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KMC Tournament of Power
Started by: "Id"

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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

KMC Tournament of Power

Character Mentality: Tournament Style. Meaning CIS/PIS is off. You are in control of the character.

Tournament Rules: Forum Rules. Not tournament Rules.
Anyone that’s familiar with Tournament Style rules know that they can be very restricting. With the forum rules, it opens options, and at this point everyone should be familiar with them

Drafts: High Herald and Lower (Comic Book Characters Only).

Arena: Dragon Ball Super Torment of Power Arena. The Arena itself is about 4,000 square miles (about the size of Earth). The Arena is made of minerals and stone and sturdy/durable/tough as materials composed of Capetian Americas Shield and Nemesis Creation Blades. The Arena is surrounded by an invisible dome that’s completely indestructible. The invisible dome is 6,000 miles above the ground . Falling off the Arena itself is not a loss. Leaving the Arena and Dome is considered self BFR and A loss. Those forced out, and not able to return in under 2 seconds are considered out.

Equipment: Standard equipment. Characters that can store and recall equipment in pocket dimension are allowed to recall them, and are treated as standard equipment. Example Kang the Conqueror.

Prep-Time: None. Mostly. Except for Shields/Auto Shields.

Shields and Auto-Shields: Those with powers to erect a shield can come into battle with protection on This is only for physical shields. This is the only exception to prep-time. Do not test me, and ask about masking your sight or shielding your presence etc.. fuk off I am not having this time.

Post Limit: One Post. Posts are to be submitted to me. I will announce when to submit your posts to me, and I will submit them once the topic is created. This is in effort to avoid counter posting.

What is or isn’t allowed: Check Forum Rules. Teleporting out of Arenas bounds is considered BFR and a loss. Phasing ala Martian Manhunter is allowed.

If a Team Wins: Although it is a battle royale For those who join forces, if you happen to win. You are declared the least for now, I may do a part two.

Extra Rules:
Teams or not all participants will appear in randomized location spread throughout the glorious 4,000 sq mi. Forum Rules, you start on the ground.

For my immortal or resurrecting characters
Forum rules.
For those who can resurrect first kill is a loss.
For those who can not be killed. If they can be K.O.ed, incapacitated, bfred its a loss.


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

abhilegend - Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
JBL – Superman
Philosophía - Energy Superman
LordofBrooklyn - Silver Surfer
Digi - Exiles Mimic
Damborgson - Thor
leonidas - Zatana
Sin I AM - Snowbird
carver9 - Zoom (Hunter Solomon)
RealityWarper - Elixir
DarkSaint85 - Wally West Flash
bluewaterrider - Wonder Woman
Bentley - Kang
Smurph - Shaman X-Man
deathslash - Darth Sidious
Martian_mind - Martian Manhunter
Supermutant - Dr. Doom
celeyhyga17 - Loki

Prof. T.C McAbe
Blair Wind
(Looking for some more)


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

Tournament will start once I have everyone's write up via PM.


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

I want to personally thank all the participants who stuck it out. I also appreciate your patience.

Two members dropped out.

Sin I Am and JBL.

Please keep that in mind when considering the validity of strategies, outcome, and votes.

Note to Judges and Participants. I allowed deathslashto supplement book material for the lack of comic book appearances for his character (Darth Sidious)


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

abhilegend - Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)

abhilegend - Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
Tourney Post
The Ring Works

The video dedicated to you guys. You can only hope to stay alive here.

First thing first, I stop time across the planet.

The time stop is done within a nanosecond, so even if you have speed to move in nanoseconds you will be trapped. Even energy attacks are stopped in time as shown below.

So you can't hit me with an energy attack either.

It isn’t affecting my energy beams though.

Second, I duplicate my ring as shown below and give it a specific command.

And send it to future, crossing universes.

Here is Hal taking Arisia to the future in 5711 AD.

And here is Hal sending Time Masters to Atlantis even after he didn’t know where it was. The ring knew and sent them to 45,000 BC.

Both are post crisis and hence valid.

The ring can of course cross universes as Hal routinely goes to anti matter universe of Qward after all. Even a userless power ring can create portals to Qward.

It’s a yellow power ring who is based on green power ring but the point stands.

But where do I send the ring? In Legion’s time of course, specifically the time where Miracle Machine is still active and transport it across time and space. How do I know it? The ring of course.

And as it is travelling through time, it appears to me as soon as I send the ring through time and I make a single wish.

“Everybody other than me in this tourney gets erased from existence from past, present and future”.

So in a fraction of a nanosecond, you are all erased from existence and none of you can search the whole planet in a nanosecond to know where I am.

Good game everyone.


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

bluewaterrider - Wonder Woman

bluewaterrider - Wonder Woman
Biggest threats are probably Zoom, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Thor, and Energy Superman in about that order. Realistically have to allow some players to eliminate each other. I am assuming I have my lasso in hand even as Green Lantern has ring in hand. Strategy: Immediately ascend while stamping the ground silently praying for the Godwave and asking Hermes if he would allow his name as the God of Speed to be mocked by Western heathen (Flash and Zoom).
While flying as fast as possible around the dome, I would wrap my fist and forearm with the lasso as a boxer pre-wraps with tape before putting on gloves.
Note this leaves fingers exposed and free to grasp, but palms, fists, and arms protected. This also protects me to some extent from mental assaults and illusion. I have prepared Proteus' gift of illusion and my Morpheus touch. I am seeking to lasso Martian Manhunter above all else. I will partner with any JLA teammate against the rest of the field, so if someone says to me "Wait, let's do this together!", I will accept, though first probably lasso them to see if they're sincere. Now ...
If Hermes has granted me speed great enough to counter Flash and Zoom directly, I knock out Zoom. I'll let Flash handle as much of the rest of the field as possible before taking him out, unless he teams with me, via simple lasso command or sleep touch, which is the method I'll use by default for every opponent regardless, unless I can get J'onn to sleep everyone.
Ditto for Godwave granted.
If Martian Manhunter partners with me, I'll have him mind-whammy everybody. If that doesn't work on Flash, have J'onn disappear and, while invisible, ambush Flash the way the White Martians did earlier. If MM won't cooperate tries the Injustice phasing, etc, pray to Hermes to allow air friction physics to resume around me and create the heat neccessary to weaken and subdue MM or force his surrender. Lasso him as partner
If cratered by an occupied heavy hitter, feign unconsciousness or death while using Proteus' illusion to hide my open eyes and unscarred features. Surprise them with Morpheus touch if they follow up. Please note that my bracelets block magic lightning (see Wonder Woman #600), and that Thor's presence with overpowered Mjolnir along with the speedsters make Wondy's gods granting Godwave near-automatic.

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image)


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

Damborgson - Thor

Damborgson – Thor
My Opener

This Thor cannot and will not at any point be taken by surprise, nor can he be hurt.
Right at the opening bell, I am now encased in an indestructible whirlwind, and when I say indestructible, I mean it:

Thor's whirlwinds are a mixture of nature and magic, and they guard against more than one offensive ability. Energy strong enough to pop 1/5th of the universe isn't getting past it, so neither is anyone else. And while he's inside the shield:

He doubles his strength and gains his protective armor.

A Few Strategies

It starts relatively small, but it won't remain that size for long.

It only takes a few more spins, and my storm is now capable of being felt across dimensions. Anyone not rooted to the ground is now being pushed off the planet sized arena. I won't give you all a chance to be pushed off or torn apart by the storm tho, every enemy on the field is now hundreds of millions of light years away.

All that needs to happen is for my winds to be touching you, and you'll then be encased and sent off away from the arena, for an immediate ring out. Or it might as well be since none of you are making it back within 2 seconds.

But wait, how will Thor be able to find all these contestants on such a vast arena if they don't want to be found? Because no one hides from my storm.
(please log in to view the image)

Thor is one with the storm, every drop of rain, every gust of wind, it's all part of me. And this Thor of course doesn't have a noob Donald Blake inside of him not allowing him to unleash his potential or being overwhelmed of his senses. I can now effectively track each and every competitor on the field so long as they're in the rang of my storm, which by the way:
Is planet sized. None of you are safe.

