top corny movies of all time that rock

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Alright. its time for you guys or GIRLS to go through and brush the dust off your old B movies and chime in on your opinion with the top 3 corniest horror movies of all time, dont say movies that seem corny now because they used the best of there resources which are out dated now NAW f.u.c.k it doesnt matter corniest crap of all time
i say Alive..... demons......bordello of blood i know there by far not the corniest shit that exists but there cheesy and i hate them


killer klowns

killer klowns was corny but it's one of my top favorite horror/sci fi movies. smile

Troll 2

Leprechaun 4

yeah pretty mcuh any leperchaun movie after the first is damn corny TROLl2 was so bad yo but i think waxwork and kilelr klowns are some of those movies you love to hate

I'm watching final destination 2 right now, on DVD. And as I watch the menu screen, I realize that they are blatently ripping off The Ring. Fuhgheads. Oh the music too, another rip off.

any new shit sucks... well an exeption of a few

yeah new additions to the horro genre blow, there are some good psychological thrillers out there today though

Ghosthouse is corny as hell, yet manages to scare me. I think the acting scares me the most laughing out loud

Tremors,Critters,Dolly Dearest ( a blatant rip-off of childs play),Shark Attack (another blatant rip off but only this time of Deep Blue Sea), Primal Species (Yet another rip off this time the victim is Jurassic Park),Talos The Mummy (a mix of The Mummy,Bram Stokers The Mummy and all the old Hammer Horrors Mummy rendetions) & Cold Hearts (The final rip off suspect this time of Buffy and The Lost Boys). But hey with the exception of Dolly Dearest i enjoyed all of the above movies.

Other films worth a mention:
The Relic
& Deep Rising all of which rocked.

congo hahahhaha that was soo funny...not a good movie some scenes were okay but it was funny...hahahah

Darth Vicious
Killer Klowns, Critters, they, The gate 1&2, the goulies( i hope i spelled right)Congo, ScareCrow, sOul Survivors and the list goes on and on!

I didn't even watch all of Soul Survivors I hated it so much.

yeah congo was fake as shit you know you can see the zipper to the monkey suit in the seen at the end LOL i liked the original gate man when i was a kid watchin that and the guy came out of the wall i almost shit on my coloring books

shit on your coloring books? lol

yeah i think it was a charlie brown coloring book LOL

lol ahahhah !!!!

have you ever seen that movie C.H.U.D i cant remember to much of this movie i was a little kid and even then it was so damn ridiculously cheesy just wandered if anyone know what im talkin about

I have to agree with Tremors--corny as hell, but awesome!
"Runnin's not a plan, runnin's what you do when the plan fails!"
Burt just makes that whole series.

Here is another one. It's in the sci-fi end but fits so well in this category--They Live. Corny but awesome. This is a great idea movie; the movie could have been done better, but the premise rocks.

yeah another example why wrestlers shouldnt act, they live is a classic paranoia trip. anyhting after tremors one was just real bad it went beyond bad

CHUD was an awesome movie, cheesy as hell, but freakin awesome, its my all-time favorite movie ever

Chud? Never heard of it i haven't seen that many cheesy movies well theres that scene in fri 13th when annies throat gets slit and the knife goes about half a metre past her geez that was funny. laughing out loud

Cannabalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers!!!! Yea!!! freakin awesome movie, go see it right now, dont even sleep, just go see it

leperchan 4, jasonx, friday the 13th 3

yeah you know your corny-ness. You know there is gonna be a leperchaun five? it's titled return to the hood

night of the creeps and chud2 bud the chud are some damn corny ass movies

Signs....hell of a lot of corn (literally - in corn field)...and rocked wink laughing out loud

'Tremors' aint heard that movie in awhile. Yeah that movie so scared me when I was younger it was ace just stupid. 'Jaws' would have to be said for me as well. big grin

wrong turn

Stinkfist did you read the "and rock" at the end of the topic title roll eyes (sarcastic)

nope.. i dont read things

yeah but it rocked... so says many people (i thought it was the lamest ****ing thing evr)

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