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"First Blood" - military SF
Started by: Der_SpeeDer

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Location: Planet Earth, Orion's Arm

"First Blood" - military SF

OK, I don't know, how will this result, but I take a risk.

I'll present you one of my SF novelettes, set in a fictional universe made up by me. This universe has its history, its races (each one with culture of its own), its "lore", and there are many "alien" terms in it, so I will explain it to you before each time they appear in the text.

Another thing, is that I'm not native English-speaker, and thus, this text was TRANSLATED to English. And as it has quite different grammar than mine, it was bloody hard to translate certain expressions. So maybe it will appear, that its grammar seems terrible to you...

Anyways, check it. Before the start, I shall give you a short brief. There are four races, members of which take part in this tale.
- Sthresians are humanoid reptiles (lizardmen), that are the protagonists of this tale; it is a race of those "noble" ones, with their own codex of honour and rules
- Auvelians are local "elves", an ancient and arrogant race, that wishes... well, to "lead" the others under their brightful command
- Ildans are a feudal-based society, with the dominant role of noble houses. They do not fight by themselves as soldiers, they use hordes of genetically bred battle beasts as armies, as well as robotic units
- Terrans are... well, humans. They were formerly at war with Sthresians, lost it, now they are a part of their empire

Auvelians and Ildans form an alliance, they are at war with Sthresians, and lately attacked one of their colonies - Akios (in fact, a former human colony annected by lizardmen). Conflict on this planet took ten years, and ended with the victory of Sthresian. The "First Blood" begins in the last days of that war.

A few "alien" terms:

Time Alpha - Earth time

Akirni - (no translation; it derives from word "akirius", which means "war") one of Sthresian elite military formations that recruits only battle-hardened veterans. It is basically an ultra-special unit - it takes action only when "normal" special forces fail, or when an exceptionally difficult task is to be fulfilled.

Genisivare - (literally: Dragons' Eyes) a Sthresian organisation, which recruits professional assassins, working for the government only. They recruit only the best warriors among lizardmen and train them for perfect killers. They are divided into minor orders, that are called the guilds.