So the second anyone is expose to my storm they're being targeted and teleported off the ring, and to make absolutely certain that no one is breaching my shielding, I can add an extra layer of protection to it:

Indestructible matrix energy. Not that I'd be easily targeted to begin with, because well, the storm is strong enough to be tearing apart Earth from Asgard. The other contestants would be lucky to survive, because it's not just wind and rain, which on its own is enough to incapacitate the Hulk:

What's a god of Thunder without lightning?

Thor of course doesn't need that much energy to wreck the field, but it shows a good example of the sheer intensity of the energy that will wash over the field. The fading residual energy from Thor's body is enough to knock out Marvel's top character with a healing factor (Minus Logan). Thor of course won't overexert himself here, but let's not forget that that same blast wouldn't have the same effect on Thor, who is wearing the belt of strength here plus his armor.

and if past experience means anything....

(please log in to view the image)

That might sound like a lot, but it's mostly all passive. While my opponents stumble about trying not be swept away or are being teleported, it gives my time to do this:

Except this time, it opens up to a red sun. Now why the red sun you may ask? Because it's about to become my weapon. Mjolnir can sap it dry of energy, then I will scour the field with an omni blast that contains the power of the red sun X100

Is Mjolnir capable of such a feat?

There may have been two in that example, but even half of that infinity. Every god that ever was and ever will be throughout time, was dying. And Thor absorbed the blast, which was filled with god kryptonite no less. And he did it within moments. So here, within moments, the field will be scoured with red sun energy, ripping anyone who gets caught in it to pieces. There are speedsters here, but they can't run away from a blast that won't leave an inch of the field unscathed, except for where I am of course.

Defensive Maneuvers

As an added caution, my enemies shouldn't try to come near me (not that they could, but if they got within range somehow) Not only can I detect all your movements, but I can make sure that even if you came close, it'd be worse for you:

By raising Mjolnir I can strip my opponents of their recent memories, meaning, they won't know where they are. Which will be more than enough time to end any of them, whether by automatic BFR:

Or by the more satisfying route:

So in the rare case that someone has managed to get past my storm, herald breaking lightning, automatic BFR, and red sun X100 blast, I have plans for any and all who want to prolong the inevitable. But let's be one would be left by this point. Either having them killed or eliminated by ring out, Thor would be the last God standing.

But there are a few contestants who I think could try and wiggle their way out, and I want to make sure to mention that they're no more capable of defeating me even if they survive the initial onslaughts.

Specific Strategies

Martian Man Hugger

A powerful psychic with some neat phasing and a decent amount of strength to boot. If only Thor had some defense against someone who could phase...
Enjoy Mjolnir in your brain.

And just for the record, my storm will also include in it divine fire:
But what if I'm attacked by a psychic?

Go to 0:47

It's true that sometimes like anyone else Thor can be vulnerable to having his mind tampered with, but not on the first try. The mind of a god isn't easily navigated, and no one here would be able to do it in their first try. Certainly not any green martians who are can't handle lightning:

Silver Surfer

Surfer is tricky...he's got a lot of abilities, and he's proven he can steal my hammer if need be. Thankfully, this isn't a comic:
I can teleport Mjolnir to my hand. It can't be held, it can't be stopped, it will return to my hand always.
For all his vaunted versatility, Surfer has little no showings against others in his tier that would suggest he can pull of any of the particular gruesome techniques that he could do in theory. It's important to remember when judging, he gets a lot of lip service. What isn't lip service however is this:
(please log in to view the image)

A speeding surfer, shot enhanced cosmic bolts at Thor, and Thor by simply raising his hammer, was able to draw them in. They don't even have to be directed at him, they'll simply be absorbed. There's only so much Surfer can do however before he falls prey to the raging chaos around him.

Superman and Energy Superman

I lump them together because they'll both be going down in similar ways. Energy Superman is fast, powerful, versatile, deadly. And utterly useless.

(please log in to view the image)

If you're energy, you're under my domain. And Mjolnir has no limit that is reachable by either of these characters, so Energy Superman is now dispersed.

Superman himself, well, if he at any point so much uses a single dose of heat vision, the fight is over.

You see, Mjolnir doesn't have to stop draining its opponents, it's just a very harsh attack Thor chooses not to use. Thank gods I'm in charge here eh? Superman of course wouldn't be here as he'd have been scoured by my initial onslaught, but I put him here for good measure.
Green Lantern

His versatility is unmatched. That much is true, but his constructs...are energy. And that nice glowing ring of his, may as well as be mine. I can siphon it as easily as I ripped the energy out of the god bomb. Or as easy a manhunter:

In the case that he feels resisting is still an option, I will utterly remove him from this plane of existence:
No pain, just a spinning hammer and elimination.

I wish I could mention all of you, but I'm out of space. Please note my friends, the specific posts at the end are just for respect of the heroes that have any chance at all of surviving the initial onslaught. They're not my go to, but they're certainly viable, and they assure victory. Thanks for reading through all that judges, hope you got a kick out of it!


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps




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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

LordofBrooklyn - Silver Surfer Post 1/2

LordofBrooklyn - Silver Surfer Post 1/2

(please log in to view the image)
Surfer enters with shields that protect him from Physical and Psi attacks

The POWER of the shields

Against Thor(THE POWER GEM)

1. Surfer shrinks to microscopic levels
2. Norrin becomes intangible
3.Lightspeed assault



Darth Sidious
Thor Odinson
Wonder Woman

None of the FALLEN can DEFEND/SURVIVE this strike

The Surfer can see reality at an enhanced rate making it appear at a standstill.
Norrin can PERCEIVE in microseconds but also ACT IN NANOSECONDS
Here is another example of Surfer processing and reacting at Lightspeed.

Flash- While West can SEE what is coming unlike the SURFER there is nothing he can do to stop it

Flash can't locate Surfer on the microscopic level in time to stop him. Conversely, Surfer can easily affect Wally while in that state

ZOOM- Like the Flash his perception matches Surfer's but his POWER does not.

Surfer’s senses also enter the psychic realm where he can detect thoughts with ease.

Surfer will sense ZOOM’s presence and that is ALL he needs.

ZOOM fans say that the Surfer can NEVER touch ZOOM


The Surfer can


Hal Jordan

The GL Ring has a weakness to the color Yellow.
(please log in to view the image)
Red light makes a Green Lantern wielder vulnerable to rage and thereby weakening his power.

Would Hal lash out in anger during a Crisis?
(please log in to view the image) Norrin can Block and/or Manipulate Hal’s energy based attacks the same way he did Doctor Spectrum whose “POWER PRISM” functions the same way as the GL ring

Note that the Power Prism acts on a COLOR SPECTRUM simultaneously. If Hal somehow taps into the Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Plaid etc. of the other rings it makes no difference.

Green Lantern- Finite level of power and in need of recharging.(please log in to view the image)
Surfer's Power Cosmic- INFINITE POWER.
(please log in to view the image)

The Surfer can


Surfer can use Clark’s weakness to Kryptonite.


Surfer would know Superman turns Yellow solar radiation into power. Surfer CONVERTS the stored Yellow solar radiation into RED solar radiation

Energy Superman

Surfer can drain Clark’s energy from within his Blue containment suit. Here is a sample of the level of energy Surfer can drain

Energy Superman may prove resistant to absorption

The Surfer has his surfboard make contact within energy Superman and TAKES CONTROL

Thor Can have his organs affected despite his god status.
(please log in to view the image)
The Surfer can affect Organic material.

Surfer atomizes THOR’S BRAIN

Shaman X-Man- Psi powered.

Here is what The Surfer does with psionic energy


In an astral Battle with Nate, he has the edge


Time Manipulation

Whether Nate freezes time(LIMITED TO HIS IMMEDIATE AREA) or enters “Planck Time (SELF BFR) there is no way out!

