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Harry woke up suddenly, panting and sweating. His scar had made him flinch involintarily. He yelped in pain, sed=nding hedwig screaming in her cage.

"HARRY POTTER!" Yelled Uncle Vernon from downstairs, he sounded angry, more angry than the time last year when he had almost thrown harry out of his house...

Harry got up from his desk, feeling quite embarresed that he had fallen asleep while writing that essay he'd been given by Snape.

Harry felt a pang of hatred enter him...Snape, Sirius' killer - well practically...well, actually he wasn't but Harry liked to think so.

He stood up, and just as he reached the door, he heard sounded like it was coming from the mirror he had so clumsily cellotaped together...Sirius' mirror...............

CARRY ON.....! eek!

No one online????

Sheena, I'm here.....

Sheena was the only thing he had left of his godfather, and if he'd only used it before, maybe now Sirius wouldn't be dead....

The voice called out...


Harry jumped up and ran to the mirror, but it was blank. Tears fell down his face

|"Oh Sirius, I'm sorry..."

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Harry had never felt so alone, he remembered the rush of joy he had felt when he realised he had Sirius, and now, he had nobody, he was alone again..........

Cow!!!!!!!! stick out tongue stick out tongue

He looked deeply into the mirror and said clearly,
"Sirius Black!"

In a wirl of colour, he was sucked into the mirror, he felt like he was clinging to a portkey... then he stopped...

He landed hard on the floor and groaned as his head exploded - a now familiar feeling...

He looked up, and saw...Sirius!

Then he sat bolt upright...he was in his bed...was he dreaming? He went to his desk and wrote a note to Ron and hermione telling them what had happnene... in the meantime, Vernon was clling, and petunia was too...

7th Dimension
And Harry looked up in sudden shock.

Had he heard the word 'Cow' being bandied around??????

Did this have something to do with the madpeople of the local area? he wondered ........

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yes, he could hear Petunia and vernon calling him a cow from downstairs...should he go to the abuse??????????????

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Harry realised that this indeed was the case and that infact, his window was still open from when he had let Hedwig out three nights ago....

Hedwig came soring in the window with replies from Ron and Hermy, whio - again - were being illusive.

Sorry Harry, can't talk...doing....uh homework

Was Hermione's

Ron's said
Oh, well that's good.

"GooD?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111" he wyelled in frustracioun

"Good? What are they up to..."

He thought, and then went down stairs...

7th Dimension
Harry jumped as he heard the sound of the television behind him.

Lord of the Rings was on - how appropriate.

Petunia and Vernon were the goblins in the movie- he never really did know what they were actually called - ugly warty things, anyway....

He smiled at the tv.

At least you'll be my friend. Stevie the tv he thought fondly, and finally went down the blooming STAIRS to this "family"

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his "family" were eating at an inapropriate time, as they so often did, and as usual he had to resort to scavanging in the bin, for a disguarded donut.....

He found one, but his fully developed muscly body couln't only accept a donugt. He took out his wand and raced at vernon who had a piece of drool coming fromb=his mouth to his plate.

"GIVE-ME-FOOD!" He panted, feeling ready to faint. Vernon started, and started to choke on his food...

&-D, where are you???
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7th Dimension
The drool congealed in a thick blob on the plate before him, turning slightly green as it mixed with the snot that was already lying there.

"Yuk. That's gross!" thought Harry, but he had to admit that he was tempted to scoop it up and have a taste....

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He thought in horror! That wasn't my thought!

Volde - thingy?????????????????

Has he possessed me again?

"Voldemort?! He whispered
"Hello, little harry potter..." Drooled the voice of voldemort insside his head, and he could see him in his mind... he was drooling too...

But in seconds harry came back to reality and realised how crazy he was becoming, thinking of eating his uncles... yeah.

aah i was too late.

Woah, that was wierd, he thought.

I must be hungry.....

Suddenly he thought of Ron, and he had to see his friends... He ran out the door, and sumoned the knight bus, the bus that takes any wizard anywere above water, but whjere to go???

he had 2 choices - The Burrow... or sirius' old house in london.

suddenly he sat up straight. it had all been a dream, and the morning sunlight was filtering through his window, and he realised what day it was the day he was to go back to HOGWARTS!!!!!




7th Dimension
But had it been a dream - or something else he had learnt about....

Something Hermione had told him about at school that he struggled now to remember - something about dream dimensions and travelling there during times of calling ....

He would have to try to remember. In the meantime ....

stuffing all his skool stuff into his trunk, which surprisingly was very light, he walked downstairs, kissed petunia uncle vernon and dudley on the checks and skipped out the door.........not! here's what really happened

Funny how he is already AT LONDON KINGS X!

hERMIONE HAD SAID SOMETHING ABOUT dimentions...was he in another dimention?

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Anyway, he is on the train now...Harmione and Ron - stillbeing prefects - are nowhere to be seen...

Everything looks different, it's like he's trapped in another world....

Suddenly a voice was heard behind him.
It wqas a girl
"Hello harry..>" She said sadly, he turned to see....


and it waz loona lovegood,

he found himself screaming, screaming, and he just couldn't stop.......

7th Dimension

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Happy Dance doctor

Why am I screaming he thought?

Why is he screaming????

Anyway, Luna told him that they would have to take a journey into...the past...

uddenly, he landed on the ground...

"harry, wake up!" Harry looked up to see a pretty was lily! She was 16, and next toher...James!

"hey Prongs, who is it?" Asked another dark hairwed was sirius, closely followed by a small skinny Snape!"

obviously he had gotten ova being dangled upsidedown by James infront of the whole school, but harry could only stare at the 16 year old Lily, he felt a strange ache that could only be love, for the mother he never had........

AWWWWWWWWWW, a pretty end...... to be continued tomorrow???

Hearing footsteps coming from behind them they all turned around and had come face to face with no other than Professor Dumbledore. "It's a nice day outside isn't it?" he asked in his calm voice with his eyes twinkling behind his half moon glasses. "I've always loved going for a brisk walk when the weather is nice." He then smiled to them all and headed towards Hagrid's Cabin.

"I wonder where he's going?" James said to the others. "He's very rarely seen." "And he's going to see Hagrid."

"What does he care for that big ol' oaf for" came a voice from behind them.

James spun around and said "What do you want Lucious." He replied, "I am just as curious as you all are as to why Dumbledore wants a word with that oaf of a person, I can't believe the ministry actually allows him here. We need a new headmaster, someone who can get all these mudbloods out of the school and back home with their muggle parents where they belong."

