2 problems and 1 questions with Reloaded

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1. When Trinity was fighting the agent in the whole scene before she jumps out the window she pull her guns and he duck behind the wall.....why? They can dodge bullets like earlier in Reloaded and in M1.

2. How did Smith get into the hallway when Neo, Morph and the Keymaker had to wait a certain time to enter? Did he use the backdoors?


1. The agent the Smith copied himself onto...is he dead? They look kinda alike so I couldn't really tell later in the movies (and I have see it atleast 15 times).

Off note question: How and why did Tank die? If you look at M1 again he seems fine after killing Cypher. Does he die due to another battle or what?

i rember reading somewere they had tank die somewere in between M1 and M2

i remember reading that the actor who plays tank could not come back in Matrix Reloaded. So they needed an out. Tank dieing was there out.

Oh and for the backdoors.. you really aren't sopossed to know how Smith got there. Revoulutions will explain.

the tank problem has been discusses ...but to no avail. It seems it's just a real world 'casting problem' type of thing. the story of his death is yet to be written.

1. dunno why trinity pulls the guns. Armed, she probably felt safer. Besides...this whole sequel thing wasn't planned back then..so they were merely introducing the agents..we didn't know if they could dodge bullets...but we would have wondered at that very moment in the cinema...why, oh why didn't she draw a gun?

2. dunno that either. perhaps he has access to more places than some

hmm..don't know about that agent either. he's probably dead. Smith died in m1 (well...almost)...why shouldn't this one?

I can only answer one of ur questions...for sure!smile Tank was eliminated for practical reasons. I dated the stunt double for Morpheus a while ago.......He told me the actor that played Tank had been banned from WB studios.....didn't give specific reasons....just that he had threatened some important ppl on the set. So my guess is that, they felt it more practical to kill Tank somewhere between M1 and M2, rather than replacing him w another actor....which woulda sorta pissed ppl off!, no?....Remember that Zee says to Link "both my brothers died...", those were Tank and Dozer (Fishburne's wife is dozer's wife in M2) cool

As to Smith using the backdoors - he and the other agents use them in the first film. Watch the Interrogation scene with the Agents and Neo VERY closely. Ignore the screens, and instead look at the door in which the agents are coming through, and look through the door to see where it is smile

Hmm...very good! I hadn't seen that!smile

The Omega

Omega>>Could that be perhaps why he started threatening ppl?....he was banned from WB studios!....They put his pics all over the place...http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/banned.gif

The Omega

Oh boy!....Thanx for the insight...http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/jawdrop.gif

I'm still wondering why the agent ducked behind the wall instead of dodging Trinity's bullets. smokin'

happy kine
maybe it was because if he did the dodge thing he couldn't advance as quickly and shoot back.

The Matrix Trilogy was written as one big story, but due to time concerns they broke the story into three movies.

This was done so the who story could be shown.

Evil Dead
"2. How did Smith get into the hallway when Neo, Morph and the Keymaker had to wait a certain time to enter? Did he use the backdoors?"

You are confused. The white hallway you are speaking of is the programmers maintanence passage which is used throughout the movie and video game by most major characters. Nothing special about it. Neo, Morpheus, and the Key Maker used this passage to get to the skyscraper which contains the door to the source........they had to use the maintanence passage hallway because the floor of the skyscraper that the door to the source is on is not reachable by any other means.

They must wait untill "a certain time" to enter the skyscraper........not the mainanence passage (white hallway), this is where you were confused. The reason they must wait to enter the skyscraper is because every floor is rigged with explosives.......they must wait for the power station and back up power source to be taken out by Niobe and her crew and Soren and his crew (which he fails, Trinity finishes the job). This way there is no power going to the skyscraper.........no power = no alarms.......no alarms = no explosion.

Smith never goes inside of the skyscraper.........Neo and Morpheus fight the Smiths in the maintanence passage hallway.......they then run for the door........the Key Maker closes the door behind them and is shot in the process.

I doubt the agent Smith took over "died" or was deleted. Its probably the same effect as when one of the agents is shot, the person who they have taken over is affected not the agent himself. I don't know, just a thought.

That sounds plausible to me.....smart

happy kine: makes sense

evil dead: you are right, thanks for clearing that up.

The Agents and Smiths are programs and can hack into/hotwire any program on the hardline or some crap like that, can't remember off the top of my head and I'm extremely hyper from extremely large amounts of caffeine, peanuts, Resi 2 (ROCKET LAUNCHER AHOY!) and Colin Farrell... as for Tank... there's an article about it, the idiot actor who played him got written out 'cause he agreed to do it for free and then tried ta sue Warner about pay... *sigh* moron.


Smith was in the guy's body at the end of reloaded that was the only survior of that one ship. He took over his body remember?

What an idiot! http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/chair.gif

Yup. And... he was an annoying macho brat, too.

"I'm alright."

Yeah, sure y'are, bud. I mean you only just got obliterated by a damn electro-obliterator, stoopid much?


they were falling down they cant dodge bullets when they aren't standing on sumthing

Tormentor...read through the threads before posting...the question was answered long ago...

Just like to mention that Smith does not delete the program that he inhabits, which is made clear at the end of the film for 2 reasons:
1. The oracle, Seraph and Sati (the little girl) are all fine
2. If Smith delelted programs when he took them over, he would effectivly kill all the people he took over as well, so he would have already killed off nearly all of the human race.
It is only because once the mind is separated from the body that humans would die when inahbited by Smith, but as programs need no tie to a physical world to survive, they will be fine once Smith is deleted.
Also, in reply to the agents dodging bullets at the start of the first film, you must remember that Agents rely on a world based on rules, which they can ony bend. Have you ever been sjy-diving? it is incredibly difficult to actually move from a fixed point in the air while you are not touching anything, so unless the agents can move their bodies in ways that joints can't move, then if an agent jumped through the window in the Trinity scene, he would have had a very hard time moving around in the air to dodge the bullets.

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