Favorite Kevin Smith moive

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Alright this is for all the smith fans out there, even though its hard to seperate any of his movies from each other to pick a favorite . What would you say is your fav. And how many of you liked jay and silent Bob strike back? id say my favorites are eigther Chasing Amy or Dogma Mallrats following right behind though damn mallrats might even be in there Clerks was dam good also hmmm damn maybe this thread was a bad idea there all damn good


Mallrats - The Pretzel gag pure hilarity.

yeah lol ive been tempted to give a stink palm to a few people but the sacrifice has always been to much for me so far

same here m8

Jay and silent bob strike back! so funny im actually watching it right now on showtime! lol im at the part where Jay goes "cmon silent bob! were goin to hollywood!"

LOL yeah im at the end right after the shootout right about to cut to the morris day and the time dance scene YEAH

Chasing Amy is my favorite. Jason Lee in that movie is great. Its got the best story and to me its the funniest one he's made, even though I like all of them.

Clerks was in my opinion his best movie, followed by Chasing Amy on the nr.2 spot

Neo_Version 7
Mallrats dude! After would be Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. My favorite scene is when they show Chris Rock directing Bluntman and Chronic and he says:

Rock: This movie's gonna make House Party look like House Party 2.

DA: Or House Party 3!!!

Rock: Shut the f*ck up!

Man that part was ****ing hilarious. And the other funny part was when Jay was talkin bout his trousersnake and when they threw out Brent coz he's a dirty sheep f*cker. Kevin Smith rules period.

Kevin smith rulesssss
I have not seen celrks so im crying. My favirote is Dogma. Matt Damon is so funny in the scene where he kills the Moby ppl one by one for the "sins"
Also with Chris Rock comment to Jay
"You Mastubate more then anyone else in the palnet" Chris Rock
"Hell everyone knows dat" Jason mewes
"when your doing it your thinking about guys!!" Chris Rock

Second is Jay and Silent Bob stike back.
The best guy in the kevin smith miovies apart from the double act is Jason lee, class

Neo_Version 7
You ****in right there lukeydukey! That part was so damn hilarious!

this movie is hilarious .. anyone seen it ?

yet another awesome movie by Kevin Smith ... anyone see it ?

this is one of my favorite movies of all time .. what you think?

this is a classic .... View Askew is AWESOME

the only jay and silent bob movie i havent seen ... any good ?

Of course. It's right up their with the rest of Kevin Smith's movies. I like Clerks, Dogma, and J&SB Strike Back all pretty equally.

No, it's terrible!

It's better than the rest. but that still doesn't say much.

Pure crap. I don't see how people could like Kevin Smith's movies.

It's the only Kevin Smith movie I liked.

I steer clear of most religious movies, especially ones by Kevin Smith, who basically likes to ramble about lazy Catholics.

Worst. Movie. Ever.

Piece of advice. Next time, instead of starting 5 seperate threads, make one entitled "Kevin Smith Movies".

Save you and everyone else alot of time.

well .i will still see it

sorry .. i jus think they all so good they deserve there own seperate threads .. well uh if a mod can come around and like merge them ..

laughing out loud

this is a pretty good one .. i like it ..

some people like them some people dont .... thats the way it is .. but this one is still very funny

really blink

this one was filmed in my home town big grin

I like this movie alot..this and dogma are a couple of my favorites! smile


this one is my fav

this movie is great
" so that would make bethany part black?"

i watched it again this weekend - great film!

ive also seen mallrats and dogma

ive only seen it once.

i enjoyed it but thought smith was a bit of a wimp putting the disclaimer at the start.

Evil Dead
um........the disclaimer was patronizing........that is what made it funny......it was meant to be funny, hence the platypuss .......

good movie..........would have been better without the Jay and Silent Bob characters but we don't live in a perfect world now do we.

Evil Dead
Yes.........it's a good movie. I own it along with every other View Askew movie on dvd.........

Evil Dead
This is the most retarded of all of Smith's movies..........I like watching it, I own it........doesn't make it any less retarded. Smith completely gave up all hope of having and underlying message/meaning to his films (like with Amy and Dogma).......this movie was made just to get Jason Mewes a paycheck. I guess Kevin felt sorry for him and had to make a movie to get him some more heroin money.

