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Trivia from the Matrix (

Neo is "the one", notice how Neo is an anagram for one.
The numbers one and three appear numerous times throughout the movie. As stated above Neo is an anagram for one and Trinity means three. Watch the numbers on the doors of apartments, they are usually 131 or 313 or something. There are other parts besides this which feature the numbers three and one. It's an on-going theme.
Did you notice all the street references to Chicago streets, but anyone from there knows that's not Chicago? The guys that wrote and directed it are from Chicago, and always put Chicago references in their films.
Not a mistake, just something to notice. When Morpheus and Neo are in the elevator to see The Oracle, look and the wall to the left of Neo's head when they focus on him. Notice the name "Kym" scratched in? Kym Barrett is the name of the costume designer.
Notice how most of the the green computer language that is supposed to make up the matrix is actually the mirror image of Japanese characters.
Not really a mistake, just something to notice. When Neo is at work in his supervisor's office getting yelled at, notice the window washers. When the camera shoots from the outside of the building, look at the soap on the window.. it strangely resembles the Matrix pattern as displayed on a computer screen. Also take notice of the look of confusion on Neo's face- like he had seen that pattern somewhere before.
It's been said that Neo being an anagram for "one". I think it's more important to realise that Neo means "new". His real name is Thomas Anderson. He is called Thomas at the beginning of the movie, when he doubts the truth -- that the world as he knows it is not real. Thomas is the "doubting" disciple in the Bible. Moreover, Anderson means "son of man". Hence, Neo Anderson is the New Son of Man. The biblical references go on and on... Trinity, Nebucadnezzar (the name of the ship -- in fact, the name plate on the ship makes reference to a verse in Mark chapter 3), Zion... So not only is Neo "the One", he has gone from being the doubter to the new son of man.
Another reference to the Bible - notice when Agent Smith is talking to Morpheus (when he's captured) that he explains how the first Matrix was a paradise and everyone was happy - wouldn't that be like the Garden of Eden?
When Neo gets into the car with Trinity and Switch for the first time, Switch calls him, "Coppertop" later on, you see Morpheus say "..all to turn humans into this.." and it is a Coppertop battery.
All of the main action inside the Matrix takes place at The Heart of the City Hotel. This is a metaphor on a couple of levels: Using the heart in the world of the mind (the Matrix) entails being in love (Trinity and Neo), which is what unltimately saves them. The second metaphor is tied to the first: The hotel is in the heart/center of the city (inside the Matrix), but the heart (the organ) is at the center of the story; love is needed to conquer the Matrix.
The name Morpheous comes from Greek mythology and it means the King of Dreams.
At the beginning of the movie when trinity is being chased across the rooftops, halfway accross there is a sign for a weapon. It's the same type the agents use, an Israli Desert Eagle.
Talking about Bible`s names and idea, name of Cypher could be interpretated as a shorted and little corrected Lucifer.
When Neo gets a tour of the Nebuchadnezzar it shows a "License Plate". The plate reads "Mark III no. 11. That is really a bible verse that relates to the story. I encourage you to look it up.
In the final subway showdown between Neo and Agent Smith, Neo breaks Smith's glasses in a way that his eye is showing similarly to in Terminator. Also, when they extract the bug from Neo and throw it out of the car onto the street, the red light that is like the power button slowly dims and goes out, just like what happens to the Terminator when it dies.
The city of Zion, the world of free people, was also referred to in the Bible (14:7).
In the Oracle's waiting room, the television is showing white rabbits (which, at the beginning of the film, Neo was instructed to follow) from Night Of The Lepus.
The word "cypher" means: a non-entity, not real, zero...which is what Cypher is; he chooses the Matrix as opposed to reality and being "real". And "trinity" refers to God and a woman in love; Trinity is like Neo's god: she gave him life and saved him from dying.
As Neo runs through the old lady's apartment near the end of the film, we see an image on the TV of a menacing man in a black suit coat. The image is that of one of the Number 2's from the TV show "The Prisoner" (1967).
Check out the room numbers for Trinity and Neo. When the cops bust in on Trinity in the opening scene the number is 303 ("trinity"wink and since Neo is "The One" the number of his apartment is 101.
Almost every line spoken by Neo's "customer" in the beginning of the film ("You're my savior," "You don't exist," etc.) is foreshadowing.
In the scene where Neo is selling the illegal software to his friend the book he takes the software from is called "simulacra and simulation". Simulacra means an unreal thing. The title describes the whole premise on which the film is based.
Some people have complained that many scenes in the movie have a greenish tint to them. This is deliberate on the part of the filmmakers and is meant to be a clue to the viewer -- all scenes that occur within the Matrix have the green tint overlaying them, while the rest of the movie does not. Submitted by Phil C.
When Neo is in the office with his boss, along with the water on the window, check out the pictures in the back, they're all green and one is totally constructed from horizontal code.
The scene where the sentinels come for the first time is a large allusion to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It's a combination of the scenes where Lando and Chewie fly the falcon after getting Luke's hand fixed, and the asteroid field scene. Luke, having just gotten a new hand, sort of limps in the cockpit with Leia; in the Matrix, Neo just woke up and hobbles in with Trinity. The cockpit is almost identical, and Morpheus says Star Wars lines from the asteroid field scene, "Set her down there." and "Here they come."
At the beginning of the film when Neo is talking to his his boss, his boss says to him 'You think that you are somehow special and that the rules do not apply to you.' Neo is the one and the rules of the matrix don't apply to him.
In the car when Neo is unbugged, looka the rain behind him, it has a green light shining on it and it looks exactly like Matrix code, it even falls like it too.
Right before Agent Smith talks to Neo in the small room you see Neo sitting alone in the room there on multiple television screens. All those screens are from the Architect's room as seen in Reloaded.
Whem Neo is in the office on the phone with Morpheus trying to escape, look at the pictures on the wall to the right of Neo's head, they look like they're objects covered with the Matrix Code, much like when Neo comes back to life and he looks at the agents, and we see the Matrix code.

