Most Overated Movies

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Wow this is my first started thread and a contrevirsal one at that. I'd like to know what you lovely people believe is the most overated films ever.

Pearl Harbour;
The exorcist;
So far those are the only ones I can think of.

Pearl Harbor
Star Wars (lastest two)

I am sure I have more but those are on the top of my mind

happy kine
i have to agree with everyones picks so far... and i'd like to add the asteroid one with bruce willis. and all them 80's movies with that red head chick... breakfast club and 16 candles and the like...

In the Bedroom.

I HATED "In the Bedroom"...I walked out of it!

Lord Of the Rings
Boom Dock Saints i think that is what it is called.
Scary Movie
Titanic as u guys said already
Space Jam

Titanic (of course)
Horse Whisper
I Am Sam

all I can think of at the moment

WHAT?!?!? LORD OF THE RINGS?!?!? WHAT?!?! that's uncalled for.. it's not overrated at all, they're the best movies ever, if ... IF... you don't like the first two wait til you see ROTK... you'll eat your words

Dang don't freak out about The Lord of the Rings lol...

Anyway I have to say The Matrix is a little overrated.


I'm not saying these are bad movies (except Gladiator). I'm just saying they're overrated.

Gladiator suprises me, it was under rated and wasnt pushed into peoples mines before it came out. However Titanic...what a disapointment

Pearl Harbour,
and all teenage colege flicks i think are well over-rated!!! but still all the films i have mentioned have been enjoyable just over-rated!!

I've always thought an overrated movie was a movie that had tons of publicity and then when you see it sucked. Not a movie that had very little or virtually no publicity and then when ppl saw it it became a huge hit. Like the Matrix. It had very little publicity and everybody said it would tank when it actually did very well. Oh well.

i walked out of the first harry potter movie and didn't waste money on the second one. what's the deal with those movies??

i didn't like harry potter either
i think the matrix reloaded was slightly overrated but it was still good

XXX was wayyyyyyy overrated

I didn't walk out because I kept waiting for it to get better and it just got worse. I now, looking back, wish I had left. It just irks me that it got such great reviews. I haved learned over the years to read critics reviews and if they say a movie is mediocre then to me the movie will be great, however, if they say a movie is awesome I know I will not like it. I don't know why it just happens this way.

Yeh I feel the same way BBB2.

happy kine
in the bedroom? never heard of it... but i'll try to avoid it. i had some friend over to watch LOTR (they didn't even know it was based on a book) and they consider that overrated... they wanted the 2 hours of their life back... but after i made them see the second one... they started to see the light.

i also think most old movies are overrated... they had some bad acting that people call classic...

yeah i know what you mean happy kine about old movies.. almost all the acting was horrible and people thought itwas great .... who knows

happy kine
and i've tried to watch some of the movies on AMC (american movie classics channel) and they suck. its like they were overacting.

all of those sucky movies that win best picture awards at the oscars.. when we all know they should go the LotR smile

seriously tho,
Titanic was very overrated

The second LotR was much more entertaining than the first. In the first movie they just didn't have time to explain it all so it is fairly confusing.

LOTR should win at the oscars this year.. i'll be mad if like seabiscuit wins or something haha

Jerry Maguire. How I hated this movie.

Shakespear in Love. It definetly wasn't better than Hilary & Jackie. Also Most of the Steven King Movies out there.

I can't believe nobody has put the "Blair Witch Project" up here yet. It was very, very hyped up, and yet, might be the worst movie I've ever seen...EVER!

I agree!

chica 16 it was a good movie but then the first one left u hanging and i hate that but i mean all these people that r obsessed with the movie and books and shit like that is just insane i mean their is sum good action and a good story plot but still this movie shouldnt be treated like it is like god but u know i guess u got to be into more but hey it is cool u flipped out when i said that about LOTR becasue i mean i woul do the same if u talked about arnold like that or De Niro so right on if u like that movie and think it wasnt overated.

HARRY POTTER 1 and 2 have been the most overatted movies ever. Same with Bruce Almighty. good, but not that good.

True about Bruce Almighty. He didn't do anything *that* funny in it

Vincent Rendar
Harry Potter

WildWildWest(will smith is cool but that was not a good movie)


Titanic (I hate this movie so much)

Chicken Run (It wasnt that funny...bah)

Interview with the Vampire

There are more but, mind is blank....bah.

My name is Neo9
pearl harbor
forrest gump
independence day
a bug's life

I agree that the first and second Harry Potter movies were overrated and Bruce Almighty! Lord of the Rings. . . though that was NOT overrated!!! Though I think why most people love the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies are because, for the fans of the books anyway, they want to see everything they read come to life. Well, that is the case with me anyway.

Oh, and the those Spy Kids movies. . . and Scobby Doo. . . I mean, I love Scobby Doo, but the movie was just too. . . stupid in my view! And those Spy Kids movies, they are really made just for little kids but. . . I just find all three of them to be ridiculous!!! roll eyes (sarcastic)

I started this thread and have not given my choices so here they are:
*The Matrix
*xXx - Do not get me wrong i enjoyed this film but it left me unfufilled.
*American Beauty
*Charlies Angels - Again it was good 'eye candy' but totally over rated

Well i have to say i loved American Beauty, HATE Pearl Harbor and thought the Truman Show was over rated too.
Matrix 2 isn't THAT great, some good bits but not as exciting as the first, probably cause the Matrix was such a surprise and the second one we were all waiting for...... Cats and Dogs is the worst movie though, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hated that!!

let me see here

The Hulk

League of Extrotinary Gentlemen sick

i would say Titanic but i cryed my bloody eyes out

and in the bedroom was really really sad. Some good movies you should know about are independent films. Like: The ninth Gate (with Johnny Depp), Holy Smoke, Mulholland Dr. (weird but so good), Bend it like Beckham (u probably know about) and most of them win oscars

Catastrofic Luv
what the heck is BBB2?

