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Due to lack of a better title... I hope you enjoy my new story (And still in progress, surprisingly), Kain.


I know the rules, but there's a lot that I don't really wish to cute out.. a bit of blood, here and there... Though I suck with details, it's still a sadistic story about murderers, mob/gang/mafia(I have yet to make the choice). Bad language, too.. children also die in this story. The chapters are.. short, by the way.

This is a furry story. Those of you who feel the need to scream "furfag" have your fill. Your comments will be reported.

Chapter One: The Hit

Staring down the barrel of the shotgun used to kill his family, a young skox shook in fear, whimpering loudly. His ears pressed flat against his head as tears rolled down his furry black cheeks, he tried to speak to the attacker, "P-Please Don't-"

A click, then a bang, was the last two things the skox heard... then, beeping.

"Ugh... Nngh..." the skox slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room. Everything was so blurry, he couldn't see his paws in front of him. His head was throbbing.

After a minute, things started to get a little more clear. The outlines of his bed started to come clear. Everything was so white, the world was spinning around him.

"So.., I see you're awake, huh?" said an aged, white-furred fox in a doctor's uniform.

"Oh... A-am I dead..?" the skox asked, breathing hard from the pain in his body.

The doctor laughed, "No, surprisingly.. You are a very lucky little mix, aren't you? Shot point blank by a military grade pump action shotgun, and still breathing.. Hah."

The skox slowly slid up in the bed to sit up, "...Military grade pump action shotgun...? What are you talking about..?"

The doctor sighed, and rubbed the back of his head, "Well, the spread did hit your chest and head... Listen.. You were shot point blank by a 12 Gauge.. neighbors called, and police arrived..."

"Hold up... I don't know.. what's going on.. but.." the skox rubbed his head, "My head hurts, and I can't think.."

"-As I was saying, young man... The spread hit you in the head, as well. We're unsure if it may cause trauma, amnesia, et cetera.., so you're going to have to stay here until we're sure you're fine."

The skox sighed and looked at the doctor, and nodded, "Alright.. Who attacked.. me?"

The doctor looked at him with an abstracted expression, "Don't ask me.., I am, however, suppose to tell you that.., your family, is dead." he stated, with a monotonous tone.

Blinking in confusion, the skox looked at him, "...Family?"

"Amnesia.., Check." the doctor mumbled, "Look, I don't know the details, or really know how to help you figure anything out, I'm the person who stitched you up..., and I have to go." he said, feeling his beeper vibrate on his waist, before he walked out quickly.

The skox frowned, and looked down at his bandaged chest, and reached up with a bandaged paw, feeling the injury on his muzzle, forehead, and ear, "..." He leaned back a little, and looked out the window at the starry sky, "I forgot to ask.. a very cliche question... What's MY name..."

Leaning back, staring out the window, thinking to himself, trying to figure things out.

"Sir, you have a visitor." said a young looking black wolf, a nurse. She looked quite stunning in the outfit, in the Skox's opinion.

"..A visitor..? I don't know anyone.." the skox replied.

The wolf shrugged, and walked out, and away, letting in a Skunk.

The skunk was male, and had spiked white headfur, with pink dyed fur under his eyes, much like makeup, "Hello, comrade. You seem to be.. out of the game, this time."

The skox blinked, "Who are you..?"

"You do'no remember, comrade? It's Yuri!" he spoke with a small smirk, "Ah, Da, you are out of the game.."

With a frown, and an ear twitch, the Skox looked at the skunk who called himself Yuri, "..What game?" he asked.

"Nevermind that.." Yuri put his paw in his coat pocket.

The skox watched him, carefully, examining the coat, feeling as though he should feel threatened. He noticed that it was a thin coat, but thick around the pockets, brown, probably pretty expensive. At one point, it may have been clean, but countless years of wear and tear had taken its toll.

"Comrade, you may not remember anything, eh.. Da, forgive me, comrade." the skunk spoke.

The skox ear twitched at an almost silent 'click', "...Are you going to shoot me..?" he whispered, worried.

"Da." was the only response, before the skunk suddenly pulled out a makarov, a Russian handgun, with a silencer attached, and aimed at the skox.