The Surfer sees time as ONE, PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE


The psychic shield protects against psi attack.

Manhunter cannot escape through phasing.


Once solid Surfer buries the alien.

Martians have a higher level of iron content in their blood and this can be exploited!
(please log in to view the image)

J'onn is hurt by fire and The Surfer has the skills to BURN HIM!


There are COWARDS who will team up against Surfer

JLA- Flash, Hal, J'onn, Supes, WW, Zatanna- Hal’s shields and constructs are NOTHING as Surfer can pierce, absorb, and remove them all. J’onn's psi link is moot because Surfer can track their thoughts and protect his own. Iron and fire end the Martian. Zatanna is taken down from the start. Clark’s red solar and K-nite weakness is used. Diana is destroyed from within.

X-Men- Elixir, Mimic, Nate Grey. Elixir can augment the power of Mimic and Nate thus creating 2 Shaman level characters. NO MATTER! The psychic based energies will only BOOST Surfer.

God alliance- Loki is targeted in the first salvo against mages so he can’t guide Thor into a better use of his abilities.

WHAT IF they can breach the shields, locate him, and then affect him?

Physical Attacks

Surfer vs a Supernova

Surfer vs a RED GIANT STAR

Surfer vs Korvac

They Fear Korvac (please log in to view the image)
His attack
Surfer tanks it


Norrin is attacked by Karnilla
Karnilla is an Asgardian mage Powerful enough to Battle Loki!
(please log in to view the image)
Here is what her blast does to The Surfer
Surfer 1


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

LordofBrooklyn - Silver Surfer Post 2/2

LordofBrooklyn - Silver Surfer Post 2/2


Surfer vs Moondragon(MIND GEM)

Surfer BEATS Moondragon

This trumps ANY assault Nate/J’onn could use!

The same attack did this to Prof. X!

NO illusion can FOOL or DISTRACT Surfer

The Stranger is a Cosmic level Behemoth!!!


INVISIBILITY doesn’t exist to The Surfer


Once Norrin begins his war many of these PIGS will try to run and hide.

It won’t help

Teleporting from The Surfer
Surfer catches a Teleporter

New Energy is like a beacon To Surfer
SPEED FORCE/GL energy Qualify

Subatomic Vision means no escape


There is a chance that EVERYONE VS The Surfer

The Surfer can deal with it.

(please log in to view the image)(please log in to view the image)(please log in to view the image)(please log in to view the image)(please log in to view the image)

IN CLOSING- The Surfer is qualified to DESTROY everyone on the field. His offensive/defensive capabilities are UNMATCHED and in this battle he is not holding back

1)Surfer Shielded from physical/psionic attacks, microscopic and intangible.
2)Planetbuster targeted lightspeed attack against Mages who pose a wildcard and all others who do not have the power or means to survive the attack.
3) Destruction of all with lightspeed attacks and nanosecond reactions and assessments of all combatants.
4) Contingencies for ALL potential attacks with the capability of tanking them all.


Hal Jordan-Weakness exploitation, power ring drained.
Superman- Weakness exploitation, power draining.
Energy Superman- Power draining, trapped within the board.
Exiles Mimic- Planetbuster.
Thor- Brain atomized IF Thor survived the Planetbuster.
Snowbird- Planetbuster
Zoom- Astral Destruction
Elixir- Planetbuster
Wally West Flash- Death by Cosmic blast
Wonder Woman- Planetbuster if not internal organs are exploited and destroyed.
(please log in to view the image)
Shaman X-Man-psi absorption and killed.
Darth Sidious- Planetbuster
Martian Manhunter- Incinerated.
Dr. Doom- Planetbuster. IF he survived both his armor and body are transmuted.
Loki- Planetbuster. Surfer has power over Asgardian magic. If he survived he is destroyed by The Power Cosmic.
(please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image)


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

Martian_mind - Martian Manhunter

Martian_mind - Martian Manhunter

Thanks again for hosting this, ID. Here be my post:

So, it comes to this. The swan-song of KMC. The ultimate test of wit, cunning, and comic-book knowledge. Here, in this moment, the fate of the forum will be decided. Who will reign supreme?

Most will try and end this quickly, spewing out a strategy of staggering complexity, which they believe will net the win. It is only human nature. It is also a foolish misconception, revealing total ignorance of what this tournament is.

A goddamn cluster-****.

So many heralds unleashing their power, in ways more intricate than writers can conceive. Can any one truly fathom the repercussions? Can any plan endure beneath such terrifying conditions? The answer, simply, is no. This battle will not be quick. It will not be enjoyable. It could last for days, weeks or even months. This would take a toll on the mind of any hero, let alone the feeble posters who have taken control of their limbs. The constant fighting will leave any who partake drained and vulnerable, including myself. This, however, is the exact reason why I shall not be taking part. For you see…
(please log in to view the image)
You read that right. I’m not charging in, beating my chest like some compensating fool. Oh no. I shall come as a friend, the lone source of comfort in a world of endless pain. Allow me to explain.

At the beginning of the battle, I phase and turn invisible, sinking into the arena’s core.

This leaves me protected from ANY assault, particularly as I’m swift enough to match the speed of most on the field. If need be, I can navigate the entire arena (which is only the size of earth) in under a second.

Hell, in terms of speed, the greatest threats are Zoom and Flash, yet J’onn is capable of tagging Wally after being on fire for hours.

So, as the above should show, being blitzed or caught is hardly a concern. Indeed, J’onn’s phasing is more than capable of escaping a lantern’s construct.

*Note, Green Lantern also expresses serious doubt about being able to even TRACK J’onn, so any attempts to find me are going to be met with failure.

Now, this should have waylaid any doubts about my ability to survive the opening salvo. Still, as an added extra, my next step (While still phased inside the ring) will be to portion off a piece of myself, storing my soul within it, so that if, on the off chance, one section of me is destroyed, I will still be safe and sound.

Alright, is everyone convinced? Am I safe from all potential threats? Ah, yes, of course. The fight you all came here to see. The fight that ALWAYS had to be. J’onn Vs Nate. Me vs Smurf. The telepathic showdown. What a battle that will be...if it happens.

You see, I’m not exactly going to seek him out. My initial plan remains concealment, waiting for someone else to potentially take him down. I mean sure, he could try to track me, but J’onn is VERY good at hiding his mind. Better than Superman, in fact.

So it is HIGHLY doubtful that he will find me. If he does? Well, that’s a fight he’s going to lose. For one, I am a better telepath, with countless victories over galaxy-class foes, and more experience than he can ever dream of. I am unquestionably the most powerful telepath on the planet.

And with over 225 million years of living, I have acquired some goddamn skills.

Allowing me to stalemate Starro, when Aquaman could not.

Or to read every mind on earth, on MULTIPLE occasions.

Of course, that’s when J’onn is being nice. When he allows his temper to take control, he is capable of much, MUCH more.

Like mind-raping the entirety of Arkham, including the Joker.

AS WELL as the entire population of Blackgate

IN ADDITION to several soldiers.

WHILE ALSO keeping Luthor in a coma that requires incredible telepathic skill, AND reading Superman’s mind without his consent.

Now, you will notice that I emphasized the multi-tasking. There is a simple reason why.

Nate has nothing to compare. Any feat he has that remotely matches these, took all of his concentration, a luxury he will not have. Smurf will be battling against countless different assaults, trying his best to survive, while I sit pretty within the safety of the ring. Even if he does manage to somehow find the time, I believe it is clear that he will lose that contest, quite decisively.

*Note, Some of you may believe that the above scans were feats of Fernus, not J’onn. This is incorrect. It was decisively stated that Fernus only took control AFTER J’onn attempted to free Luthor, which all these events precede. They were all J’onn, baby.


So, I am untouchable, mentally and physically. This fact is beyond doubt. Time is no factor, as I am un-aging, and can survive virtually any trauma an opponent may inflict.

