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This is just like campfire stories, where one person leaves off, you pick up.

Sounds off fighter jets overhead are heard. TIGHT ON one crack in the ground. A loud thump trembles the ground and blue liguid seeps through the ground. A gassy glow flys over as ZOOM OUT to a hover craft flying by. ZOOM OUT more to a futurinst civiazation on an unidentified planet...

Over a far away hill a man reaches the peak. He looks as if he's been through hell and back. He wears a black pants and a plain white t-shirt. On top of his head a pile of dirty blonde hair, sweat gleams down his forehead.

blood stains cover his shirt, some his, others his enemy's. an unusual color of blood drips from his arms. he is not human.

He takes a peice of cloth from his pocket and covers his wound.

Wincing as he tightens it, he places his left hand over his eyes to look out into the horizan. He can't see anything.

No transportation, no animals, not even as much as a plant.

For a moment he lets the fear of death overwhelm him.

He looks down at his muddy sneakers and thinks::either this could be the beginning of a dangerous adventure or the end of my life::

He hears a mass crowd behind him. He runs like hell.

His feet thunder down on the ground beneath him. His breaths coming out as gasps.

He thinks of how much he would loved to rest, if just for a minute. But as the noises of the crowd increases, he knows he can't. Because if he does, it will be the death of him.

So he runs, for his life.

'........Not much of an option.' He thinks to himself.

" Kill the freak! He's the last one! Get him!" the people scream

the man starts to run and says, "I have to find Kiera!"

Upon hearing their screams and war cries. He picks up speed, already he feels like he could pass out. But falling into sweet unconsciouse bliss isn't an option.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knows that he shouldn't run any faster down a hill. He knows that it will have serious consequence. But right now, he's too busy running like Hell.

He looks over his shoulder, so that he can judge how far away they are, minutes, or is seconds. It doesn't matter once he sneaks that one glance, cause that one glance cost him his balance.

He felt himself forward, and threw his arms out to try and gain control of his body. Pointless, once he threw out his injured arm a sharp and searing pain shot threw it.

Ouch he says...

"That really smarts! I must remember not to fall over" With that he passes out.

"Wake up!", says a women's voice, He starts opening his eyes and sees a blurry image of a girl.

"What the-" he says,

"your hurt, we have to get you out of here, now" the girl says.

7th Dimension
The man cringes from her - expecting the usual show of disgust at the fact that he is not from here.

But the girl shows none.

"You need to hurry. They are coming."

The man struggles to rise to his feet with the indiscriminate aide of his benefactor.

She was different. Something about her made her different. But couldn't work out quite what it was ....

The penny dropped;suddenly he realised she had 4 arms but no legs, and her head was on backwards!

THe man stumbles to his feet and shrieks.
THe mutant girl puts a finger over his mouth.


They hear the crowd in the distance and see the torches on the twilight horizon.

Let's go!

She grabs the half witted man's hand and leads him to a dark cave.

'This can't be happening! First I'm being chased by an angry mob, and now a mutant girl is rescuing me. When she looks like she should be eating me!'

Without saying a word to her he began digging in his belongings looking for some form of light.


THe mutant girl then starts to choke and all of a sudden explodes and leaves a medallion lying in her remainders

the man is stunned but reaches for the medallion

Man:What the hell is going on here!

Pain shot through his entire body. He could hear someone's boots hitting the ground.

'...ugh, this just isn't my day.'

He wished he could just embrace the dark, forget about everything around him. But knew he couldn't, not if he wanted to live.

'...would that be so bad...to die?' He thought to himself, but he knew the answer. Dying was NOT an option.

He flexed his left arm, to see if it was still operatable. The tingling sensation let him know it was.

All of a sudden he hears a noise

"those bean burritos are makin' a comeback"

hahahahahahahahaha, my bad

all of a sudden somebody turns him around and in the dark he sees some bright blue eyes, he seems to be a boy.

