Jurassic Park 4!

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Mr Steven Spielberg has confirmed that there will be another Jurassic Park - with a storyline as good as the first.

Check out the article:

another JP ohh my god wont they ever give up that sh......

hmm...he says it's really good, but I have very VERY strong doubts about this one

Part II was laughably awful, part III pure liquid ass!!! Part IV should go straight to video!!

Aren't there any original ideas in Hollywood anymore? My goodness! roll eyes (sarcastic)

4...oh..no! In fact i didn't bother seeing 3 either...so.....make it 5 for what i care cool

I think I'm going to puke.

What, are the dinosaurs going to go into outer space now?

I don't know..I think I'll reserve judgement and stay wary.

I think I'll reserve currency and stay away

ill see it when they show it in film class to show the students what not to do when you make a movie.

big grin

They will never show this in film class.

night fett
I think jurassic park 1 is the best cause they leave all the tension to the last bit well quite a bit into the film and jurassic park 2 was just boring and jurassic park 3 it was ok. stick out tongue

Hell, I can't wait to see JP 4! I loved the first 3 and I'll probably like the 4th one too. You guys expect too much from movies, not everything has to be Citizen Kane. What depresses me is that they are making two more installments of the LOTR, now there was a terrible movie. The JP's are entertaining, and worth my money.


Try not to panic, Mah, we hear from all sorts, here.

*slaps JediOasis*

I never gave you permission to talk.

oh please, not again ...... really just can't handle it no more

JO you are entitled to an opinion ...except on these dumbass moviesevil face

paid full
I loved Jurassic Park,
I loved Jurassic Park:the lost world
...I hated the 3rd one...it made me so god damn sad, I felt like they ruined it...
Now they plan on making a 4th one...my opinion is...good...Steven Spielberg is the producer...but not the director, which is extremely dissapointing... mad
And he is going to ask for the same director of the 3rd one...I wish we could make a petetion so Spielberg is the director of the 4th one...
But Spielberg lastly said that the idea for the story is good, wishing they had that story for number 3 instead...
Another thing I am worried about is, the music composer...John Williams made the music for the 2 first ones...and Don Davis(The Matrix) did the music for the 3rd one...John Williams hand picked Don Davis...but I hope Mr. Williams reconsiders and does it himself...
My opinion for the story is, they have to keep it anti-social...like number one, and parts of number two...away from society...in the jungle...all alone, you know?...where you don't feel safe, with more than one problem...in number 1, you have you have the power problem, missing people problem, Denis Nedry problem, and the dinosaur problem..
in number 2, you have the island problem(naturalism), ingen problem(taking dinos to san diego park), you have the dinosaur problem, and finally the san diego incident problem...
in number 3, you have the finding of the kid(which wasn't too long)problem, and the dinosaur problem...which didn't seem to have much of a threat since the velociraptors let them live...
so that really sucked...because you felt safe in the 3rd one..
another thing is that they HAVE to keep the language technical, thanks to Crichton...
I loved to hear the intellectual debates, which make you think...something we are missing in movies...
They shouldn't repeat the san diego incident, even though it was very well made, and exciting, it will not be as good a second time...
And they shouldn't be doing things expecting dangerous problems, it should be very innocent like the 2 first ones...I know you people say that's old and we all know something bad'll happen, well guess ****ing what...we did know that bad things were going to happen with the first one, so no complaining about that please...
Well, these were ONLY my opinions...I don't want to hear critasism for what I think please, I would only like to hear other opinions towards this...oh and if you think that ''Why the hell are they going to do another one, we all know what'll happen" is an opinion, think again...be intelligent for this...please...
I know I am being picky... but I've been on too many debates with friday night loosers, to listen to anymore common-senseless ideas, ok?(those who recognize a similiar phrase from the Lost World..."but I've been on too many safaries with rich dentists, to listen to anymore suicidal ideas, ok?...lol)
Anyway, thank you so much...
oh....and if you think I'm a friday night looser, think what you may since everybody has a right to their opinions, but I also have mine and I can disagree with yours...sorry, I'm being a jackass...*pissed off*

jurassic parks alritestick out tongue

paid full
...right...ok lol
Any more opinions?...please, ones that I can argue and agree with...lol

Captain REX
I liked JP and JP3. Plus, this is in the wrong place, and there aren't many people on right now.