Harry thought to himself, "I'd actually thought I would be free of a Malfoy, ugh.

Lucious having noticed Harry standing there, reached out his hand to Harry and said my name is Lucious Malfoy and yours would be.......

harry looked at him and said," my name is harry potter!" "well well well another potter!" "yes and thats supposed to mean what?" harry asked

"So, what does this make James to you then, as you are not his brother." Lucious said snaringly. "I'm his.....his......his cousin." "A distant one." "I came from a few towns past Hogsmead." Harry replied. He said it so quickly and to cover up the fact that James really was his father. But his father would flip, having met his own child, before he was even born. "Hermoine would have thought this to be a genius cover up." He thought to himself.

"Well, Potter, at least you aren't a mugblood." "That's the only good thing you have going for you."

"Lucious, leave him alone!" James yelled pointing his wand to him. "I don't believe you were invited to come and join our group. So you may return just as quietly as you came.....won't Crabbe and Goyle be looking for you....they seem to be lost without you, why I have not a clue."

"James, it's always a pleasure talking to you. I'd watch your back if I were you." Malfoy spat as he walked away.

"ARE YOU THREATENING ME MALFOY!" James said so loud it sounded like thunder. He raised his wand towards him.

"You think you can beat me in a deul Potter, how can you be so foolish." Malfoy said as he too now had his wand in hand.

Lily jumped in between them, "FOOLISH BOYS" she shouted you'll be expelled. Save your differences for the quidditch field. James we don't need to lose any of our house points before the year even begins. Now c'mon lets go and take a peak down at Hagrid's to see what's going one between him and Professor Dumbledore."

"BUT LILY HE THREATENED ME!" James shouted back at her. "The world would be a better place without Malfoy."

"James, DON'T stoop to his level." "Now c'mon I insist we go." she said.

"Lily, Malfoy's got it coming to him." sirius said.

Harry just watched them all in a daze. He was still trying to grasp the fact that he was really there. "OH LUNA!" he had just realized that she wasn't anywhere around. "I"VE got to find her and see why she brought me here." he thought to himself.

His eyes were darting all around for a glimpse of the blonde haired girl. Then he spotted her, over by the school entrance. She was talking to a pretty little red haired girl.....Harry recognized her at once. It was Ginny. But how did she get here. She must've seen us at King's Cross and somehow followed us...but why. Ginny needed to be at school in their own time where she'd be safe. OH Ginny, you always were the adventurous one. His thoughts were interuped when.......

Suddenly there was a crash from the air as he looked up to see what it was he saw Ron and Hermoine in his father's magical car. Harry's thoughts were surfacing again, "I suppose they've came looking for us." But how did they get back in time...... Ah... I hope Hermoine didn't use the time turner........what would the ministry say about all of this. Did they already know they had used magic to go back in time........ would they all be expelled..... Oh no!
Just then...........................


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"Excuse me?" came a feminine voice from behind Harry.

Caught off guard, Harry jumped in fright as he turned around to see who it was that has just spoken to him. His emerald orbs found a beautiful young woman standing before him now. 'Wow...she looks just like Cho Chang...' he thought. The young lady looked about 16, taller than him, with long black, silky hair like cho's, her face and skin fair, and wearing Gryffindor house robs. Staring into her deep blue eyes, Harry managed to ask, "Cho?"

A confused expression came over the girl's face. "Whose Cho?"

Harry's heart leapt up when he realized the mistake. "Er...a friend of mine..." he lied, trying to hide his fear and pushing thoughts of cho away.

The raven haired girl started to become impatient, spoke, "Have you seen my brother and his annoying friends around here? I can't seem to find them! Probably playing a prank on poor Snape, again."

Now it was Harry's turn to be confused. 'Hmm...this girl is not cho, knows the marauders...and snape...' Taking a deep breath and looking at her once again, "Brother? Whose-Who is your brother?" He mentally kicked himself for stuttering. How odd this was, being nerous around her.

The girl rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Sirius. As in Sirius Black." She said this slowly for the boy to understand her clearly. Then she started tapping her foot as she waited for an answer.

Not wanting to anger the woman further, Harry just pointed and said softly, "I - I think they went that way!" Damn! He was stuttering again! The girl looked in that direction, then back at him. Giving him a quick thank you, she started to walk off in the general direction. Watching her retreating form, Harry suddenly blurted out: "Wait!" She stops and turns. "What's your name?"

"Cassandra" She smiled again, then turned and left in a hurry. Harry watched as her robes flapped about in the wind. 'Cassandra...' Harry repeated the name in his mind. 'She's a Black...How come Sirius never told me that he had a sister?! Hmm...If she's still alive, then maybe i can try to find her in the present.' He paused for a bit as he took notice of his surroundings. 'Still Hogwarts, but how in the bloody hell am I going to get back?!'

As the Boy-Who-Lived stood there, pondering on what to do next, two familiar Slytherins were watching him. Leaning against the archway to the courtyard, one was a platinum blonde, the other a greasy raven. Lucius's eyes turn to narrow slits when he saw the Black girl talking to the strange boy. Snape had mentioned that it was out of jealously, but Lucius quickly shut him up and told him to never say that again.

A/N: does my post sound okay? this part and my original character is going to be a part of my upcoming harry potter fic/story. i have been an author for less than half a year. so that's why it sounds so thorough. my hp story is bascially going to change the Lucius and Draco's past, present, and future. well, i'll stop rambling before i go over the post length. i'll come back soon if you want me to! i love feedback!

*************good post...but remember...harry got there with Luna and ginny followed them somehow, ron and hermy took the car*****

I will add more later....gotta run

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no, i know that. i'm just continuing from the part when he saw them, but then cassie comes in. i just chose not to mold in any of the present day people except harry. it's just that when i saw this story, i couldn't resist to put up a sample of my hp fic! just to test it out.

"Harry, oh there you are...we've been looking all over for you." Said hermoine as she ran up to greet him, followed by Ron. "Ginny and Luna are just over there, we should get them and try to get back to our time, before someone catches us......." Harry cut her off with saying..... "Sirius has a sister, Cassandra...." he never told us this.... and the strange thing is, she looks an awful lot like Cho Chang. How weird."

Ginny was quick to say, "why did you and Luna come here in the first place?" "I saw you guys about to leave and so I followed you, to see what was going on." "Is there something going on with you and Luna...because you were quick to leave all of us without saying a word."