Boy: we ave to git out of ere

The boy grabs his hand and proceeds to run in further into the dark.

where are you taking me?! cries the man

you are goin to meet ze gril! says the boy

Man: what girl?!

He boy says nothing more, leaving only the sound of their feet hitting the ground.

He thought to himself smuggly. 'How come I get the feeling that my only source of information, just dried up?'

So he silently began to imagine what girl this boy was talking about.

All of a sudden a girl with a flashlight came in sight she had long black hair with short bangs
girl: finally, jaque it took you a long time to bring him

"Qui, he decide ta be stubborn, an' try an' fight moi." He watched as Jaque and the girl took a few steps away from him and continue their conversation.

Standing still for the first time he can remember he realized just how run down his body has become.

{Took a guess that Jaque was Cajun or French}

Finally the girl turns to the man and stares at him
girl:you look hurt

man:i'm glad you noticed

girl: before i take care of those wounds i need you to give me the medallion

man : no, im keeping it
girl starts crying
man tries to shut her up

Man: oh the medallion, why do you need it

boy: you idiot,c'est to zave ze world

Man: and how in the world is this medallion going to save the world

::the girl finally sat beside the man::

girl: you have no idea who the hell you are, do you?

"No I don't, why is that bad?"

He let his suspisions overwhelm his brain. After being chased down, shot down, and dragged here he figured it was okay.

He dug his hand into his pocket, and wrapped his hand around the medallion.

"Cause at the moment I'm really not caring about anything. But please do tell."

girl:it's beautiful isn't it? it is as beautiful as it is powerful

He stares at her, "Um, I guess with all that's been happening I haven't really looked at it."

He pulls it out of his pocket, its still inclosed inside of his fist

boy: you ave no idea whut you ave got urzelf eentoo

boy slaps someone

"For the last time. No. I. Don't! And I'm pretty tired of people knowing everything about me, making it seem like I know zilch!!"

His face turned red with anger. As he glared at the two people in front of him

girl:sorry, first let me begin by introducing mysel my name is kiera and this is jaque.

"Hey, I'm Max. ....Look I'm sorry for exploding like that..."

girl: its okay

jaque:alo max ,anyvay zat medallion ,vell eet belonged to your dad Marcillius.

He stared at Jaque with wide eyes. "M-My father?"

He felt the room beginning to spin around him. "Oh god. I feel sick."

jaque: oui, your father, vell he used zat medallion to stop an eveel mutant named zirion, lets just say zere iz unfinished business to doo!

girl: Hey max, it's okay

He just nodded solemnly at her. "Sure, of course it is. I mean here all these years I thought my father was a no good bum that ran out on us for several years. But he was really saving the world! ....Everything is peachy."

He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

kiera: look max at least you had your mom, i had nobody and i was always looking out for an adventure, i guess you can say i found one!

jaque :you guyz ve better git a move on , zere is vork too doo.

"Thanks I guess that I feel somewhat better....I think. What exactly do we have to do?"

He turned to Jaque in question.

Kiera: look I"ll tell you we have to reach a place called ziricha, when we get there we have to reach the temple by the next fool moon and place the medallion on the dark eye, if not the whole world will be taken over by evil, sounds like a walk in the park . huh?

Max: i guess i am going to be some kind of hero now , huh?

Kiera nodded at him.

Max put the medallion back into his pocket, "Well we better get going, right."

a stranger dressed in robes approaches and hands Max a light sword
'this will come in handy' he says.

"But wait! I've never used a sword before...what if I cut off my hand or something?"

He looked down at the beautifully decorated weapon in his hand.

'practise until you become the worlds finest swordsman' says the stranger. he disappears, never to be seen again.

"Um, Kiera.... Is everyone like that or is he just the strange one?" He raises his eyebrow in confusion. 'Practise? Great another thing I have to do by the time of the next full moon'

"Do not worry Max."

He waits for her to continue, but realizes she isn't. "What? No things are going to get easier from here?"

Her eyebrows knit together in thought. "I don't like to lie to people."

