Who do you think should play Gordon Freeman in the Half Life movie?

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They're gettin some guy named William H. Macy.. but search his name in google and youll find some really old man..who definately does not have the facial shape or look of Gordon freeman in any way or form (even if they added prosthetics!)

If I were in charge, I would get Charlie Sheen to play Gordon. Who would you guys nominate?

In case yaz forgots what charlie sheen looks like, here :
damn.. the resemblance... it looks like charlie sheen spit out gordon LOL

"...some guy named William H. Macy.."

Sheen has this kinda arrogant determination look on his face. He comes off as looking more malicious than I believe the good doctor should look. Macy, though old, has a more rock-determination look to him. Besides Macy could act circles around Sheen.

well yeah.. 'some guy'. He's never done anything spectacular in america. Perhaps maybe overseas he's done a few legendary pictures, and of course Half Life is a very physical story. Is he gonna fight alien conspiracy with a walker? This is a very 'young man' oriented lead role. I dont think the man who played gandolf should be spider man just because he can act better than Toby Maguire. :P

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Don't diss Macy. You seen Fargo? That movie was totally awesome. Anyway, Charlie Sheen would also make a good G. Freeman. That's my two cents.

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Who the hell is Gordan Freeman?

Hasn't done anything in the states??!? Jurrasic Park III, Mystermen, Pleasantville, and those were his bad movies, Air Force One, Boogie Nights, and Last Dragon. Man Harrison Ford is about play Indiana Jones. If his OLD ass can be Indiana Jones, then fuggit Macy can be Freeman.

Oh and Gordon Freeman is the main character from Halflife

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tom green lol
mel gibson?
willem dafoe?

JP 3 blew, and so did most of those other ones you just mentioned :P

Thats besides the point. My point was Macy does a lot of work in the states you were just didn't know. JP3 did suck. Boogie Nights was OK. Last Dragon was the greatest movie ever. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!! mad

Tom Green big grin

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