What does this mean, you ask? It means that I have time. As the other combatants expend themselves, I can simply wait, until they have weakened themselves enough for me to make my move. Now, what those moves may be are entirely dependent on the foe. Some I may come to as a friend, taking the form a friendly face.

After all, while they may have the hero’s body, these are still the same, pathetic posters we’ve all come to know and despise. Who of them would turn down some comfort, after countless days of endless fighting? I can take any form they like, any fetish they desire, and I’d be happy to do it, just to get my shot. Need to seduce Abhi? I’ll just take the form of a naked Kal-el. Need to seduce Bentley? One Kang with a vagina, coming right up. I can be anything they want, and by simply reading their minds (Assuming I can’t just shut them down) I can know exactly what that is.

Of course, I don’t need to prostitute myself. All I need to do is stick a hand through their chest/head, and the day is pretty much won.

Few can survive their heart/brain being phased from the body. Even fewer can defend against it from a super-fast, invisible, intangible telepath, who can probably break their mind from half a world away. And judges, please remember, that IS what they are facing. An unseeable, untouchable foe, who can know their every thought, and kill with a simple touch. J’onns pacifist nature is not in play, nor is his weakness to flame. That weakness is purely psychological in nature, and as I lack J’onn’s fear, the fire holds no power. Essentially, this is Manhunter unleashed, free of the CIS that always holds him back. None of the competition has a way to address my unique combo of abilities, while I have the means to bring all of them to their knees. It really IS that simple.

Judges, make the correct choice. The martian choice. There can only be one, and that one is J’onn ****ing J’onzz, the Manhunter from Mars.
(please log in to view the image)


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carver9 - Zoom (Hunter Solomon)- Team Carver & Reality Warper

carver9 - Zoom (Hunter Solomon)- Team Carver & Reality Warper
Alright, so I'm sure everyone knows what my plans are but they are entirely unsure on who my partner is... My plan is to take out everyone as fast as possible while at the same time using my partner as back up. I AM the fastest person on the field and the battlefield is only 4000 miles long. I have all of the time in the world. Let me explain why...
I'm so fast that Zoom is a blur to the Jay. Jay thought that he was hit by an invisible enemy. Didn't even see what hit him.
Let me guess. Since this is Jay, you're not impressed by it??? Here we have blood lusted Wally attacking Zoom and Zoom is blocking all of his attacks with one hand.
Wait, let me guess, that still isn't impressive. How about this. Flash stole speed/power from Jay and Bart. Let me guess, you all think that is still too slow? Even with the added speed, Zoom still appeared as a blur to Flash.
I can also post him living (yes, living) within the ticks of a second. I'm not going to do it because I know you all believe it.
I have to be relentless during this match, I have to kill (yes, kill), everyone before they even realized what is going on and I am capable of doing it. People here is probably thinking that they are safe due to this fight being on an arena 4000 plus miles wide. Probably thinking they can react before I got to them. As I said before, I have all of the time in the world. While fighing, combating flash, I was capable of covering EVERY INCH of the planet a THOUSAND TIMES in less than a second.

I can find everyone, kill them, play a game of solo chess, eat me a happy meal afterwards and still have enough time to spare before they realized they were dead. My main problem here is Flash but I am too fast for him as well. Yes, too fast for him. I was able to visit Linda, who was a thousand miles away and return back to an amped Flash before he realized what happened. He didn't even see me move.
So the combatants start off with standard weapons. My goal here is to take advantage of one person weapon and that is Diana.
I quickly run over to Diana. I take her sword and her rope (remember, everything is at a standstill while I am doing this). Guess who my first victim is going to be? Of course, Flash. Remember, I was able to move faster than an amped Flash could perceive. This version of Flash isn't amped. I run over to him and lop his head clean off (I know, brutal). I then proceed to run over to Blue Superman and slice through his shields, punch at his shields with all of my strength until I am in. I then proceed at laying haymakers, thousands of them until he is dropped.
I run over to silver surfer and I slice and punch away at his shields with everything I have until I break through. Surfer shields isn't enduring a thousand punches more powerful than Superman punches or a blade that can cut through Atoms.
Her sword with just a flick of her wrist damage Superman.
Once I'm through. I punch Surfer with a thousand Superman PLUS level punches koing him and tossing him off the edge with a hard punch to follow. Thanos has killed Surfer is 6 punches... how many all out blows do you think it would take me to drop him?
I then go on a killing spree with the sword. I cut off Sin head. I then cut off Martian Manhunter head and then grab him, push him to the edge, punch him off as hard as I can so I can make sure he touches the bottom. Why did I do this? Because if he grows his head back, he still have to fly back up. I cant see that happening in 2 seconds.
I slice Digi head clean off. We have all witness my blade cutting Superman. I stab him right in the brain with it and push him off the cliff. Stab Odinson in the brain. If he have a shield up, I do to the shield the same thing I did to Surfer Shield and then I cut him to pieces starting with his head. Thor has been stabbed through on many occasions. Here is an emample.
I turn Thor into Chopped steak.
Diana gets her neck chopped off as well with her own blade but just to seal the deal, I grab her tiara as an additional weapon.
Nate gets his shields punched through. His shields can NOT handle my punches. How do I know? 4 punches from Hulk broke clean through his shielding. I will hit his shield with hundreds of Superman plus blows.
Once I'm in, head slice. Run to Godzilla and circle his entire body with the blade. Run up and down his body with the blade. Make sure I have covered every square inch of his body until he is chunks. I turn invincible into Sushi, starting with what, his skull.
Hyperion gets stabbed in the head. If a blade can cut Supes, it can cut him as well. How do I know. Corvus blade sliced
So we have Doom (major problem, thanks a lot ID for giving people prep), Hal, Kang, Darth Sid, Quasar, and Kang. Remember me having a partner. Here is where my partner come into play. Remember me having that lasso, it is needed here. I push all of these peeps once they are found on this flat surface to Elixar. I then wrap Darth Sid, Hal and Quasar in Diana lasso and leave them in front of Elixar. I then put Kang and Doom in front of each other hoping they are not team mates and let them fight it out while I go and help Elixar with her three opponents. I keep all 3 of these people busy solo while Elixar get through their shielding taking them out. I pound away, keep them preoccupied long enough for her to wrap it up against these opponents. I guess I need proof that I can fight multiples of peeps at high speeds. Here we have me fighting the Justice League, hitting them before they could react.
And I was holding back during the scan above. Here is my partner ability which is the reason I put him in front of shield peeps.

Quasar shields can be broken through.
I have the strength to crash them and the punching power to do it as well. Hal Jordan Shields will get ripped through as well because I do have the punching power to do it as shown here when Diana rips through the shields with ease.
If I can punch through these people shieldings, Dark Sid shields are nothing and he gets pummeled to death and stabbed, shanked. I then run over while staying blind to the neck eye (faster than Flash can see) and I check on the fight between Doom and Kang. Whomever wins between those two will be problematic. I stay invisible and I run over and tell Elixar to pretend like he is dead or once he is blasted, pretend like he is out of if he gets killed, (sorry Elixar) I'll still win the fight for us. I disappear from the battlefield while remaining at Superspeed.
Here we see Zoom living in the tick of a second. I will wait it out until the last person that is standing thinks he won the battle. Once he lets his guard down, shields down. I kill him instantly, even if its Doom and Kang.

This was a fast written out paragraph. Sorry everyone. Had to get this out of the way. At least I killed Dark.


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RealityWarper - Elixir - Team Carver & Reality Warper

RealityWarper - Elixir - Team Carver & Reality Warper
My general strategy is to stay around with Carver scouting while I am hiding like a ninja.

Carver lure the opponents in my vicinity and I destroy them when they are around.

Elixir is an omega-level mutant with Biokinesis. He would have no problem killing everyone here because his powers ignores the durability. He simply destroy totally their biology and disintegrate them.
Died and resurrected himself:

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

Kills and resurrect one of the DArkriders:

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)

(please log in to view the image)


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leonidas - Zatana - Team Leo, Digi, Smurph Post 1/2

leonidas - Zatana - Team Leo, Digi, Smurph Post ½

Free-for-all’s are awesome!