His eyes widen, "Gee thanks for helping to calm my nerves."

Max sheathes his sword.
"better keep it out of sight so i dont get robbed".

Kiera begins walking infront of him, "Come, as I said we do not have much time."

Max follows close behind her, with Jacque at his side. Neither of the two strangers say a word.

Suddenly, a band of warriors come into sight. Max unsheathes his sword and prepares for battle.
"who are you and what do you want?" he calls to the warriors.

'Seven in total' he counts in his head.

"Hand over the medallion and we shall let the child and woman live."

Kiera pulls out her own sword, although much short and worn down. "He will do no such thing! I think it is you who shall stand down!"

the warriors laugh at Kiera, but she stands strong.
"the medallion will never be in the hands of an unworthy person like you", Max says.

jaque :Aye i am not a child i am zeventeen!

Kiera: Jaque , shut-up there is no time for this!

Warrior:unworthy-me! look at your dirty self and your clan, they are but a stupid girl and a funny boy!

All seven warriors draw their weapons at the same time. "We shall see about that."

The warrior on the far left began the first attack he lunged at Max. Kiera turned, at the sound of the little one's war cry. Two men in front of her both went to strike at her.

But unlike Max, she has had training. Bring her sword down from its resting position, she sliced one of the men in half before he even landed in front of her. Side-kicking the other man, he was sent flying into the cave wall.

kiera:Max use the medallion!!!!!!!!!!!!

"What!? How? I thought it need that...temple...place!" Max shouted over to her as he struggled to fight off another man, who had attacked.

kiera:hold it in one hand and scream ziricah!

max pushes one of the warriors takes the medallion and screams:
Ziricah! with that a big green explosion takes place and all the warriors fall to the ground and decompose

Kiera falls to the ground panting!
max and jaque run to her.

Kiera!! What's wrong, what happened?

~He kneels down beside her and places his palm to her forward.~

You're burning up!

Kiera clings to max and tells him :no i'm fine , its okay we have to keep going there is no time to lose ,c'mon jaque you help me out too.

they start walking then stop to rest jaque and max leave kiera lying near a rock

Max: so jaque are you and kiera... you know

Jaque starts to laugh

Jaqueembarrasmenth. nooooooo

"Oh, um," Max rubbed his hand on his face to hid his embarrasment

jaque : me and Kiera are just friends,even zo she is very beautiful! vy zoo u ask?

"Oh, its nothing....really." Max looked back at Kiera's resting form. "So, what happened? I mean why did she collapse?"

Jaque: i ave no idea! she vas fine a minit ago, anyhow vat are you, exactly?

He looked back at Jaque. "I honestly don't know. One thing I do know, I'm not normal."

He looked down at the wound on his arm. 'What happened to my happy childhood? God I miss those days' He thought to himself.

jaque woke kiera up and she got up, they walked toward max.

kiera: hey max, how's that arm of yours?

Max: hey dont worry about that, take care of yourself Kiera, we wouldn't want to lose you.

Kiera chuckles

Kiera: okay, well then boys we better get moving. we only have 24 hours left

Max nodded at her. 'Right only 24 hours to save the world' he thought smuggly.

He began walking with them, after anothe few moments of silence he couldn't take it anymore. He needed to talk, if not he was sure he would go crazy.

"So...what else can this medallion do?"

Kiera looks at Max , smiles, and says: Well it can destroy, this medallion is a weapon so if anything weird comes along , this baby can help us, but you can handle it ,right max?

Max:sure, I guess.

Jaqueembarrasmenth no eezer it iz yeez ou noh!

Max puts arm around jaque

Max laughs and saysembarrasmentkay yes then!

Kiera: C'mon you guys we have to get there as soon as possible!

Max pulls out the medallion and stares at it, it really is beautiful. This thing really packs a punch.

He looked up at Jaque and Kiera, he barely knew anything about them, yet he felt like he had known them for a lifetime.