The skox, without a second thought, grabbed the side of his bed,and yanked as hard as he could, pulling up a wooden piece, and making the mattress slide off the other side. He quickly reached up, as the gun began putting holes in the mattress, and pressed the emergency button.

Yuri growled, standing up and jumping up on the wooden bed, and aimed over the mattress, only to blink, and get smacked in the face, hard, with a metal tray. He yelped, and fell backwards. Before growling and standing up, rushing to the window, and elbowing it, breaking the glass, "Perhaps another time, I'll kill you, comrade!" he growled, before jumping out the second story room.

The skox panted, holding his throbbing chest. He stood up slowly, ripping out the needles in his arm that fed his body the nutrients he needed. He ran to the window, and leaned out, watching the skunk run. He grit his teeth, holding his head, which had started throbbing from all the movement.

Two nurses and a doctor rushed in, and gasped at the site of the bloody metal tray, broken bed, and shattered window.

"What happened in here?!" the doctor asked, stepping forward. A tall, strong looking doberman, with glasses that ruined his entire build.

"...Someone tried to shoot me... and he ran away.." the skox said, before placing his paw on his chest, "...I am, pretty tired, now..." he frowned, "..But, looks like I can't sleep."

The doctor walked over to him, "Let's move you to a new room, I'll call the police personally, and get some protection."

"...Alright." was all the skox said, turning and walking past the doctor, holding his chest. All he could feel was the throbbing electricity going through his body at every movement, and for a moment, he thought he could smell blood. The crisp scent hung in his nose until he arrived in his room.

The new room, much like the last, had white tiled floors, with some color in between the tiles, and the walls, white as a ghost. The room smelled heavily of cleaning supplies. He didn't mind, though, he much proffered the scent of bleach to blood.

He sat on his bed slowly, with a bit of help from the nurse. He scratched his neck, laying down slowly,trying his best to not hurt himself again. He placed a paw on his chest, frowning at the ceiling, thinking about what had happen, and why he had acted as if it had happened a million times, as if he were use to things like that.

He shook his head and looked around, noticing the nurse had left him. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up a bit, looking at the tray, with some painkillers on a small paper plate, and next to it, a Dixie cup, half-full of water.

He reached over, picking up the cup with his thumb and index finger, before scooping up the painkillers with his other paw. He slowly put the pills in his maw, and poured the water in with them, before swallowing.

His ears twitched, looking at the ceiling once more, "..Ugh... I hate hospitals. I think..."


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Chapter 2: Skies on Fire/The Red Dream

"A few clicks here... A few wires there...." spoke someone. The voice was so familiar to the skox.

"And this goes there, and this here..." the voice spoke to himself, "Sucks for the people, but damned if it doesn't get me paid... Hyahaha..." he laughed to to himself, and turned around, walked towards a door.

The skox went to rub his eyes, to make sure he wasn't seeing things, but soon realized, he couldn't seem himself. He frowned, becoming worried, before everything went to black for him, then, colorful.

"...Yes, I'd like something to drink, ma'am.. Anything that would be strong enough for me to... you know.. get my mind off the plane crashing. You know..., I worry myself.." he said, and blinked in his mind, thinking, 'what am I saying..? I didn't say..'

The stewardess gave him a glass, filled with a clear beverage. He smirked, and took a sip, "Thank you, dear." he leaned back. He looked around. Looking at the families, businessmen and women. He grinned a bit, looking at the younger children, who were either scared, or enjoying their first flight.

"Ah.., to be young like that.. to not have a care in the world.." the skox mumbled to himself with a half-scowl, before buckling his seatbelt. He looked at the ceiling, assuring himself of his position on the plane.

Looking out the window, watching the aircraft raise from the runway, he smirked a bit. He looked at a female otter, with orange headfur, and deep, seablue eyes. She looked at him with a frown. It was obvious to him, that she had notice his scowls to the children.

"...I've always loved the sky.. Especially when there are fireworks... Do you enjoy fireworks?" the mix fur asked her, with a big smile.

The otter blinked, confused by the question from the stranger near her, "I do, why do you ask?" she questioned.