JP3 was teh suxors.

JP3 was fine, but I thought they'd ran out of angles now. Or is Laura Dern returning this time?

3 JP was 4 too many

the first one was the only real good one

Thomas H
I think its cool to make a frachise of these movies...Number 1..Sperb..2. Good....3.Ok....

or the easy way , crap ,worse, laughing out loud

They were good movies but seemed to get worse as they went on, I hope number 4 is good though.

Captain REX
I agree with Mah on that last remark about the JP trilogy. The second was okay, but the 3rd was best FX wise.

Howdy St.George, welcome to KMC! smile

seen any dragons lately ST George

I thought Lost World was a mistake. I still can't understand why Spielberg wanted to make that one. It had good moments (like lying on the backwindow of the truck over a cliff), but I think Joe Johnson showed that you don't need two full hours to make a fun JP film.

Thomas H
lets give it a litlle chance...as long as the effects is even better I will be surprised!

Effects don't make a movie good.

BOPRecruit 16
*groan* not another jurassic park movie! i don't hate them, but they seem to get worse and worse as time and sequels go on. please, spare me the suffering!

I'll put you out of your misery. *shoots BOPrecruit* evil face

*slowly walks away pretending i saw nothing*

I think they killed the concept

paid full
I feel so unchalenged intellectually...please people...have you no more things to say?...I agree with what`s his name...this is not the place...obviously...well, sorry for my bitchy attitude, god I hate people...
farewell pretty much forever, won`t be returning..

see ya


They are making another one.Oh please no.The last on was so bad.What has the world come to?

Captain REX
I see PF took it well...

It has come to filming Rave. I don't mind in the least, as long as it is not too shitty.

Like some say about the first and fifth Star Trek feature films. Style but no substance, I must admit I am suprised that there is going to be another Jurassic Park film.

about 3rd one too many!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn, paid full is a steaming sack, must be from his bad childhood, mommy must not have loved him. the jp movies after the second are just money making sources for the movie industry, like so many other movies. the first one was the only real imaginative film with a creative concept, after that they were merely warping its creativity to pay the bills.

Just like star Trek and any other blockbuster hit,but hollywood smart now there doing spin offs(only some sound okay) There a cat woman spin off,storm,wolverine,and also eLEKTRA....ALL spin offs of major movies $$$$

paid full
Just to inform you, that the REAL book, was Jurassic Park and the Lost World together...it was one book, by Crichton...the third one was not...
The book was called "Micheal Crichton's The Lost World". In the time that Crichton wrote the book, most dinosaur related books and novels had the name "The Lost World", example "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World"...

I haven't read the book.....Don't plan on it either. but maybe one day

'Jurrasic Park 4' First Draft Of Script Completed

Kathleen Kennedy a producer of the Jurassic Park movies talked to SCI FI Wire about Jurassic Park 4, where she revealed that the first draft of the script has been completed by novelist William Monahan,

She also says that the movie will no longer be on an island like the previous movies. "Let's just say it takes place someplace else," she said. "It will not be green. We will not go back to the jungle."

There is no director currently attached to the project. Steven Spielberg and Kennedy will act as producers, with plans for a 2005 release.

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If not on a island then where???? This movie should be hmmm...intresting

65 million years ago, a terrible disease plauged the Earth which brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs. In the early eighties, when InGen cloned the dinosaurs, they also brought this disease back with them and it has been present ever since before Jurassic Park (thus explaining the sick Triceratops and Brachiosaur). Now this disease has become fully active in the dinosaurs and they're all getting very ill. When dinosaur carcasses start washing up on the shore of Costa Rica, a team (including Alan Grant) is called out to find out what's going on. They head to the islands to study the dinosaurs and find out about the disease, known as DX. They also discover the disease is transferable to humans and could possibly bring on our own extinction.