Hermoine piped in "I agree......what is going on? Ron and I were so worried, and you always let us in on what's going on."

Harry feeling like he was in a bucket of hot water was trying to come up with an explanation when Luna began to speak.

"The reason why we came back was because I had found out that Sirius in fact did have a sister, we just needed proof so we can find her in our time, if she is still alive." "I am sorry if everyone felt left behind, I just thought it'd be better if we went by ourselves."

As she finished Ginny blurted.........

"Harry has never had a problem with Ron or Hermoine and not even with me. I don't think it's your decision as to what is the best thing to do, being that you are the NEWEST member of our group. If you remember all of us plus Neville went to try to help Sirius so I dont see what you thought was better about leaving us all out. We care too!" "Neville would have been here too, except Prof. McGonnagol was in a meeting with him because she is trying an experiment to help his memory."

Ron decided it was time to end the bickering. "Blimey harry, you said he's got a sister, I wonder why Sirius never told you about her."

"You wonder what I didn't tell you?" This came from behind them and it was Sirius.

"oh he was just asking why I wasn't introduced to your sister when I first met you, (gulping)Lily and James just a short while ago." Harry said quickly to save Ron from an explanation.

"My sister, Cassandra, oh well.........her and I aren't very close." "We are actually two very different people...she's very interested in potions and other dark magic...and she hangs around with Severous Snape." "She thinks she should have been in Slytherin rather than Gryffindor." "I'd say she takes after Narcissa, except she is in Slytherin, those two are usually unseperable." "I keep thinking one day that she will come to her senses." Sirius finished with a funny smile on his face.

"So your sister, Cassandra, is messing with the dark potions, oh but isn't that awful. Isn't there something you could do to bring her to her senses." Hermoine said to him with a look of concern on her face.

"I don't belive I have met you, and you are?" Sirius said. "I'm Hermoine" she replied. "Well hello, are you a friend of this guy Harry? he asked. "Yes I am." she said. "Well, in that case, if you all must sister and I have a different father." "Her father was a very evil wizard that had gotten killed back when she was just a child. Our mother met my father shortly after and remarried, thus I was born." "So its only natural for her to be attracted to the dark arts."

"Oh I see....." Hermoine said in a quiet voice.

JUST THEN THERE WAS A CRACK! POOF!! Dobby appeared. "Harry Potter, you must all return right now, headmaster is looking for you all and is threatening to write your parents. They think something awful has happened to you." Please hurry back." he finished.

"Dobby, how did you know where we were." Harry asked. "Harry Potter sir, House Elves have great magic, Dobby cannot say how I know, but that you must hurry back...ALL OF YOU!" dobby finished and with a quick snap he vanished again.


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A/N: since i started writing this before you finished that post, i didn't know about it until i was nearly done. oops! now it's not going to make sense. oh well! anyways, i'm continuing from the part where Ginny blurted out. here goes....:

"What?! Sirius has a sister?!" Ron spoke up, getting a brain.

Ginny and Hermione quickly turn to glare at him. "Haven't you been listening to what we've been saying?!" answered an exasperated Hermione. Ron just shrugged, causing her to roll her eyes and shake her head in shame.

Mean while, as his friends continued to argue, Harry hadn't been listening. Of all the things that have happened to him so far this day, was really overwhelming. This was by far the most bizarre thing to happen to him, not counting his encounters with Voldermort. 'How could that girl look so much like Cho?' Harry wondered. He was still confused and overhelmed of the memories of their meeting from earlier.

"What are we going to do?" asked the desperate voice of Ginny to Luna and Hermione.

Hearing that question brought Harry out of his reverie. He looked from Ginny to Luna to Hermione and then to the confused expression of his best friend. Suddenly Harry could feel the exhaustion of this day weighing down on him. "I'm tired, need to sit..." he spoke softly. They all nodded in agreement as they followed him to a nearby stone bench.

Once they were all sitting, Harry finally could feel himself relaxing. Leaning his back against the wall and closing his eyes, "How long are we going to be here?" he asked.

Just as someone was going to answer that, two angry voices could be heard entering the courtyard. Harry's eyes snapped open and he sat up immediately.

Almost everyone in the place looked to see who was making so much noise. (For the courtyard had been pretty quiet and nearly empty earlier.) The two fighting were none other than seventeen year old Sirius Black and his sister, Cassandra. (A/N: they had just come from the Quidditch Pitch.)

"I can't believe you just did that!" she yelled at the raven hair boy. Both of the Blacks' faces were red. Part from being so angry, and part out of embarassment. Cassandra's fists were clenched tight at her side.

"Cassie! I had to do something! That, that...Slytherin was hitting on you!" Sirius yelled back. (A/N: not lucius nor snape.)

"But, did you have to say Remus was my boyfriend?!" she shrieked. "Especially when he was standing right there with you?!" Cassandra pointed an accusing finger in her brother's face.

From where Harry and his friends were sitting, they were rendured speechless at how protective Sirius was being over his baby sister. 'Wow...what it would be like to have a sister...' Harry thought. 'Gosh, they seem 'close'.'

"Er...I paniced?" Sirius answered with aire of at a loss what excuse to use this time around. He fought so much with her, that he was needing help from James to come up with them. Sad, no?

"You paniced?!" Cassandra hissed, lowering her finger away from his face. "You paniced?!" Repeating this, she spoke more quietly so that they wouldn't attract an audience.

Sirius could've sworn he saw little flames flickering about her blue orbs. Somehow, he dared himself to say this next thing: "Well...Remus does have a crush on you after all..." Oh shoots! He couldn't believe he just broke his promise to his best friend not to tell her. Sirius scrunched his eyes closed, waiting for her outburst to come.

When he didn't hear any retort, Sirius slowly opened his eyes. Cassandra wasn't standing before him anymore. In fact, she was already near an archway leading out of the courtyard. Feeling that this wasn't over yet, Sirius picked up speed to catch up.

Just as he was about a yard away from that exit, "i think it would be best if you gave her time to calm down." came a dreamy voice off to the left side of him. Sirius whipped his gaze in the direction of the voice. He saw a long, light brunette haired girl sitting amongst a group of sixth years. Suddenly his gaze came to rest upon that "Harry" boy sitting next to her. But, before Sirius could speak...

"Having problems with the ladies already, Black?" came a drawling voice from up ahead of him. They all turned to see that it was Lucius and Severus (still) standing in the archway. Malfoy had an evil smirk on his face, while Snape chuckled softly.

