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Halo: Forgotten Heroes
Started by: Liquid_Fire

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Warning Halo: Forgotten Heroes

= Well this is my story, as a lot of mine it's based around Halo, so if you dont know anything about Halo, or have any questions feel free to ask. I'm sorry, but it was originally written for a Halo community so I don't describe every detail that Halo playerse would know. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, please post comments. =

= It should also be noted this is not my whole story, it's only one part, and I've got 11 more done, and a lot more being done. = - This is a picture of Spartan 010, as a reference. I did it in photoshop.

Forgotten Heroes
by Ben Cooper

Prologue: Archeron

Bright flashes from the barrel of Spartan 010’s battle rifle caused shadows and the dark yellow emanations of flame to dance along the chest, arms, and face of his Armour. He was standing on the edge of a balcony one story up. Using the ledge of the balcony as cover he was firing at the Covenant grunts below. Empty casings spat out the side of the weapon as he fired, three at a time. The small pieces of metal tinkered to the pavement at his feet creating a scattered scene of peaceful chaos in their random placement.

The front of one Grunt’s head caved in for a split second, small patches of bright blue visible, then the scene exploded outward, the small implosion becoming invisible. Small bits of flesh, bone, and breather mask shot outward, but the scene of these was dwarfed in the small showering spray of blood that shot out toward the sky. The alien toppled backwards, head over heels, and fell to the ground dead.

Up on the balcony the black clad Spartan warrior shifted his aim toward another alien, and he fired another burst. He didn’t get to see the result of his second barrage because scattered green plasma bolts impacted on the balcony ledge in front of him. Some pavement, melted and otherwise, was shot off and fell to the ground below. Spartan 010 however lifted his weapon at the same time of moving back and ducking behind his cover. He looked from side to side out of instinct, and then rising slowly, he ran through the door of the balcony and into the building. The Covenant would have him pinned down in that position. He needed a new place from where he could fire at them.

He came to a broken window, and halted. He could fire off a few more shots before he went down there to confront them close range. He reached down to his side and plucked a grenade off of his Armour, priming it he half threw half dropped it out the window. Taking one step forward he set his shoulder on the window’s edge and fired one burst from his weapon. Another Grunt toppled sideways in a small explosion of florescent blue liquid shot from its skull. The others shouted and spun to face the direction of the shot just as the grenade landed. It bounced lightly with a soft ding, shot about three feet into the air and then exploded in a ball of orange flame, dark smoke, and a hail of shrapnel. The Grunts screams were instantly drown out in the roar of the explosion. The closest of them was hurled backwards, lifted off the ground by a foot, with the side of him facing the explosion torn to shreds. He slammed into the wall with a sickening crunch and bounced off, landing on the ground with a deep thud. Another threw his arms up in front of his face, but a piece of shrapnel was hurled in the space between the limbs before they had finished their motion. It sunk into the front of his head and he half fell half flipped backwards so that he rolled over once before landing on his chest and stomach, a pool of blood forming under his head.

One Grunt had been farther away, and was lucky enough that no shrapnel found its way to him, but he was not lucky enough to survive. A burst of battle rifle fire punctured the covenant methane mixture tank on his back. He staggered forward and then the tank seemed to swell like a balloon before it turned into an expanding inferno of greenish orange flame. The body of the alien was all but blown apart, and the blackened charred pieces, turned this way from the heat, rained into a nearby wall.

This scene played out not only on the ground below, but two different versions, one blue and the other gold were played out on the warped reflections of Spartan 010’s visor, and the scope of his battle rifle. Through the magnification of the scope, the chaotic once scenario slid across the Spartans vision as he looked from side to side through his weapon. Now all was silent, save for far off gunfire that gave off the location of scattered battles between the planetary marine force and the invading Covenant juggernaut.

