some PROOF that the real world is just the matrix!

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hey im no where near a Matrix buff I also dont know a lot about the matrix but i was just thinking about this. Maybe the real world is part of the matrix. In number 1 when Trinity did all the hacking and neo asked her about it in the club??? WELL it must be hard to be such a good hacker and not get caught unless your in the matrix and have a operator just send you all the hacking tequniqes and such so that might be some proof that the real world is actually another shell in the matrix! sound good??? I dont know just give me comments/flames/ect thanks

I dont really understand your point. Can you explain a little bit???

But i will try to take a shot and comment. In the real world, that we live in. hackers are caught because the government uses other hackers to block and find them. I saw this on TLC the learning chanel.

if you're talking about the MWAM theory, i just don't buy it. simply because it's the most obvious answer. everyone's thought of it, so it can't be the same thing the w.bros have cooking.

if you're talking about the real real world--as in our world outside of the movies--being a matrix . . . well that's even less likely.

no lol i mean the world inside of the matrix like "neos" real world but where like Trinity does all that hacking in the "real world" would she be that smart? maybe not

no i dont think so some how

highly unlikely. So trinity's actually undercover from an even higher say.

how many bloody matrixes r there!!!

There are so many that the humans will never win, the machines have created millions upon millions of matrices, that the humans will never be able to escape!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!....

There is only one Matrix!

that's the most probable solution.

anyone notice that in the matrix, everything has a green tint to it? Well how about the real world, everythin has a Blue tint. Whats the deal there?

The Omega
So you, the confused movie-goer, can tell the two apart?

although our government does hide stuff if u pull out a history book. They try to keep stuff from us. but who knows?

i agree w/ nickjs21...... it's too obvious and such a lame way to end this trilogy

In the last animatrix story, i forgot whats it called, the scientist talks to the girl and they talk about the real world being just another simulation. the girl replies that its impossible because if it was another simulation, she would be dreaming.

I dont think the real world is another Matrix cuz whats the use??? The robots already control the humans in the regular Matrix, why do they need another Matrix.

Chunky A

This is my first posting to this kind of board, or any board, for that matter.

I think Zion is just another part of the Matrix, based on the conversation Neo had with The Architect in part II. My take on that scene was that the Matrix has a bug, and NEEDS Zion to exist, in order for the whole thing to run properly. Neo represents a threat to that balance, so they have to get rid of him.

I hope that this is true, because if it turns out that Zion is real, and not part of the Matrix, then Neo just becomes another superhero, like Superman, which seems a bit lame. Why should he suddenly develop this power in the real world?

Of course, when Part III comes out, it will perhaps dispel my theory.

No, the real-world is neither a matrix nor is neo a super-hero who can do anything. His powers in the real world come only from the fact that his contact with the Source conected him to the Machine mainframe so he can do things like stop sentinels but not fly or use the powers he has in the matrix. Here is a statement I posted earlier in a different thread:

If Neo's powers were just telekenesis or to "move or stop objects," then they would be too limited. We have been told that he can "alter the matrix as he fit." We have to interpret this as that as long as he understands fully that the matrix isn't real that the only real limit to his powers is his mind (which he has demonstrated is pretty free). In otherwords his powers are potentially unlimited.

As for the means of his powers, when he plugs into the matrix, it's like he's feeding it his mind data. It cannot reject his mind. In this way he is sort of one with the matrix, and because it cannot alter his mind(This is his fundamental power as The One, otherwise he would be no different from other freed humans in the matrix) it must succomb to his will when there is a confliction. This means that his powers lie in the extent of his belief. For example: if it is written in the matrix that the daggers(in the Merovingian's) are at rest, but Neo believes that they are flying towards his hands, since the matrix can't force him to believe that they are still on the wall, it must accept that the daggers are, as Neo believes, in fact flying towards him. This then becomes what the matrix sees as truth and consequently tells all those plugged into it. Naturally, forcing yourself to believe something is not easy which is what makes Neo unique.

As for the programs in the matrix: Because they aren't rules of the matrix, nor are they a part of the matrix itself, Neo is not directly connected to them. This is why he cannot simply make the agents disapear(or do something to that effect); however, all of the programs in the matrix are still subject to the matrix's rules(as well as what the matrix has made to be truth) which is how Neo, who can alter the matrix itself, can still have a measure of controll over virtually all programs in the matrix.