But everything‘s better with friends. smile

So without further ado I present The Team That Will **** You Up!: Zatanna, Shaman Nate Gray and Mimic.

Plan Outline

(1) the instant things start Mimic and I will be transported to Nate Gray.

(2) Once there, mimic will copy Nate and take off.

(3) Once he’s gone, nate and mimic shield the area—together—then I say “ezeerf emit” to stop time within the shielded area.

(4) mimic proceeds to patrol the outside gathering powers as he will.

(5) When time is stopped and we are shielded, I say “edih su morf lla noitceted” so our little group can’t be detected by anyone on the field.

(6) Shielded, hidden, and safely nestled within a magical sphere of frozen time guarded by our invisible, power copying pit bull, nate downloads my memories and learns backward magic.

(7) To aid him, I say, “wonk drawkcab cigam”. With that, we have, in seconds, doubled our magical output.

(8) Nate then links our minds and uses his tp to reach out to touch every mind on the BF. I again assist by saying “dda ot sih rewop—tel enoyreve raeh su”. And with THAT, we have effectively doubled our TP output.

(9) Once we know everyone can hear us, we join our tp and magic powers and together say “peels”.

(10) Everyone on the BF goes to sleep. Easy-peasey. smile


(1) Nate is going to take care of speed on his side of things but I want to show everyone that Zee herself is anything but slow. A couple times she has cast spells AFTER bullets have been fired at her:

She’s not Flash, but she can cast EXTREMELY quickly. She can also cast spells WITHOUT speaking. Here she flies without speaking:

She uses TK and shoots lightning at Constantine without speaking:

So, while Nate has speed aplenty to teleport me to his side, there is proof to suggest I could port to him without even needing to talk, but regardless, it would take less (literally) than a second to say “ot etan yarg” and I’d be gone in the event anyone has doubts about my ability to reach Nate. thumb up

(2) See Mimic

(3) Time Freeze:

Note she froze the whole restaurant except for her and Black Canary. And it stayed frozen for several pages while she cast a summoning spell:

You can still see the boy frozen in time behind them. Casting multiple spells is not an issue for her, in case anyone was wondering if she could cast inside the time spell, or wondered if NATE might be affected by my spell….

(4) See Mimic

(5) Here she hides an entire ARMY and creates an illusory one to take its place:

And here, she renders herself and her team invisible on a couple occasions:

Here we see that she is capable of protecting herself from magic—oddly her and AMAZO think of the same thing:

We also know she can even keep out supernatural entities:

I’m sort of combining the concealment spell with the protection spells to conceal us from ALL senses—physical AND magical. Not much of a stretch I don’t think. Anyone on the field capable of seeing through my spell would need to show some proof of this ability and even if they could, it would take time to find us. And we don’t plan on giving anyone time….

(6) See Nate

(7) Though there is no specific feat that matches this spell, with my spell to help him, and Nate DL’ing my memories, there is no reason to think Nate couldn’t learn backwards magic. Compared to some of her feats, this is a pretty minor thing. Once he has the ability, and my memories of how to use it, his addition would increase our magic power overall, significantly.

(8) Here is an example of Zee increasing the output of one of her spells just by saying it:

So adding to Nate’s power through magic is perfectly plausible. Zee has several examples of using telepathy and can SEVERELY mess up one’s head. Obviously the famous Dr. Light mindwipe:

She also changed his personality there to make him less of a threat as we all know. Then there is the almost equally famous, mindf**** of BATMAN:


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leonidas - Zatana - Team Leo, Digi, Smurph Post 2/2

leonidas - Zatana - Team Leo, Digi, Smurph Post 2/2

She just removed 10 minutes from his memory so he’d forget what they did to Dr. Light. Here she even hid MANHUNTER’s memories to help keep their secret:

Jonn was never able to read the memories she hid from him.

Magic TP>non magic TP. thumb up Here Jonn tries to force his way into her mind:

And she wasn’t even TRYING to keep him out. No spells or anything—those are her NATURAL defenses. Here again she reads memories via magic:

Here she crushes Toyman by making him see himself as he truly is:



There are many more examples of her using magical TP, but I think you get the idea. Her magic would greatly enhance Nate’s already AWESOME TP powers.

(9) The sleep spell is as rudimentary as it gets:

There are other examples, but I don’t think I need to waste more words on it. The idea of joining with Nate though is something I want to explore. Here, linking with Jonn, Perry and Superman, she uses their memories to REBUILD ALL OF METROPOLIS!! Lol

An astounding feat. Joining her power with others to effectively increase power is nothing new to her., but here is a scan to suggest that her own range is plenty all by itself to get the job done in this battle:

She has all the people sleeping IN THE WORLD dream of the demon she is fighting, causing his essence to be ripped apart because it can’t be in so many places at once. Global range with her magic? thumb up

If we DO somehow detect anyone still awake after our spell, I can transmute them or, summon a demon army to kill them, or Nate or Mimic takes them out. There are limitless possibilities as you will see below.

And that should about cover it. Ample support to show that what we’re trying to do is not overly complicated or anything even really out of the ordinary for Zee.


Since I’ve got space, I’ll show a little more about how powerful she really is. Recall, any of these feats can be applied to anyone you feel MAY have been able to resist our sleep spell. First, some shields, should I need them. Not only exceptionally strong vs magic and physical attacks, her shields can also RETURN the attack used against it:

That last one is against Marry Marvel with BLACK ADAM’s power…

Moving on from shields we have her facing DESPERO:

LOL stops him cold after he’d wrecked the entire league and EFFORTLESSLY freed everyone from his mental domination (Note Hal among them, in case Abhi tries selling his total immunity to TP…)

Here, a CRAZY showing vs the Spectre:

A great showing vs an ultra powerful AMAZO, who again was wrecking the league:

Sorry order is a bit screwy for some reason, but in the images, note how easily she dispels Green lantern power…. Not surprising since GL rings are useless against magic:

BTW it’s that easy to take Hal out of this thing. Lol Equally easy to take out flash or Zoom if I have a second to cast:

A couple more. Here Zee shows her power against a MATURED Sun Eater called STARBREAKER:

If anyone knows what a Sun Eater can do, you’ll know how impressive that showing against a mature version really is. If you DON’T know, google Sun Eater and check it out. smile

Here she loses her temper and freezes….EVERYONE! lol

Note the frozen PHANTOM STRANGER lurking in the background. Sheesh, don’t pi$$ her off. Here we see SOME of what Zee might do if she wanted to when a villain gets her power and screws with SUPERMAN and POWER GIRL:

dinos with lasers and robot arms… how cool is that?? LoL For those keeping track we’ve seen that Zee is capable of EFFORTLESSLY taking out Superman, GL and Flash in this post. Magic trumps all. thumb up

Here LOBO shows us what Zee might do if she were really out to kill someone:

She left him frozen there for….a long time….

Of course the showings wouldn’t be complete without the SEVEN SOLDIERS, where she battles a universal threat in ZOR and “awakens the universe” (speaking about RANGE of power):

Zee’s powers are enormous, and her flexibility is endless. Together with a universal/multiversal level telepath like Nate, and a power copier like Mimic?




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Smurph - Shaman X-Man – Team: Leo, Digi, & Smurph
First, a big thanks to judges for wading through all of these posts. I’d like to simplify things for you by welcoming you to the winning strategy.

Smurph (Shaman Nate Grey), Digi (Mimic), Leo (Zatanna) = Operation Sandman

We're following a 10 step plan:

  1. Shaman Nate enters battle with shields raised, and instantly locates and teleports Zatanna and Mimic to his side

    On shields: a reminder that the tourney allows Nate to raise his strongest shields before battle. While we don't know exactly how much damage those can take, we know that his ceiling is very high:

    Nate shields himself from Tundra, the Great Beast, crushing him: [1] [2]

    Psi-armour resists the squeeze of a Thanosi that was batting around Hulk.