"Just curious.." was all the skox said, before he leaned back a bit, smiling to himself, his tail slowly swaying behind him. He looked at his watch, and smirked a bit, "Oh.., that time already.." he looked out the window, and chuckled, "In the air and flying with the clouds." he unbuckled his seatbelt, and stood up.

"Sir, it is not required that you wear the seat belt now, but it isn't recommended that you move around the-"

"Shut up, girl." the skox snapped, growling at the shorter stewardess.

She flinched and took a step back, "S-sir, Please take your-" she started again, before yelping, and falling back, holding her cheek, her face held a shocked, and pained expression.

"I said shut up, you pathetic little urchin. I'll sit back down when I'm ****in' ready." The skox barked, before walking towards the front of the plane.

A few of the furs that had seen the violent act, had gotten up to stop the skox, and to help the poor female.

"Hey, buddy! She was just doing her job!" a raccoon said, reaching up and placing a paw on the Skox's shoulder to prevent him from getting away.

The skox stopped mid-step, "...Do you think I care? You're all dead anyway, courtesy of the man in first class."

The raccoon blinked, before a look of both fear, and anger crept on his to face, "WHAT?!"

"You heard me. Big boom. Yum, blood, guts... Whhhewww... Kkkggh." he imitated the sounds of a plane crash with a grin.

The raccoon gasped, "..T-there are children here! A-and people have families!"

"Boohoo, raccoon." The skox grinned, showing his sharp fangs, "...Lookit the bright side... You told your wife you loved her before you left, no?"

The raccoon grit his teeth, "Y-You monster!" he yelled, his face still covered in fear. He forced the skox around, only to gasp and grit his teeth in pain.

"Do you have any idea.. How much it hurts to hide an eight combat knife up your ass?" he skox whispered, his paw on the raccoon's shoulder, pulling him closer in to the blade that was lodged in to the raccoon's stomach, the ridges on the back of the knife slicing his intestines up.

"I... You... Hurk..." the raccoon tried to speak through the pain, but he was already using most of his strength, to keep his legs strong.

"Do you have any idea how much you have to wrap said knife, to keep it from slicing up yer insides..? No.. Rhetorical question. It's already a bit too late for you.." he murred, leaning forward, the life completely lodged in, and actually poking through the Raccoon's back, "You won't die for no reason, my friend... I'll be making plenty of money once this plane goes boom.. So, you're dying, to give a poor soul a good.., happy life that he deserves.."

The raccoon grit his teeth, quivering, listening to the skox's words, unable to form his own.

The skox grinned, and twisted the blade a bit, "I want you to tell me... How badly does it hurt...? what does it feel like?"

The raccoon began to whimper, tears flooding his eyes, "..."

The skox growled, displeased with the lack of an answer, "Fine.." he ripped the blade out in a swift movement, and shoved the fur back, "You've all lead a pretty good life, no?"

A few of the males were getting up, ready to attack, having not noticed the blade, since it was covered by a shirt through the now writhing raccoon.

The skox murred, licking the bloody knife, cutting his tongue, almost purposely, "Oh yes... Charge at the skox who only wields a knife.. He can't get us all... We'll be brave, if one should fall, he can be saved once we land... Oh, wait, what's this.." the skox reached in to his coat, pulling out a small black box with a switch on it, "Oh, Damn, he's got a bomb."

The furs and scales all gasped, and instantly charged at him, "Don't let him do it!"

The mothers were pulling the children close, scared, and whispering loving words to their cubs, trying their best to keep them calm, and to stop the tears.

The skox looked at the charging furs, and as if time slowed down, looked around at the children crying children who had seen the dead raccoon, "...I don't have to do this.." he said to himself as he watched the furs rush at him, time slowed, much like you'd see in a dramatic film.

"I can just... Let them arrest me... Let them execute me... Maybe it would be for the better.." he muttered, looking at the switch, before growling, "**** that..." he mumbled, and flipped the switch.

Just as quickly the plane jerked as an engine blew out, causing all the furs that were standing, to fall over on to each other.., except the skox.

He stood there with a.. Blank expression, staring at the people who were freaking out, "I could have let each and everyone one of them... No.. **** them.." he suddenly grinned as a loud crack began to ring through the roof and floor.