Just thought I'd do something different!

Trivia from Reloaded (
The "code" in the matrix consists mainly of both Western numbers and the Japanse Katakana writing. Both were mirrored vertically.
When the dance starts at Zion, the camera zooms in to show two drummers. The one on the left is Arion Salazar, the bassist for Third Eye Blind.
Ducati motorcycles are never shipped fully prepared to ride, out in the open, on a car carrier. They are shipped in a large crate and require some assembly and fluids.
The Architect shows Neo images of the humans that will die if Neo chooses not to go into the Source. Many of those images are from the movie "Baraka." A study of comparative religion, "Baraka" contrasts the purity and beauty of nature and religion with the ugliness and misery of modern technological society. The word "baraka" means "odor of the holy," "fragrance of the divine," "saintly," etc. Interestingly, some of the images that Neo sees are of people who were killed in Nazi and Pol Pot concentration camps, as "Baraka" seems to suggest.
A real power station in Sydney (the White Bay Power Station) was blown up for the - what else - power-station-blowing-up scene. It was slated for demolition anyway and the film makers requested that they organise it and film it. A lot of people got quite excited about it and turned out to watch it all happen, but in the end it was a bit of a let-down - it's obviously been enhanced for the film. Submitted by STP
When Neo is taken by the agents for interrogation in the first movie, we can see a shot of him in the interrogation room from an array of television sets, which zoom in. That's the same array of television sets from the Architect's room.
At least two points in the movie the number 101 is shown ... 101 was the apartment number of Neo in the first movie. In addition, the freeway race is on the 101 and the 303 (Neo-1, Trinity-3). In addition, 101 is the binary number for 5. 5 Matrixes have already passed and the current one is number 6.
Make sure to stay until the credits are over... Submitted by Sereenie
The Warner Brothers (WB) logo is in the introductory graphics. Its not prominent, but it is there.
When Neo is meeting the Oracle, as well as when he's fighting the Agent Smiths right after, there are a bunch of words spray-painted on the fence, walls and bench, two of which are "one", spelled upside-down and backwards, and "role", which has to do with everyone having a role, or purpose, to play in and/or outside of the Matrix.
A freeway was built on a military base in California specifically in order to film the freeway chase scene. It was built as a continuous loop that is about 2 miles of freeway. This also explains why you see some of the background repeating.
101 is also the nuber of the floor where the three have lunch with the crazy French Dude. Submitted by RTR
During the entire freeway chase, almost every vehicle was GM made. GM donated about 300 cars for use in the film. By the time filming was finished, almost all of them were wrecked in some way.
When Neo meets the Oracle, she offers him some candy. You don't see it when Neo eats it, but when the Oracle eats hers, it looks a lot like a red pill from "The Matrix", a potential plot device for "Revolutions", perhaps?
In the scene where Neo has his talk with the Architect you can see scenes from the original Matrix on the TV screens that cover the wall.
When Neo is talking to the Architect, watch the screens surrounding them. The Architect says they've learned that humans need an imperfect world with evil in it. One screen shows a picture of President Bush while another shows a picture of Osama Bin-Ladin.
When Neo is walking into Zion for the first time, he is wearing some sort of pack. If you look on his right shoulder, you will see what appear to be "Coppertop" batteries.
One night on the 2 mile stretch of highway made for the movie, a security guard decided to race his car up and down when no one was around. He did, but he totalled his car and instead of telling anyone, he just ran off and was never seen again. (A little bit of info from Keanu Reeves on an interview on the Tonight Show).
The 'twin' characters are non-film actors, but carpenters by trade, whose only other screened work was on UK TV programme Carol Vorderman's Better Homes (DIY show). They have done some stunt work, but got the part when the makers of the film were looking for identical male twins who were both skilled in martial arts.
Keanu Reeves bought Harley Davidsons for all the stuntmen in the "Burly Brawl".
When the Architect is talking about all the people that will die in Zion, there are clips from TV commercials and other movies on the screens beside/behind him. Among them is a famous black and white clip from Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film "Psycho".
The actor who plays Cas is the real-life wife of Laurence Fishburne, Gina Torres.
At various times in the movie, Morpheus makes a statement relating to dreams. In Greek/Roman myhtology, Morpheus was the name of the god of dreams.
If anyone's wondering what happened to Tank, this story might help explain:,1,11831,00.html.
Towards the end of the freeway chase when the Agent takes control of the truck, the suspenseful sound effects that play in the background are almost identical to those used in the famous truck chase in Terminator 2.
Has anyone noticed how when Neo gets yelled at by his boss in the first film, his comments are relavent to the first film and this one? Neo has to make a choice whether he wants to keep his job (stay in the matrix )or leave (be freed from the matrix), that he believes that he is special, that somehow the rules doesn?t apply to him, and then he says: obviously you?re mistaken. The architect said something like if too many started to having doubts about if their world is real, the matrix would break down and they had to start over again. This is more or less exactly what his boss says to him in the beginning, when he mentions something like how this is one of the world's greatest software companies because every single employee is part of a whole. And if one of their employees have problems then so do the rest of the company. Submitted by Hamax
When the first ship is blown up by the sentinel's bomb, they show the sentinels moving towards the ship, notice in the background, there are the remains of one of the old Zion's. You can make out the long central shaft connected by many bridges. This raises the question of how literal the Architect was being when he said that any trace of their existence was removed. Hopefully Revolutions will clear it up...