This comment caused Sirius and Ron to stand up and glare hottly at the much hated Slytherins. "Shove off, Malfoy!" the boys said simotaneously. But, that little matter didn't matter, they were too angry at the blonde. This only made Malfoy sneer, then dismiss them by walking away with Snape at his side. The crimson and raven haired still fumed at the ears and face a little.

Harry looked from Sirius then to Malfoy's retreating form. "Just when I thought i could get away from a Malfoy..." he muttered under his breath. As Ron sat down from Hermione pushing him back down, Sirius remained standing.

With a heavy sigh, he turned his attention over to the little gathering at his side. "And who are you people?" Sirius asked, wearly.

A/N: from this point, you can have them introduced to Sirius. Then, the part where Dobby appeared can be fused with the end of my chapter. So, that way it can work for those who read. (Possible alternative chapters here can be seen.) Sorry for the confusion! Feedback please ^.~

~battosai yuriko~

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**is any one at least going to try and continue this story?! if you people don't post story bits, then please put feedback! thank you.**

weLL i like the way its going...i am just drawing a blank...........i will think some more and come back...........

Quickly Hermoine began to introduce everyone. "We are all friends of Harry's, we hadn't a chance to introduce ourselves yet due to all the arguing going on, I am sorry." "I am Hermione." "This is Ron and his sister Ginny." she said as she pointed in their direction. "And this is Luna." she finished with a smile on her face as she was trying to cover up her nervousness.

"OH!" "Friends of this Harry boy's I see." Sirius replied and added. "I don't believe you are from around here either, are you all from Doonesburrow, its about 30 minutes from Hogsmead?" "Nice, quiet little town, I've only been there but one time and that was when I was just a child."

"yes, Doonesburrow, that's where we are from." This came from Ginny Weasley. Her cheeks were flushed and had a rose color to them. (She kept glancing sideways at Harry for a look of approval)

"So this is your first time at Hogwarts then?" Lily said as she looked around that the 5 of them, who had began to back away from everyone else.

JUST THEN SNAP.........DOBBY APPEARED AGAIN!!! "Harry Potter sir, you must hurry and get's urgent." Having saw Malfoy walking his way he quickly snapped his fingers and dissappeared again.

"Did I just see our house elf talking to those filthy people over there Severus." Malfoy asked with a disgusting tone of voice.

"NO, I believe you are seeing things, I did not see anything.." Snape answered him back.

"oh pity, I was looking forward to punishing him, Dobby has always been a nuisance to our family, but we keep him so someone will do the chores...and take care of the house so mother doesn't have to." Malfoy finished.

"OH, DID YOU HEAR THAT!!" Hermoine said loudly under her breath. "Poor Dobby, too bad you couldn't have freed him sooner Harry, its just awful the way the Malfoy's treat him." Hermoine said with tears wellling in her eyes.

"Ron, where is the car?" Luna asked him in a flirty voice. "We should get back for now and try to come back later when its less noticeable of our absence at the school." She spoke to him again in her soft voice.

"Oh there's the car, let's go." Ron replied as the car was peeking out from behind the school in a view to where they could barely catch a glimpse of it.

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**good post. the part where lily appeared confused me, how and when did she get there? also, when did lucius and snape get back there? well, i'll try to continue on from your post tomorrow! right now i need to get some sleep. going to see tomb raider 2 and pirates of the carribean with some friends of mine. gtg for now!**

~battousai yuriko~

p/s-if you have time while i'm gone, just go ahead and post after your new bit. i'd prefer to write things of when they are in the past and dealing with the blacks.

** originally lily, sirius and james were all standing around when Harry and Luna had arrived** then Lucious and Snape were in the background...that you had made when Cassandra had come into the they were off in the distance a little ways..but could still see the group.....that's where they came from.........I should've specified that more"**

I gotta think some more...I'll come up with somethign........



No no, I love the way you guys have adapted the story, it was wonderul to read, please carry on...

Harry stared at the blue car that had appeared to save them, and found that his heart had been grounded there - with the people he loved most. To rip himself from their hands would be...hell.

Hermione, Ginny, and Ron had already turned to go to the car, not noticing that Harry wasn't moving. Rather, he was staring after the retreating figures of his parents anf his beloved Godfather.

Luna had been observing harry all the while, Harry utterly onblivious to this fact continued to stare in awe.
"Harry! harry, come on, we really have to go!" Hermione was standing with Ron who looked attuerly bewildered at the sight of Harry gawping.

"I - I can't! Maybe I can warn them about the future! they don't need to die!" Harry had already started running towards the figures silohetted against the sun. Ron and Hermione were shouting things at him, but he ciouldn't hear...he had to warn them, he had to...

"Wait! dad - james, Lily!"
"What?" It was James who answered.
"I know this sounds thivk, but I'm from the future. I'm a friend - you get married you see..." He was chocking on the air aound him, and Ron and Hermione were shouting - getting closer and closer...
"Listen! You are going to marry, and you're going to fight a man called Voldemort - you have to make Sirius your secret keeper! YOU HASVE TO!" James and Lily were backing away from the boy.

hermione and Ron had grabbed Harry and were pulling him back, meanwhile hundreds of children were crowding around. Harry felt sick, anmd before he knew it, he was insiode the car and zooming to his own time...

In a window of the castle, Dumbledore sat watching, and an eerie smile spread across his face...

The car landed witha thud and the group poured out. Hogwarts looked different somehow - bigger. Harry looked into the lake where they had parked and his mouth fell open...his scar had vanished.

"Harr Piotter! Where have you been, mom and dad have been so worried!" The voice belonged to a girl he did not recognise...but her complexion was familiar. She had red hair - curly, and she erupted some vague awakening of dread within him................................................................................................................................................................................................

oh THIS IS GOOD..i will have to write mroe later.. big grin

"mom and dad?" he replied questionly...... JUST THEN... Dumbledore came running down the stairs, having known what had happened while they were there.........

"Harry I must speak with you at once, can you come with me to my office." He told him as he looked at him meaningfully through his half moon glasses. His silver hair seemed to be glowing from the moonlight.

"Professor Dumbledore, I can explain..." Harry began to say.

"There's no need for this, but I must speak with you at once."

Without another word Harry left the group and followed Dumbldore quietly up into the school.

As they entered the school he looked around and recognized many things different. His thoughts were interrupted by the pest of the school, Peeves the poltergiest.


"Peeves, there will be no nusaince from you, leave now." Dumbldore said in a calm voice and Peeves floated away.

They climbed the stairs until they had reached Dumbldore's office.