Kiera turns her head and looks at him puzzled
Kiera:what are you looking at?
Max:nothing, its just if i die today well it would be okay.
jaque:ay Max you are veird!
Max: no i mean it cause i am gonna be dying for something great!
Kiera walks toward Max
Kiera:hey no ones gonna die, but I agree with you it would be a pretty cool death
jaque: you both are very veird!

"No, we're just misunderstood, right Kiera?" He smiles at her, as he places his arm around her shoulder.

Kiera: whatever you say!

Jaque looks up:

Jaque: you guys I think ve are almost zere!

beyond they see an ancient temple ruin

Kiera smiles in delight

Max looks up and stares in amazement. "Whoa, this place is huge!"

Kiera :its amazing !!! Just like I imagined it would be!

"I can't believe a place like this actually exists."

All of a sudden a Max felt a tingling sensation in his pocket. "WHOA!!" He yanked out the medallion to find that it was glowing.

"Uh, Kiera? What's happening?"

Let's go!

The TRIO runs and out of the bushes jump a pair of 6 armed monsters, with a sword on each hand. One chops down a tree, and with a lightspeed movement of his hands, dices up the tree into almost bite size peices. MAX yanks out the medallion and screams-"ZIRICHA"

Nothing happens.

What happened?

Just like I thought, komdos. The creatures who created the medallion. They want it back. Theyre invincible to its powers.

"What? So what do we do know?"

Max stares up at the humongous giants.

Kiera looked up

Kiera: look up there is the dark eye ,we have to get the medallion there ,Now!

"Right, but what I mean is do we have some sort of plan to get up there?"

Kiera: ummmm....... no actually, I think we are going to have to fight off the monsters ourselves.

Jaqueembarrasmentbviously kiera, boot how?

Kiera lifts up her sword

kiera:With this!

"That can work!" Max raises his own sword and rushed into battle. Not knowing if he could actually hit the gaint beasts.

the trio start fighting the gigantic monsters.
Kiera is fighting when the beast swings at her and knocks her across the temple and takes her in his gigantic hand.

Kiera:Max, Jaque, Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaque and max start to run toward the beast holding Kiera.

"Kiera hold on!! We're coming!"

Both Max and Jaque run after the beast, but before they even get within 2 feet of it. Two more step out in front of them, while the remaining three circle them.

"I think we're in big trouble."

Jaque: teel me zometeen i dont know!

Max: okay i think the only thing to do now are use these things on the beasts

Jaque: une , deux, trois, an' charge!!!!!!!!

the 2 guys chare at the beasts

To Max's surprise he could actually use the sword. Using it he was able to cut them down to a reasonable size.

Jaque standing opposite to Max, he unloaded arrows into the beasts. And smiled to himself as they fell to the ground.

Jaque:yeezz! zey are falling to ze ground!

then both men hear:


the both men run to wear the noise is and see Kiera tied to A big rock that is just over lava

Max: we have to get her out of there! the rock is breaking!!!!!!!

Kieramessedomebody PLEASE help!!!!!!!!
Max turns to jaque

Max : jaque, go get kiera!!!! I'll take care of the beast!

Max runs over to where the beast stood. Drawing his sword he lunged himself at it. In mid air he spilt the beast down the middle.

jaque is untying Kieras ropes

Kiera: hurry jaque

Jaque:i am trying!

then all of a sudden the rock breaks and both jaque and kiera are being suspended by a rope

jaque and Kiera: Max HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"NO!!!! Kiera!! Jaque!!!"

Max looks around for something, anything. His mind begins to scramble over his thoughts. 'Okay, think. THINK! I need something to get them over here with. Something sterdy, something strong.... I GOT IT!!!!'

Just then Max ran over to a tree and used his sword to chop it down. He carved a long wooden plank with it and placed it underneath them.

Resheathing his sword, he walked out onto it, so that he was only inches away from them. "Hey how are you guys doing?"

jAQUE: oh ve are just peechy!!!!!

Kiera: max hurry!!!!!!!

maxembarrasmentkay,c'mon you guys grab onto this!