It didn't fit in one...

If you have seen "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", pay attention to the fight between Neo and the Oracle's Chinese bodyguard. It has the same exact hits, shots and music of the first fight of CTHD (it is especially obvious when we see both men's legs almost like dancing). A tribute from the directors?
If you listen to the Hundred Smiths fight scene, the sound effects used then Neo uses a Smith to knock down other Smiths are sometimes quite comical. At one point, they use the sound of dominoes falling. In another, they use the sound of a bowling ball making a strike.
Carrie Anne-Moss did most of the motercycle driving herself on the freeway scene.
Carrie-Anne Moss actually broke her leg during training for the Matrix Reloaded & Revolutions. Not wanting to miss out on working on the movie, she fell into denial about breaking it. She drove home and returned the next day before accepting treatment. By that time, her knee had swollen to twice the size. Even when out of action, she was present at training to give her colleagues encouragement. However Carrie-Anne got no sympathy from Keanu Reeves, saying "Everytime I sat down, he would call me lazy. He drove me crazy!".
Anyone who was a big fan of the 60's TV show, The Prisoner, will see certain similarities between that and Neo's encounter with the architect. This is probably intentional since, in the first movie, an episode of the Prisoner (with Number 6 ever so appropriately meeting number 2) is playing in the background.
Near the beginning of the freeway chase the car containing Morpheus, Trinity and the Keymaker and the van containing the superb "Twins" pass a bilboard. This billboard is advertising steak. Steak was the meal Cypher ate with Smith in the first film. Also if you watch until the end of the credits of the first film you will find that the password for the website is steak.
Look for a cameo by noted racial scholar and professor Cornel West during the Zion Council meeting (he plays the Council Member who requests that a ship be sent to ascertain the fate of the Nebuchadnezzar). Submitted by Phil C.
The Concise English Dictionary definition of Neo is "revived in a new form".
Near the beginning of the film, Agent Smith drives up in an Audi with the license plate "IS 5416". This appears to be yet another Bible reference -- Isaiah Chapter 54, Verse 16 reads as follows: "Behold, I have created the SMITH that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy." (Capitals are for emphasis). Submitted by Phil C.
The film's cinematographer, Bill Pope, makes an appearance as the 'sleeping security guard', at the power plant.
When Neo meets the Oracle she is feeding crows. The number of crows coresponds to a prediction for the future (appropriately enough). She is feeding 5 crows, the symbol of sickness (of the matrix or humanity perhaps). More crows arrive with Smith and 6 or more is a portent of death.
When the Operator of Captain Soren's ship, the Vigilant, has been killed and blood is splattered on the screens, the blood resembles the Matrix pattern, just like the soap on the window in the first Matrix movie.
The first movie contained several references to Alice in Wonderland. In Reloaded, when we first encounter the twins in the restaurant, they are smoking a hookah pipe, like the caterpillar did in Alice in Wonderland.
This is the highest grossing R-rated movie ever.