Entire installation was almost completely silent. Their inhabitants were kept passive during last ten years, assigned to control the space in the system, that was not foreseen to be attacked.
Commandant Ier’anuel went to his command post heavy-hearted this morning. Soon, when fresh news will spread, he would not be the only one to be depressed. Officer himself was reluctant to believe when he was reading the bulletin that reached him an hour ago. It contained brief report of what has transpired on Akios – Sthresian colony, on which the combined Auvelian-Ildan forces were conducting long campaing for almost a decade. Last set of battles left no delusions to the allied – damned lizzords undertook a largely conceived operation, that engaged uncountable legions of their soldiers. Those Auvelians, who survived that battle, were shocked due to the fury of Sthresian attack. Battlefield reports were describing entire divisions of lizzords, crushing and decimating Auvelian-Ildan units - resisting to no avail - with no mercy. Reptiles spared noone who stood in their way, destroying each military post met on their triumphant march.
All happened in time not much longer than twenty-four hours. Assigning large number of vessels and dropships enabled Sthresians quick transfers of huge numbers of excellently equipped army, which involved swift offensive. Even the main cidatel, from which Auvelian and Ildan staff conducted their actions on Akios was unable to resist the attack. Lizzords literally massacred the hordes of battle beasts bred by Ildans and destroyed all their hatcheries, along with the robot units of The Sentinel. Once the time for Auvelians came, the battle turned into slaughter.
Ier’anuel was perfectly awake to the fact, that this definitely ended the existence of the alliance forces on Akios. Sthresians finished the campaign, that lasted for all those years, with one powerful blow. Commandant still could not believe the reports of lizzords’ numbers and elite units, that have been used, including terrifying assassins of Genisivare and Akirni super-soldiers. However, there was no other explanation for so quick and so crushing victory of the reptiles.
Door to the central command opened to Ier’anuel, showing him the interior of spacious room, with technicians at their posts. Commandant overviewed them – all of them were not pure-blood Auvelians, yet articifially created clones. His race was paying much attention to the social position, preferring to entrust less responsible functions to such creatures. Ier’anuel himself was a member of medium state, called En’emua, and saw most of his subordinates as numbers. There was no remorse to sacrifice them and replace with next ones. Commandant was much more respectful to pure-blood Auvelians of lower social position, part of whom was serving in the army as minor officers. On the top of Auvelian society stood priests and great priests.
Ier’anuel set on his command post, situated on a platform, from which he could easily behold technicians, sitting below him. He stared at the main screen, that was showing the space nearby, suspecting that he will spend next day on waiting and routine controls. However, just in opposition to that belief, first interesting report came after one minute.
"Commandant, we have readings on our sensors" reported technician, sitting by the computer below "High activity in hyperspace."
"Position" Ier’anuel turned away from the monitors, watching his subordinate
"Five hundred axes to the Akios system. Coming in fast."
A moment of silence, later the answer of technician became shaded with anxiety.
"They are en route to Ignar IV, commandant."
"Check the signature" Ier’anuel leaned ahead in his arm-chair, feeling unrest growing in him "Is that one of ours?"
"Negative. No response to our signals."
"Prepare armaments. Set more fighters in state of readiness."
"Aye, aye, commandant" confirmed another technician "Shall we inform priest Dar’endei?"
"Not yet. Let us check first, what are we reporting."
"Activity of readings is growing" reported technician, watching sensors "No indentification."
"What is that supposed to be?" asked Ier’anuel with indignation "Are you unable to check the signatures? Check the compatibility with Sthresian units!"
"We are checking, commandant."
A moment of silence, which came after those words, enlengthened into a minute, and Ier’anuel was becoming more and more excited.
"Inform Ildan units" he ordered "Let them send their vessels immediately. We may also need help of their robot defense platforms and battle beasts."
"Commandant, is seems that they are opening gateway to normal dimension" said technician, bringing only more unrest to Ier’anuel "They are going to pass the portal right ahead of us."
"Connect me with priest Dar’endei" ordered commander, linking to the telepathic communicator "Immediately."
"Commandant, we have first results of analysis. Signature seems to show-"
Technician became silent, when barely seen gateways to hyperspace appeared in distance of few kilometres from the station. A moment later sharpely ended sterns of large vessels began to pass through them. Next to them appeared numbers of smaller ships. There were few classes of star units. Their view brought assotiations to Ier’anuel instantly.
"-Sthresian battlecruisers of Sivareon class" finished technician, which had no meaning right now "Number: over thirty and grows. Missile destroyers, Ravame class, over twenty and grows. Frigates, Sarien cla-"
Then the base was flooded with fire from heavy artillery of hostile ships. Laser cannons shots were accompanioned with rain of huge rocket missiles. Whole station vibrated, and the illumination faded.
"Open fire! Open fire!" Ier’anuel shouted "Scramble all our fighters! Call the-"
A huge explosion imperfed far away, and commandant became silent.
"In the name of-" he began with horror, but soon regained control of himself "Report the damages! I demand reports!"
"Stations’ hull was cracked in several places" said one of technicians "Battle stations from C to J are out of action. Hangars number three and four have been destroyed."
"Critical damage of the main power system, we are activating the auxiliary one."
"This is priest Dar’endei here" heard Ier’anuel "What do you have to report, commandant?"
"We are under attack!" shouted officer, becoming panicked "Entire Sthresian fleet, they came out of hyperspace to the-"
"Calm down, commandant. What is your status?"
"We have sustained heavy damage! Requesting assistance! Immediately! Sir, you must call the-"
Suddenly, Ier’anuel became petrified, beholding the large cruiser, coming at the head of hostile fleet. He could still hear mental transmissions from Dar’endei, asking next questions, but he was unable to express any word, to precise his thoughts in any way, when huge lizzords’ ship came close enough for commandant to see opened covers of heavy ballistic missiles launchers in her bow.
He heard his commander and reports of station crew members, but that had no meaning. He knew, that this was the end, even before enemy battlecruiser launched two huge torpedoes with thermonuclear charge. The last thing, that Ier’anuel heard, was a loud roar of mighty explosion, which turned him and entire base into spacedust.

To be continued

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It annoys me a bit, when people read it, and make no comments. Even negative ones.

As far, as I see, in this section of forum double- (or even triple-) posting isn't seen as so bad, so I'll continue placing following parts of the text. I also broke the text a bit, so it would be read easier. And I had to cut off a few nasty words, because there is no proper - not too harsh - equivalent for the word used in the original text (which was harsh, but not so harsh, it should be censored), so I wrote that starting with "f".

