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Mortal Kombat vs Marvel Super Heroes (the story)
Started by: rox

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Mortal Kombat vs Marvel Super Heroes (the story)

Its my first story so be a little easy one me, but still give your opinion.

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Old Post Aug 29th, 2009 08:46 AM
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Narrator: Rox

Inside a large mysterious temple on a remote tropical island Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Shao Kahn and Onaga are seen surrounding a vast energy hole imbed deep inside the ground. Shang Tsung has created another soulnade as part of a master plan by Onaga to steal the souls of the earth warriors. Inside the marvel world the marvel super heroes under their government name serif (super elite resource intelligence faction) are called in to stop and invasion by spiral and the reavers to recruit people for mojovision in the mojoverse. As the heroes force spiral and her forces back into the portal spiral uses her sorcerer powers to form a massive blast which causes a beam of light to open a dimensional rip in the sky. Suddenly Shang Tsungís soulnado is disrupt with massive power and a large hole is shown through the soulnado and the villain can see the marvel heroes battling spiral. As they watch the earth begins to shake in the mortal kombat world. Suddenly the earth realm warriors arrive teleported by raiden. Thinking that they are responsible for the upcoming Armageddon, raiden teleports the warriors and the villains outside of the temple to challenge them to mortal kombat. As they began to attack each other the Pyramid of Argus rises from the ground with blaze appearing but in the form of a bird shape phoenix avatar. Suddenly a beam of light shines down on the temple from the sky with the earth warriors falling through. Raiden teleports the villains to the temple of the elder gods for them to await their fate however shang tsung escapes.


Old Post Aug 29th, 2009 08:48 AM
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Chapter 1

The marvel super heroes have failing to ground seeing as they have been teleported to another world realize something is different about them. They are confronted by the earth realm warriors who challenge them to mortal kombat. As the marvel super heroes feel strange with their new found abilities the earth warriors feel a surge of power inside them.
The Elder godís blaze entity comes forth in a big blaze of fire and shape now like a phoenix explains what is happing.
Blaze: I am the entity known in this world as blaze. Your battle with Mojoís forces have caused the phenomenon that has allowed you to travel here to outworld. Here you will encounter several dangerous forces. Because of the phenomenon the entity known as the Phoenix in your universe has changed me greatly by merging with my soul however if you wish to return to your world then you must compete in a tournament.
Cyclops: What tournament
Blaze: Mortal Kombat.
Captain America : Why must we compete in a tournament to get home and what must we do to get home after the tournament.
Blaze: only after you win mortal kombat will the portal to your world open a restore outworld back to normal. It is the way of this particular universe.
Magneto: No one forces me to do anything. Magneto gets ready to strike as blaze surrounds him with a force of fire absorbing his magnetic powers.
Iceman: Magneto No!!!
Jean Grey: enough we will do as you ask.
Spider-man: But who are we fighting
Doctor Doom: I am assuming the ones I saw in portal after spirals blast.
Storm: this is all your fought spiral, if you havenít invaded new York for mojoís selfish gain
Spiral; push storm back.
Spiral: back of weather *****, if you had not interfered with mojo plan this would have never happened,
Storm then releases a deadly combo attack on spiral and shoots her with a blast of lighting.
Elektra, Jean and Cyclops break up the fight, while wolverine magneto and iceman break up the fight.

Elektra: cool it storm this isnít getting us anywhere
Captain America: Ororo
Wolvering: alright spiral step off
Spiral: get out of my face
Iceman: hey we out number you here
Spider-Man: you might wanna settle down here
Doctor Doom: enough of this non-sense how do we find the warriors you speak of.
Blaze: all you have to do is track them down and fight them and win. Then bring them to the pyramid.
Jean Grey: guys something is not right
Blaze then transports them all over the area.
Chapter 2

Captain America; Jean what is it saw,
Jean Grey: I sinced blaze was going to deceive us, I think he wants the earth warriors for their souls. Scott , Cap we canít let blaze have them, we have to figure out a way to stop.

Cyclops: we will need to find these earth warriors and reason with them to help us stop blaze.
Captain America: ok lets split up, jean stay in telepathic contact with everyone instruct them on what to do when finding an earth warrior.

At the temple of the elder gods,
Raiden: these new warriors seek us out under the deception of blaze, we must stop them from capturing us.
Liu Kang: raiden they remind of me the last group of warriors we fought from another world.
Shang Tsung appears : if you mean superman and his team ha three certain ones of those guys could take his whole out and us. One has full control of the electromagnetic spectrum the other full control of the weather and one that can create and control ice along with freezing the air.
Sonya: how do you know this sorcerer.
Shang Tsung: somehow I could probe their minds
Raiden: it must be the power flux, As I have sensed as they arrived their kombat skills have increased dramatically as well as your spiritual powers.
Raiden: we must seek out the warriors and stop them. I feel blaze has his reason for wanting us and the new warriors.