The ninth gate sucks messed

Catastrofic luv >BBB2 is BigBadBike2. Its the name of a member.

We have been asking ourselves the same thing... laughing out loud


My name is Neo9
shrek, its okay if you see it once but the second time is stupid and very obnoxious, its simply overrated.

The Ring --It wasn't as scary as people said!

Catastrofic Luv
haha, ohh okay. well if no one knows... im not feeling so left out. haha.

Catastrofic Luv
oh wait... i just found out!!! bigbadbike2... haha.... o0o... so who is that bbb2 guy? lolol

Catastrofic I answered you in the other page.
diego was just kidding because nobody is quite sure why he picked that name.

Walter Simard
Citizen Kane
Pearl Harbor
Saving Private Ryan

90% of all movies from the past 5 years

and saving private ryan was great cinematic brilliance by far the best war movie E.T was overated that was some boring crap


Catastrofic Luv
matrix yuk? haha, i dunno it isnt as great as people like claim and stuff but its not bad either./

Braveheart overated?!?! its a great movies it won tons of awards and deserverd them! I think this is one of th ebest movies and certinly not overated. but thats one mans opinion stick out tongue

All About Eve is overrated. Acclaimed one of the top ten films in all of cinematic history? I don't think so. I mean, I liked it and all, Bette Davis was great, but it was so long and just yak yak yak I'm old yak.

Rebel Without a Cause. James Dean is no Marlon Brando.

And Titanic. hee hee! evil face

American Beauty
The Matrix Reloaded
The Ring
The Last Castle

I'm sure there's more I will recall later.


scott hiwersh
Why do people keep listing the LOTR movies??? those are some of the best cinematic masterpieces in the history of moviemaking! Even if you don't like the story, you have to agree that it is incredible. I am going to own the entire set just to marvel at the camera work. You don't have to agree with me, but don't list the movies as overrated when there has been nothing made in the last 20 years that can hold a candle to it... except maybe "Gigli"... lol.

So many i cant remeber

xxx- total S***
The ring- get more scared in the dark
Matrix Reloada- WAh??
Termintor 3- Plz dont come back
A beuatifull mind- An oscar???

There are mopre but im sleepy always sleepy

ok. here are my opinions:

titanic has to be the most overrated movie ever.
gladiator was awesome (so deep)
the ring-overrated
matrix-good, but overrated
harry potter-good books, but not so great movies compared to the books
lotr-great, a little overrated, but not much (i liked 'em)
potc-greatest movie-not overrated
a beautiful mind- great, a little overrated
xxx-definately overrated
terminator 2+3-overrated
pearl harbor-right up there with Titanic
spiderman-def overrated
braveheart-good, not really overrated
most old classics are overrated ~except~ the godfather
shrek-terribly overrated (seen like 10 times for school)

loved a lot of movies, but some of them were really overrated.

a beautiful mind shouldn't have won the oscar.... lotr should've won

i pretty much agree with all your picks, Titanic and Pearl Harbor are the 2 Most Over-rated of them all.

Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump are not over-rated. They're both good movies.

Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2 are not over-rated, they're just BAD The 3rd Episode is gonna Suck as well. That's

The Two Towers (I loved the 1st one and this one isn't bad but just not that good.)
The Ring

THE FRINKIN LIZZIE MAGUIRE MOVIE!!!! I HATE HER!!!!! ** whoooooooooo......
ok... i'm finished.

hey! to the person who said the two towers wasn't good... it was great!!!!!! i love gollum!!!!! he's the best!!! (besides pip) but the only thing that made me angry was that the movie stopped RIGHT in the middle of the book. well, maybe farther from the MIDDLE but you know... otherwise i love it!!!!

ghost ship
wrong turn

Without a doubt it had to be xXx
I think the only reason it got such good reviews was because most of them were reviewed by women (for Vin's 'hawt' body)... and well...guys? I think they take anything ya give em lol. Some muscular guy running around blowing stuff up and cursing is enough for them.
I just hated that movie with a fiery passion....oh and lets not forget how they showed every single stunt from 46 camera angles in slow mo

charlies angels 2, horriblely overhyped my hollywood as usual. Even XXX i agree overhyped as a modern james bond etc etc. Dont belive the hype!!

is it just me or did anyone else HATE daredevil and think it was the worst movie ever?

i think the worst movie ever would be anything with barbara strysand in it, and master of disguise. that sucked. really.

Daredevil, spiderman and tomb raider

The HULK and terminator3 are the worst movies of this year and possibly some of the worst let downs in history

I must agree that American Beauty was way over-hyped. I am also going to submit Changing Lanes and Darkness Falls. My pick for not only being the most over-hyped, but also possibly the worst movie ever created--Natural Born Killers! I rented the movie and it was the ONLY movie I have never finished watching. I made it about half way through.

Daredevil sucked
i forgot to add star war films

For me it has to be :-

Forrest Gump.....lots of periods!!!!!!!!!

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