In the next one, there is also a number of terms, that are made up by me, for my fictional future universe, that should be known by readers

A few Sthresian military ranks:
karisu - closest equivalent: sergeant
mai derian - closest equivalent: 1st lieutenant
karimure - closest equivalent: admiral
derian - closest equivalent: 2nd lieutenant
padene - closest equivalent: private
faze - closest equivalent: corporal

Alit - Sthresian time unit, equal to 15 minutes

Feomar - Sthresian dragon-god, one of three draconic deities, worshipped by Sthresian race. Feomar is a god of war, and patriarch to the soldiers.

Kagar - dragon of darkness and destructive powers, Sthresian equivalent of satan

Militia - (original name: Marina) a basic Sthresian military formation, from that each recruit starts his career in army. Militia consists of milions of soldiers, yet those soldiers, although well trained, are unexperienced, and thus are not an icon of Sthresian army's eliteness. A soldier, that serves in Militia for few years (and survives it), transfers to more elite formations: Defenders, VRN or SNNTM.

Defenders - (original name: Raveni) one of Sthresian special forces formations, which admitts only experienced veterans from Militia. Defenders are a backbone of Sthresian military force, and are better and more battle-hardened warriors, than their younger colleagues from Militia, they use better and more advanced equipment as well.



The elevator moved up slowly, enlighted from time to time by the shine coming from next levels of the ship. Standing still in official, dark grey uniform, karisu Sazeli waited with anxiety, till the lift will reach its destination. He was accompanioned by mai derian Idaren, who looked strained too. There was nothing strange about that – they were to meet the fleet commander in very vital case. Moreover, they appeared on the flagship too late and Izal might have becoming impatient.

Frankly, Sazeli was wondering, why was he not accustomed to that strain. As he was the member of Akirni elite force, one of the most reverred Sthresian military formations, he was experienced veteran of many battles. Although death has touched his scales a lot of times, he always managed to get out of any trouble. Yet even today, after uncountable operations, in which he took part, he felt specific strain every time, when next fight was about to begin.

"This is our deck" said Idaren suddenly "One of crew members should await us here, if Izal didn’t forget about us."

Sazeli nodded with his long, scaled frontlet, when door of the elevetor opened. Once two Akini exitted it, they were stopped by a pair of armed marines.

"Mai derian Idaren Gamore?" asked one of them, and when Idaren nodded, he said "Please come with us."

Guides led two veterans to a room situated nearby, opening the door. There were few persons inside. Idaren entered with no word, which was done by Sazeli along him. Door closed behind their back.

Akirni tensed at one time in perfect salute, standing with their tails straight and hands pressed to their breasts. High Sthresian in fleet officer uniform responded to their salute. Sazeli presumed that he was karimure Izal Khesarime, commander in charge of Fifth Strike Fleet, send to Ignar IV.

"Glory to the Feomar. Rest, gentlemen" he said, showing two lines of sharp fangs in a grin "We began to think, that you won’t appear today."

"Glory to the Feomar. We apologise for being late, karimure" responded Idaren "May we enter the meeting?"

"Naturally. Please, have a seat."

Idaren and Sazeli took their places on arm-chairs. Room, in which they were, seemed to be quite elegant, as for a briefing room on warship. Comfortable arm-chairs were set near long, smart table, by which were sitting few Sthresians. Sazeli noticed one civilian among them, who might have been a military scientist – karisu based his assumption on a fact that their new mision will concern test of a new weapon type. Another participant of meeting, who attracted attention, was a single Genesivare assassin, in black service dress.

"There is probably no need to remind you, gentlemen, that proceedings of our meeting, and the mission itself, which is going to be assigned to our excellent Akirni, are high top secret" stated Izal, standing next to the holographic screen, on which there was a three-dimensional map of the sector, where operation was conducted "Our current situation is quite gentle, as you surely know. Lengthening fights of Akios have finally forced us to break our code, as it seems, that it is the only solution to entirely neutralize enemy forces is this region of galaxy. Our last strike has already cleansed Akios of hostile armies and destroyed all enemy star units. Right now we undertook the attack in that system, and our invasion troops have landed on Ignar III, Ignar IV, and Vaider III, where Auvelians and Ildans do have outposts. Our plan is to establish permanent colonies on these planets, as well as military bases. By the way, we intend to use one of our fresh inventions, in order to ease the success of our forces."

