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Grand Theft Auto: Gang Wars
Started by: x7Enigma7x

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The One

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Grand Theft Auto: Gang Wars

Those of you who are familiar with Rockstars Grand Theft Auto will understand the concept of this Fan Fiction story. Fido [GTA3] is coming back to Liberty City to take over, but what he doesn't know is that there is a huge surprise in store for him. Joey Leone, son of Salvatore Leone has taken over the family business and he is out for revenge. But all the gangs realise that Liberty City is host, to a Gang War. Please Read And Reply.

Prologue: Meeting With The Man

"Cartel..Triads..Yakuza..Diablos..and ****in' Yardies! They all want a piece of the action around here Joey!"

"I know that Luigi so just calm down. I have control over Liberty City these days..ME, Joey Leone! All these gangs can **** off back to their turfs 'cause they aint takin' over the Leone Family's work. The population of Liberty City is four million habitants..they owe my father their lives! He gave them equal opportunity in this town and they didn't even repay him god rest his soul." Joey Leone was dressed in a black suit. Joey was now head of The Leone Family, Liberty Citys head mafia gang. He was sitting down at a table with two other gentlemen, one dressed in a black suit, and the other in a purple suit.

"It's time to act Joey. These assholes want a war so we can give 'em a war. We can get rid of them in a matter of days aslong as we keep our guys intact and unharmed. Liberty City has gotten worse sense the death of Salvatore." Toni Cipriani was smoking a fine Cuban cigar. Joey was looking into space with a look of anger in his face.

"I have news Joey, a certain kid is returning home to Liberty! This guy is older and wiser now, but he can't be that smart if he's returning to a city where every god damn person has a price on his head." Luigi Goterilli still owned Sex Club Seven. As Luigi was talking about this kid, Joey's face lit up in rage.

"FIDO! That son of a *****! How dare he come back to MY city after what he done! He killed my father, Salvatore Leone after my father had shown him allegiance and loyalty, but most of all trust, and the feel of him actually being part of my family"

"Bullshit" Toni mumbled under his breath but Joey heard this and he immediately rose to his feet an he pulled out a Desert Eagle from his pocket and pointed it to the head of Toni. Toni rose to his feet aswell and he pulled out a pistol. Both men had their guns pointed at each other.

"You son of a ***** how dare you say that! That bastard KILLED my father because he wanted to make a name for himself." Joey was fuming but so was Toni.

"You dont know the truth you ignorant shit! Your father was going to kill Fido! He had a car rigged with C4 to blow when he entered that car! Thats why your father is dead, because he got caught out in his own ****in' game!" Joey locked his Eagle and so did Toni, but then Luigi came into break it up.

"Guys guys ****in' stop this! Jesus Christ you guys are friends now come on, holster your guns! Luigi tried to make peace but it wasnt working. "Listen, we'll set a trap, once Fido enters Liberty, we'll tag him and then we'll..or rather YOU Joey, you can kill him in an act of revenge! Thats fair enough ain't it?" Joey looked into thin air for a second then he holstered his Desert Eagle and put it back into his pocket. Toni then put his gun away and he stormed out of Saint Marcos Bistro.

"Tag Fido, tell me where he is so I can kill him. Then, kill Toni!" Joey knew what he was doing and so did Luigi. It was all set, the war was about to begin.

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