Free-way Song

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If anyone ever wondered what the name of that dance song that is played on the freeway scene is, its "Mona Lisa Overdrive" by Juno Reactor. I know someone will find this post useful because it bugged the gell outta me trying to find it on the matrix soundtrack. Oh and by the by, the best bit starts about 2:20 into the song big grin

i think thats a rubbish song...Calm like a bomb by Rage against the machine is definatey the best!!

WAH What the f**k? blink How can you not like the motor way song, its got a brilliant combination of fast and slow beats.........i bet it's a chick thing yes

I'm a girl (well, when I'm not an androgenous Agent program) and I thought MLO was great. And thanks to The Matrix series I'm a devout Rob Dougan fan. Trinity Dream was pretty good as well. The only song I didn't like on the album was Manson's This Is The New S***... it's a waste, really, when they could have had another Fluke track or something.

I definetlety love MLO its one of my favorutie songs.

i loved"the burly brawl" song. juno reactor vs. don davis. it was awsome

i dig that bit from the manson song where he goes:
"stick it you know where you know why you don't care"
but the rest of the album does kick ass too, mona lisa overdrive = 17 minutes of dodging traffic at rush hour! Rob Zombie's track was a little annoying at the start and I hate it when they use old tracks to fill up a new cd, ie rage! Now I have two cds with calm like a bomb!

What d'you mean old tracks to fill up a new CD? The song they used by Rage in The Matrix was "Wake Up" not "Calm Like A Bomb"... ?

calm like a bomb is one of their older songs, maybe he meant that (assuming he has that ratm cd).

hey i got all of them, wake up is old = off their first album, and calm like a bomb is from battle of la

and what about using the same artists!!!
Rage against the machine - both cds
Marilyn Manson - both cds - this is the new sh*t comes from a manson album
Deftones - both cds - my own summer is old
Rob D - both cds
Rob Zombie - both cds

calm like a bomb was the ending credits theme, which is by the way probably one of the best-written songs by rage. hey patman69za, do you have live and rare also? hmm hmm?:P

My favs are Burly Brawl, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Komit, Chateau Fight, Furious Angels, and Dread Rock.

Mona Lisa is the name of a book by William Gibson. The inventor of the term cyberspace. Keanu acted in Johny mnemonic which was based on Gibson's book

Johny Mnemonic... I was going to watch that but then my TV broke. Rarr. Got any shots of it?


no im a rocker at heart rock

Damn this rock generation, why are there so few people who like dance, trance and techno?

its not my fault i like wot i like sad

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