I know it's big. Sorry.

Of course, a common misconception this- Trinity is a religious reference but NOT a Biblical one. The idea of the Holy Trinity, when first thought up, was considered heresy (and Isaac Newton thought it so even when it had become well established).

It is very easy to read TOO much into things! Cypher/Lucifer is ridiculous.

Still, the machines would have approved of The Prisoner...

wow you did your research and really put together alot of what has been said in other threads!! That's cool! very cool and so is this...

All that is written above is from
I have nothing to do with it. I just thought we could use a funnier thread around here.

The Omega
Cypher is closer to cipher than to Lucifer. (Makes swirling motion by temple).

Neo's room number is 101. Room 101 was the place in George Orwell's book "1984" where people were sent to be tortured and would end up believing something that wasn't real.

More Trivia
The scene in which Neo meets the gifted children in the Oracle's apartment is an homage to the similar scene at the end of Akira (1988). The Wachowski brothers acknowledged the influence of anime films in a brief USA Today interview a few days after the film's release.

The blocking moves Neo uses against Agent Smith upon his realization of being "the One", are the exact same techniques Daniel LaRusso uses against Mr. Miyagi upon his realization that he has in fact been Karate training in Karate Kid, The (1984) . Sand the floor, paint the fence, wax on, wax off...

Sets from the film Dark City (1998), including rooftops, buildings and others exteriors sets, were used in this film. The rooftops that Trinity runs across at the beginning of the film are the same ones that John Murdoch runs across in Dark City.

When the traitor meets with agent "Smith", we learn that his name is Reagan. He says he wants to be someone important, maybe an actor, and that he wants to "remember nothing". A reference to former president Ronald Reagan who suffers from Alzheimers.

"Know thyself", the phrase in the kitchen of the "oracle", was the inscription above the entrance of the Delphic Oracle.

Some personal information can be seen on Thomas Anderson's "criminal record" that Agent Smith glances at when he interrogates Neo:
* The last update to the file was July 22, 1998
*Neo's date of birth is "March 11, 1962"
*Neo's place of birth is "Lower Downtown, Capitol City"
*Neo's mother's maiden name is "Michelle McCahey"
*Neo's father's name is "John Anderson"
*Neo attended "Central West Junior High" and "Sean Paterson High"
*The name of the company Neo works for is Metacortex.

Well... that's every little interesting point I'd ever make down the drain... nice list, though!


Ok c'mon guys. Cypher, in a religious sence, is exaclty like Judas. If anyone is familiar with "THE BIBLE" they would know that it is directly connected to this and is deffinitly a Messiah movie. Sorry, a little off the point.

The Omega
So what, HODGIE, are you saying Cypher sounds like Judas now? big grin

Sounds like? No. As i said before, THE OMEGA, and a religious sence as a Christian, Cypher is a representation of Judas. IF you are not familar with Jesus' life.. tell me becuase so I can stop... but if you are Neo would be a representation of Jesus.

cypher british spelling of cipher; one that has no weight, worth, or influence

Omega was right. Despite what cypher might be a representation of, his name means worthless.

Yup. A cypher is a system of secret code and/or a person with now power or importance (comes from Arabic sifr, meaning 'zero')


You cannot make out ALL traitors to be Judas allegories, hodgie

The Omega

Amazing! You guys turned a post that was suppose to be fun into a discussion!

is that a good thing? roll eyes (sarcastic)

Which just proves that here at KMC we unite (too) many a philosopher ;D


No it's a bad thing!

raver <where did u get all that ?> raver


The Omega

Have you read the posts around here? Thats all we do! It's getting so annoying, everybody argues, and bashes messed I'm just tired of it.
This was suppose to be fun, you know just read it and leave it but somehow this religious (on top of everything it had to be religious) argument starts!

not necessarily an argument. yet.

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and, well, this is the only way we can communicate -- words. until this becomes a webcam forum, we'll have to discuss everything.

Well in that case did you all know that Judas might not have betrayed Jesus?

Whoa, let's not drag it off into a topic of its own that doesn't really have much to do with the Matrix anyway!

What I ment was that there's no discussion possible. The ppl who wrote it aren't here! It was just suppose to be fun.

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ushgarak, i had no idea you had a sense of humor.

gabriel: ok, maybe not everything.

jesus christ omega. no need to tell me i am a cranky old man. in fact i am only 16. haha i wonder if anyone uses buddah's name in vain?

All ur conclusions r very interesting....but all the bible stuff drives me nuts...if we wanted religious lessons, we would go to sunday school....I think the other stuff u talk about is more relevant....Obviously the Wachowski bros. r into numbers...I dig that! rock


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