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Home » Role Playing » Role Playing Forum » Welcome to the Role-Playing Forum! New Arrivals please read!

Welcome to the Role-Playing Forum! New Arrivals please read!
Started by: Ushgarak

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Welcome to the Role-Playing Forum! New Arrivals please read!


Here in the Main Role-Playing Forum we hope to create fun, interactive stories about any subject that people wish to partake in! This forum has been created based on the success of the Star Wars Role-Play, which is in a seperate area.

This area, specifically, is for games created and run by a single person (or perhaps small group of people) for the benefit of others. This is a traditional approach to Role Playing as is done in the tabletop versions offline. The people that run the games, and set the rules, are seperated from those who come to play them.

People here are creating games for your entertainment! And we are always after new players.

As you can see, now this section has been here for some time, there are quite a few games running. I am running my long-term Lord of the Rings and Matrix games, a Harry Potter game has been doing the rounds for a while, and a variety of other ideas are being tried with much effort quite regularly. Not all succeed, but many do, so take a look to see if any of the games being played here interest you. Games currently running often want new players, and we always want new games as well!

If you are interested in joining a game already running, contact the person who seems to be running, or started, that game, or use the thread provided to show interest for that particular idea.

If you have an idea for a game yourself, put it in the game ideas thread, and see what people think. As this is the Hosted area, you need more than just a basic idea to get a game running- give people an idea about what you want the general plot to be, and how the game will work, and whether you want any rules etc.

I want to make this very clear- do NOT just start a game without permission! This area needs to be well controlled to keep it in order and save it being filled with junk. Unauthorised games will be closed. I have very little reason to disallow any sort of suggested game so please just come to me and ask, or use the suggestions thread- if you can get the players for a game, and it seems a suitably well thought-out idea, then it can be played. I cannot allow all ideas but I will allow as many as are practical. By the same logic, please do not just post straight into games that are already running- that will only annoy people trying to play.

If you are looking for more free-form roleplays with no overall person in charge and less rules, please visit the Unhosted RP area.

Above all the important thing to do here is have fun, either in running or playing a story. We created this place purely as an extension of the soical side of this board- a side which people who like this sort of thing should enjoy immensly!

Please take a look around if you are interested, and post your desire if you like what you see! But please remember- ask permission before simply posting into game threads or making your own! Thankyou!

Thanks for your interest!



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Home » Role Playing » Role Playing Forum » Welcome to the Role-Playing Forum! New Arrivals please read!

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