Stripyness and such.

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Would you believe how hard it is to buy a pair of red-and-black stripy socks (you know, the long ones that have suddenly become uber-cool 'cause punk is l33t)? Anyway, does anyone here have a Rowfers shop nearby? I'm guessing that'll only be Brits... but if you do then, hello. I don't go there very often because I don't have any money but I like looking at the stuff.

Anyway, life is a ****-up at the moment so going shopping sometime soon I think. Haven't gone clothes shopping in... almost a year I think. I live a very ****ed up life. Chances are I'll get accused of being a trend follower or something and... **** it, just **** it all, **** the whole damn world as it seems to have a great big huge ****ing problem with me.


If shopping makes you feel better, then I say you had better go soon!

I agree!

Captain REX
Striped socks aren't cool over here. Maybe in the Matrix, but not in Cali.

Poor Ikobe is all stresseds again... awww...

i like Hanes boys socks the best
they fit better than girl's socks

Socks can be cool. I never see mine though (as if they match anyway) I wear high boots 90% of the time. My ***** boots, oh yeah

Toe socks are zee best!! big grin

happy kine
i say no socks! flip-flops only! if you have to wear a shoe... wrap your foot in an old t-shirt... now that would be trend setting originality!

some of us can't wear flip-flops all the time...sets off this dodgy ankle

happy kine
sooooo.... maybe there's a market for therapeutic flip flops... hummmm... cause when i walk around a lot the arc of my foot starts to hurt... even after 20 years of every day use... i can make and manufacture dr. reccomended flip-flops

Tired Hiker
Yeah, and make it so there's a secret pocket for keeping your stash! wink

Better bump this for the Christmas season! stick out tongue

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