Izal looked at the civilian, who was sitting by the table.

"Professor Iuven, please report the matter."

All persons, including Sazeli, focused their attention on scientist, who stood up and came to the holographic screen. Izal meanwhile took place near the table, sitting on the arm-chair.

"Thank you, karimure" said Iuven, inputting the data disc into the screen drive and pressing a few buttons on the panel "In our laboratory in Geniva on Akios we have researched during fights of that planet a new disrupting device, that we plan to use for certain period of time in our military operations."

"What kind of equipment is that?" asked Idaren

"Long-wave neutralizing emmiter" answered the scientist, while the scheme of the device appeared on screen behind his back; that didn’t tell much to Sazeli, so he quickly ceased to watch the picture "Basing on captured Auvelian and Ildan detecting equipment, we managed to create a device, that emmits signal capable of disrupting their functions. Speaking simply, using that emmiter will allow us to make our battle units invisible for most of enemy sensors of any kind."

"Completely?" asked Idaren, intrigued

"Yes. All tests in lab conditions, that we made, confirmed one hundred percent effectiveness of that device. There is only one problem, however…"


"Well, we suspect, that effectiveness of that device is going to diminish, once our enemies will find a way to counter-act it. And they will, sooner or later. So, we intend to make the best use of the time, that is going to be given to us. Yet before we will start common use of that invention, we need to do the last test. Test in battle conditions."

"So, it is where we come in?" asked Sazeli, hoping that they will come to the point, and he will know the character of their mission

"Yes, it is where you come in" confirmed Iuven "We want to assign that type of task to our best soldiers of elite special forces."

Civilian pressed one more button on the screen, which now showed the picture of a dropship. It was a type of unit known to Sazeli, capable of docking directly in the space stations and air-locks on the ships. There were only small differences."

"We modified one of standard boarding ships, so it would be suitable for your mission" announced the scientist "You will fly on it, undetected by the enemy, to Ildans’ orbital space."

"Thank you, sir, I shall explain the tactical view of matter to our guests" interrupted Izal, coming back to his place by holographic screen "Your task, mai derian, is simple. You are to neutralize Ildan control station, by which they coordinate actions of their battle beasts in region of our next attack on the planet."

Karimure pressed few buttons on screen panel, and the picture of dropship disappeared, replaced by the overview of Ignar IV. On its surface there were marked positions of all armies and fleets, wide arrows showing the estimated directions of their movement, and also clearly visible orbital station which, as Sazeli suspected, was supposed to be their mission target. That assumption was quickly confirmed, when Izal’s clawed finger pointed that object.

"Your target is here, out of our planetary weapon range" stated karimure "Station is crewless, guarded only by the main computer and robot units. You will get there with the dropship, undetected by the sensors of the station, nor by sentry platforms on your way, you will dock and get on board."

"What method of target termination do you suggest, karimure?" asked Idaren

"You are going to receive explosive charge, that shall deal with this. Nevertheless, it would be much more effective to break into the station’s computer system and disconnect the power from the core, that emmits controlling signals to Ildan battle beast units. By the way, you will also deactivate base’s security system and avoid casualties in your team."

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"Are we supposed to break Ildan computer system?" asked Sazeli with doubt "This may appear impossible, karimure."

"Not for our expert" answered Izal with a grin, looking at the assassin, who was sitting to the left, and has spoken no word so far "Elder assassin Dainer Astenius will accompany you. He has infiltrated many Ildan military objects already and he worked out many types of securities."

Karimure clasped hands behind his back, beholding everybody.

"Dropship, that will take you, is waiting in the hangar" he announced "You are going to begin the action tomorrow, exactly in a half of cycle. Eight alits after your departure land forces will receive an order to march and destroy Ildan positions, so I advise you to hurry up. On result of your mission it is going to depend, if we will succeed easily, or if this will be a hard battle to us. You are going to spend the night aboard ‘Isanturai’, your cabins are ready. Before action I suggest that you relax a bit and prepare. Any questions?"

Idaren rose his hand, at which Izal nodded.

"Who is going to be our pilot?" asked mai derian

"Derian Kilena" answered karimure, pointing at Sthresianess in fleet uniform, to whom Sazeli did not pay attention earlier" She was introduced in all essential informations about the mission and she will transport you to destination. She will also coordinate your actions. Any other questions?"