Chapter 3

Captain America is seen walking up a mountain, as he is walking Jean telepathic calls him saying she senses some near him armed. As he stops he hears Jax speaking to sonya on the voice com. As Captain America waits behind a stone Jax informs sonya that someone is there.
Jax: pulls out his gun, I know you there.
Jax fires at the stonewhile Captain America leaps from behind the stone and throws his shield at jax knocking away his gun and splitting it in half. Jax angrily engages Captain America in kombat. Jax lands 3 punches and two kicks, however Captain America quickly overcomes him by sending 5 strong kicks and punchs which over whelm Jax. Jax fights back but Captain America dodges his last attack and the Captain manages to break Jaxís armored implaints and rips them off.
Captain America: lets see how tough you are without those metal arms. Jax throws a punch and the captain duck only to leg sweep jax and K.O. with a strengthen punch.
Captain America explains to Jax when he wakes what he suspects is going on. Jax explains that if he sees any foul play. Captain America reassures him they should form an alliance.
Mileena reports to Baraka that she has spotted one of the warriors. Baraka also informs mileena that he has come under attack by the one they call wolverine. Communication breaks as he fight fights wolverine. Mileena is fighting Elektra hand to hand and as the to start to become even matched. Mileena tries her sai as Elektra pulls both sai and cuts mileena, while mileena throws her sai and one hits Elektra in the arm and the other one in hand. Elektra frees herself while mileena knocks her out defeating her. Baraka appears to have the advantage over wolverine, however wolverine out smarts him by causing him to get a blade stuck into the ground deep enough for wolverine to launch an all out assault causing Baraka to lose to wolverine.
Wolverine spares Barakaís life so they can figure what blazes true plan is.

Chapter 4
Scorpion and Sub-Zero search and find Spider-man and Iceman. Spider-man uses his webbing to separate the fight causing him and scorpion to fight on one side and sub-zero and iceman on the other.
Spider-man swings into action immediately landing a 5 hit combo on scorpion and out manvering, however scorpion uses his harpoon to counter spidermanís next attack as scorpion is pumbling spiderman sub-zero is fighting iceman hand to hand but iceman can not take much more of sub-zeroís attack so he iceís up however sub-zero is to quick for him and sub-zero iceís up his whole arm only to knockout iceman. Spiderman is dodging scorpion harpoon. Scorpion tries one last time to strick spiderman with his harpoon attack but spiderman manages to grab it with his webbing and rap it around a tree and then gives scorpion two combination attacks to defeat him.

Chapter 5
Magneto, Doctor Doom, Storm , Longshot, spiral, are seen face to face with Johnny Cage facing longshot, magneto facing raiden, doctor doom facing shang tsung and storm facing sindel, spiral facing goro. After a long brutal battle, storm longshot spiral are left standing after facing their rivals while shang tsung raiden where left standing from there team. The earth begins to shake again as the top of the pyramid burst into flames. We see all the warriors approach the temple. Once at the top stairs Jean Grey is laying on the ground after being defeated by sonya blade in kombat. Sonya helps Jean up saying they need to work to gether. Liu Kang and Cyclops are surrounded by fire in fighting stances preparing for kombat.
Liu Kang and Cyclops square off in final battle. As liu kang and Cyclops battle hand to hand cyclops uses his battlefield experience to blast liu kang with miniature optic beams while liu kang uses his fireball to block the beam. Liu kang does a speedy 1 2 attack on Cyclops. As the two fight hand to hand once again the pyramid of argus shakes again. Cyclops and liu Kang blast their conclusive beams at each other only for raiden and Captain America intervine as their fight is strengthen blaze which was his plan all along to use the marvel super heroes powers along with the kombat skills of the earth realm warriors to harness their energies to make himself them ultimate creation and ruler of all relams. Raiden calls on help of elder gods to stop blaze. The instruct him to focus the marvel heroes energy and their spiritual powers together to drain blazeís energy. Their task is complete. The team separates blaze powers. The marvel heroes shake hands with the earth realm warriors and they use the energy they gathered to open a portal back to earth with spiral wrap in chains sent to prison. The mortal kombat warriors use the power to bind shang tsung, shao kahn, quan chi, and dragon king into the netherealm forever.

The End


Old Post Aug 29th, 2009 08:48 AM
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Liu Kang (earth realm warrior)
Raiden (Elder God)
Sindel (Edenia Queen)
Jax (earth realm warrior)
Sonya (earth realm warrior)
Mileena (Tarkatan Ruler)
Goro (Shokan Prince)
Scorpion ( outworld warrior)
Sub-Zero (Lin Kuei warrior)
Shang Tsung (Outworld Sorcerer )
Baraka (Tarkatan Ruler)
Johnny Cage (earth realm warrior)

Cyclops(x-men representive)
Magneto (Genosha representive)
Storm (x-men representive)
Captain America (Avengers representative)
Jean Grey (x-men representive)
Elektra(serif assassin)
Spiral(mojoís right hand)
Spider-Man (avengers representative
Iceman(x-men represenative)
Doctor Doom (Latveria representative)
Wolverine(x-men represenative)
Longshot(rogue mojoverse)


Old Post Aug 29th, 2009 08:55 AM
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Hmm... It's good^^ I don't really have any pointers, I have a critique though..

Instead of using

Name: <speech>

Use "Speech" Name Said, or something similar.


Old Post Aug 31st, 2009 01:46 AM
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interesting so far keep it going


Thanks Steve.. UI Goku, Jiren and Vegeta

Old Post Aug 31st, 2009 04:02 AM
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Good for a 1st try. Could be longer & there are some small errors in grammar.

See Black Dynamite!
Respect Spider-Man Superfriends
R.I.P. Joe Fraizer

Old Post Sep 1st, 2009 01:45 AM
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It will be natural to feel quite apprehensive when you are writing your first novel. We will be eager to find the opinions by the readers. Marvel Super Heroes is the name of the story. The story is written in the form of small chapters which makes it quite easy to read. Some modifications have been suggested to improve the level of writing. The story is about a group of fighters known as the Marvel Super Heroes.

Old Post Sep 23rd, 2010 06:41 AM
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