"Pimpernickle" Dumbledore said and the door opened.

"After you Harry." He said.

Nervously Harry entered the room........................................

the room had changed somehow...the objects that had once so gracefully danced around his table were gone - now there only seemed to be a lingering and stgnent wooden surface that bored the crest of Slytherine.

"What's going on?" Harry said as he and Dumbledore finally sat down.
"You, I believe have changed the course of the future - all futures, by saving your paren'ts lives."

Harry stared, gawping at his mentor. Changed the future? It made sence, but why were things so bad?

"Harry, by saving your parents lives, you changed your fate - now you no longer defeated Lord Voldmort, rather he controls the world now, and the burden of his demise has fallen solely on another. Neville Longuebottom. Though I am afraid he possesses neither the streg=nth, will or heart to do so."

Dumbledore sighed...

"It is up to you. You will have to decide what is more important...your happiness and your parent's lives...or that of everyone else...muggle and wizard alike."

"I - I chose everyone can I fix it?" He asked, not realising his sacrifice...yet.

"You must go on a long journey to............"


laviers why do you keep copying my ideas hello ive just done a story one and i did it before you

Did you, oh im sorry. Didn't mean to offend, i just wanted sum fun. which part is the same?? I really dont know.

soz! sad

im really sorry and i want to apologize for what i wrote yesterday i dint mean to offend you i was just in a bad mood yesterday so im saying sorry and airangel has informed me that youve been writing this for a couple of weeks now so i just wanted to say sorry ok

Oh thats ok, wat was wrong? Did sumbody offend you?

Well i hope u are ok now. xxxxx thumb up

i was just in a mood im sorry but i like what you doin with these stories

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i'd like to carry on the story very soon, but not now. it's getting late and i really want to read x-men:the movie fanfictions. after going for a few days with a no internet working on my comp., i've finally seen what you and airangel have done with the story so far. i'll add my two bits soon!

BOPRecruit 16
lavie, about that "long journey", i was thinking harry and his friends could:

a) go back in time to change or get tom riddle arrested for his crimes to prevent him from becoming a famous dark lord

b) go back in time again to his parent's time (where the story was at earlier) to prevent lucius from becoming a death eater -> so that the death eaters won't become powerful

c) well this can go with choice b also. have lucius fall in love with cassandra so that he can become good and fight for justice with dumbledore and the rest. this will also result in changing draco too. he'll still be lucius's son, but with a different mother, cassie. draco's hair, eyes, personality, and house/talents will be altered/changed for the better. after harry and gang come back from fixing the past, their memories will alter. having memories of old and new present days. harry will have memories of draco being his best friend and going on those crazy adventures with him. plus, sirius will be alive and voldormort in azkaban or st. mungo's or dead.

how do those options sound? i like what you guys have been doing with the story during my absense. but, for now and sadly, i can't think up of anything for it. i think i'll prove better at writing stuff for the past, like harry and gang's interactions with the marauders and so forth. let me know what you think and please (as always) keep this story going!

~ja ne!

~battousai yuriko~

"Harry, com along, quickly now..."

Dumbledore was hurrying ahead of Harry into the ground of the school. The students who they passed look their way anxiously, and many whispered in vulgerly defined and annoying hisses.

"...Harry potter..."
"...whats he doing with Proffessor Dumbledor..."

Harry turned away from the stares and moved along his pace.

"Where are we going proffessor?" He asked anxiously as they entered the dark boarder of the forbidden forest. The grass faded into dark sand at the boarder making its darkness apparent and highly defined.

"Harry, do you remember me telling you that you must master Occlumency?"

Harry nodded guiltiy and stared at the gorund. He had not practiced during the summer as he had said he would. Rather he had sat brooding over the death of Sirius and the pain he was in...he would not "play the hero" again. He swore he wouldn't - ever.

Doing the heri bit had cost Sirius his was his fault. He closed his eyes at the memory...

Dumbledore stopped in his tracks, his back still to Harry.
"It was not your fault Harry...I want tyou to remember that. And do not fight your not fight the right path..."

harry didn't quite understand what Dumbedore was saying...
"I also wanted to congradulate you on your OWL results..."

Harry's mouth dropped open - he hadn't seen his results...did that mean they were good?

Dumbledore raised his hands and white light spilled from them. The light engulfed Harry and he was suffolcated by it. He could just hear Dumbledore's words before his feet lifted, and he was carried off.

" not fight it not fight..."

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**nice pit lava, but i need to know where you are making him go and his purpose there before i can continue this story with you people. sorry, for once again not posting a story bit.**

Harry landed hard on the floor. everythig was dark. He lifted his sore body from the ground, onto his hands and knees, and felt aroud for his glaces.

"Lumos." he muttered, and his wand erupted in light. His glasses were lying three feet from his right knee. he picked them up carefully.


It hadn't occured to him that he had been doing spells for goodness knws how lonmg without a second thought about it. What would the sdursleys say? What would they do when he was of age, and could do magic at home?

he looked around within the narrow beam of light that shon forth and saw that he was in.........


BOPRecruit 16
no one right anything for a few moments! right now i'm writing a new chapter, so just hang on and i'll try to get it posted in a few! bbs ^.~

BOPRecruit 16
actually, this chapter is turning out to be longer than i thought. so, i'll have to post it in parts and sometime after i wake up on friday. i hope you'll love it! so, please, no one right a story bit until i have gotten my new one up and running! you dig? okay, gtg ^.~

~battousai yuriko~

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BOPRecruit 16

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**when i had originally typed this up in the kmc forum reply box, i was typing for so long that the forum automatically signed me out and i lost all the material when i went to spell check it! i so wanted to cry when i had to re-type this! well, i tried my best getting back to what it was like before i lost it all.**

Draco stood there looking puzzled? harry closed his eyes in disbelive.He said to himself no! I hated Draco, ron was my best friend ron. He opened then again, where draco had been standing now stood ron.
Had he really travelled to another dimension. he could have. Well strange thing did happen to him. He spend the rest of the day wondering about it.
Dumbledore during potions had interupted snape nad taken harry aside.
" Do you mind helping me?"
"anything for you professor."
" Will you show my great granddaughter around." At that moment a girl about sixteen. step out from behind a pilar. She ws a little bit shorter then harry , she had dark long brown hair adn brown hazzel eyes.
" name is Li harry" proffesor dumbledore said. Li at thatmoment waved and kind of blushed. harry waved back.
" Ok proffesor , I think we'll be on our way."
Harry and Li skipped the rest of potions and went out on to the grounds. They ostly just walked in silence adn every so often Li would turn and blush and then turn away.

