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Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 Arcs
Started by: spidermanrocks

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Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 Arcs

If the Spectacular Spider-Man will soon get a Season 3, how do you think it will turn out? I think it will turn out something like this:
Jameson’s Revenge arc:
Episode 1
John Jameson is freed from Ravencroft. Missing the power he had before, he asks Miles Warren to give him back all his power. Miles turns John into Man-Wolf who goes on a rampage in New York City. Spider-Man defeats Man-Wolf and John is taken back to Ravencroft. Desiring revenge on Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson puts out a reward of $1 million for anyone who unmasks Spider-Man. Mac Gargan is introduced.
Episode 2
The Sinister Six reform again (consisting of Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Electro, Rhino, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter) to catch Spider-Man and unmask him for the $1 million award. Meanwhile, Mac Gargan is hired by Jameson to stalk Peter to find out how he gets all of his Spider-Man pictures.
Episode 3
Miles Warren and Jameson transform Mac Gargan into the Scorpion. He goes after Spider-Man but he realizes the effects are permanent so he decides to get revenge on Jameson. Spider-Man saves Jameson from the Scorpion and Jameson then calls off the reward.
Return of the Lizard arc:
Episode 4
Peter and Ned Lee travel to Florida to investigate the mysterious creature called the Lizard. It is revealed that the gene cleanser Dr. Connors took only had a temporarely effect. As Spider-Man must find a real cure for Dr. Connors’ cause, he must also protect him from Kraven and Chameleon who are also in Florida to hunt down the Lizard.
Episode 5
As Spider-Man continues to battle and protect the Lizard from Kraven and Chameleon, Calypso unleashes her powers on Spider-Man. At the end, Spider-Man defeated Kraven, Chameleon, and Calypso but the Lizard gets away never to be seen again by anyone. Peter and Ned return to New York.
Hobgoblin arc:
Episode 6
A new gang war is set for July featuring Silvermane, Tombstone, Hammerhead, and Doctor Octopus, each with their own gangs. Rumors say it will be the biggest battle New York has ever faced. Elsewhere, a mysterious man appears before Tombstone, telling him another crime boss will participate in the upcoming gang war. That crime boss is no one other than the thought-to-be-killed Kingpin who is considered the greatest crime boss of all time. Meanwhile, people all over Manhattan claimed they have spotted the Green Goblin flying around on his glider. Ned Lee investigates this as well as Spider-Man whose first suspect is Harry. Spider-Man later battles this “Green Goblin” who is actually revealed to be a second goblin called the Hobgoblin. The Hobgoblin gets away…for now.
Episode 7
Ned Lee is missing. Meanwhile, Spider-Man battles the Hobgoblin with the help of Black Cat. It is revealed that the Hobgoblin wants to become the new Big Man by killing all the crime bosses in the upcoming gang war. Spider-Man then tells Black Cat his origin and the reason he didn’t let her dad escape. Black Cat forgives him and promises to help him protect the city in the upcoming gang war. But the Hobgoblin got away…again.
Episode 8
Ned Lee is still missing and the Hobgoblin is still on the loose. Morris Bench is turned into Hydro-Man by the Hobgoblin and Spider-Man must team up with Sandman to defeat him. Hydro-Man is defeated and Spider-Man asks Sandman for help in the upcoming gang war as Sandman agrees to help him. Meanwhile, somewhere in New York, that mysterious man from Episode 6 is revealed to be Black Tarantula, who will represent the Kingpin in the upcoming gang war.
Episode 9
Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin have their final battle as the Hobgoblin is finally unmasked and revealed to be Ned Lee who has been missing since the Hobgoblin first appeared. Ned Lee is then taken to Ravencroft. He keeps trying to tell everyone that he has been framed but no one listens.
Gang War 2 arc:
Episode 10
Gwen finally breaks up with Harry to be with Peter. With the war approaching, each crime boss is gathering a team as fast as possible. Doctor Octopus reforms the Sinister Six, consisting of the same members from episode 2 of season 3. Silvermane and Silver Sable decide to handle everyone on their own. Tombstone asks for the help of the Tinkerer to upgrade Shocker’s gauntlets as well as Ricochet and Ox. Hammerhead gains the interest of Scorpion and Hydro-Man. Black Tarantula decides to take them down all by himself. The Hobgoblin (revealed to not be Lee but someone else) breaks Molten Man out of prison and tells him he can have that remote only if he helps him in the gang war. Mark agrees. Meanwhile, Spider-Man finds the symbiote and bonds with it one last time to stop the gang war.
Episode 11
The real gang war begins with Spider-Man having Black Cat and Sandman on his side as well as the symbiote. Tombstone and the Enforcers battle Hammerhead, Scorpion, and Hydro-Man. The Enforcers, Scorpion, and Hydro-Man are defeated as Tombstone and Hammerhead go one-on-one with Tombstone winning. The Sinister Six, Black Tarantula, Spider-Man and his team, and Silvermane and Silver Sable also
battle with Silvermane and Silver Sable being defeated.
Episode 12
Hobgoblin and Molten Man join the war. Molten Man defeats Sandman but then he is defeated by the Sinister Six. Hobgoblin is defeated by Spider-Man and then he is unmasked, revealing him to be Roderick Kingsley. Black Cat is defeated by the Sinister Six.
Episode 13
The only ones left are Spider-Man, Tombstone, Black Tarantula, and the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six except Doctor Octopus are defeated. Spider-Man and Tombstone realize the war is out of control and they team up to defeat Doctor Octopus and Black Tarantula. The police interfere and Doctor Octopus kills Captain George Stacy. Before his death, he tells Spidey he knew his identity all along and asks him to take care of Gwen. Doctor Octopus is then defeated. Spider-Man and Tombstone then defeat Black Tarantula. Spider-Man asks Black Tarantula about this “Kingpin” but he refuses to answer. With only Spider-Man and Tombstone left, Tombstone decides to turn himself in and tells Spider-Man he liked working with him.
Peter and Gwen get back together. Gwen develops a grudge for Spider-Man for letting her dad die. Harry develops a grudge for Peter for stealing his girl as he runs away from home. Roderick Kingsley is taken to prison and Ned Lee is released. Everyone who was part of the gang war, besides Spider-Man, is taken to prison. Spider-Man separates himself from the symbiote. And the Kingpin is somewhere out there, plotting against New York City.
How do you guys think Season 3 will be like?

Old Post May 31st, 2009 02:43 PM
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you pretty much summed up my idea of season 3. although I'm now focusing on thinking a possible season 4, where they could probably do the clone saga without killing off Gwen.

Old Post Aug 20th, 2009 03:58 PM
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Mr. Rhythmic
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Those are some really good ideas.


Old Post Aug 20th, 2009 04:29 PM
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Great ideas. Though it seems tacky, I'd like to see Venom come back somewhere in season 3 too.


Old Post Sep 1st, 2009 04:08 AM
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I agree with 90% percent of this. A few things though:
1. Having Lizard disappear forever seems a little...harsh.
2. I kind of doubt Spidey would EVER let the Symbiote re-bond with him but it would be interesting to see that happen anyway
3. The following people should avoid capture during the gang-war: Black Cat, Sandman, Silver Sable, and Molten Man

Other then that, your third season is pure genius. I really hope this is how they do it.


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-Ben Parker

Old Post Nov 11th, 2009 02:34 PM
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that all sounds good but wheres maximum carnage in all that and i agree i doubt spider-man will ever use the symbiont again or the symbiont take spider-man. but it does all sound good if they can leave it hanging for season four with maximum carnage.

Old Post May 18th, 2010 01:11 AM
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