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Seraph angeli
smile hi guys
I am new to this and i would like to start to work out what we think we know about the matrix set of films and extras. I think the first undeniable fact is that the Wachowski brothers are geniuses and will inevitably keep u s guessing until we have seen everything and then some. I would also like to say that although some of us seem to have criticisms I doubt any one could have had the foresight and intelligence to do the films as fantastic as they are.
Okay, film 1. we learn everything we need to know. Matrix= big scary computer simulation, rebels free people, looking for saviour etc. WE see a classic story where Neo gradually evolves into the hero, or THE ONE. already at this point there are doubts to whether or not he is the ONE but i for one would not doubt it. there is too much evidence. Neo sees the oracle and she tells him "sorry, Kiddo. It looks like you're waiting for something, maybe in your next life". Just before this however he was a ble to bend a spoon with his mind, which is a sign for a potential. further in to the film he raids an agent building to save Morpheus and MOVES just like an agent (not quite as quick as them tho) which Trinity remarks upon. even later he stands up to smith. he fights better than anyone else but still eventually gets killed. Trinity, through apparent love, revives him with a kiss. when he awakes he can see the code and "destroys Smith" showing that in his next life he has evolved into the ONE. the matrix ends with us all believing that until the speculation builds of a further two films where we immediately start to doubt Neo.

Film 2, perhaps not as good as the first but we must remember that it is a conclusion film. we have yet to see the ending. t was filled with kick ass action scenes (i love the burly brawl even with the not so spectacular visual effects) the freeway chase being an example.We see Zion, what they are all fighting for and we learn of an impending disaster of a machine invasion. Neo has fully evolved into THE ONE ( flying in my mind is pretty much conclusive evidence stick out tongue ) and kcks agent ass as Trin and morph learn of rogue programs. Neo realises the oracles a program and has to make the choice to trust her or not. In the philosophical finale he confronts the architect who tells him teshocking news that he is the 6th ONE confirming again that he is in fact the One for any of u doubters and that he can save Zion (in a way) or trinity again in a way.

In the real world he tells Morpheus that the prophecy was bullshit. I may be the only one but could he be telling hi that his choice made the prophecy fail. if Neo had rejoined the sourced Zion would have survived ina different form. And they fight sentinels which Neo (or possibly the hammer) stops with an EMP and then faints into a coma and is joined on the table by BANE (controlled by a Smth now capable of cloning himself) as the film ends.

AS for M3 i have several ideas but none which really fit but i am open to your arguments anybody...

Enter the matrix also gave us some information but nothing important

Could some1 pls fill me in on the events of the animatrix i still havent got it


Hi Seraph angeli welcome to the boards.

If you want alittle background info on the matrix, download The Second Renaissance Part -1 & 2 from these two site. (These are free links provied by The W. Brothers) Click on the words Download file. Then put them in a folder on your P.C. so you can look that them at anytime.

Part 1

Part 2

Enjoy. smile

Seraph angeli
thank you

Welcome smile

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