BOPRecruit 16

*(above) cover for this chapter, Elasco looks alot like Inu Yasha's Sesshoumaru*

Chapter ????: The Inn Keeper of the Haven

As they entered the courtyard, memories came flooding back to Harry. It was as if his feet touching the grass of this place brought back vivid memories that he could almost see and touch. (Almost like a premonition, but not really.) Flashback to scenes of when Harry met the marauders and Sirius's sister, Cassandra, of the past. For now, his mind was distracted by these thoughts, so he wasn't totally concentrating on what he was telling Li as they walke along the stone path in the middle of the courtyard.

Speaking of a stone path, made Harry recall that strange dream of the alternative present. Or was it a dream? The harder he thought about this and tried to talk to Li, the more it made his head hurt. Suddenly, Harry stoppped in the middle of the courtyard and stopped to rub his eyes and temples. When did things get so complicated in his life and why?

A gentle hand came to rest on his shoulder, "Harry, are you okay?" came the feminine voice of Li next to him, filled with worry. But, at the same time she said this, another voice rang through his mind. "Getting a headache again, Harry?" That was Draco's!

Snapping his eyes open, the sunlight that once filled the courtyard suddenly washed away into darkness. Blinking his eyes a couple of times, Harry found himself once again standing next to the raven-haried Draco and standing before a wide open door. "Harry are you okay?" asked a confused Draco. After a few seconds of not being able to think up a quick explanation, he just shrugged and let it slide.

They stepped into some dark entrance hall only lighted by torches on the wall. Another set of heavy wooden doors stood a few yards away. As the walked to the other door, Draco spoke up, "Hang on for a moment, I need to change out of this" and pointed to his dark rider's cloak. They stopped, then Draco started to remove the metal gloves and boots and simply dropping them to the floor that was covered by a crimson colored carpet. After he took off his cloak and added it to the pile, the raven haired boy quickly muttered another spell and the pile disappeared.

"Ah, much mutter..." he said as he stretched his limbs skywards a bit. Underneath that dark cloak, Draco had been wearing his Hogwart's school robes. Harry noticed that instead of sporting a house patch for Slytherin, there was now a gold and red lion. 'How...' he wondered.

Before Harry could ask his questions, Draco led him to the doors at the end of the hall. Along the way, he pulled out something from his sleeve, "I believe this is yours" as he handed the wand to it's original owner. "Thanks!" Harry answered and quickly stuffed it back into his pocket. Now standing before the new grand doors, Draco said, "Fontaine" and the doors swung open inwards.

A sudden bright light came flooding out of the room and into the hall, blinding Harry and Draco for a bit. Once the blindness and pain of his eyes cleared, Harry gaped in awe at the room that they were now entering. The room was huge, reminding him of the Great Hall with all the fancy wood carvings and banners hanging about.

"Wow, looked what the cat dragged in!" came a familiar voice. Harry looked to his right as Sirius Black came over and slapped him on the back. The boy looked up at Sirius, he couldn't believe it! His godfather was alive, breathing, and well right before him! Harry's heart filled with joy to see the man again. Suddenly he gringed in pain from that simple action, he had forgotten about his wounds in all this joy and confusion.

"Careful, Padfoot!" came another voice that Harry couldn't quite place. Looking for the source of the voice, he saw a woman with deep blue eyes and black hair like Draco's and that girl from the past. "Looks like he got hurt out there." She was sitting next to a platinum blonde man known as none other as Lucius Malfoy.

"Geez, Cassie!" Sirius playfully whined like he was 17 again. "Must you always give me such grief?"

"Yes," Cassandra Black-Malfoy grinned widely. "That's my job and don't ware me out! I already have a loving husband and son to do that for me."

"Hey...!" came the protests of the two Malfoy men in the room.

As Harry listened to all this, he just couldn't believe his eyes of what he was seeing! Cassandra is alive....and married to Lucius and her son is the boy standing next to him? What the bloody hell was going on here? Had he seriously missed something?

"So sorry, Harry," he heard Sirius apologize next to him. Snapping out of his thoughts, he could see Sirius now examining his deep gashes. The man's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "Did a white wolf attack you?"

"Yes...," the latter slowly answered. ""

"That was Kallani, Elasco's wolf companion. She has the hardest time of remembering you, don't know why. Believe me, she's normally a good canine."

"That things a pet?!" Harry blurted out in his shock.

"Yup, had Kallani since she was a wee pup," came a rough voice from behind Sirius. "You should play with her more, then she wouldn't have to try to hunt you." The three men standing near the door turned their attention over to the man at the counter. He was a strange looking man, this fellow.

The man appeared to be in his 20's, or was it 30's? Tall, slight build, and fair features of the face and skin. Elasco had long silver hair that went down his back, and warm golden eyes that were the same tint as Kallani's. He was cleaning a goblet with a rag, the sharp one to two inch claws would gently scrap against the metal as he moved it about in his clawed hands. Elasco's face featured a blue crescent moon on his forehead and redish-pink stripes along his cheeks, arms, and hands.

Finished cleaning the goblet, Elasco turned around to the cabinet behind him and looked up to the highest shelves. Suddenly, a white fluffy snake like tail appeared above the edge of the counter. It took hold of the goblet and placed it on a shelf, then snaked back down to rest around the strange man's shoulders.

"In case if you don't recognize me, Harry," came his voice. "I'm Elasco, inn keeper of this safe haven for the specially gifted." Just as Harry was wondering how he knew he was going to ask, "I'm a dog demon in humanoid form. Many years ago, -" leaned on the counter. "- I used to live in Japan with my kind. But, soon that world held no challenge for me, so i began travelling the world since, oh let's say: the 1800's or so." Seeing the shock on the boy's faces, "Once you lived as long as me, you tend to lose count" as he pointed another dirty goblet at them.

"Excuse me," Harry chimed in before the inu youkai could continue. "If you don't mind me asking, exactly how old are you?"

Elasco grinned and answered smoothly, "Well my boy, I'm at a ripe old age of 2,893." Lifting his lip into that grin revealed his fangs for teeth.

Harry and Draco's jaws droppped. "You're nearly 3,000 years old?!" Harry yelped as Draco said, "So, I'm guessing that makes you immortal?" The youkai nodded his response.

