batman vs superman

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on a web page entitles the Batman vs superman movie as of right now is set for summer of 2004 eek! This could be the best summer movie yet

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Yeah! I read the comic. But for the best summer movie of 2004, I'd place my bet on Van Helsing.

Sorry guys..we have a Batman area,a Superman area and a Superhero area. Since the titles starts with Batman,Batman area it issmile

Alright!! I think Bat's gonna win... I mean he's got all that info on the other hero's just for the occasion. Even says so in the comics, during a fight between S.B. and Robin.

S.B. "You got information on us too?!"

R "WHAT!?!?"

S.B. "Come on we all know it! Your 'mentor' has backup plans incase a meta goes rogue!"

R "We both have our different ways of working."

S.B. "But their practically the same, or are you telling us that this is the one time their not?"

It was something like that, can't remember exact words. And I'm not at my house, so can't just pull the issue out.

Well unless Batman has kryptonite (sp) how can he win?

Why would they fight in the irst place mabey one of them is a trance and acting bad against their will you know what I mean like they were Hypnotized and that would be the only reason they might want to kill or stop one another. It's not that to far fetched really don't forget the Mad Hatter he designs mind control devices.

Actually Superman and Batman were never supposed to get along. But when people started looking at comic books hero's as father figures. They made Batman into the stric dad, thus creating a friendship between the two. But then they redid the Bat again, making him back into stranger in the night dude.

But it would be cool to see the Mad Hatter, he's one of the cool villians that DC has.

And I'm pretty sure that Batman has Kryptonite in a vault somewhere in the Batcave.

he does have kryptonite. Batman knows the true identity of Superman. they are really good friends and Batman ownes the Daily Planet.

Superman gave Batman a kryptonite ring just in case he ever went mad and out of control. Recently Batman used it when Superman was under poison ivy's spell.

ummm...superman could do a handstand and push the earth out of it's orbit..batman can order pizza and have his batmobile pick it up via remote control..this is a no brainer folks

Um, so are you going with Batman?

Well even with a kryptonite I think Superman would win cos he can kill Batman without getting close to him. I mean one is an alien with super powers and the other is a human with gadgets messed

Actually Batman won the fight against Superman. Superma has a boy scout attitiutde where he will rescue anyoone wo is in danger. Batman on the other hand isn't. When the two fought each other, Batman used Lois Lane as bait and instead of fighting Batman, Supes went to save Lois.

In that fight, Superman held back as much as he could since Batman was his friend. Superman didnt even land a hit on Batman(except when he usedd his artic breath to freeze the kryptonite ring)

Oh well the boy scout attitude ruins everything! messed
And this is what I consider my fave superhero?!blink
But the Bat I know wouldn't use an inocent like that confused

Well actually he asked Catwoman to bring in a very close friend to Superman and Catwoman used Lois. When Supes and Bats were talking why the bait, Bats explained that he had faith that Supes would go and save them thus rendering him from Poison Ivy's spell.

Either way the Bat's won. In my opinion that's all that matters.

Ah ok smile

Well, actually, in the Justice League comics, Batman studies everyone and learns their weakness. He somehow figures out a way to make superman's skin transparent so that sunlight will be agonizing to him and it would render him powerless and kill him.

It wasn't Batman who tried it out. It was one of batman's foes. Starts with an R and it's the guy who is eternal. He goes into the lava pit and somehow gets replenished. Sorry. I can't remember his name.

batmans way kewler

Batman would win no brainer, for reasons read JLA: New World order! Now, get up, go! I'd put my bets on Bats if he took the whole JLA! For more reasons read Hush! NOW!

Superman by far. Batman is gay. He's not even a superhero, just a hero. And a gay one at that.

Anyway i'm looking forward to Spiderman2 more than B vs S movie

i many heros can u hav with a ridicuolus amount of powers? batman keeps it simple and thats kool so..............fu*k superman

batmans kewler becuz hes more realistic he has no powers just a lot of power. supermans got gay powers

plus supes has a mullet come on

naw if u read the discription of the movie they arnt really fighting, well thats what i read. but if they were batman got to many gadgits for superman.

well said kaz

From what I heard about the script. Superman is attempting to save Batman's girlfriend or something like that, but fails and she dies as a result. This causes Batman to basically go nuts and blame Superman for the whole thing. Thus a war between the two. I really don't know who would win, but I do think Batman is way better than Superman. First of all, Superman's outfit is really gay lookin'. Batman's suit in the 1989 movie was great. I really hated all the modifications that they made to the Batsuit, Batcave, and the Bat Mobile over the years. DAMN YOU JOEL SCHUMMACHER!!! Anyway, I recently heard that Christian Bale signed on for a 5th, 6th, and the Batman vs. Superman film so you know that he'll be around for atleast 3 movies. That's a big sigh of relief on my part. Val Kilmer couldn't play Bruce Wayne, but was good as Batman and George Clooney was the total shits.

That whole Girlfriend thing is waaaay outta Bats character... He doesn't lose control like that..


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i have to say that Batman freaking out over superman killing his girl is a good idea. Have all of you forgot that Batman is a madman!!!! I know in the last two movies with george and Val they made the movies all kiddy for like 9 yr olds but the oringinal batman he is a straight up killa. Anyway to the topic of who would win between the two that all up to the script writers lol. THey can play it two ways. They can make Superman crush batman in the beginner and then let batman come back with a kriptonite ring or some made out of kriptonite and superman will turn into a little girl. But what will most likely happen is that through out the movie they will fight and then at the end they will join each other to defeat a common foe...

yeah two superheros r going to vs each otehr i doubt that i bet they team up not fu*ckin face eachotehr i didnt see if ne one else thought that but u guys post some long ass post so i just read the title and postd my opinion

batman kicks ass

Batman will win, no doubt. Becuz of his popularity, agility, weapons.. and all the guds.

Ras Al Ghul

Batman will win if the director knows anything at all about comics. Not only does Batman have multiple ways of counteracting Superman's powers, but he has less of an ethics code than Supes, therefore making him stronger. Anyone who really knows about this knows Batman would win, it's just the ignorant people who think that Supes would win.

definetly, and wheres that 113 asswipe, i outta give him a swift kick in the ass

this is the problem with superman, hes to powerfull there isnt really any good guy in dc thats in the same league(theres irony) even stan lee said i would never have made superman. batman is cool hes one of they original badass in comics, but hes a regular mallrats it will explain everything


Batman is definally going to win this fight

you know what? i think this batman vs. superman movie is gonna be plain stupid ,i mean seriously, their working on a superman movie now and a batman movie right? you gotta give people time to adjust to the new characters meaning the actors who are taking over the helm of superman and batman . for starters batman started sucking because tim burton left after the second film and look at that keaton just happened to have left also no wonder the batman franchise went to hell

They are over doing it. Right now superhero movies are in, but they are not worried about making movies like the comics at all. Which sucks. So they are doing crappy jobs out of stuff, and coming out with way to much superhero stuff at once.

Batman has already whipped BlueBoy numerous times, and each time it reveals Superman's real weakness more and more: complacency. Superman is so powerful that he rarely has to think, strategize or even pay attention to his opponents. He can simply overpower them and that's that. As all Batman fans know, trying that with Bats will just get you a solid butt kicking.

Batman wins.....
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