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Dracula's right-hand man, Death (Castlevania)
Started by: Snafu the Great

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Snafu the Great
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Dracula's right-hand man, Death (Castlevania)

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The Bad Guy Handbook for Dummies dictates that if you want to be a badass villain of some degree, you have to have a sidekick or even better, a best friend/partner/henchman who has your back.

Albert Wesker had William Birkin (up until RE2 - the only person which Wesker doesn't screw over), Itachi Uchiha had Kisame Hoshigaki, General Bison had Balrog, Vega and Sagat (up until his departure), Tony Montana had Manny Ray, Nino Brown had Gee Money, TK has the Bailey Twins, Shao Kahn has Shang Tsung (whenever Shang is not making a play for power).

And Count Dracula has what could be the mother of all sidekicks, the Reaper of Souls himself, Death.

Death (alias, The Grim Reaper) made his bones (pun intended) in the classic Castlevania some 20-plus years earlier. If you did not have a huge supply of hearts and battleaxes, good luck getting past this guy.

But timeline wise, Death was originally the minion to Walter Bernhard in Lament of Innocence. That is until the title of Lord of the Vampires was jacked from him by Dracula himself (birth name being Mathias Cronqvist), who after losing his first wife to illness, saw immortality as giving the Almighty a big Fvck You.

So he screws over not only Walter, but also his best friend Leon Belmont. And after Leon tells Mathias where he can shove his offer of immortality, the future Lord Dracula sics Death on Leon. Since then, Death became Drac's confidant and best friend.

So here's twenty-plus years of screwing many Castlevania vets over, myself included. You earned it, you sack of bones.


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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Games 'Versus' Forum » Games 'Respect' Forum » Dracula's right-hand man, Death (Castlevania)

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