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Originally posted by Furiae
Started by: hannibal

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Originally posted by Furiae

This was posted in the 'for those who have seen Rev.' thread. I just wanted to make it a topic because, for myself, I think Furiae hit the nail on the head pertaining to what people wanted to see.

Originally posted by Furiae
Wow, so many different opinions....

It is like the fan base is literally divided...similar to how SOME believed in the prophecy and Neo and some did not. It didn't really matter who did as long as Neo did. Then again I keep asking myself would Neo ever have become the one if Trinity was never told by the Oracle she would have fallen in love with a man and that man would be The One. subject. I believe Sati did change both worlds in the sense that she WAS the first program that other programs "loved" enough to sacrifice more or less no different than you or I or Neo or Trinity.
Persephone seems simple enough to me, she kisses people and extracts (downloads) the emotional connection and processes that information. "feeling" ? This is at least what I get from her kissing, Neo(Reloaded), Niobe and Ghost in ETM.

I love that people think the movie "sucks" because they don't know more about Mero, Persephone, Seraph and some other minor characters...
This story (Trilogy) is interpretive and allows you to connect it religiously, IF YOU CHOOSE, or not. It is not meant for Christians to understand only and it certainly can be deeper if you choose to look.

I like that in the midst of all the money they stand to make and likely knew they would they still managed (IMO) to deliver something that will be debated for (potentially) ever...

I cannot believe that people are made the Wach Bros didn't come to this forum and use all these ideas. Why didn't they hand us exactly what we wanted on a silver platter...???

Man I can't wait for Spiderman 2 next year. Oooo, I bet you he lives in the end and defeats Doc Ock. I bet in SW Ep 3 Anakin turns into Darth Vader and Obi Wan goes to Tatooine and lives alone. I bet in Scooby Doo 2 he saves the day...For the next few years or so (hard to say) I am sure you will have plenty of movies that serve up "what you want" and only miss on delivering great action or maybe some bad acting or maybe some weak stoy line...but nontheless hand you a typical outlined story you can add to your DVD collection...
I am happy I have 3 movies that opened my eyes and mind a little more than yesterday and gave me a new way to look and or expect things. You didn't get WHAT YOU WANTED....HAHA boo hoo.

Opinions are fine, just don't say they failed because they didn't. They succeeded. They told the story they wanted to tell and you didn't like how it went. I can say I wish there was more and that I want to know more but I am far from pissed about it. The best thing about the Star Wars Franchise before Ep 1 and 2 was that it was so open. Expanded Universe, interpretations, mystery. That is what makes something last and keep syou does the story of the Bible end again? Oh yeah it truly hasn't been written yet...I guess we can all guess on our own depending on what we believe...

Can you tell I am tired and stayed up too late catching this movie latesmile
Forgive me...I babble

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