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Anime/Manga VS Rules - PLEASE READ!
Started by: Peach

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Anime/Manga VS Rules - PLEASE READ!

Just a few simple rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Make sure to read them all though carefully!

1. This forum is Anime/Manga Versus. Therefore, all characters in the match must originate in an anime or manga - simply appearing in one is not good enough! If you are unsure if a character originates in a game, do a little research first. Wikipedia and Google are your friends!

2. All matches should be fair -- do not start one where it is blatantly obvious that one side would stand no chance. An example of this would be a Goku vs. Luna. Also, spite threads just annoy people, so don't do it. However, chances are if one person claims "spite thread" we are not going to close it if we believe there is sufficient discussion going on. Prove it's a spite thread first.

3. Please, try and keep them to no more than 3 vs. 3. If they are in teams, each team can have up to 5. Otherwise it just gets too hard to discuss. Matches that are 1v1v1 etc are not allowed and will be closed. Gauntlets will be the sole exception to this rule, but I still ask that it stays under 6 opponents.

4. Please use the search function before creating a thread to be sure that it hasn't been done already.

Tips for the search funtion:

  • Use the search function at the bottom of the forum.
  • If you use the main KMC search, be sure to click on advanced options and select it to search this forum.
  • To better find results, be specific. Say you are looking for a match with Link and Cloud (to select two names at random). Instead of simply typing in Link and Cloud, try typing title:link cloud or title: (link cloud).
  • See this post for more search engine tips.

5. All KMC Forum Rules still apply here. This means that bashing and flaming is not allowed; nor is spamming or breaking the PG-13 rule. Do not do it.

6. Try and give some info about the characters used in the match. Post a link to a wikipedia article, or a youtube video. I just ask that if you want to use a bunch of videos, to link to them rather than post them directly in the thread. If you're posting large images, link to them or scale them down first.

7. Respect threads - not allowed.

8. This is character vs., not actually "anime vs. anime" versus.

9. "Who can survive..." or "Who can defeat..." threads are not allowed. All participants in the battle must be clearly defined in the original post.

10. Don't make a spectacle of yourself; if you think a mod decision was unfair, contact us (or the mod involved) via PM and we will calmly discuss it with you that way. We're all mature people here. Mostly. Arguing or disobeying an order is not cool and is something that can get you banned, so keep that in mind. Civility is the name of the game.

Any threads we find breaking these rules will be closed.

Thank you very much and have fun stick out tongue


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Old Post Mar 10th, 2009 10:26 PM
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I've always tried to let people run free in my section of this message board. I consider myself to be a laid back mod who wants people to have a good time debating and posting here without censorship or wagging fingers telling someone to stop. We're all grown ass adults here, many of us reasonably educated with a sense of right and wrong. I want you to feel free to share opinions and have fun and challenging debates here, but with just a little bit of humility.

As the only active moderator of this Anime Versus section, my 3 unofficial rules are simple:

-Absolutely no personal attacks on family members e.g. wives/husbands, children, dead relatives, et al.

-No cruel or personal attacks on KMC members e.g. disabilities, current situations, hardships, et al.

-No unnecessary flaming, baiting, or derailing in and of threads so as not to obscure the debate at hand. If you feel the need to bait or flame or just be a c0ck weasel to someone, GO TO THE OFF TOPIC THREAD OR USE PM. It's not that hard.

As far as the reports on personal attacks and other childish remarks made by some in the AVF, either hit back with some witty shit like they're doing to you or put that person on ignore. If you don't know how to put someone on ignore, then ask me and I'll be happy to guide you.

I will NOT hold anybody's hand or administer baby powder to a case of Butt Hurt. I'm not going to take sides or spank bottoms of certain members. I'm here to help all of you to the best of my abilities, but I'm not a f*cking wet nurse.

Defend yourself! Hit back with a snide remark! Just don't be overly cruel or mean. Don't derail the thread! Keep the debate going with a little fire in your belly! The biggest thing I've seen is that a lot of people here can dish it out, but CAN'T TAKE BACK WHAT THEY'VE DISHED OUT.


If you truly feel attacked or uncomfortable, then either remove yourself completely from the thread/debate or put that person on ignore. Easy as pie.

If you have any questions, complaints, or remarks feel free to use the AVF Social Thread or send me a private message (PM).

I'm tired of people sending me PMs and reports about the silliest shit imaginable. Have fun, guys. I mean that. Just don't be so goddamn light skinned or easily offended like a delicate snowflake to the point where you feel the overwhelming urge to mash the report button FIFTEEN F*CKING TIMES IN ONE DAY (yes, it has happened).

Critical feedback on my mod technique is very welcomed.

You are all a bunch of queers, and I love you.


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Home » Movie Genres » Anime / Manga » Anime 'Versus' Forum » Anime/Manga VS Rules - PLEASE READ!

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