The cracking got louder, and louder, before chunks of the roof began to fly off, inside and outside, as small explosions went off.

"...I'm killing these people.. For greed..." the skox spoke to himself, watching the frightened furs cowar away from the breaking pieces.

"Listen to them scream, cry... I'm a god... I control whether people live or die... Not many understand the power they have, like me.." he spoke to himself as the plane shook, before the lower half began to slide back, as if the metals were stretching. In reality, the plan was beginning to rip in half.

Looking at the crying children and parents as they held each other, and those who were praying, the skox looked down at the raccoon, who was laying there, bleeding out. Most likely already out of it.

The skox, with a completely blank expression, kneeled down, and placed a paw on his cheek, looking at him, "..I do wonder how bad I hurt you... I've never been stabbed." he muttered, before blinking as the deafening screams began to grow quiet, and the sound of passing air grew louder. He frowned a little, when he watched the raccoon slide down the isle, in to the open sky, falling.

The skox grabbed a seat, and walked over to the missing half of the plane, listening to those in first class scream. He watched the ground get closer, and closer. His ears twitched at a loud whimpering, before he looked down at a seat, looking at a young, young bunny boy, crying, whimpering at the loss of everything.

The skox stared at him for a few seconds, the wind starting to get strong against him as the plane rotated, causing him to catch more of a draft. He held tight to the seat, looking at the child, before looking down a little. He leaned over and whispered to the bunny, holding his ear up with his free paw, "Close your eyes, count to ten... and you'll never know pain again.."

The bunny barely even noticed. He was too scared.

The skox walked to the missing chunk, and looked to see how close the ground was now, about a mile and a half off. He smiled a little, before suddenly jumping out, spreading his arms and legs a little to slow his fall, as the plane plummeted past him, "Well, this is definitely worth the pay... No.. Yes, it is.. I'm a god, I chose their deaths, no one else did.."

He pulled off his coat, and used it to catch a bit of air, slowly his fall more, causing him to glide a bit. He looked around and sweatdropped, "This is.. going to hurt a bit..." he muttered to himself, before suddenly slamming in to a lake, sinking straight to the bottom, hitting the soft dirt floor hard.., then black.

... ... ...


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"Welcome back..."


"We are growing tired of this, skox.. Very tired.."

"I didn't do it, though..!"

"Shut up!"

"But I-!"

"No.., No more.. you wish to continue this mindlessness, this monster inside you, letting him grow bigger, and bigger.."

"I have a monster...?"

"No.. you ARE the monster.."

Then, there was a blackness, darker than any color you could draw on paper.., but you could see everything around you. Standing in the middle of the darkness, the skox stood, staring downward.

"You're a monster.. look at yourself.."

"I'm not a monster! That isn't me!" the skox yelled, looking at the figure in the middle.

The darkness began to lift, showing a mirror.

The skox turned his head, looking at the wood holding the reflective glass. He grit his teeth, "..This is not me.. I would never... Never harm anyone.."

"Enough with the bullshitting. You're what you see.. you saw it all, and you let yourself do it!"

"...Who are you?" the skox asked, looking at the mirror.

"They call me Kain." responded the reflection, looking directly in to the eyes of the skox, "...that's who you are, too."

"No.., that's not my name.."

"Then what.., young one.., is your name..?" asked another voice, the one who had argued with him before, placing a rotted paw on his shoulder, "..Because if that is not you.., your own reflection.. Then who are you?"


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pretty cool so far
the idea for your characters is pretty unique
might have to intigrate it some time


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Thanks!.. I think? I don't know what you mean in that last line.
I'm not very... pleased with how this chapter came out, so I'm going to actually make this the alt. Chapter three.
Alt. Chapter 3: Meet Yuri

"But Father, I-" a young skunk started, looking up at his irritated father.

"No! Yuri.., Just be silent while I think..." an older skunk responded, before he sat down on the filthy wooden floor, leaning against the bricked wall, "Listen to me, my boy.. I can NOT let you do this shit, over and over again.." he spoke, keeping his temper as best he could.