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haha..........this thread is unreadable the way these threads were merged.....

for those of you coming in late........the mod just merged like 4 posts. All three of my replies directly above this one were made in three different threads about three different movies.........now this thread makes no sense.......you figure out which reply was for which thread about which movie.

Sorry. Try to Edit your posts.
Just waaaaay to many Kevin Smith thread and dispite being about different movies we know they all turn into Kevin Smith threads.

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Well Kes..........this thread is shot. Raz changed it so that you can only edit your posts for 15 minutes.........so we can't go back and edit to specify which movies we were talking about. It used to be an hour didn't it? I wonder why the change to such a short period of time......

might as well just close this thread and encourage a new one to be started about the same subject.

I'll just go on record as saying I'm not a Kevin Smith fan, but Mallrats is a great movie, period.

it goes like this

1.Clerks 9.0/10
2jasbsb 8.6/10
3mallrats 8.4/10
4clerks TAS 8.0/10
5chasing amy 7.5/10
6dogma 7.0/10

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was great!

A Talking Dog
Jersey Girl looks like a retarded excuse for an early Julia Roberts movie, but instead of Julia Robets, it stars Liv Tyler.

I could shit a better sounding trailer than this.

I think they actually used the phrase "finding love in the most unlikeliest of places"



For out of the pure fact that I watched the film when it was released, then hired it again showed a few of my friends who then went and hired it for their friends half my year in school went around quoting the damn film for 6months or so. Insult of choice was 'im gonna knock ya teeth out and pass all over ya ass', then people would annoy the dinner ladies by saying ''what do ya mean i got to drink this coffee hot?'
Infact I met an old schoolmate a few weeks back and the first thing he said to me was '' 37! '' we stood in silence for like a minute before the penny droppd in my head and i remembered.

U Neek

My friend forced me to borrow this film from him and watch it. The fact that it was in black and white put me off watching it. I'm so glad I did now!!! Clerks is one of best films made on a low budget, with a no star cast and a superb/original script. Sorry but anything Kevin Smith made after Clerks looks like he's had money thrown at him to produce mediocre comedies.

Clerks all the way.

mallrat is by far his best work... some of the slapstick comedy in that movei s hilarious

i think his movie are cool dose any one else

Darth Jello
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snootch to the nootch!!!

Primitive Screwhead #1
Dogma.... just priceless being raised in the Catholic school system and all. And look at me now!

As George Carlin has said in past stand-up appearances... "I was Catholic until I reached the age of reason..."

Waggy the Dog
An Evening with Kevin Smith


Jay and Silent Bob was decent (though dumb as hell) but i thought Chasing Amy was terrible.

Jay and Jilent Bob strike back was great. Mall rats was great too

Favourate: Dogma
2nd: Jay and Silent Bob strike BAck

Never been a fan of Kevin Smith movies.

id go dogma

1. Mallrats
2. Clerks
3. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
4. Dogma
5. Chasing Amy
6. Jersey Girl

I like all the View Askew movies though (including Vulgar and Drawing Flies, still haven't seen A Better Life).

Ou Be Low hoo
Mallrats is great, but Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back is my favorite. Mainly for the scene involving the Jay and Bob and the two guys selling crack...

"I don't know what the fuuck you said to me, man...But I love you, man...You're special."

It's all in that look that one guy gives Jay as he's retelling the story so far...funny, funny, funny.

I enjoyed Chasing Amy, but I would have liked it more if they hadn't chosen an actress to play Amy who sounds like she's constantly sucking on Helium.

Amy wasn't a character in the movie. wink I think you mean Alyssa.

Ou Be Low hoo
True, but 'Alyssa' was the physical representation in the movie of 'Amy'.

mine has to be in order from fav to least fav
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Chasing Amy
Jersey Girl

Dogma is probably my favorite, but only because it's the first one I saw.

I've just bought mallrats and chasing amy, and am going to watch them this weekend

Chasing Amy/ Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Chasing amy
and so on

Clerks II
Chasing Amy
Zack & Miri
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Jersey Girl.

For me:

1) Chasing Amy
2) Clerks
3) Clerks II
4) Dogma
5) Mallrats
6) Zack and Miri Make a Porno
7) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
8) Jersey Girl



jinXed by JaNx
Love Kevin Smith but he seems to be losing his comedic touch. Either that or he's told all of the dick and fart jokes that he has. I liked Zack and Miri a lot but i still recognize that the cast carried that movie on their backs. What the hell was up with, Cop Out? lol

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

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