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Charlie Wax Respect Thread
Started by: Lestov16

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The Flight 520 Hijacker

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Charlie Wax Respect Thread

Luc Besson is a master of action films, and while his most famous action hero of the contemporary era may be Bryan Mills, his best arguably exists within the over-the-top badass Charlie Wax, as portrayed by John Travolta in From Paris With Love

For the second time (after Gabriel Shear), Travolta plays the ultimate badass. Wax is a literal trouble-shooting CIA killing machine. While his exact background is never specified, he was clearly a member of some elite special forces unit, and mentions throughout the film performing operations in Beirut, the DRC, and Somalia.

Wax is a machismo-driven hedonist. From his shaved-head, leather jacket appearance, to his love of fast food and prostitutes, desire for a catchphrase, and overall sardonic, jocular demeanor, Wax is a guy who enjoys a good time. He is completely self-confident (but not stupidly arrogant) and nonchalant of anyone else's opinion of himself. He does what he wants, when he wants, and no one gets to tell him otherwise.

But that is not to underscore his deadliness. Single handedly killing buildings full of opponents, beating down entire street gangs, launching RPGS out of speeding cars, and just in general causing mayhem and destruction wherever he walks, Wax is a living Angel Of Death. He also doesn't mess around and is tactically brilliant, as suspected terrorist he is eating dinner with will get shot point blank in the face if he thinks something is up, and he can mentally time the length terrorists will take to reach their car so he can blow it up.

Wax is the ultimate badass. Rude, crude, and invincibly deadly, nobody is safe when he decides to Wax Off


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Home » Movies » Movie Discussion » Movie Character Respect Forum » Charlie Wax Respect Thread

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