Karisu thought for a while, but he stated, that he knows all, that he should know. As noone elsed spoke, Izal nodded, bidding good-bye to his guests.

* * *

According to local time, to which all present aboard ‘Isanturai’ accomodated with the jump from hyperspace to normal dimension, it was quite late, so Sazeli was not surprised, that he is a bit sleepy. He was sitting in ship cafeteria, drinking estere – alcoholic drink of medium potence, similar to Terran wine. He was accompanioned by the rest of his team, excluding Idaren, which members looked mostly like cyborgs, not pure-blooded Sthresians.

Akirni were one of three formations, that were seen as particularly elite – two others were the Elite Guard and Genisivare assassins. While those second one based their battle value, as Sazeli heard, on power of their spirit, Akirni warriors were subjects to many modifications, in order to improve their strength and other features. Those modifications, most of which Sazeli has also experienced, had various forms. The basic ones were regular bathes in special chemical substance, that entered into reaction with scales, making them more durable and harder than natural. Dubbling in that wretched stuff took place every day during first few weeks of service. It was also taken as granted to remove natural organs and limbs, and replace them with mechanical-cybernetic implants.

Sazeli’s subordinates were, of course, subjects to such operations – one of them, for example, had no natural tail, but a metallic, sharply-ended tentacle. Head of another one was halfly mechanical, with red optical implants, that replaced normal eyes. Karisu himself had about two thousands of nano-grafts, improving his stamina and physical strength. There was always a stated minimum in matter of ‘cybernetication’ of future Akirni, so newly admitted members had to undergo chosen operations.

"Damn you, Sazeli" said padene Veranius, team medic, suddenly, squeezing his biomechanical hands into fists "Since you came back from briefing, you didn’t tell us any word about our task."

"We are flying on a small ship behind enemy lines and we are to do everything quietly" responded karisu, ignoring the fact, that his subordinate did not adress to him properly "It is a secret mission."

"I know, in the Kagar’s name. But we are still take part in all this."

"But it needn’t to be heard by everyone nearby. You will learn everything en route to our destination."

"At least tell us, if it’s going to be hairy" said Igaten, biting a piece of sweet bar in icing of revnair, Sthresian equivalent of milk chocolate

"Rather not."

"What does it mean ‘rather’? Is it going to be hairy, or not?"

"Control yourself, padene" answered Sazeli, annoyed "You are talking to Akirne of higher rank than yours."

Igaten lowered his head.

"I’m sorry, karisu."

"That’s better. And stop asking me questions like this, I have just no idea, whether we shall meet any resistance on our way. If everything will go fine, there might be no single shot at all."

"So I will pray to the Feomar, for something to be blown" announced Ekreva, who saw it as a point of honour to sacrifice at least one enemy to the dragon god during each action

"You are [starts with "f"], you know that?" muttered Veranius, shaking his head

"I do. You’re telling me that twenty-sixth time "Ekreva looked at her friend, resting her head on her hand "And I’m telling you twenty-sixth time, that Feomar protects me…"

"You are really [again]."

"Twenty-seventh" Ekreva grinned "I thought, that you show respect to our mutual patriarch."

"I do, but I’m not crazy about it."

"Shut up, will you?" growled Sazeli

Karisu didn’t fancy another brawl between Veranius and Ekreva, and he was not the only one to think so, as it seemed from other soldiers’ faces. All Sthresians serving in the army were fervent disciples of Feomar, yet what Ekreva was doing, was fanatical. While most of Sazeli’s team members were tolerant to her, single Veranius could not resist criticising her notions. One time he even accused her of turning away from Feomar’s tenet and falling to the darkness of Kagar.

On the other hand, Ekreva was not the only subject to his critic. Veranius was usually quite brazen and he was capable of caviling at minor details, looking for a topic of complainments. Sometimes he was hard to bear because of this, but this disadvantage was forgiven – usually at least – by the others, as he was an excellent medic. There was probably no soldier in Sazeli’s team, who could honestly say, that he does not thank to Veranius his life, or at least health and full physical capability.

"How much time has passed? Eight alits?" said Sirame "Let’s end this, we have less and less time to the begin of the operation, and we have barely slept today."