Degneration X hahaha. Just kidding. I hope it doesnt suck as much as the third movie. First and second one rocked.

Huh, sounds interesting. Sorta glad it isn't on the island anymore, I sorta got tired of the place.

is the Alex Grant from number 3 gonna be in it?

i heard keira knightley going to be in jurassic park 4

come on guys, what's so great about jurassic park, i could endure the third, but the forth?

I loved the 1st one. It was something new. It had a story and action. The 2nd sucked big time! The 3rd was funny and had lots of action. But there is no more story there. Unless that desease thing is for real. Than it could actually be good.

happy kine
the books were GREAT!! the second movie did not follow the second book. the 3rd movie was closer to the 2nd book. i suggest the book to anyone who reads... as far as a 4th movie... i will not go to see that. is hollywood really running out of ideas... there is very little original stuff coming out of hollywood. its all remakes and sequels. blah!

You're right Hollywood is sorta running out of ideas, or maybe just the writers are.

I should work for Hollywood!! hehehe, I'd shake things up!!

happy kine
hollywood does not want good writers... just look at the movies that are out... is all about the specila effects

true, well they should get their priorities straight.

I heard that Keira Knightley is supposed to be in it too

if not in a jungle then where??? i hope its not in a city that would suck big time

i liked the first jurassic park, thats one of the best adventure movies of all time. The second one sucked it was nothing like the book , the first movie wasnt to much like the book but it was still great. There was no reason to make third but it worked regaurdless. Kes is right there is no more story left even if they incorperated a virus of some sorts, thats just reaching for a story that doesnt exist

STEVEN Speilberg and MICHEAL CRICHTON plssssssssssssss stop the desecration of the master piece plssssssssssssssssssssssss STOP making more jurassic park movies...............JP3 WAS a disaster........someone stop them , for the love of good movies stop them

the good movie part ended with jurassic park2, criehton diddnt have anything to do with JP3 except the money that he racked in off of his rights, and speilberg just co produced, speilberg diddnt want to make another JP movie he wanted it to end in JP2 but he said there would be more to come and thats why he did the T-REX running through the streets because he wanted to do it before someone else did. As long as these movies make money and are well recieved theyll keep getting made so look out for atleast 2 more

I enjoyed the first 3, but a 4th? This should be very interesting. I can't wait to see whose going to be in it. They need to bring back Jeff Goldblum's character, he was really good. And there should be another T-Rex, I was sad to see the rex go in the last one, the whole theater i was in booed when the newbie dino killed the rex. I hope they bring a rex back.

yeah rex was great, i liked malcom alot in the movies, he's the only part i liked in the second.

The 3rd one sucked becasue it was not writen by Micheal Chrichton. the first 2 where. I am expecting a major disapointment. Yet it will not be one of theos horrible Block -Busters.

the second movie sucked and it was written by crighten, the reason 3 was as good as the others was becuase it wasnt directed by spielberg

WHAT???? they were ALL directed by Speilberg. 1 and 2 came from books by Micheal Chrichton. But not the 3rd, that is why it was not as good as the others.

Spileberg didn't direct the 3rd.

hum... if you say so, but I will check.

You can check www.imdb.com.

Ihave all of Chrichton's books, He never wrote Jurassic Park 3. But I still remeber on Entertainment tonight after a trailer from JP 2 (NOT J_to_The_P) saying that Speilberg is currently writing JP 3

noooooooooooooo crichton had no writing of that piece of crap called JP3, and speilberg Produced JP3....................the only saving grace of the movie was that it showed the intelligence of the raptors even more............they're the best animals in the movies, they rock.