Probably the reason that he hasn't become some sort of "Uberneo" is because he has only, of yet, discovered a limited extent of his powers and I think that in the third film we can expect to see that as he becomes more and more in controll of his powers there will be more absolutely ridiculously amazing things that he does.

Let me remind you that everything I have just stated are simply my own conclusions which I have drawn from the films(as well as the video game and Animatrix) and I by no means beliave that I am neccessarily correct in everything. I just think people should draw what they can from this.
Thanks for reading this.

Chunky A
Hmm.....makes alot of sense. I guess I have trouble understanding how Neo could just raise his hand and drop the sentinels coming toward him.

If he can affect the machines in the real world, but not himself (i.e. flying around, doing backflips, whatever), how does he do it?

In my mind the movie turns into something else if he is using brainpower alone to do what he does at the end of MII and what he is rumoured to do in MIII. Help!

Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Spoon Boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Spoon Boy: Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Captain REX
Yeah, I never liked that MWAM theory. Too complicated, and that would suck anyway. Neo would have been lied to...again!


Maybe you're not familiar with the hackers around the world, and this is largely due to the fact that the only ones you ever really hear about are 14 y/o Ueberhacker wannabe's with kiddie-script hacks in a can. Not real hackers. They have enough knowledge to be dangerous, but not enough not to do something stupid.

Think back to the 1980's, I'm pretty sure it was 1987 (maybe as early as '84) but a hacker almost took down the Stock Market with a Commedor 64 (10 points to anyone who actually remembers that pre PC computer big grin ) and a 9600 BAUD (NOT kilo, not Mega bauds...just BAUD) modem. I also believe that he was not caugh, atleast not for some time. Then there were the two, infamous, hacks on both AT&T and AOL between 1996 and 1998 - the hacker behind those attacks is still on the loose, but did not cause any actual damage, and reported the security flaws to the system admin.

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all jokes aside well how do you know im not a hacker? how do u know i never hacked state lines..never got into CIA data FBI data...

this is so oldddddddddddd and not true

ok, i saw this n got screenshots from reloaded. Theres a shot form inside zion w/computer screens WITH BLUE MATRIX CODE!!! yeah, thats rite, BLUE. makes u wonder...

are you tryin to get at that in "the real world" which is really a matrix the code is blue and not green? only problem would be that if zion knew theyd tell.. i think maybe just that inside the matrix its a green tint.. real world is blue tint.. and they threw that in..

i am living proof

atleast say something usefull in 1 out of every 15 threads u post on..

The Unknown
Where'd you get that pic from? It could have been easily edited in Adobe Photoshop or a similar program. You just have to change the Hue of the coding.

i was trying to lighten the mood

i got it from reloaded when the neb is calling into zion to get the doors open, c for urself.

That code was not matrix code. That was the code that runs the construct that woman was in that controls the gates and shtuff. Y'know... the woman that says "Welcome home" and all that jazz?

Anyways, it can't be Matrix code because the machines wouldn't put a line that close to Zion.

in M1 morpheus says that the neb sends out a pirate signal to hack into the matrix. Maybe that signal isnt just for jacking into the mtx but also accessing computers and that stuff(like when Trin does that "Follow the White Rabitt" bit)

There are little arrows going to the code signs. It is probably pointing out something on the code, seperate from the real-time Matrix code

Wow. Been awhile since this thread was posted to.

But the biggest problem with the blue code being for the white room with door controls (among other things) is the fact that in M1, we are told that the only reason that they look at the Matrix encrypted (in code) is because the decryption program works for the system. If they wrote the code themselves, they wouldn't need to worry about it.

Unless, of course, that stuff along the right side of the screen is the decrypted info.

All of this is assuming that the picture is genuine and not edited with photoshop, of course, but I haven't gotten around to checking.

Wow..this topic was once a borin thread that has been talked about something like 20 times....but the blue tinted Matrix Coding is kind of a mystery...but i like the theory sum1butno1 came up with. Seems logical...

What if I told you I have been suddenly seeing matrix bits, and they make sense of higher physics?

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