"Father, I didn't mean to! Please don't punish me.." Yuri muttered, looking at his father with tearfilled, pink-colored eyes, "I didn't mean to get caught..."

"I said shut up!" his father suddenly barked, leaning forward and swiftly swinging his arm, slamming the back of his white furred paw against his son's cheek, knocking him over.

Yuri yelped and landed on his side, holding his cheek, tears beginning to flow down his fur, "I-I'm sorry..."

"Boy, I warn you.. if you don't dry those ****ing tears..." the adult threatened, growling loudly. His expression holding a drunken-rage.

Yuri grit his teeth, "..." he slowly reached up to wipe his eyes, only to meep when his father grabbed his wrist and pulled him up.

"I said dry your ****ing eyes!" his father yelled, before sending the back of his free paw against his son's face again.

Yuri yelped and cried, "Please stop!" he whimpered.

"...I'll teach you to shout at me.." he growled, and began dragging his son away towards the bedroom.

"No, Father, please! Don't!" Yuri pleaded, fear filling his expression, "Please, Don't!"


"DON'T!" Yuri yelled, sitting up quickly in his bed, looking around. He grit his teeth and looked down, rubbing his forehead, "..God damned nightmares.." he muttered, and looked over at the other side of the bed. He sighed out, hating the fact that every time he looked over to the other side, it was always empty.

He stood up, and scratched his flattened ears, "...I need a drink.." he walked out of the small bedroom and walked towards the kitchen, wearing nothing but a pair of White and Blue vertical striped boxers. He shook his head, leaning against the fridge as he opened it, reaching in and grabbing a bottle of pure vodka.

He closed the fridge, and sat down in the dark kitchen, looking at the bottle, "Disgusting ****er.., but I'm out of sodas to make you taste better..." he uncapped it and put the bottle to his furry lips, and tilted it, taking the strong tasting liquid, and swallowing. Choking a bit as it burned his throat.

The skunk sighed, and wiped his eyes, "I hate sleeping.. nothing but nightmares.." he took another swig from the bottle, before leaning back a little against the cabinet, "Old man, you listening? You are watching me... I hope you're proud.. Look at how the skunk you raised with anything you could swing grew... A ****ing murderer..." he muttered, speaking to the darkness.

"I do it for a reason, though, father... To make sure you suffer more in hell.. To make sure you get to see your mistake take a more dangerous form.." he smiled weakly, "fun, isn't it... You suffer in hell, and I'm soon to join.." he stood up, holding the bottle, and walked in to the bedroom once more, and began getting dressed.

"In fact... I'll visit you tonight..." he muttered, walking out of the room, and then the apartment, carrying the bottle of vodka.

The moon was bright, and the sky was clear. It wasn't hard to see, at all. In fact, you could even see your own shadow. The air was cold, and the skunk watched every breath flow in to the night. He smirked a bit, and looked up while walking, "...If there's one thing I hate aside from that old bastard.. It's living in the city. I can never see the stars..."

Watching the skunk, a cloaked figure sat back on a bench on the street, saying nothing, not moving, other than it's red eyes.

Yuri smiled to himself, walking past the figure, not even noticing them. Not that anyone ever noticed that particular person. They never wanted to be.

The skunk walked to a cemetery, filled with broken or new headstones. He looked around while walking through, "Nope... Nope.. Nope... Ah, there you are.." he smirked a bit, walking up to a broken headstone, with scribbling and scratching. One particular scratch, was carving out the name, and above it, it said "Bastard".

Yuri smirked, "Hello, father... Oh, I'm sorry, I spoke out of turn.." he took a drink of the vodka, "Gonna hit me? what's that..? You can't? Hah!" he smirked a little more, but his face had a hint of sadness creeping through it, especially in his eyes. They were filling with tears.

He shook his head, and took a drink from his bottle, "...Half empty..." he muttered, before placing a paw on the broken headstone, "...I remember something you told me, old man.. That I can't grow up, if I can't be willing to lose everything someday.. Best advice I'd ever heard.."

"...Do you really believe that, young one?" asked a soft, but raspy whisper.