BUT PLEASE OH please dont make anymore.......................i love the story tooooooooo much to see more crap made

I loved the first one, when i was a kid i brought loads of the toys.
But if a fouth is to be made, they better take their time writing the script, or im gonna get my toy rex out of the attic and shove it up some ****** ******* writers ***
If you get what i mean

HA! when I was a kid I had over 534 toy dinos, How Do I know? well Our Class had a BIG Scince fair project On dinos (like in grade 3) And the teacher asked for all students who have dinos to bring them.... so i di, and when the teacher saw how much I had we ended up counting them for that days Math class (My school had mixed grades, and 1 teacher doing all the subjects for each grade of kindergraden 1, 2 .. 3, 4 .. 5, 6)

Hmmmm i think you win this battle

After 1 they have all sucked....looking back, part 1 wasn't even that good!thumb down

JP 4 should go straight to videostick out tongue

jurassic park one is great and will always be one of the best movies of all time, and it is the only dinosaur movie that is good where the dinosaurs look real, and spielberg diddnt even want to produce the third but the director is a good friend of his. JP3 wasnt that bad it should have been the sequal jp2 is one of the worst sequals of all time, if only they would have made it like the book

JP3 was horrible!sick

==> Tes <== You could not be more right..... (or left, depends!)

my question was...why was there even a jurassic park 3 let alone 4 coming out!!

1 word. Money.

that's the problem with hollywood these days. they don't care what they do to the plot, character, or purpose of the story/film. they only care about making more money, and they figure the best way to do that is to have a crap load of effects. thus we see jurassic park 3, more effects shots than 1 and 2 combined, everyones confused in hollywood cuz no one likes it. HOWEVER this 4th one, being said to be the last one, may be the redemption from the increasing CRAP that was the last 2 movies. It is said to be a plot hatched by spielberg, we already know it will be somewhere new, and most likely the finale. although spielberg's latest films haven't quite been up to par, i think he can/will do a good job finishin this up, it's his story to begin with

oh and yeah, no one cares.

oy! not another one of you ppl. Lat one was Neo v.7

Sargoth if I were you I'd behave

they're really pushing it with this one

We care because we were talking about that!
Tone it down a bit and dont speak for other ppl.

Kes the mod in action

go kes

i agree with sargoth, i think this series has gotten to the point where i dont think anyone should care anymore, they are only going to continue to go downhill and become more and more disgracefull to the original, there is a reason spielberg stopped doing them. i mean, they are all basically the same premise with a different backdrop. people get trapped with dinasours, with wacky results. i dont care about this series anymore, and i think they should stop making them. jurrasic park 3 was a decent finale, dont ruin it.

agreed it will only lead to a crappy movie

sorry yall.
up too late studying or something

np you post good ideas

hmmm jp4 the last one eh, i doubt there is any last movies anymore, is spielberg really directing 4? Really it would be somewhat decent with jeff goldblum and sam neil again honestly, i dont know where else they can have jp, nyc?

the first was great, the second was ok, the third was bad, but i think the fourth one will be better because it doesn't have the jungle in it, and they are taking this movie to a new level!

yeah i agree
not sure though about it being in a city really, with the trex being in san diego at the end of the second one. recalling after having seen the film, there was a quote of spielberg he thought that it would be his last jp film and he wanted to have a city chase in it. so...maybe
another possibility brought up is that it could be on the costa rican countryside, or some other somewhat non-jungle area, yet not a large city either.

All this talk reminds me of the 3D animated chair Moving thing in Them Parks Called "Escape From Dino Island", And "Escape From Dino Island 2"


well if you ever get to universal studio's do the JP splash it's awesome smile

and the third one had agood part the cage with the flying reptiles (not dino's no dino could fly or swim)

It would be cool if this movie takes place in space like in Dino Crisis 3.

JP3 does not suck. YOU SUCK!

JP1 > JP 3 > TLW.

Well there is a news circulation on the net that this 1 is going to be about a disease. (I think someone already posted that here). So maybe they'll skip the dinos and make it just the humans trying to stop the disease. That would explain why its not in the Jungle.

I think that would be a little to far off the JP concept. humans fighting the disease. maybe if a team of scinetists has to get some T rex blood or something

Hey I love the Jurassic Park movies so far less on the thir part but I would like to point out that the fourth might pick up where the third one failed. I mean I don't want the whole saga to be lost but I want a foruth one to wipe up what the left lost. From the premise I read in Yahoo! Movies, it seems like this part could really kick better. But Only with the original logo, not that other dinosaur which name i can't remember.