"Don't worry your lightning scared head, Harry. You'll get all your answers and my story later, but now, i'll go and fetch all you people something to eat for a late dinner." With a flash of bright white-blue sparks surrounding the youkai and with a loud crack, he disappeared.

Staring at the spot where Elasco had been standing, Harry asked, "Is - is he psyche or something?"

"Why, yes Harry," answered Sirius. "In a matter of fact that dog boy has the gift of telekensis and telekenetic. Cassandra and I first met him when we first visited this place on a vacation with our family before we came to Hogwarts. And, I do say, he hasn't changed a bit! The only thing that does change about him is his vast knowledge of the world and the history of many living things on this earth." Harry's eyes were wide with shock. "Mind you, he ages internally not externally."

"What's that about my immortality, Sirius?" came the voice of Elasco near the tables serving hot plates of food to his guests.

"Remembering that time before Hogwarts...," the latter began.

"Ah yes! I remember a scrawny little boy in a need of a hair cut coming into this place some few decades ago." The inu youkai weeved about the tables, using his hands and tail to remove platters to all the guests about the room. Very few were adults, most were teens near Harry's age, he noticed. Plus, some of the trays were floating about the man, probably using his telekentic powers no less.


A/N: i'll add some more to this chapter soon! so what do you think of my creativity this time? please let me know of what you think of this chapter and Elasco the inu youkai of the haven.

*(above) Kallani kind of looks like this picture of Sess in dog youkai form*

BOPRecruit 16
**A/N 2: i want to some major scenes and numbers at Elasco's. so, try to keep the chapters in that place. i've got tons more for Elasco to do and explain to the curious wizards and of the school. gtg for now!**

" come here Xsavra" Elasco cried.
From the shadows came a a girl in a black velvet belly top adn a mini skirt she was chaned to the pilar near the table where Elasco voice came.
" Li, is that you." Harry asked. He was getting a headache again. He closed his eyes once more.
" Harry, harry are you ok."
He opened his eyes Li was over him crying. He sta up, he must have fainted. He turned to Li nad she turned away.
" So you know my secret." she whispered.
" What i don't understand." Harry said.
"I'm an exanigus, I can see the future, read minds, become invisible and live in more then one demention."

Plz carry on...

Li turned to run but harry stopped her.
" please take me back, I want to talk to sirius."
" Well ok but you have to promise to call me Xsavra if they find out my real name i disappear from that world. Grab my arm."
Harry did what he was told. He touched her and His scar began to burn. Harry's eyes glared over and he fainted. He woke in a bed in the corner of Elasco chambers. Li was sitting in a corner her hands berried in her hands. She had welds on her arms. Elasco had obviously been beating her.
He sat up and Sirius was sitting on a chair by his bed he was out cold. Harry watched his for awhile and every so often he would slap himself in his dream. Elasco was now visible on a high back chair in the corner near the pillar wear Li's chains wear bolted.
Li was no longer wearing the black velvet ensemble but a long red silk dress.

BOPRecruit 16
**review: whoa! Li has got some interesting powers! what have you done to Elasco?! i never meant him to be evil nor have slaves nor have chamers like that! sorry, i didn't know how much the story could change. maybe he's just dreaming that part?

i originally was going to have Elasco's Safe Haven going to be the new Hogwart's. in harry's sixth year. after he defeated voldie and ended up destroying the school by accident (didn't happen in the book), i wanted that to be the new school. where everyone is moving in and so forth. dumbledore had it arranged long ago with Elasco that the place was to be a back up school. so the youkai can be in second in command of the place, manage it and teach certain subjects. like the main building the group is in, that'd be the great hall, classes held and teacher's offices. then there would be seperate buildings behind the main front for each house and teacher's to bunk/stay in. elasco's is on the way far side of the forest and very far away from hogwart's. dumbledore felt it was time to move away from there because they were so cursed with evil coming there.

well, i'll explain more of my master plan later. i don't mean to flame your posts. i just never thought elasco would be evil. gtg for now! **

wow your master plan was so not what i expected it to be like...I thought that he would take over for voldie in sort of a way. I thought Li and Harry could fall in love adn then try to defeat Elasco togetther. I thought to kill off Dumbledore and wow i thought it more to be a kind of dungeon/castle that Elasco lived in. Yah so i like it more sort of a evil guy well maybe we can negotiate later about it and come up with something better. Yah and Li's powers was part of a sixth short version of the book i wrote and tryed to send in to j.k.rowling but it got sent back to me. Li was dumbledore great great grand duaghter nad she has four simblings three sister and one brother all of them in their sixth year and they came from usa from a school call Kiyaher in California and their mom was killed off my voldermort adn yah their dad had come to help albus with the order. Yah and Wow..... so yah i dunno what should happen anymore. I love the name exanigus! hahaha

hwo about Elasco was being posssed by Voldermort who really isn't dead. So that why he so evil! and he's has been possesed for half a year now and such!that sound goood! wink

BOPRecruit 16
**yeah that does! well, i just sent you a new message a few seconds ago and soon we can negotiate and agree on this whole elasco business. for right now, i'm too drained and got too much on my mind to think up anything for right now. well, read my message and talk to you soon ^.~**

BOPRecruit 16
i kind of molded Elasco after one of my original characters in my dbz/hp fic at, Professor Andross. He's...well, since the readers bariely know him, i'm not going to spoil anything about him here. Just that he's handsome and has a french accent and teaches dada. ja ne! ^.~

ok yah your newest idea is good I can't think of anything to add towards it cuz i just woke up but i'll figure it out. and i'm 14!!! Oh yah.... I think we should add another character who everyone thinks is good but is the one really possessing elasco. It should be a guy. ok so ...

Back to the story: She stood up and began to collect the lates from their meal earlier. She still had tears running down her face. She faced Harry and smilied, while pointing at The door way behind where Elasco chair stood. He nodded, leant over the bed and grabbed his trainers. he pulled each one on his feet and stood up. Harry walked up to Li.

BOPRecruit 16
**review: what the heck do you mean by "lates" and "his trainers" i want to post something soon, but i can't think of anything for now. where the heck is lavie and airangel when i need them?!**

places and runners that what the call them in england...

BOPRecruit 16
**say what?! they call what and what?! i'm not familiar with most of the english terms, so excuse me if i'm clueless on this stuff. ~lol~**

runner shoes you ENGLAND they call them trainners( don't ask why) YAh and plates not lates.....

BOPRecruit 16
*sniff sniff* boo-hoo! i'm so damned lost it's so sad!

yah me too

BOPRecruit 16
you know more english terms than i do!

hey, I live in england, I know them all! hee hee hee! Yah, trainers are shoes if you wanted to know! ha ha haa haa!