    Nate tanks an attack from Qabiri. Qabiri, for reference, was powerful enough to dust an alternate Thor unintentionally.

    There is also a lot of lip service and narrative statements out there about Nate Grey being one of, if not the foremost psi in Marvel:

    “Created to destroy worlds”

    “Psi-potential unsurpassed in any reality”

    God amongst mortals

    He’s also been repeatedly and explicitly depicted as the outright superior of other formidable telepaths, such as Xavier, Cable, Jean Grey, Exodus, and Mr. Sinister. Xavier himself has feats to rival/surpass the two other telepaths in this battle, so Nate is operating in a different psionic tier than anybody else in this tournament.

    So at the very beginning of the match, Nate will have an extremely formidable shield raised. Since he is the foremost psi manipulator in the match, his opponents will neither be breaking or phasing through, nor draining it.

    As of match start, Shield Count = 1 (Nate’s shield)

    Nate then immediately teleports Zatanna and Mimic to his location.

    On speed: because this match is chock full of speedsters, it’s important to emphasize that Nate Grey has the fastest scanning, processing, and thinking speed out of any character in this match. Sound like a quite a claim? See the proof:

    Even pre-Shaman, Nate had numerous feats of quickly scanning the Earth. Here, he effortlessly views events around the world. Here, he picks out psi signatures across the globe.

    It’s after he evolves into the Shaman, though, that things become truly impressive:

    (please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image) (please log in to view the image)

    Nate gains ‘300 ways of seeing’, including perceiving and acting within the “planck lengths between moments.” He can, in effect, think at extreme super speed, and also has explicit precognition.

    Opponents are going to try and downplay this ability, so I’ll underline two points:

    1) I only need to prove that Nate can think and process at super speeds for the sake of this plan. I do not care about proving that he can move at those speeds. And since becoming Shaman, Nate has pulled off the best scanning and processing feats at the herald level, including: here, in the space of Ares’ attack, Nate sees that he is ‘war personified’ on every plane and in every future; here, Nate instantly finds and reconnects somebody’s mind to their copies across the multiverse [1] [2] [3]; here, in the space of Qabiri’s attack, Nate downloads the history of Earth Prime from the beginning of time; and back on Earth 616, Nate simultaneously updates himself on all events since he left.

    It’s clear that while Zoom and Flash, for instance, could search the earth very quickly, Nate could do it instantly. It’s also clear that his mind can view, think, and act between the seconds, much like Zoom.

    2) All of Nate’s actions here are mental. He is not lifting a finger. He is using his ludicrously fast and powerful brain to locate his teammates ASAP, and teleporting them to him. Above is the proof that Nate’s mental computation exceeds the herald tier. The second point to underline, though, is that his thoughts themselves move way faster than other ‘thought’ in Marvel.

    Our opponents may argue that even if Nate can think and perceive at super speed, psi actions may will have their own lag time. So, behold, Nate Grey’s thoughts actually travel galaxies in between panels:

    His mental commands happen as quickly as his brain moves. So, step one takes place in planck time. Zatanna will be bringing her own shield with her when she teleports, so at the end of step one, Shield Count = 2 (Nate’s shield, Zatanna’s shield)

  2. Nate and Zatanna reinforce shields. Zatanna prepares a time stop while Mimic copies Nate's powers, and Nate performs a memory dump so Mimic is equally proficient with all psi powers.

    "Grey, flash my thoughts for all you need to learn about..." "Done."

  3. Nate teleports Mimic out of the shield, and Zatanna stops time within the shielded area.

    Up until this point, all actions taken have been mental and extremely fast. The time stop will now prevent any speed stealing shenanigans from affecting our next moves.

    Shield Count = 3 (Nate's shield, Zatanna's shield, time stop)

  4. Mimic runs interference via illusions, power copying, and reinforcing our shields.

    See Digi's post for the strategy here.

    For illusions, see Nate toying with Qabiri:

    And pre-Shaman, deflecting visible light to cloak:

    With Mimic, that raises us to Shield Count = 4 (Nate, Zatanna, Mimic, time stop)

  5. Nate uses tp and tk to hide us from the opposition, Zatanna does the same with magic.

    See Leo's post for the strategy here.

    Nate can shield us from psionics, and, as above, can cloak us with telekinesis. Zatanna can do those things as well with magic.

  6. Nate downloads Zatanna's memories to learn backwards magic.

  7. Zatanna reinforces step 6 with a spell. See Leo's post.

  8. Nate uses his telepathy to reach and make contact with every mind on the battle field. I expect opponents to have tried to shield themselves from a massive mind blast or some such, so we're avoiding the obvious route here. While Nate Grey could likely overpower/absorb/ignore any telepathic shields our opponents use, we have a more elegant solution that simply requires Nate to locate and make contact with each of our opponent's minds. Even if minds are shielded, they will, without a doubt, be able to hear what we have to say.

    And just because we can, Zee will cast another spell to boost our psychic search. See Leo's post.

  9. Nate and Zatanna, in contact with each opponent's mind, cast a spell in unison: "Peels"

    We'll use our telepathic contact to cast this directly into each opponent's psyche. While they may be shielded inwardly from a telepathic onslaught, and outwardly against magic, the combination of methods, combined with our mastery of magic and psi, will be enough to end the match here.

  10. Just in case anybody's still awake: Mimic quickly power copies the sleeping bodies to enter the Super Herald class. We wreck shop. See Digi's post. smile


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The Man of Tomorrow

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Digi - Exiles Mimic – Team: Leo, Digi, & Smurph

Digi's Post

Hyperlinked scans throughout. Please click as needed.

Mimic (Exiles) – for those unfamiliar, Calvin Rankin (Mimic) can copy up to five power sets at 50% power each. Any metahuman is his for the taking. He can do so instantaneously. I'll have him start the fight with the five he used most recently (most of them for a long period of time): Colossus, Northstar, Wolverine, Deadpool and Cyclops.

The Plan in a Nutshell
I've teamed up with Leo (Zatanna) and Smurph (Shaman Nate). I'm going to be complimenting the plan detailed in their writeups. I'm also going to be stacking powers to build a super-herald. Together, the rest of you are in trouble.

We Begin
I'm in the air immediately. Having copied Northstar,Cal's at 50% lightspeed. More importantly, I have reactions to match, which not everyone can say whose straight-line speed is mine or better. But that doesn't really matter, because at speeds arguably greater than ANY physical speed, Z and Nate are linking with me and teleporting me inside their shielding. I then copy Nate (replacing Cyclops), and Mimic has had telepathic and telekinetic powers before AT LEAST on Nate's level (he has copied the friggin' Phoenix), so he knows how to use them. He's also stacked redundant powers, like Johnny Storm and Mariko, or Logan/Deadpool, so redundant powers aren't an issue.

I'll refer you to Leo and Smurph's posts for the "sleep bomb" plan we're using. My role will simply be to throw up some psionic illusions to mask us from physical detection, and to ward off any other telepaths who might think to get frisky with Nate while he does some telepathic heavy lifting.

Super Herald
Having already copied Nate, and with a TON of people down from our magic bomb, I will really have my pick of powers.

Mimic's wheelhouse is mutants, but he's copied generic metahumans ( Human Torch , Thing , the aforementioned Deadpool, even The Brood merged into him at one point), and all instantaneously. He needs an hour near someone to keep their power permanently, but can "borrow" them for a while instantly, which is all I need. And I already posted the Phoenix scan, so power level isn't an issue. 50% each, yes, but add five of those together intelligently and you easily have a herald-busting or even team-busting mesh.

Through it all, Nate will be facilitating instant memory transfers into me so that I have full knowledge of any new powers. Though really, Calvin's really experienced. Most of these power sets are nothing new.