Spinausorus. It is Actually A Water dinosaur. The Rex was the Biggest LAND meat eater of them all. And Actually, In The Movies, The Spino Is A lot bigger then it is supposed to be.

The "disease" extinction theory is actually a real theory...but a pretty crazy one at that. Of course that doesn't effect whether or not it can be a good movie...Speilberg better put in more effort in to this one than he did in the last two. That'll decide whether or not it is good. Hey, atleast Keira Knightley is in it. wink

Spinosaurus was not a water dinosaur. Is this crazy Bob? laughing And the largest carnivorous dinosaur was the Giganotosaurus. But, yes, the Spinosaurus was too big in the movie. I doubt it knows how to snap necks either.

Neo 27
A new Jurassic Park film is on it's way and it says it is gonna be the best yet.
People say it is gonna be a prequel.
People say it is gonna be set on Isla Nublar. (Original)

But it is almost certain that the storyline will be great. The storyline will probably include a diesese that caused the original extinction is striking the dinos. Some of the Dinos are turning up dead on the beaches of Costa Rica. When Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and a team go to investigate they find that the diesese could kill all the humans.

I certainly like the storyline.
What do you think?

looks pretty kewl actually

Lil Seraph
Damn i still gotta see number 3 but that sounds awesome

well this could actualy be better than the sequels but bare in mind grant acted very amazed when he saw the dino's the first time in JPI if they drag him into this that's gonna be weird

Yes,this story sounds interesting.
What do you mean Fire?Grant was in JPIII.

I know Kes but JPIII is a sequel, if this is a prequel it would be an anachronism

stop [email protected]$#ing with them dinos already!!!

Thats what I thought too Fire. How can Grant be in a prequel when it was obviously new to him in part 1 to see a living dinosaur.

Oh, got it.
What the f**k? Cant be a prequel!

yea its gotta be the 4th

also sma neill's is not gonna b in it. it's jeff goldblum who's gonna b the main character in it

i just looked it up on movies.com and it says that no plot is set yet

Tell us when there is a plot

Plot just in: Island overrun by dinosaurs who seem harmless but prove dangerous to Sam Neill and other humans!!

Damn am I good or what??

A rumor that a draft (and said draft) had been written started circulating the net some time ago.
Here's some news:http://www.killermovies.com/j/jurassicpark4/


Yes there are way too many Jurassic Parks. But i will still go see this one lol. Happy Dance

Crash Overload
Jeez! the Third one was bad enough! The movies are dead. I mean com on.... You can't hear a phone through the stomach lineing of A Strapteosaurous 9Which by the way, is a water animal and was MUCH smaller. Then tehre is the whole "more dinos where clonned then originally allowed". the only GOOD thing about Jp3 was That the y FINALLY put the god damned feathers on the Raptor's head. (fossilized imprints where disscoverd in 1996 i think) Yet they talked to raptors, sorry buddy but no. Rators where as smart as primates, but sorry no. Everybody who did not see JP3 and read this, save yourself the cash that you would of used to buy or rent it. As for JP4... well It is almost certain tht it wil be good becasue they previous movie was:


So I hope they don't mean good as "We have just abour 100 raptors that will chase the exploroers, as they sudently Have MAchine guns, red bandanas, And Ammo Holder accrros ther front, as they fire at Grant He will go into bullet time, gain supernatural powers and Kung Fu kick all the raptors. The survoring dinsaurse will seem to eveolve rapitdly into Primates because this desease was radiactive, as some Un discovered U.S. Documents ALSO stated that they had nuclear tests not only on the Bikini Ilands but on the very islands, which is why A millionair was able to buy such a facility for soo cheap."

Does it show that I HATE Blockbuster movies, or is it just me?

