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Nameless as of now
Started by: XornonJay

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Nameless as of now

((This is a D&D campaign I wrote up, now turned book in my spare time. Its still in the works, so probably won't see more for a while, but hey, might as well start))

Brief Histories of Bermisia

Bermisia was a prosperous land, filled with green fields, lush forests, and good people. The land was split into three seperate provences, but all was well between the three lands. Belairio; the human land, was the largest provence in Bermisia, followed by Aferon; the elven land in the east, then Galvar; the dwarven lands to the north west, deep in the Vorck mountains. There were of course other races in Bermisia: Centaur, Faries, Gnomes, Halflings, and Half-breeds; who all lived in hormony with others.
There was rarely ever a dispute between the different races, but when there was, it was usually about the amount of crop space the Halflings had taken for there village, or the amount of trees the Humans had cut out of the Aferon forest, or other thing of that nature. All of which were easily remedied with a few days of dicussion between the opposing parties, with a mutual judge to diside the outcome.
Of course, everything was not fine and dandy in Bermisia. There was the ever present crime in the cities, and there were races in Bermisia that would cause a stir every once and again, such as Minotaurs, Orcs, and Goblins. Thats not to say that everyone one of that race was bad or evil; there were quite a few good natured Minotaurs living with there cousins, the Centaurs; and there were many Orcs working in the ship yards along with humans and elves. Not nearly as many Goblins were good, but there were a few. But even then, with the occasional looting band of Orcs, or the drunk horde of Goblins, these races liked to stay to themselves, hiden away the huge forest of Jockar, the dark, scarely traveled forest at the base of the Vorck Mountains. That is, they stayed to themselves before the invasion.
300 years ago, hundreds of ships stormed the port city Tibus, which was also the capitol city of Belairio. The ships were maned by Orcs, Goblins, and evil Men; and upon seeing this, every evil race in Bermisia came out of the holes to join this invasion army. It took only 1 month for this invasion army to completely take over Tibus, and with the help of the "new recruits", all of the main cities in Bermisia were engaged in war within the year. For 2 armies battled for control, yet no one knew where this invasion army had come from, or who was its leader. It wasn't until far into the third year of fighting, that the skies were blackened over Tibus by the wings of a huge dragon.
There had been tales of dragons in Bermisia history, hundreds of years ago, but never had one been seen by anyone that was still alive. The dragon, along with its rider, who was only ever identified as the black speck that sat behind the dragons head, began a long reign of terror. For 30 years, the dragon and its master laid waste to the land, and were unopposed.
After 33 years of pain and suffering, the Bermisian people came together to fight. Who knows why it took so long for the races to come together. Some would say that the kings of the races had to much pride to ask for help. Others would say that the kings were under a spell, and were not allowed to lead their people. This theory was more widely believed, only because when the good races came together, each army had a mage at its fore front. Where mages came from, no one knew, but they were powerful, and all of the kings would later write that it was only because of them that they were able to come together.
There were four sorcerer's; one of fire, one of water, one of air, and one of earth. The two giant armies clashed on the plains of Alesea, in the northern lands of Belairio, and there, the four mages, on the backs of griffons, went to battle with the dragon. It was a long fight, a fight that lasted days high above the battle field. At night, men would stand outside their tents and look up in the sky, only to see flashes of fire and lighting.
On the third day of fighting, the air rang with a roar that some would later write "sounded like the gods themselves screamed". For a minute, nothing, but then it began to rain blood, giant droplets of blood. Then to the south, the hulking body of the dragon fell from the sky, spiraling towards the earth like a giant meteor. Upon seeing this, the evil army retreated. Many went back to the ports, got onto ships and sailed way, others went back to hiding in their dark forest. The army of men, elves, dwarves and other good races rejoiced in their victory, and when the mages returned, hoisted them onto their shoulders, singing them praises and offering them any amount of land, gold, jewels and other such things. The mages only request was food and a bed to sleep in.

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After the sorcerer's were rested, they flew to the place where the dragon had fallen; an island in the middle of a huge lake in the center of the continent. After making sure it was dead, they burned the giant carcass. The mages then disappeared. For the five years after the invasion ended, the mages were no where to be found. The main citied were rebuilt, and the people of Bermisia now had the task of starting anew. But then, word started spreading that four schools of magic were opening, one for fire, one for water, one for air, and one for earth. Of course everyone wanted into the schools, but no one could find them. After another year, random people began to get letters; invitations to the schools of magic.
But of course, like most fads, the schools of magic went to the back of everyones mind, and the thoughts of farming and restarting the market came to the fore front fo everyones mind. Only the most dedicated people still sought out the schools of magic, and soon, mages began to appear all over Bermisia. Some sorcerers helped grow crops by making it rain over just the fields, others helped till the land, by merely raising there hands, and the dirt would turn and crumble. Others helped get rid of the unwanted trash the invaders left behind, by creating spontaneous fires. It was the begining of a new life for all of the Bermisian people.
It wasn't until one hundred years later that a new issue of arrived on the scene. The human leaders were in a terrible fight over where the capitol city should be. Tibus had always been the capitol, so many thought it should always stay like that. But others said that it was unwise to have your capitol so close to the ocean, because it could easily be taken, like in the invasion. After much bickering, the human land was split in half. Some still think the split was unnessisary and stupid, but the leaders had insisted that neither of them should be wrong, and they should just be two provences, with the south having their capitol where it always was, Tibus Port, and keeping the name Belairio; and the north having their capitol in Alesea, a city that had prospered after the war, and naming their new land, Delfwar. The two lands still trade with one another, and many are happy with the change, but there is still the occasional over taxation of traded goods by each market.
For the next hundred years, Bermisia lived in peace, but then, once again, trouble arised. The evil species began working together. Random towns would be burned, and all the people in them murdered. Large groups of Goblins and Orcs would storm a large city, set fires, then run away. The elves forest was being burned by Minotaurs, Dwarven cities were being raided by evil men, the human crops were being burned, and the northern lands were completly unfertile, which they blamed on the earth magic school because of the rumors that the earth school was in the northern mountains. The land was slowly turning evil agian. The good races all pointed figures at the other for helping the evil races, and the evil races continually got more and more aggressive in their attacks.
The kind of Delfwar has had enough though. He has called a counsil of leaders together to come up with a plan. A plan to stop the evil races once and for all, and to hopefully unite the good races once again.

((I know the ending is a bit sketchy, but its in the works. What does everyone thing so far))

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