Among those I'm targeting:
1. Elixir: Instantaneous Death Touch, now with Cal's speedster reflexes. Brain tumors in anyone who's stupid enough to attack me (except instead of X-Men symbols, I'm drawing penises on their brains). Also, he alter his own physiology at will, and when Calvin was merged with Brood physiology, he could copy more than five power templates. Elixir (whose memories are now mine thanks to Nate, as well as my own considerable telepathic skill at this point) has Beast's genius-level knowledge of anatomy and biology, so altering my biology to one Calvin has been before - and that Beast has encountered and studied numerous times - will be child's play. So, fully "unlocked," I'll just keep stacking powers.

2. Flash: I'll hang onto Northstar until I can copy Flash (the spell bomb should do the trick, along with their time-stop strategy), and I'll be staying airborne so they can't get to me until then. Then this is game over for the whole field, because I'm going to speed share with Nate and Z. Everyone can just call it a day at that point, at least the ones who are still alive.

3. Superman: Clark's powers are based in his physiology, so it will be easy to copy. I doubt I need to tell you the benefits of the boyscout's powers.

4. J'onn: Ditto with the above, and Cal has previously copied an alternate reality Morph, whose body-morphing powers make J'onn's shapechanging look like preschool. Also gets me phasing (actually, copying Nate earlier get me this too, but for redundancy).

Are any of these powers at 100%? No. But think it through. 50% Flash still puts anyone else in the field as a statue. 50% Superman is > half the people in this field, hilariously enough. Elixir can mess with literally anyone, and has an Omega level healing factor. And I have unfathomably powerful psionic and telekinetic powers, willingly given to me by Nate. And phasing and shape changing. Put them together and no one in the field would be able to touch me. Flash's punches hit with the force of a moon even at lower speeds. Add even Colossus at that point and I'd take peoples' heads off. And things that take picoseconds for Flash will just take me, say, two picoseconds. Superman and and J'onn are overkill. Even if I only get three of those four above – hell, if I only get two of four – I'm still going to be an angry, untouchable god. And this is also before the biology manipulation that will allow me more powers. So hell, in addition to those, I'll keep Wolverine and Deadpool, so that my healing (from all the damage I won't be taking) will be instantaneous.

And any magical shenanigans claiming otherwise will quickly be put down by a speed-enhanced Zatanna, with the full backing of a multiversal-level telepath in Nate any my own juggernaut Mimic mesh. Good luck to the rest of you; I think you might need it.

There's a lot of trust on our team, so I don't expect a backstab. But if it happens...I'm not fighting. I'm going to spend the remaining moments of Mimic's life just staring into their eyes with a look of truly hurt betrayal. I will mentally impart my anguish to them as they snuff my life out, so that they feel the full weight of their duplicitous actions. They will wake up years from now in the middle of the night, haunted by my eyes, and through them, my soul.

That is all. Go team us!


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The Man of Tomorrow

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DarkSaint85 - Wally West Flash – Team: Darksaint & Philosophia Post ½
Ding,the match starts.


The battlefield is IMMEDIATELY filled with 5000 Flashes.


This is a convoluted strategy,judges,see the following diagram:
(please log in to view the image)

Time Clone Army!!!

I am sending myself,AFTER the match has ended,back in time to the exact moment it starts. Once it’s all over,I then time travel back to the future,to the respective points in time that I came from.

I break no rules,as it is not self-BFR (I never leave the arena - if anything,I am JOINING the arena). Judges,if you think I shouldn’t do it after the match,then imagine me doing it just before the match ends - the results are the same. I'm not attacking them as babies - I go no further back in time than the start of the match.

Can Wally do that?

Here he is,doing EXACTLY that. He was sent back in time,so he creates a loop whereby he goes & interacts with his past/future self,making himself appear dead so that the Suit would send him back in time,where he wakes up & goes to interact with his etc - you get the picture.

In fact,the entire existence of the Flash is due to a loop. Here,Wally remembers being visited by a stranger as a child,who inspires him to become a hero. He then realises that stranger was him:

Other examples,in case people need to wrap their minds around it,include Imperiex - I’m sure we’re all familiar with that story. He was trying to correct a flaw in the universe - then realised by travelling back in time,he was that very same flaw:

So yeah,causal loops are pretty standard,& are even part of my origin. More explanation of loops:

There is no beginning,nor end. Match starts,I have my army. They keep me alive,until the end of the match,when I send them back to the start of the match to keep me alive.

Can Flash travel back in time?


Note how casually he does it,& the accuracy with which he does it,travelling back in time to JUST before it’s destroyed,then returning to the EXACT point.

Again,easily (this is when he JUST got his powers back):

How often can he do it?

Here,he does so every millisecond or so,with pinpoint finesse,I might add:

Judges,my strategy has been cleared by Id,so the legality shouldn’t be in question here.

So that’s that. I have shown I can easily time travel,& can do so multiple times. How fast are my reactions?

I can count in the femtosecond range. Every second holds 1 quadrillion femtoseconds. Later on,I can do attoseconds. But let’s not go OTT. I can easily send 1000 time clones back every second,for five seconds - & they can pop right back to their original timepoints when finished.

So,match starts,5000 clones of Wally. Each clone is,to all intents & purposes,Wally West - just from VERY slightly different times.

1000 of them,IMMEDIATELY,as the match starts,speed steals. I don’t need line of sight,I just need to be standing on the ground,like Wally does here:

Hell,it’s debatable I even need to be physically connected:

Remember,judges,there are 1000 Wallys doing this. Match starts,EVERYBODY is standing on the ground as per forum rules. He did this INSTANTLY against Amazo,who also had superspeed:

Note that Amazo also had GL powers. I’m explicitly NOT doing what happened to Inertia,where he was allowed to continue thinking in real time. Wally did that to torture him. I’m taking ALL speed away - everyone will be completely frozen. No spells,no energy casting,no rings,no telepathy,nothing.

Oh wait...shields.


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

DarkSaint85 - Wally West Flash - Team: Darksaint & Philosophia Post 2/2

DarkSaint85 - Wally West Flash - Team: Darksaint & Philosophia Post 2/2

Here,Max Mercury explains to Wally how deep his connection to the SF is. Even Savitar,who had studied the SF in extreme depth,was unable to sever it:

What is the SF?

It touches EVERY part of reality. Shields won’t block my connection to it - IF it does,that’s cutting your own character off from the SF,& that just….freezes yourself,lol. I am connected to everyone,& everyone is connected to me. Remember,I don’t even need to touch them to absorb the speed. That’s because everything is connected to Flash.

Well,except for the big,Carver elephant in the room. How DO I save myself from Zoom?

3 inferior speedsters,lending speed to Flash,were enough to INSTANTLY enable him to deal with Zoom.

I have ANOTHER 1000 Flashes,lending speed to the remaining 3000. I send 10 to deal with Carver. He gets utterly stomped. 10 Wallys,all as fast or faster,beating him up. Zoom could just about handle 1,lol.

Speed lending to the Silver Age heroes (again,this is ONE Flash. Also shows I won’t tire):

Just remember: ONE Flash,UNAMPED,is faster than thought (more speed lending):

Faster than light (& death):

Can scan 500,000 people in a picosecond (bonus: outracing telepaths & GL beams,which are the same speed regardless of the Lantern):

Can IMP:

Can BFR people into the SF - remember,ONE Wally,aided by inferior speedsters like Jay & Max,could BFR SBP without speed stealing:

Destroy intangible shadow demons:

Snatch organs out of people:

Is completely immune to attacks when vibrating:

Whilst IMPing & vibrating attacks at picosecond speeds:

Is too fast for someone like MM to read:

Oh,& destroy the Anti-Monitor’s armour at speeds too fast for anyone to perceive:

That’s just the normal stuff. I haven’t even gotten into the tactics where I burn their eyes out:

Boil their blood:

Without touching them (goodbye shields!):

Speaking of touching,I can drag them into the SF without needing to lay a finger on them (bye Elixir!):

Phasing them into the ground & leaving them there:

Whilst strategising in nanoseconds:

Fooling them with illusions:

Or just blowing them up (goodbye MM!):

Now,there are 3000 of them,amped,whilst my opponents are frozen by 1,000 speed stealers,whilst carrying WW’s golden lasso.


