whats the best trailer ever to come out?

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My name is Neo9
I think the best are:
the matrix
deep blue sea

i can't think of any others.

Sparrows Angel
Pirates of the Caribbean

Oceans eleven

Exorcist - Creepy
28 Days Later - Creepy also
Signs - Made me jump
LotR: TFOTR - Awe inspiring
The Mummy - I luv this film & score, the trailer was such an adrenaline rush.
Aliens Resurrection - Even Though the film was awful i loved the score that accompanied it.
Austin Powers 2 - Hilarious
Chicken Run - The rarely seen Mission Impossible 2 spoof was a classic.
Freddy Vs Jason - Again so cool
Jaws - The grandaddy of all classical trailers
Amityville Horror - Man this one is creepy.
Texas Chainsaw Massacare (Orginal Version)

Fellowship of the Ring definitely

My absolute favorite trailer is Spider-man. That trailer is even better than the movie itself.

Neo_Version 7
The best trailer is Star Wars Episode I. Then:

Independence Day
Monsters Inc.
Austin Powes: The Spy Who Shagged Me
and finally Day of Dead. (really funny)

Worst for me is The Order. That sequel to a Knight's Tale. First one was good but second one looks gay. Shannon Sossaman is ****in hot though.


pirates of the caribbean baby!!!!!!!!!!!! both the trailor and the movie rule!

The Matrix Reloaded and Bad Boys II

star wars ep I and II

Freddy vs. Jason

Yes i liked freddy vs jason then godzillas trailer when ****in godzilla steps on the skelotn of t rex

The trailer for Return of the King is the one trailer to rule them all!!!!

Apocalypse Now Redux that trailer rocks

see for your self

www apple.com/trailers/miramax/apocalypse_now_redux/

Revolutions Trailer is good as was the reloaded one

Bad Boys II
The Matrix
and many more, I love trailers and I hate it when they make a DVD out of an older movie and forget the Friggen trailer....example: The Cable Guy...that trailer was funny as hell but they didn't include it on the DVD mad mad

I love trailerssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

WB didn't put any of the trailers on any of the Batman DVD Movies! mad Big mistake...because of that I refuse to buy the batman movies on DVD (I'll get my wife to do it--lol)

Someone tell these people to include trailers and extras on ALL DVD's...did anyone notice that Phone booth had Zero behind the scenes/extra stuff? Is that because of the sniper stuff that happened here in VA and DC?

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