Yuri flinched at the sudden voice and turned his head, looking at a cloaked figure, "...Look at me, you eavesdropping prick.. I'm a murderer... I've killed so many people for money.., I enjoy doing it.. this man raised me to be that way! Someday, I'll die, just like him! .. I'll lose everything.., Just like him."

The figure sighed, sitting on a gravestone, "You.., Young skunk.. Do you really believe that the stupidity of one fur, should take your life away? No matter how much you want to hate him, being unable to, because the things he said, are true, because he raised you the way to believe them?"

"I... Oh, what the **** do you know?!" Yuri growled, "Who the **** are you, jumping in to my conversation?!"

"I am .. Hope." the person said, "I don't know a lot.. but you should listen to me."

Yuri growled, and took one final swig of his vodka, before chucking it at the person.

The figure gasped as the thick glass bottle broke against it's face under it's hood. It brought up an old, rotted furred paw, and placing it against it's face, "..You are.. scared." it said, looking at him with red eyes, "Letting yourself be sold to damnation for the words of one imbecile?!"

Yuri grit his teeth, "Shut up!" he yelled, his face growing darker, and darker.

"No, Yuri.., You shut up." the figure said, standing. Blood dripped out of it's hood, showing it had been injured by the bottle, "You are a fool. A murderer, you may be. But nothing is absolute, and you will figure that out one day, if you give yourself the chance."

Yuri shot up, and grabbed the figure's cloak, "Why do you keep talking?!" he yelled, tears beginning to escape his pink eyes, "I hit you with a bottle! You should either be knocked out, or running away!"

"And you, my dear, are drunk." the voice whispered softly, placing the rotted paw against Yuri's forehead, and gently pushed him back, "You are always being judged... You believe you are sold in to damnation because of your father's words and actions.." the figure began fading away in to the darkness, ribbons of it's cloak tearing away, "You may continue to kill.. be the fool you wish.. I will not stop you, Yuri."

Yuri grit his teeth, shutting his eyes, and covering his ears, "I'm not a fool.. this man hurt me.., and I'm doing what he wanted... I don't want to be hurt anymore.." he curled up on top of the grave, "I hate you... I hate everyone... They hurt me, if I don't hurt them.." he wiped his face on the ground, "If I get hurt... then I cry.. Men don't cry.. they don't..." he opened his eyes a little, looking around for the person, and grit his teeth, before shoving his face in to the ground, and yelling, "Damn it!"

The skunk shivered a bit at the crisp air finally getting to him. He slowly stood up, and shook his head, "I am to make that man suffer.." he wiped his eyes, and began walking home. His movements were a bit.., clumsy. He was a little drunk. But still made his way home.


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i meant i might have to use it in some way for one of my own stories


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Chapter Four: Meet Terry

"Close your eyes... Count to ten..." muttered a rabbit, sitting in the corner of a white padded room. He was wrapped in a light-tan straight-Jacket. He stared at the wall, "Close your eyes.. Count to ten..."


"Close your eyes, and count to ten.., and you'll never know pain again.." muttered the skox, before jumping out of the plane.

The bunny cried, and, even though he didn't acknowledge knowing the skox's words, he obeyed.

"...One... Two..." the bunny boy started counting, before suddenly a loud crash, a flesh of red. For a few moments, all the bunny could see was black, with white spots under his eyelids, then nothing.

When he came to, he was outside the plane, laying on the ground, covered in broken glass and blood, that stained his pink fur. He slowly tried to stand, but yelped and whimpered in pain. He fell flat on his chest, and looked back, looking at his twisted leg.

He grit his teeth, forcing himself not to scream. He grabbed his ringing, floppy ears, and pulled them down over his face, tears rolling down his cheeks. Not only was he in so much pain, but he felt that he were to die, alone with all the dead bodies around him.

He let go of his ears and looked around, sniffling. He grabbed the ground in front of him, and pulled his body along "H-Help!" he yelled. He knew in the back of his mind, no one else had survived. The plane was out in the middle of nowhere, burning and surrounded by bodies. The pink bunny was scared.

"Oh please... Help..." he cried, pushing his face in to the ground.

The cloaked figure stood with the souls, watching the young child. It sighed and shook it's head, "Come.., We must go..." it said, vanishing, the souls going with it, leaving the young one alone, entirely.

