Did i miss something?

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See when persephone shoots one of "Cain and Abel" and lets the other one go and get Mad Mardigan or whatever his name is. Why does Neo Morpheus and Trinity just stand there and let him go? I thought it was just cos the actors were standing cos they didnt have lines so just stood there waiting, but with all the detail the W bros put in, was there some reason for letting him go get his boss and their cronies. seems Neo etc's job would be a lot easier if they didnt alert menovinigan...

Maybe they thought if they didn't let him go Persephone wouldn't give them the kyemaker.blink

u didnt miss a thing

they were just following persephone in foreign territory. they knew as much about what the hell was going on as we did. if persephone tells the guy to go to the merovingian, i woulda let him go. after all, she's the one doing me that favor of taking me to the keymaker.

and you also have to realize why she did that. it wasn't so the mero would be alerted. it was because cain and abel were the guards. letting the guard run away would let them get the keymaker out a lot faster than if they had to fight him. they wanted the keymaker. they didn't care about the mero and his cronies.

The Omega

Mad Mardigan - LOL. Someone has been watching Willow smile

She could've just killed him too then told menovinigan later. good spotting Sifer that was my own little Wakowski-style homage to another classic film

Neo is too cool and too much of a badass to say anything. Plus, if Persephone didn't let him go to get the Merovingian.. there wouldn't have been that amazing fight scence where Neo just kicks everyone's ass and bleads only a drop.

Lol laughing out loud

i think hodgie has a point. at its heart, the matrix is still an action/sci-fi flick. it has to have fights.

And that's only 'cause he decided to block a big arabian knife thing.

yeah that scene kicked ass smile

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