Did you ever have one person that brings out the best/ worst in you.

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I have a friend that when I get around everything becomes a joke. I make very little conversation and joke to, not just him, but everyone whho is around. We feed off each other and we are both very witty. I just wanted to know if and how others experiences this. smile

Well my closest friends bring out the best in me. Or just bring me out stick out tongue
It's all fun. Everything is a joke.big grin

My wife brings out the best in me. big grin However my step son brings out the worst. mad
I've a good mate that when we're together everyone hates us cos we have this bad habit of being wind up merchants evil face devil eek! big grin

Heehee I love it. I have an overactive sense of humor, but I have learned to control it because most people (at least here) do not have a good sense of humor. You can get yourself in lots of trouble by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. That is why I rely on being around my friend to let it loose. he always gets the jokes.

Thats great. very few people talk good about there wives now-a-days. I am glad to here it.

Well its me 2nd one and we've only been married a year next month smile

i love joking around.

Catch 22
Yes, there was one.

My wife and son do both constantly!

was an angel til i met my friends, they bring out da worst. math teacher brings out da best

Around my family I'm not myself, but once with my friends the best comes out.

Rogue Jedi
my brother in law.

My x-b/f. Brought out the best in me before he broke my heart, now he brings out the worst.

brings out the best or the worst?blink

Yes, RC, know the feeling. I have a friend that way. Trying to keep the distance so friendship isn't destroyed, but .............. stick out tongue we seem to bring the worse out of each other now. Seems like we get to chatting, and very soon it becomes a very heated difference of opinion. one of these... mad mad mumbling smileys

roll eyes (sarcastic) I saw this thread coming, aside from MY SCHOOL bringing out the worst in me, my step-sister's friend, she's SO ANNOYINGLY WHINY AND STUPID, I get to the point where I wanna be like "F**K OFF NO F**K YOU YOUR EATING ALL MY FOOD, YOUR ANNOYING THE F**K OUT OF ME JUST GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!"

Sorry for the constact cusses. embarrasment

But, who did bring out the best in me, was my 10th grade crush, I didn't have to cuss or impress her or anything, we just talked every day in Science, it was great, but then she moved, and nobody ever since. sad

*feels sorry for JP*

-Punches self- Stop seeking sympathy! mad stick out tongue

*with sarcastic sympathy* Its OK JP you don't have to beat yourself up. stick out tongue

This super ultra macho guy I used to work with used to bring out the feminazi in me. Man I had so much fun working with him. It was the battle of the sexes monday thru thursady every week for two years. I sorta came out of my shell working with him. I had been a mouse before that. After working with him I had the power to be a right nasty [email protected] when I needed to be. And trust me, when you work with truck drivers who tend to be PO'd by the time you see them, you can't be a doormat because they will take out all their frustrations out on you. Don't get me wrong I love truck drivers, but they can be a rough crowd if you don't stand up for yourself.

I have people who bring out the best and worst, the person who brought out the best was my estranged wife, the worst, a whole list of friends.

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