The Best Fight/Action Scene in the Matrix

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Alias Neo
The Best Scene

Mine is the lobby shootout

THE HIGHWAY best special effects!

i loved the lobby shoot out but i really liked the Chateau fite it rocks smile


burly brawl. in No other movie will there be any fight scence like it. 100 of one guy vr. one of the other

the highway smile

raver <burly brawl>
<but you'll never out due the highway scene> raver

The Omega
Hmmm... All of them! They were all cool in their OWN ways. Yep.

does the rooftop include neo unloading the machine gun from the helicopter into the agents' room?

hmm . . . in m1, the subway battle is my favorite. which surprises even me, because i always thought i'd go with the lobby. in m2 i think i'd have to go with the highway. or maybe the burly brawl, i'm not sure.

again, hmm . . .

i guess the highway scene.

i liked the Highway chase aswell Caddillac rocks!! i love carnage!!

It's what makes the world go round... love, justice, and big trucks going boom.


All the fight scenes, where its fists and feet flying, were all very well done, especially since the actors did most of their own work, and compared to alot of other fight scenes in other movies, they did the fighting alot faster, it was alot more realistic, except for the obvious wire work, it was all because of Yuen Woo Ping!!!

let's not forget one important fact.

only one action scene in this trilogy features two giant trucks exploding in slo-mo.

yeah that was v-well done

Hm... wouldn't they get extremely burned from simply being in the middle of an explosion that hot, even for a few mere moments?


creative license.

the trucks scene is possibly the best cgi i have ever seen anywhere in any movie (or anything related)

out of those up there i like the chateau best.
though i like neo vs seraph more

Alias Neo
Other than the lobby shoot-out i like the bruly brawl and the highway scene

i like the burly brawl because i love neos moves in that one happy

mmmmmm Neo....sorry embarrasment

o man that one is tuff! i think i would have to go with the burly brawl over the highway because i just thought that the choreography in that was amazing! but of course the highway was so complex i piised my i really dont know!


SHIT!!! This was hard to choose. The only reason why I picked Burly Brawl over SMITH vs. Neo (M1) and the Highway Chase because there are sooo many of Smith! SvsN M1 was great since it gave a type of underdogyness to Neo which now we will never see again. Also the Highway Chase was brilliant, the best part Morph vs Johnson? when you see the smoke stacks from factories and the huge electrical towers in the backround, I don't know why but that just feels alot like a 50's horror or sci-fi flick, it brings something back that is original, it is strange yes but it gives a certain feeling for me.

Gabi> is that not from M3? sorry just wondering

yes it is stick out tongue

and this one too...

AAAARRRRGGGGGG......I like 'em all! laughing out loud


yeah the brawl was nice...hehe and I remember that MTV movie awards parody of that one...

lol funny

" You'll handle us, handle us", "So you have some skill"

On the other hand the Lobby shootout was pretty nice in M1...they had lots of bits and pieces flying around and so you didnt know where to turn to. And they really wrecked that place... cool

the dojo and the highway either one of those is the best fight imo

yup, I guess I've got to give it up for those scenes too wink

Mine wusnt in ther so i jus pikked my fav out of dose my really fav is wen neo and smith fites at the end of matrix 3

woah this thread is old

Morpheus v Smith in the bathroom was terrible.... i thought Morpheus was THE MASTER until I saw him having a tantrum about being trashed by Smith.

Chateau ruled.

Originally posted by Stovenutts
burly brawl. in No other movie will there be any fight scence like it. 100 of one guy vr. one of the other mean 1,000

i like it when trinity says you move like they do laughing out loud

I personally love the Bathroom and Wet Wall fight between Smith and Morpheus, even though its short, its powerful shows just how strong Smith is.

Chateu scene and Super Burly Brawl.

good pic of antony remember the fight seen in piont breack when agent uta has fight on the beach

what r u talking about? please stay on topic

final fight between neo and smith

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