So who's dead and who isn't?

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I went to see M2 again last night and something struck me - who's dead and who isn't? Out of all those characters we meet in Reloaded, quite a few will now be dead. Who does that leave?

The Neb (destroyed)
Morpheus - alive
Trinity - alive
Neo - alive
Link - alive

The Logos (lost in an uncharted area of the Real World)
Niobe - alive
Ghost - alive
Sparks -alive

The Vigilant (destroyed)
Soren - dead (killed by the bomb)
Axel - dead (killed by falling from a walkway)
Binary - dead (killed by the bomb)
Vector - dead (killed by the bomb)
Jax - dead (gored by a metal shaft)

The Osiris (destroyed)
Thadeus - dead (killed by sentinels)
Jue - dead (killed by sentinels)
Crew Man (great name eh?) - dead (killed by sentinels)
Crew Woman (ditto) - dead (killed by sentinels)
Operator - dead (killed by sentinels)

The Gnosis (destroyed)

The Caduceus (destroyed)

The Icharus (destroyed)
Ballard - dead (presumably killed in the battle)
Malachi - dead (presumably killed in the battle)

N.B It is likely that Malachi is the guy who escapes the Matrix just before Smith attacks Bane, since they are seen escaping to the same exit in EtM.

Bane - very much alive...

The Hammer
Roland - alive
Maggie - alive (the medic)
Colt - alive
Mauser - alive

The Gnosis, Caduceus and Icharus were among the five ships to be instantly downed by the premature EMP. I am assuming that Ballard's ship is the Icharus because it is the first ship to be mentioned in EtM ("Sir, we've lost contact with the Icharus!"wink and since Bane is one of Ballard's crew and set off the EMP, his ship would go down first.

There are at least two other ships - five went down in the battle due to the EMP, of which I know only three - and there are also a bunch of other rebels that I have been unable to place on a ship. These include - Wurm ("how'd you know someone was here?"wink, Ice, Kali, Ajax, Tirant and Corrupt ("never heard of him... now piss off!"wink


Alias Neo
Seems like almost everyone dead

ohhh dear the future looks bleak

Alias Neo
The logos gets found in revaloutions because on the trailer it shows niobe and ghost

well there is light at the end of the tunnel 4 niobe!!

The future's bleak... the future's black and green... wink

Personally I have a feeling everyone except the remaining crew of the Neb and the crew of the Logos is gonna snuff it in Revoltuions.

~Agent Iko

gonna snuff i couldnt of worded it better myself Ikobe lol Llaughing out loudL

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