"Mommy... Daddy... anyone..." he pleaded with the air. The pain was beginning to get the better of his body. As the pain began rising, he began to panic, grow more and more frightful of what might happened if he isn't helped.

He cried more to himself, just laying on the cold ground, "...Please.." he muttered, before his body shut itself down, to escape the pain. The bunny passed out.


"Doctor, he's going in to another episode!" yelled a nurse.

The straight-jacketed fur was screaming, rolling on the padded floor, his memories bringing back the pain that had haunted him for so many years.

"Grab the needle! Now!" the large husky doctor yelled, running to the door, and unlocking it. He opened the door and ran in, "Terry, Terry! Calm down!" he said, kneeling down and placing both paws on the screaming bunny's shoulders, pushing down to keep him from moving, "Calm down, Terry!" the doctor said, trying to calm the floppy eared fur.

The pink bunny struggled against the doctor, "The pain never stopped!" he yelled, "I did everything! I counted to ten! Why won't the pain stop?!"

The nurse ran in next to the doctor, kneeling down and pulling the cap from the syringe.

Terry grit his teeth, "NO!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, kicking the nurse away.

The doctor gasped, turning to make sure the nurse was alright.

As soon as he was let go, Terry rolled on to his belly, sat up on to his knees, and stood up. He ran out the door, slamming past another nurse, who yelped and fell over.

Terry ran down the hall, in his head, he was completely lost. He knew where he was, but he didn't know how to get away from the person who had hurt him. No matter what he did, it just came back. He yelled in frustration, hearing the doctor's footsteps chasing after him.

The bunny grit his teeth, running straight down the hall, before stopping, looking back at the husk, that was jogging after him, calling his name.

Terry looked down, his front back teeth scraping against his chin. He suddenly started running again, this time towards the window at the end of the hall. He wasn't going back in to the room, it scared him, just like the doctor, the nurses.. everyone.

He jumped and turned a bit, slamming his back in to glass, breaking straight through it, and falling about six feet. He grunted, rolling in the glass, before forcing himself to his feet, and shooting down the sidewalk.

The doctor gasped, running to the window, "Terry! Come back!" He yelled, before rushing towards the office to alert the police.


"Terry... You have to face it.., If you do not.., It will continue.." muttered a voice, only heard in Terry's head, making him believe he was thinking it to himself.

"I need to... face it... Him..." he muttered, slowly to a jog, then stopping, looking down at the ground, "...I'll find him.. He took everything from me! I'll kill him for it!" he yelled with a big grin on his face. His grin was suddenly lost when he heard the word 'freeze' being shouted.

He turned and looked back at a hyena, an officer, behind a Squad Car door, "Get down on the ground! On your knees!" the officer yelled.

"..." he looked down, before smirking a bit, "That.. can end my pain.. what if I..." he frowned to himself, time slowly coming to a halt in his head, "...I've wanted... that before."


Two days had passed, the small bunny had barely moved, other than to get out of the sun. He had cried himself dry, just laying near the plane to keep himself from heating too much. It was still pretty hot, even in the shade. He was waiting to die, if not praying for it. He just wanted it all to end.

"...Why won't it stop.." he muttered. His bleeding wounds had scabbed over on his eye, and leg. He could barely move, other than drag himself. He blinked a few times when he heard something he never thought he'd hear. He groaned in pain, grabbing the ground and dragging himself along, trying to get out in to the open. After about six minute of dragging and pure pain, he looked up, seeing a helicopter flying towards the crash site.


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keep up the good work


Thanks Steve.. Grayson and Kate

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Story paused for a few.. am working with a couple artists, turning this story in to a webcomic.


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Malk
Story paused for a few.. am working with a couple artists, turning this story in to a webcomic.



Thanks Steve.. Grayson and Kate

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Cool dude.. How are things Malk, I havent heard anything from you mate in a loooooooooooooong time? Half a year? Anyway hi.


A long time have I waited for this, my little green friend!

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Well, this chapter has a .. insignificant scene that has no details except some, well, ... I'm using a spoiler anyway.

