matrix 3 about Smith?

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I heard some rumors that Matrix there revolves around agent Smith and the mistake of Neo killing him. Does anyone know anything about this?

It would somewhat make sense if Smith helped Neo...see when Morph says.."He fights for us." that could mean that Smith actually now fights for the humans...I dont know why he would though....I would hope Smith survives Revolutions because he is THE VILLIAN OF ANY MOVIE OR STORY PERIOD! If Smith dies the story would probably die, thats why I hate the theory that I dug up ^__^

well.. can be.. hmmmm..

I DONT THINK SO rolling on floor laughing

No, I kill him. Just kidding.

But seriously, I always thought Morpheus was talking about Neo when he said "He fights for us"

yeap... me 2

if agent smith killed neo, wouldn't he have lost his "purpose"?
i think he loaded himself into the body of that crazy guy (that they showed on the table at the very end) and wants to help the humans destroy the matrix (because wants to get out of that zoo).
of course, he still has to have that dramatic one on one fist fight in the rain with neo, but maybe they'l work something out... ?

I ain't got nothin to say on this topic. I just wanted to say wuddup to all y'all knuckleheads out there, after my brief absence from the board.

I think it may come down to neo and Smith fighting so he can stop Smith fro spreading. I don't think Neo will release the humans from the matrix. I wanna see Neo taking control of the matrix wink

ohhhh yeah big grin

perhaps smith is taking over all the bodies of people in the matrix, thus in the rain scene that we see smiths all down the street, far as we can see. my big question is, why don't they all fight at the same time? they're just standing around watching, shouldn't they be massive attacking? especially if the rumors are true and smith can fly as well...this seems a plausible thing, as in the trailer we see smith flying through a wall to catch neo, but neo jumps as smith misses. we'll see...

oh yea i forgot about that end part of the trailer

The Omega

but...when morpheus states "He fights for us", he sounds shocked, almost awed as though it is something more than the average hero.
perhaps not Smith, but just as a way of leaving this more open, who else could morpheus potentially be talking about besides Neo?

me three

When Morpheus says "he fights for us", it can mean anyone.

i thought he meant neo coz niobe says neo then morpheus says he fights 4 us

A trailer is a buntch of images put together. Niobe could mean one thing and Morpheous another.


I will say one thing:

The Matrix trilogy is gonna be summed up in the Fight between Smith and Neo in Revolutions.

Smith: Welcome back Mr Anderson. We missed you!
Neo: It ends tonight.

Smith is the key to solving this riddle as I have said a few times.

This is opinion mind you, but one that seems the most probable especially from what he we have seen so far smile


Maybe Smith took over the Matrix! It could be because he stuck his hand in Neo (someone did say he could fly now). What do you guys think? Maybe if he kills Smith, it will all be over.

ive heard he does take almost everybody in the world over

From the trailer it looks like Smith has taken over the entire world, but if Neo defeats the original, who is now as powerful as Neo himself, everyone will be set free. I think Revolutions will mostly be about Smith, because I remember hearing in an interview with Keanu Reeves: "The first film is about birth, the second about life, the third about death". During the trailer at the exact moment the Oracle says "I see death", we see Agent Smith. If he does represent death, then the film will probably be mostly about him.

oh ok

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