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"Deep cover Liberal"
Started by: cdtm

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"Deep cover Liberal"

Interesting seeing this given some credibility on Rationalwiki, a wiki dedicated to debunking Conservapedia.

They don't outright say it's true, but examples like Arianna Huffington and The Donald do make the idea look plausable..

Here's the list of suspects:

Suspected DCLs[edit]
Everyone on the alt-right (the movement is sometimes claimed, including by some of its own proponents like Milo Yiannopoulos, to be made up mainly of trolls who don't seriously hold the views they espouse).
The alt-right news outlet Breitbart has collaborated with liberal activists to take down mainstream conservatives like Marco Rubio in order to get Trump the GOP nomination. But the argument could go both ways; perhaps the liberals in question are really deep cover alt-rightists?
Andrew Schlafly, founder of Conservapedia, and is theorised to have only done so to avoid embarrassing his mother, Phyllis Schlafly.
Ann Coulter (according to The Boondocks[4])
Bill O'Reilly of Fox News
Donald Trump; former reality TV star, currently President of the United States. Granted that Trump did identify as a Democrat until recently, donated to major candidates of both parties and had nice things to say about Hillary Clinton not even four years before he ran on the GOP ticket for the first time which lends a little credence to the theory.[5]
Arianna Huffington (outed after the 2000 election by virtue of being a friend of Al Franken)
The Birther movement (it originated thanks to PUMAs, if you remember)
Charles G. Koch, because flags.
Christine O'Donnell, for reasons outlined here.
Clint Eastwood, after lighting up the 2012 GOP convention by yelling at a chair for ten minutes.
Fred Phelps, according to some conservatives, anyway. Though he's not exactly conservative, so much as just an extreme homophobe who has no opinion on almost any issue not related to homosexuality.[6]
Glenn Beck, for hypocritically using the same tactics that he decries liberals for using.[7]
Hal Turner (outed as a possible FBI informant against white supremacist activity in late 2007 was he only in it for the money?)
Herman Cain
Jack Chick
John Ashcroft, after his dramatic reversal on states' rights upon becoming Attorney General.
"Mad" Melanie Phillips, especially for her columns in the Spectator
The editorial staff of the New York Post
Ray Comfort
Rush Limbaugh
S. E. Cupp, an atheist concern troll and "coastal elite" who insults coastal elites.
Ted Cruz, an undercover CSIS agent?
Victoria Jackson
Fox News ambush reporter Jesse Watters may be one of the first documented deep cover liberals; he donated $500 to the Obama campaign while publicly mocking Obama voters on the air.[8]

If you want, or even care, about my opinion on the subject:

Remember how the last Ghostbusters movie had a culling of reasonable criticism from Youtube, but left the nutjobs? I think politics is one part highlighting the crazies at the expense of moderates, and one part "Deep cover" trolls, to stir the pot..


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Home » Community » General Discussion Forum » "Deep cover Liberal"

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