Also these movies have no point to them at all.
Dinosaurs are extinct!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you only watch moves that have currently live or possible things?
So you dont watch movies!

yup, that's a pretty crappy way of thinking

but as I see it, ... JP 1 was WAY overrated, thought the dinos in some scenes were extremely crappy done (actually, can only remember 2 scenes that were ok-ish)
JP2 was just to make money from the idea (the only nice thing was the raptorfield)
JP3 was just ... crap piled on even more crap and those who wrote/made/participated in it, should be very ashamed of it

JP 1 is from 93...I think the effects are pretty good.

well, look at the brontosaurus (if that was the name, forgot, luckily), if you call THAT great fx ... boy... than you're wrong big grin

Like I said, it was in 93. I was so fascinated with the whole Jurassic Prk I didnt care about the rest big grin

there were better FX in ROTJ ('83) than in JP 1, Kesa

Crash Overload
Yes and No, You see IN Return of The jedi, The effects are mostly color ins (light sabers)and Ships and all, so Blue Background matting done with MODELS of space craft., the background blur was filled in digitally and because it isn't a living breathing creature, but a pile of metle, (BIG pile of metel) it wasn't that hard. I mean com on! it was in 93! give it a break!

As long as it's better than Jurassic Park III, I'll be happy. Which shouldn't be too hard, considering JP III was god awful.

actually, crash,

I can go in to a lot of details about Star Wars developing the FX,
and I have to say that if there is a movie that did a GREAT job about getting FX right there on the spot, it was Star Wars and not JP, not by a LONG shot
SW perfectioned the Blue Screen, the Stop Motion, they got the moving on implacable figures made.
They got a lot of that, and JP didn't do a lot of evolving on the field of FX

No point in discusing anything when SW and yerrs are involved roll eyes (sarcastic)
You do know green screen is a tv effect right?!

JP1 was also a learning curve for the new starwars movies.

what they got in their king kong

ST = Star Trek, never followed a serie nor saw a movie
SW = Star Wars; totally different story wink

Actually, Kesa, green screen is also used in the movie-industry wink

Gambit Lebeau
i dont think there might be thats just a rumor

If your going to compare ROTJ to JP then you should compare JP to the walking animals in the Starwars movies. In that case, it is obvious that the created "creatures" are better in JP than ROTJ.

Wow big mistake, sorry! I corrected mine.

I know its used in cinema but it was created by tv.
Plus miniatures and creating an animal are 2 different things.
Watch the new version of SW, the animals they added look terrible.

i think it will be dumb to have a diesae killing off the people and not the dinos and i want to see more of the spino but crash is right it was much much smaller then they made it out to be

this is a JP post..not sw or wotever..lol, the 4th JP will NOT be set on an island,i do not know why,so do not ask,but it wont be in a jungle.i found out some more stuff..but forgot most of it..lol

I never said the SW-ones were great, they ARE crap, but I don't think they're as worse as the dinosaurs in JP1

so, like said, only need a good storyline and ditto effects

Thats old news (rumors).

yerss: stick out tongue

finally got your tongue pierced huh stick out tongue

I don't know about Jurassic Park 4. I just heard about it, and the third one wasn't very good. I was hoping Jurassic Park 3 would have something to do with the shaving cream bottle from the first one (the one that denis dropped before getting torn to shreds by the dilophosaurus). That scene seemed like it was a subliminal message that Spielburg left for us, but it seems i was wrong. Oh well, i've dreamt there would be a fourth one ever since the third one came out. I always imagined that no one would want to see the fourth, because of how bad the third one was, but it might turn out to be better than the third, and possibly the second, since Spielburg will be helping produce it. I have no idea, but one can dream, can't they? Perhaps this one will mark the ending everyone was hoping to see in Jp3. I guess we'll just have to watch it and find out for ourselves.

i prefer the original better than the sequels erm

i cant wait 4 the new jurassic park movie

i agree the origanal is the best as it is with most movies but not terminator 1 brill 2 exallent 3 ok

1&2 were good but 3 was piontless but i enjoyed it but there was no need for it so wat is the point of 4