Max helped both Kiera and Jaque onto the board and they walked back onto bank of the river of lava.

Once on stable land, Max turned to the others. "Okay, so how much further to the temple?"

"few miles or so"

Kiera: hey max , thanks !

Jaque:yeah max, tank you!

Max: no prob'

Kiera, Max, and Jaque all head back towards the direction of where they were attacked by the beasts.

THe trio are walking kiera and jaque are walking a little ahead, they are playing around, shoving each other and laughing.

Max smiles and thinks to himself: How am i ever going to leave those two.

Kiera: max c'mon pick up pace!

Max runs to them

"Hey, you guys I've been wondering. What exactly happens after we put the medallion in the temple thing?"

Kiera: WEll everything is going to be restored and we all get to go home satisfied!

Max: when you say restored you mean no demons will attack or takeover, right?

Kiera: Right Max, oh by the way I forgot to mention once we place the medallion in the dark eye we will unlock a portal to treasure, we are going to be filthy rich!

Max smiles, "I wouldn't mind that." Max begins to jog a head, "So what are we waiting for? I just got a whole lot of motivation!"

Jaque starts to laugh and starts to run

Jaque: moi aussie!!!!!!

Kiera: Wait for me!

THe trio start to run toward the temple that lies only 1 mile ahead.

Max, Kiera and Jaque were once again withing sight of the temple.

'Wow can't believe it, by tonight the world is going to be saved.' He smiled at the thoughts of victory enter his mind. 'No more attacks, no more fear. Everything will be...perfect.'

He let a small smile creep to his lips, as he imagined how that would feel.

Kiera started walking ahead of them!

Jaque and Max were walking side by side

Jaque:ve are gonna be soo rich!!!

Max: yeah!, hey Kiera seems to feel much better, Huh?

Kiera:c'mon you guys lets enter this bloody temple!!!!!! Hurry up!

Jaque: ve are going!

THe trio enter the temple

They all are amazed by what they see. The walls are humongous, and covered in all types of designs and jewels.

"Wow, I've never seen anything like this." Max said as he stared in amazement.

Jaque:look zere is ze dark eye!

Max runs over to it and runs his hand over the rough contours of the ditch. The ditch is the same size as medallion.

Max: HEre goes nothing!!

Max takes out the medallion when all f a sudden it is snatched away!

Max:what the-

Max turns around and sees a dark figure dressed in a robe

robe man: i knew you and your pathetic friends would come!

Kiera and jaque lunge toward him but with a move of his hand they are swept across the room

"Kiera! Jaque!!" Max spins around to face the robed man. "What did you do to them!?"

Unsheathing his sword his takes a defensive stance. "I swear if you hurt them in any way-"

"Put the sword down, you puny fool! You cannot stop ME!!"

"Like hell I can!!"

Kiera and jaque weakly get up

Kiera in low voice: oh god no its the dark lord

Robe man: I would like to see you try fool, hjand over the medallion!

Max: over my dead body!

Robe man with a move of a hand moves Kiera to his side and grasps her by the neck!

Robe man: how about over her dead body! Hand it over or this little pretty girl gets it!


Max quickly goes through different scenes in his head, he comes to only two options. Hand over the medallion, or let Kiera die.

Kiera: Max , dont give the medallion to this son of a --

Lord:no need for language my pretty.

jaque runs to max's side

Jaque:let her go !!!!!!!

Max looks at the Lord in his eyes. He knows the Lord isn't bluffing, he will kill Kiera.

Just then a idea pops into his head. He whispers to Jaque, "Hey Jaque, is this Lord dude evil?"

Jaque looks at him in confusion, "Pretty obvious non?"

Max shakes his head, "No. If we can get the medallion in before he has a chance to strike, will he...dissapear or something?"

