Celebrity Dreams

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Anyone ever had those dreams that you've met a celebrity? aww i love those dreams...Ill share the 3 dreams i can remember of having, and whee were they great.
1. About a year ago I dreamt I was in bed with Elijah Wood
2. I had a dream i got Fabio's autograph..
3. *this is the best dream of all*. I dreamt this about 2 nights ago and It was SOO realistic.
I had a dream that me and one of my friends were walking on the set of where pirates of the caribbean was filmed.. and I saw orlando bloom *MAN was HE HOT!! lmao* and we talked for a minute and i gave him a hug. And he seemed a lil sweaty as if he were in the process of filming *makes sense..we were on the set..blah blah* and after i gave him a hug i woke up and i was actually all sweaty..It was cool..But i hated having to wake up..I wonder what would have happened if the dream had never ended *innocent laugh*
anyone have any celeb dreams they would like ta share?

well i was dreaming bout the part when elizabeth fell and jack went after her and saved her from drowning and i imagined i was her and he got me and we stayed under water for a little while *giggle* it was so real love

I had a dream that I was a real person just like the stars, I ate, drank and breathed air...I even blinked my eyes and went to the bathroom...It was SO cool!!

omg no way diego that is so cool did u have lots of adoring fans willing to throw themselves at you too :lol stick out tongue

i had a dream michael jackson was chasing me once.. i woke up crying.... it was awful

really it sounds like more of a nightmare then a dream big grin

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I had a dream that me and Keira Knightley were ****ing like mad. Nah, just joking. Dreamt I decapitated Orlando Bloom for being so gay. smile

I had a dream once that Heath ledger fell in love with me,and said he'd loved me since the first moment he saw me, whch was when he accidentally knocked me into a stream and then I pushed him over in return and he almost drowned! And did I fall in love with him back? hello, it's heath ledger, of course I did!

*punches neo version 7 out* u leave orlando alone mad

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**** you!


Sigh... you need to calm that attitude, Neo, or something will have to be done about it.

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Hey, that ***** just sucker punched me! Sorry. *Bows to Kes* Please accept my apologies! Don't punch people.

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