Golf goes Matrix!!!!!

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Did anyone happen to watch the "Battle at the Bridges" golf special last night? (Tiger Woods and Ernie Els vs. Sergio Garcia and Phil Mickelson) The show's opening production had a "Matrix" theme to it!

For example....

All the players were wearing black leather and dark sunglasses.

Screen shots of Matrix code spelling out the player's names.

"Bullet time" slo-mo shots of golf swings and player's dodging flying golfballs.

Shot of two hands offering blue and red golf balls.

Numerous movie-scene clips from "Reloaded."

Player highlights shown on numerous screens as in the Architect's room.

Jack Nicklaus as "The Architect"...appropriate because he designed the golf course where they were playing.

But the best one was....

Tiger woods playing out the scene as Neo holding up his and and stopping the bullets, but the "bullets" were golfballs instead!

It was awesome and very well done! Hope someone else saw it besides me!

Crap. I wish I had it sounds funny.


I wish more people had seen it! They really went all out to make it look as much like the real movie as possible. They even made the movie clips from Reloaded sorta "interactive." For example...right after they showed a shot of Ernie Els dodging a golfball in slo-mo, they show the clip of Trinity saying "That's a nice trick" from when she first sees The Twins, but it's edited so she appears to be saying it to Ernie! The production was definitely top-notch, and they kept the theme throughout the rest of the show with Matrix-themed graphics and such!
I wish I had taped it!

happy kine
maybe some website out there has the clip ready for download... maybe the official pga golf site... i'll go hunting...

I gotta see this

happy kine
i have to wait till i go home... my work firewall is not allowing me to goto sites that may have the commercial.... and i hate going on the pc at home... but i do want to see that. stay tuned

I e-mailed ABC inquiring if they could make the opening production available for online viewing, but I have yet to receive a response. I'll keep everyone posted.

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