Jaque looks down then looks at Max," you are right !!!!"

jaque finally looks at the dark lord: look hand over ze gril an ve vill give you ze medallion.

the dark lord reaches out for the medallion and jaque slices the lords hand off

Max rushes to throw the medallion into the dark eye. He doesn't dare to look back at Kiera and Jaque for fear of how they are fairing against the Dark Lord.

as the dark lord howls in pain he lets go of Kiera jaque grabs Kiera and they start running away from the dark lord

'Only inches away!!' Max thought, he gripped the medallion in his hand, when suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his wounded arm. "Aghh!!!" He went flying into the wall.

The Dark Lord stood there, "No!!! That medallion is MINE!!" Max pulled himself into a crouching position, as the pain of the Dark Lord's attack shot throuhout his arm.


Both Kiera and Jaque run to Max's side.

Kiera takes the medallion and runs toward the dark eye!

The dark lord grabs kiera and they struggle for the medallion

jaque plunges at the dark lord

Kiera gets a hold of the medallion and throws it at max

kiera: Max ! Do it now!!!!!!!!

Max catches the medallion with his good hand and stands up.

He slams the medallion into the dark eye, he stares at the Dark Lord with fire in his eyes. "NO MORE PAIN!!!!!!!"

A blinding light emitts from the eye. Max falls backwards and covers his eyes.


The only thing he can hear is his heart.




He is not sure if that is an entirely good thing.

A few minutes later....

max starts to open his eyes and sees a blurry image of jaque and Kiera

by the fresh air he can tell he is outside the images begin to get clear.

kiera puts her hand on his forehead and tells him, "hey you, it's over already, we did it and we are filthy rich"

max starts to slowly sit up and turns toward jaque

jaque: aye you, you were knocked out for quite ah vile zere! zee whole temple was destroyes and you vere pretty heavy to take out!

Max: sorry.....

Kiera: hey but we managed to get you and the treasure out!

He smiles up at them, having no real urge to test his luck and stand up. "Yeah? So what was the type of riches did we get?"

Kiera stands up and brings over a treasure chest and places is it beside max and Jaque

Kiera:lets take a look

Kiera opens the chest and before them lies many gold coins

jaque:wow zis is better zan i expected!!!!

Max's eyes widen once he gets an eye full of the gold coins inside. "Oh my god.... That's a lot of money, not that I'm complaining!"

Max sits up and faces the two, "So... what are you two gonna do with your fortune?"

Jaque: vell i am going back to france and i vill by a riviera and i vill have many grils!

kiera starts to laugh and says: jaque your only 17 !

Jaque: so vhat i am a 17 year old whiz money!

Kiera: well now that I am an 18 year old gajillionaire i plan to move to an exotic beach and let destiny take control of my life! how about you Max?

"I don't know. I never really thought about my future. Honestly I didn't think I was going to have one..."

Max's eyes became distant as if looking off into a distant land.

Kiera looks at Max then at Jaque

kiera: it's kind of sad that this adventure is over even though i was on the verge of dying, I 'm glad it happened because i got to know you guys

Jaque gets up and sits next to Kiera and hugs her and plants a kiss on her cheek

Jaque: you are too much Kiera, vell ve better get going i 've got grils to meet and a great life to live.

They all stand up and kiera walks toward Max and tugs Max's shirt saying,"that went for you too, you know?"

Max looks at her and says,"I guess i did gain more than i expected"

Kiera smiles and starts walking away.

He stands there and lets it all soak in for a moment.

"Kiera wait!" Kiera stopped and looked back at him. "I...maybe I'll see you on that exotic beach sometime..."

Kiera: sure.

Jaque rolls his eyes.

Max:Well then I guess this is goodbye, Huh?

jaque wraps an arm around Kiera and gestures Max to come, Max walks to his side and jaque wraps an arm around him.

Jaque: Before , Ve all go off on are own, Vhat is vee all go on a relaxing adventure to za Bahamas!

Kiera: I'd like that

She looks toward Max: how about you?

Max: what are we waiting for!

And with that they gathered the treasure and walked off ready for the next adventure in their life.

The end!!!!!!!!!


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