Jack Sparrow Thread!

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dude, Johnny Depp is freakin' awsome as jack sparrow in pirates of the caribbean. Orlando bloom is gorgeous.... but johnny steals the movie...


let's discuss..................

We could use the kind of thread that they use to mend sails...wrap it around his neck until his head popped off...yes that would be cool

laughing out loud laughing out loud

good one, there, mate

but honestly, johnny depp did an amazing job in that movie! e was brilliant pirate

Sorry to be a party pooper, but am I the only one who thought that Depp's character- Jack Sparrow was way too young for the type of role he was suppose to be playing. He and Will Turner looked about the same age?? I think they should have made either Jack SParrow older or Will Turner younger( say a teenager or younger). Just a small complaint!

well i guess in a weird scence will and jack did look close in age, but i think thats just because johnny depp could still pass for half his age. he does look like orlando bloom's age its so crazy. maybe when johnny is 60 he will look 40

he certainly found the fountain of youth ... he's gorgous

He looks so young for being in his 40s... Its not so bad as people think. People know that Johny is older so it probably never effected the film at all.

I think it showed that he can act in diffrent films. Its amazing to see that! After all Johny is well known for characters that are either little for words or very dark and it goes on. You rarely see him play someone funny.

hmmmm johnny depp is certainly young for his age.. but orlando def. looks younger wink
johnny was the best!

Sparrows Angel
I really wanna see Once Upon A Time In Mexico Depp looks so sexy in that movie

that is a compliment not a complaint!!! he's frinkin 40!! he could pass as 18 in my city. i'm serious. that's great tho. someone is actually complaining on a person lookin less than half their age!! laughing out loud

Please open your eyes!He looks 40!
I keep hearing that you girls knew him before POTC but it doesn't seem that way because if you have seen stuff he did before you will see it!

Depp was awesome...wanted to add here kinda OT kinda not, I was with my little cousins who are 6 and 8 and they were obessesed with Captain Jack Sparrow- at one time I rememember thoughts that it was scary fo rhtat age...well I just wanted to refute some of those thoughts with the fact that these kids saw it and LOVED it...and LOVED captain jack sparrow!

johnnys#1 fan
I'm afraid to see it cuz I think he dies sad sad sad sad sad I saw this picture where blood is bleeding from his eyes sad

but if in once upon a time in mexico it better be antanio that get the girl NOT JOHHNY!!!!!

he looks younger in all his earlier movies. ok. BUT that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't look his age. for ppl who never saw or heard of him b4, they would think he was 26. AND i've been a fan of his since edward scissorhands. not just from potc. i also love a lot of his earlier movies such as.... don juan demarco, benny and joon, nightmare on elm street, and so on and so forth. i could name many more that i loved before i even heard of potc. so THERE!

26!!! You're crazy!

no i'm not. ask all the other people on this bored.

You guys are not being realistic!
He looks 40, just like Brad Pitt looks 40 or David Duchovny looks 40!

Squeal, squeal like a pig one eye

laughing out loud

Well what do u know, this was on page 9, the last thread and i havnt ansered it




Cuz >>erm

Official Johnny/Jack Sparrow Thread


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