok from Matrix vs Matrix reloaded I'd say Matrix but its kinda unfeare (sp) cos Reloaded is half a movie.
From Star wars vs Matrix...huh...Star wars (the old eps) cos its Star wars! I love it. I just think its great. Not a good explanation but its what I've got.

Both Matrix and Reloaded are better films - but Star Wars is forever in our hearts cause its....err.....Star Wars? big grin

I liked The Matrix Reloaded better then The Matrix.(Maybe its because i've seen the Matrix like 15 times) And Star Wars is way better then the Matrix.

I agree

Alias Neo
I think Reloaded is better then Matrix and Matrix better then Star wars, still like star wars though


hmm thats a hard one
i like reloaded just a bit more than matrix
but i'd have to say that matrix and star wars are about equal

equal?????????????????????????? mad
I dont think so!!!!!!!!!!!!! no expressionno expressionno expression


star wars!!!!!!!! sick sick

princess leia
oh how can you do something like this.
m1 out of them both, but i agree its a bit unfair, nad there is *no way* i can decide between them.
gabi, i trust you havent seen star wars for its true self then.

uhhhhh.............I look at The Matrix movies as a whole. So, I guess my answer to your first question should look something like "MatReloVolution". The second question on the other hand is hands down, with out a shout of a doubt THE MATRIX! cool cool

Matrix vs Reloaded it has to be the Matrix hands down. It's just a better story, more contained, plus it doesn't get as bogged down in philosophical discussions as Reloaded. I really enjoyed finding out the secret hidden meanings in Matrix1, but in Matrix2 it was mostly easy to spot and fairly obvious. But on the other hand, I loved some of the new characters in Reloaded. Crap, now I'm confused... wink

Star Wars vs. Matrix? (presuming its Star Wars series vs. Matrix series) it has to be SW. The original trilogy is just so epic and exciting, not to mention funny.


hmmm its a tough one but i pick reloaded....neo is hotter the action is better n so are the effects....but i still love the 1st one love big grin

star wars or the matrix? aphh the matrix wins hands down stick out tongue

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