About the story so far, goodness me! Ok, well some things have to be said...

Wow that was good. Some very good points lead off from the original, and some very interesting new characters. Can you pm me, when you get a chance, BOPrecruit16 and let me know a little more about the character styles, and where the mood is going. I'll need some hints for such a pleasurably complicated twist of the story line!

ps, the evanescance CD for mood is perfect, i love it i love it i love it!

An excellent piece with many defining qualities.
I would suggest more adverbs within the content, and a litlle more description of surroundings so that readers who have less experience won't get lost, but all the same, bloody well done!

P.s, the story id moving very quickly, perhaps we should create some sort of conferancing thread?

let me know if there are changes atc. I will wait for BOPrecruit 16 to add to the story and to pm me before I will add to the story.

Im in for a lot of work! hee hee

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**A/N: no one post anything once again! i know i'm we were supposed to talk, but i just had to get this new chapter out! the idea of it wouldn't leave me alone. so, i'll have to type it up later in full and then i'll post it here. gtg for now!**

Fine by me, will check out your addtition l8er


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later when i do post my new chapter, i'll try my best to be more patient and wait unitl the conference thread is put up.

ok sound good.....hey umm when is the conference thread going up

AHHHHHH I AM BACK.........HELLO?????? I AM SOOOOOO LOST... You all have added such great things....... I have to go back and read some so I can write some mroe stuff....sorry I've been gone for a week and a half... sad

I do like li's character and her powers...I kind of thought as I was reading that the Hogwarts and this school had somethign to do with it..and I understand where Draco and Cassandra and Lucious all come into play. It makes sense for them to be friends now that they are SORT OF related and close.....what a twist..... LET ME KNOW WHEN TO PICK THIS STORY BACK UP...


Yeah me too! I love Li! p.s BOPrecruit, when are we gonna to the x-evo ff. i would rather do that together than x-movie, is that ok? We can do it like a carry on one too, but just let it flow.

Airangel, you want in? I like your writing too, and tigereyes too?

let me know!

sure i want in...Laviera_j when is the conference thread going to be up... and thx fer liking Li.

I am going to put it up now, ok? xxx


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elasco is not related to the malfoys. he's a dog demon, so there's no way he's related. didn't you read my chapter called: The Inn Keeper of the Haven? well, that's not exactly what i had in mind for the malfoys. gosh, i keep meaning to add this new chapter that i'm working on right now, but it keeps getting longer as i get more ideas as i type it. sorry for the inconvience! i'll try to leave room for you guys to do your parts too. i have my own ideas for the great battles and ending, nearly. but let's get that conference thread up and then i can explain it there. i think i'm almost done with my bit. sorry again!

*adia by sarach mclachlan is a good song and i'm jamming to it now!*

i don't know. when you give me the green light and negotiate on a plot, then yeah we can go to work on it. that's fine. i've seen almost all of seasons 1-3 and missing some of season 4 and 3.

hey...I was talking about HArry being related to Malfoy..b/c sirius was his godfather and his sister is Draco's mom... smile

Silly........... well let me know when we are able to write..... I should have more free time these days......

BOPRecruit 16
oh! my bad, sorry! then, they are very close friends/relatives. what do you think of the new draco and lucius *not thinking they are evil*?

they aren't their good not evil now Elasco is now evil but i dunno

BOPRecruit 16
gosh, that sentence has so many grammar errors that it's hard to read.

i know....i suck at grammar but good at writting

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okay, lavie told me that the conference thread is up. just need to know where to find it.

You found it yet - i think you muist have, if not, its 'conference room. '

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hell yeah baby, no time for stopping now! lol!

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Oh i got da feva! xxx - u still my girl tho!

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is there a guy using your user name right now or someting? ~lmao~ this is crazy! let's truely keep our convos. in the conference rooms, for when people read our story, they won't have to get bored to scroll through our antics and talk.

yeah seriously! no guy here, only the sugar i am eating in my double chocolate cookie dough ice know how it is...

ps, i meant that comment in a strictly not gay sexual way, xxx lol!

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of course not. just being crazy and utterly confused. jonathan jackson is soo cute! *sigh* and josh...okay i'll stop before this becomes a hottie thread. ~lol~

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okay! no post their chapters yet! right now, i need some time to post my new one and it's going to need a couple of seperate posts to fit. i'll let you know when i'm done! nuff said and here it comes...

BOPRecruit 16

BOPRecruit 16

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A/N 2: Once again, I have posted more pictures from the anime, Inu Yasha. I'm assuming that you are already familiar with the pictures of Sesshoumaru. The youkai in the red clothing is Inu Yasha, these two demons are half-brothers in the Inu Yasha mangas/anime.

I thought it would be nice if we or just me, post pictures from image searches to help illustrate our story. Besides just doing a cover, I added some into the story content.

Enjoy the story! Please, no one post their new material yet! I'm still not done with this chapter! But, I'd like to hear feedback ^.~

BOPRecruit 16
is the reason that no one is posting/carrying on the story is because we still need to discuss the story or something? we really need to get down to business soon!

IM JUST LOST....from my roomate's computer being messed work I dont have as much time to write...but i try! smile

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i've read that fic you did with charmaine of a harry/ginny fic, sounded pretty good. more detailed then your work in this thread.

ok so when are we allowed to add on?

sorry mine wasn't as detailed...i got lost somewhere too and i wasn't on as much....i liked both of them. and still do.

there was another one too with Elmstreet but they took it out..that one was good too.

Hey guys love the story. But one little tiny wincy problem sad It is to much Japanesse. eek! blink that is to my taste. the style is more Japanesse. As I was reading the story then i could see it be a Japanese film. But that is to my Opion. so.................

Well anyways it is wonderful!!!!

BOPRecruit 16
sorry about that tonks. i was the one who added that anime like bit. i had pictures from animes/inu yasha to just illustrate the story so that you can get an idea what what's up. also, sorry that i am taking so long to update that chapter i was working on. i have other fics that i'm working on, so i can't get back to this one as soon as i would like. also, school is almost upon us. i like writing fics here because it's fast and easy and nice environment to write in. ^.~

o well schhol starts in 2 days sorry i've not kept in touch i've been away! anyway great so far keep writting!

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let's start a new hp fic or at least a x-evo or x-movie one.

umm hp fic i know more about it ok i
ll start it it ill be called hp carry on story #3

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cool. when?

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