Best Operator

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Who do you think is/was the best Operator....Tank or Link? Both have one movie each (so far) and both have 4 letters in their name and end in K--lol Happy Dance

Alias Neo
link is more funny

Link deffinatley!! big grin

*** Link walks through the door. ***

Where's My Pus.... Hey Kids!!

I thought that was so funny when link said that in M2. ^_^

laughing out loud Link is Sweeeeet!

F*ck it I say Tank. He brought a darker mood to the Neb however.

Evil Dead
I'm going with Link.................simply because he did a damn good job playing Augustus Hill on OZ for 5 years..........great actor.......

Link!.....Tank was sorta cocky!

link's great. But i kind of liked tank better. i vote for tank

i really liked tank. he had that really cool attitude, y'know? "hey mikey, i think he likes it." (hey, i just realized -- if he really is a child of zion, he shouldn't know that line. but anyway)

but i'll vote for link. one, because of that "where's my pu--" line. priceless. a classic, for sure. and second, i also loved him in OZ.

Well, lessee. One got written out, the other died, and Link... well, he's got a cool accent. Operators kinda suck. And anyhow, nobody mentioned Sparks (hey, I've never played EtM and I still know who he is... thank tha lord for QuickTime baby yeah wink)


ye i have it and i beat it, sparks is kinda funny

tank is deffintly my favorite he didnt have to ask his wife if he could go out and be a operater link was like on a ball and chain but that is true link did play a very good part on OZ all those years

General Kaliero
I still like Sparks on EtM best. He has some pretty good lines.

gabimr2 is very funny.. and tank very cute..

I vote for tank! stick out tongue

i'll admit, even though i voted for him, i didn't think link would be anywhere near the lead. i figured everyone would be on a "we miss tank" bandwagon.


no expression

tank tank tank tank!!!!

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