Spartan 010 lifted his gun from the windowsill and held it down across his chest so that the barrel was down below his waist in a more casual but still proper position. Satisfied that the squad of the smaller aliens had been eliminated he stepped back from the window, moving into the shadow of the room and out of view from outside. He turned without giving a backwards glance, and headed for the stairs. Coming to the top he aimed his gun down the steps before proceeding, if any more of his species enemies were down there they could eat his lead. The stairs creaked under his weight, in his Armour he weighed just over a ton, around one thousand two hundred pounds. He descended the steps quickly in an unmoving position save for his legs. His steps were in perfect timing. He had a mathematical and logical style of movement.

His foot met the floor as he came off the final step of the stairs. He looked left then right, his head moving methodically, he moved his gun from side to side as well, following his eyes. It was clear. Without relaxing one bit he walked forward to the door, and pushed it slowly open before taking a quick step back. No weapons fire. He proceeded outward, looking one direction, and aiming his gun the other, so if he heard he could shoot, and if he saw he could aim. It covered both sides more effectively. No enemies were visible, and it was still silent. It seemed clear, but he was still very alert for an ambush.

He proceeded a few steps down the alley, his legs bent and weapon at the ready. He looked from side to side again. “Cooper to Stagger.” He said into his comm. “The Covenant squad has been engaged and eliminated. You have the view of higher elevation, what location should I move to next?” He waited, but got no response. Expression changing almost undetectable, he opened his mouth to repeat the message again, but footsteps from behind made him stop. Grip tightening on his gun Cooper spun around, swinging his weapon from side to side, just behind his gaze. A slight ripple in the air caught his attention, and he shifted his aim to fire.

The Elite, a warrior that was equal or even better in many aspects, was faster. It lashed out with a boot and the Spartan’s weapon flew out of his hands, the force of the blow denting it out of shape. Immediately Cooper shifted into hand-to-hand combat mode, he started to take a position and move for an offensive, but the Elite’s move was part of a series. Plasma fire erupted distorting Cooper’s vision. A straight kick to the chest nearly depleted his shields, and he was lifted off the ground and thrown backwards. Smashing into the corner of a concrete building, the impact blew a hole in the structure, raining dust and debris to the ground. Cooper half bounced half glanced off with a spin, landing on his stomach. Getting ride of the disorientation he pushed himself to his feet, but stopped. The Elite’s active camo faded and it stood dual wielding plasma rifles, both weapons aimed at Cooper. The Spartan knew rushing it was suicide, so he tried to come up with another plan in less than half a second, but he didn’t want to die just standing there either. Less than half a second had passed, he tensed to launch himself into his enemy, but a loud crack, accompanied by an explosion of purple blood. The sniper shot came downwards from above and ripped through the aliens shields, helmet, and skull. The alien fell to the side, blood pooling under its corpse.

Cooper relaxed slightly and straightened, he moved forward and turned around, looking up at the roof tops. At first he was blinded but his visor darkened to adapt to the light of the blazing white sun of the planet. Another figure of a Spartan holding a sniper rifle, silhouetted against the sun, stood at the edge of the closest building. The figure nodded before turning and walking out of view.

Cooper was left alone again, looking up where the other Spartan had just been standing. He smiled faintly, something he almost never did, and nodded back to the empty space. He saluted as well, “Good job Spartan…and.” He paused before continuing, “…Orders received.” The Spartan, dressed in black gleaming Armour, turned and walked around the dead body. Kneeling down, he retrieved its plasma rifles out of the expanding purple puddle on the pavement. Shaking the blood of them, he realized why Stagger had not answered him. His Spartan brother had seen the Elite and had been covering him the whole time. “Thanks man…” He whispered, then still in his kneeling position, he looked up and gazed at the walls of the building Stagger had been standing, as if looking through them off into the distance. Then he rose, stepping over the fallen enemies body, and started in the direction his companion had gone.


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Not bad, I enjoyed it.

Just a small note: a ton is two thousand pounds smile


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Yeah. It's supposed to say about half a ton at just over 1000 pounds but this site dosen't allow editing...


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