Yeah. I forgot to mention,when the match ends,I pick WW’s golden lasso up.Every clone that travels back,will therefore have one. I don’t even have to touch people like Elixir.

Judges,am sure all my esteemed opponents will have tactics to deal with Wally. Maybe they will argue I can’t spam IMPs,or they have the durability to tank an IMP. Maybe they’ll argue I can’t possibly speed steal that many people,or that large an area. Now they have to deal with 3000 amped Wallys,with the lasso,whilst they’re frozen solid by another 1000.


If anyone tries to hide from me,my ally,The Blue Phildo,will find them easily. That’s right,I’m allied with Philosophia. Some of the Flashes will be lending him speed,accelerating him & healing him as necessary. So if there’s any doubt that my 3000 amped Wally’s can’t do the trick,he’s there. He’ll look like just another of my clones - but with the right thumb of his costume missing. I’ve shown speed lending,here Wally can lend speed to energy as well:

Of course,if needs be,I can send more. 5000 were sent back in 5 seconds. Why not 10? 12?

I can then phase into the ground,& hide. Who is going to look,let alone find me? I will be phased into the ground,whilst my time clones run riot. Any attempts at finding me will just locate my clones (who are EXACTLY like me). If needed,Phildo can additionally shield me (plus my clones,to be decoys). If anyone tries to absorb him (hello Thor!) well...IMP to the face. See his post on his shields.

Judges,this is how Wiki describes a picosecond:
A picosecond is to one second as one second is to 31,710 years. A femtosecond is to one second as one second is to 31 BILLION years

(emphasis mine).

That is how much time I have.I have 200 AMPED Flashes to deal with each opponent,simultaneously.Either they can handle 200 amped heralds (which makes them way above the cap,lol) or they can't. Oh I’m sure Abhi has his fraction of a nanosecond feat,or Digi has his ½ Quicksilver speed,Bentley will freeze time,Smurph will go into Planck time,whatevs...this is the big league now. A nanosecond is 1000 picoseconds.1000000 femtoseconds.

I freeze ALL of them (stopping their plans),then either outright snatch their hearts out/boil their blood/etc,IMP them,BFR them,or use the lasso on them (which is independent of WW,as anyone who holds the lasso without her can attest to - for more scans of its abilities,see bluewater).

In a femtosecond,simultaneously.


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The Man of Tomorrow

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Diablo Corps

Philosophía - Energy Superman - Team: Darksaint & Philosophia

(please log in to view the image)

Superman is constantly out of phase with normal reality and has to focus to become solid. He starts the fight that way, and goes solid only when I want him to.

What I can do:

a). Physical fights

WW already tried that:

I can:
Phase through blows
Absorb them
Redirect them back at the person they came from.

Can still go into slugfests with Doomsday [magical clone by Mxy]

Or wrestle with Asmodel, a trans-dimensional angel who roflstomped J'onn:

b). Trying to phase/hide from me.

I see the entire spectrum

I see energy signatures even if they're hidden into the ground worldwide:

I see beings phased even into other planes of reality and force them back to tangible:

I can make shields that intangible beings can't get through:

3). Hitting what you can't see or hurt

Full invisibility:

Alien weapons pass through me/suspended mid-air:

I phase through energy attacks:

I can shield myself from complete atomization, from the Millenium Guard:

Make shields that can't be breached by physical force, as Cyborg Superman atests to:

4). Hitting what you can't even register

Supes is capable of filtering individual wavelengths and absorbing lightspeed energy from a bomb as time stands still:
He races with Flash around the world at FTL speeds:
Moves so fast Flash has problems recognizing him:
Even when he was first starting to get to know his powers, he moved FTL and from his perception microseconds were hours:

I'm explicitly faster than in my normal state:

5). Hitting me only makes me stronger

I'm an energy absorber. I get stronger from anything that hits me. We've already covered physical attacks, let's move on to:

"Hard light or soft light is still energy - and I absorb energy" [Hello, Green Lantern!...or anyone that needs to think]:

On topic, bye-bye ring usage:

Absorbs an explosion designed by Lex Luthor [+Injustice League] powerful enough to kill both him and J'onn:

Red Sun only makes him stronger:

Absorbs eye-beams from a Superboy Clone:

I amp on lightning:

I amp on clouds/storms:

I amp with every hammer swung and every step Flash takes:



6). Since we're on the subject of absorbtion...

You all know Parasite, THE energy drainer in comics? Who feeds on speed force energy, GL energy, olympus magical energy and more?

Just in case you're doubting how the Superman canon works, everything is back:

Energy Superman actually drains HIM:

Traps inside himself and feeds on an ancient alien energy absorber:

7). Hurt my energy form?

I can also heal both myself and my costume, even when I was just learning my powers

I can also reform and change from all kind of energy types back and forth:

An alien device that drains the entire planet of its energies can't overpower me [hello, Galactus! Uhh...high herald limit. Sorry there!]:

8). Psionics?

The combined telepathy of J'onn, Tomorrow Woman and Aquaman is his plaything to manipulate and redirect towards the entire planet:

For reference, Tomorrow Woman's telepathy is even more powerful than J'onn's [who midrapped the JLA/Spectre/etc.]

Superman encounters a guy whose power is to psionically get every power. He wants to imagine a weapon, to be invulnerable, to be stronger than his opponent? He just thinks it, and it is.

Superman takes control of his psychic energy, transmutates it, and disperses it, depowering him.

Besides his manipulation of telepathy/psychic energy, let's not forget that he is mentally the same Superman as before - with the same willpower.

Maxima found that the practical way:

I can also shut down brains:

Or disintegrate them inside the skull:

9). Magic?

ANY type of energy is Superman's plaything.

Immune to having his soul magically ripped out of him by a machine that drains the souls of the ENTIRE EARTH

..then merges with the magic and REVERSES it:

Blocks magic spells with his shields:

In summary:
Immune to physical/energy attacks
Flash-level superspeed
Can reform from any attack/Can heal at will
Can manipulate, absorb, redirect and resist psychic/magic attacks

Tactics and the switcheroo

Say hello to Flash! Err...what?

I can shapeshift:

with explanation:

Darksaint doesn't like sharing a costume. So how do we make up? We team-up!

When I shapeshift, I leave my thumb costume naked so he can recognize me.

Besides Zoom, we're the two fastest beings on the field, by far. So as soon as the fight starts, we search for eachother. He lends me speed just in case and I protect us from whatever type of attacks are tried at the start.

Throughout the fight, I can instantly teleport to his location and help him:

I can also shield him from distance:

We're both constantly moving at FTL. I'm changing energy frequencies, nobody gets a lock on me, and when I want to attack, I either do so as Flash, or invisible/phased.

I ONLY attack when there's an opening. If two people or more are engaged, I LET THEM, and attack when a winner arises and he doesn't expect it.

All's fair in love and war.

I'm FAR too fast for anybody besides Flash/Zoom to even see me, but if they do...

Tag me? I phase, absorb their attack and send it back.

Blast me? I absorb their energy, getting stronger.

Before they can say "what the f*ck, since when can Flash do that" they'll be gone.

The ones that can be easily drained? I do so when I get an opening, assuming they won't be down. Like Surfer, who is BY FAR the most drained guy in the entire tier, and it'd take the whole post just for that. Since this is directly relevant, Iron Man drains him electromagnetically:

Thor? There's COUNTLESS examples of his hammer being affected by magnetism, but we don't have the space so here's just three:

How good is my EM control? I CAN MOVE THE MOON:

If somebody on the field somehow gets a shot on me, I can simply teleport away, regroup, and go again [these are 3 trans-tier characters]

..also, Flash will instantly IMP them if I have problems.

EVERYTHING on the field AMPS me. Clouds, lightning, movement, hits, energy blasts -- I just get more powerful as time passes.


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