Chapter Five: Forgotten


[SPOILER - highlight to read]: "Kain... W-Will you ever leave me...?" asked a Russian voice in the darkened room, grunting, wrapping his tail around his lover's waist.

Kain grit his teeth, leaning forward, thrusting in to Yuri, nuzzling the back of his furry neck, "..Never..."


"GRAH!" the skox yelled, sitting up quickly, breathing heavily, "..D-damn it.. What's up with these god damned nightmares?!" he yelled, getting up, grabbing his chest, "I'm out of this ****ing place.. must be dead souls or something haunting me.." he grabbed his clothes and began getting dressed, "Ugh... What was that dream.." he suddenly asked himself after getting some jeans on.

He sat down, holding his head, "Damn it.. Now I can't remember..."

Meanwhile, just outside the hospital, a skunk sat in the parking lot, smoking a cigarette with a leather jacket-covered arm hanging out the window of an old, beat up, black '81 DeLorean. He stared at the hospital, thinking to himself, before his thoughts were interrupted.

"...We both hate him, do we not? I would suggest you stop acting like a broken house-wife, and get ready.., you're going to end up screwing this up, Yuri." muttered a young cat.

"..Shut up, Glenn. You're too young to give any advice on this sort of thing." Yuri growled, looking over at the kitten.

Glenn, as he was called, looked up from the laptop, "Well, according to this security feed, he's sneaking out of the hospital.., out an emergency exit, surprisingly. I'll cut the alarm." he looked back down, and began typing, hacking in to the power grid of the hospital.


The skox walked out the red door, pushing it open, and looking around the back of the hospital. It was more of an alley. Another building met him, with a good seven feet of room between the two buildings.

He sighed, and adjusted his shirt, "Gonna be one hell of a day..." he muttered and began walking, "That dream seemed so important..., I need to remember it.. Hmm.." he stopped, putting a paw on his forehead, rubbing a bit, "Damn it..."

"Well Well, Comrade... Seems you made it pretty far on your own..." said a familiar voice.

Kain looked over and grit his teeth, "Not you again..." he muttered, mostly to himself, looking at Yuri.

The Russian smirked a bit, "Da.. You've had a good run.. time to end it." Yuri suddenly pulled his makarov out of his coat, and aimed at Kain, full intent on pulling the trigger, wearing a big grin.

"NO!" yelled the kitten, stomping on Yuri's foot, causing him to yelp and fall over.

Yuri grunted as he hit the ground, pulling the trigger of the handgun.

Kain yelped, falling forward, having been shot in the leg, just below the knee.

The kitten, Glenn, walked up to Kain, and kneeled down, grabbing Kain's headfur and yanking him up, "...You're one sadistic *******, Kain. Not caring who the **** you hurt, even if they actually give a damn."

Kain clenched his teeth, his leg throbbing, shooting pain through his entire body, "I-I don't even know who you people are!" He yelled.

Glenn blinked and hissed, "That doesn't matter! You're the target now, skox! You're the one who's going to die, this time."

Yuri slowly started standing, "What was that for?!" he yelled at the kitten, staring at the back of his head.

Glenn's ear twitched, before he pulled a small pocket knife from the side of his shoe, a small secret compartment in it. He put the blade up against Kain's chin and, with a blank expression, started pushing the blade past the fur, and then skin.

Kain whimpered loudly, the slow pain tormenting his senses.

"Yes sir... who'd have thought three of the most wanted criminals would show up in the same spot..." said a voice over a radio.

"Well, don't just stand there, kill them!"


"P-please! I don't know any of you!" Kain muttered.

Glenn grit his teeth, pulling the blade away, pulling Kain's headfur harder, forcing him to look up, "Shut up! It's your turn to suffer... Like you made us!"

Yuri grinned a bit, looking down, pulling a flask from his coat, opening it, and taking a long swig. As he swallowed, he looked at Kain, "Da, Comrade... You made us suffer... Now you're next."

Glenn hissed turning around and looking at Yuri, "Shut up, you ****ing drunk! God damn it! Kain! Why the **** did you leave?! Why couldn't you have just stayed?!" Glenn yelled, looking at the completely confused skox.


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Oh, I am still trying to get this to become a comic.., if you're interested in drawing it.. Message me.


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