Padene Sirame was a novice in Sazeli’s squad, and soldiers like him were seen in Akirni forced as younglings, despite of the fact, that ordinary warrior serving in Militia or even Defenders would not even think about using such therm. Nevertheless, Sirame felt strangely in new environment and he seemed to be kind of shy. New task made him unrest – this was about to be the first mission, that he had to fullfill as an Akirne.

"One more turn, ok?" answered Igaten

"It is on you now."

Sazeli overviewed his subordinates.

"If I see tommorow, that one of you is drunk, I will make sure that he would be kicked out of Akirni after our returns" he warned "I’m not forbidding you to make use of your privileges, but you are not some kinda damned recruits from Militia company."

"Why so nervous, karisu?" said faze Azaen "We’ve just started."

"And you will finish soon, if you drink one more turn."

"Just one, Sazeli. Don’t be like that."

Subofficer waved his hand, shedding the skin of harsh commander instantly. He was unable to remain angry too long, especially when Azaen – karisu’s companion since the time, when he was not yet serving in Akirni troops – came to word.

"Last one" said Sazeli with mean smile

To be continued

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Don't wanna die...

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i enjoy reading your story.


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Glad to hear it.

Now, although the novelette has almost 60 pages in Word, only 20+ of them is already translated. If more people will enjoy it, I'll translate the whole text.

Next part, and a few next "alien" terms before it.
There is also one problem, however. I could not find the word for a part of the armor, which protects the wrist and forearm (no such word in dictionary), so... I made up one... embarrasment . Will anybody help me here?

Garave - Sthresian military rank, closest equivalent: captain

SVS - Sthresis Verenide Saledeni - United Sthresian Nations
A strict union of lizardmen countries, established in 3099 during Terran invasion on their homeworld. It is a root of Sthresian empire sovereign authority. The highest (executive) organ of this organisation is SVS Council, part of which is Highest Military Council, taking care of war business.

GTU - Global Terran Union
A global alliance established on Earth in 2238 as a final result of globalization progresses. Its organs were submitted to the SVS' control after the lost war with Sthresians.

Viriner - a small (well, a bit bigger than a human) creature, which is a basic unit of Ildan assault forces and which is bred in the greatest numbers. They cannot attack on distance, but are deadly in close combat, armed with bionic blades and claws. They usually overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers, tearing him apart.



Garave Saepen left his tent, watching a huge encampment from the hill, over which the sun was setting already. His eyes narrowed, when he began to think over their situation and risk they took. Nevertheless, as the high command stated, in order to ensure security to SVS in that sector of galaxy, it was the only solution not only to destroy hostile forces on Akios, but defeat the enemy on his own land, to finally force him to cancel the offensive on that ‘front’.

However, Ignar IV was not a valuable booty in its current form. It was a true wasteland, subjected only to basic adaptation processes, so that Auvelians and Ildans would be able to hold a permanent garrison here, so that the regular delivery of supplies to army and fleet would be ensured, and so that Ignar IV would be self-sufficient. Population of this world, excluding regular and irregular military forces, numbered only few hundred thousand people. Saepen was counting, that SVS will at least exploit its success, bringing the planet to much better state, enabling to turn it into thriving colony. For now, it was yet a future planning only – war has just begun though.

The Base of XX Corps was actually situated in an open field, and they were not told to deploy defensive infrastructure nor permanent buildings in order to quarter the troops. Instead of that, a hundreds – if not thousands – of traditional tents were set, and they were going to spend only one night in them. The order to march was to arrive tomorrow already, so all were very excited.

Not without reason, as Saepen thought, when he started to walk around the camp. All Sthresians, who he met during his walk, were young and unexperienced, which was a disctinctive trait among warriors in Militia service. For the most of his subordinates, as well as soldiers from other units, campaign on Ignar IV was one of the first in their career – and for a part of them it will perhaps appear the last one. Saepen could not describe himself as a veteran, due to the fact, that he was quite freshly promoted officer.

Soldiers, who he passed, were welcoming him with salutes and offical greetings. When garave overviewed the tents of his company, he went to the other region of the encampment and finally reached the human section.

Saepen bestowed first met Terrans with understanding smile. They were soldiers of voluntary self-defence units, recruited on Akios during enemy invasion. Such units were also formed on other attacked GTU colonies, that were under protection of lizzords, of course if only humans agreeded to fight at the Sthresians’ side. Most of those units, established on Akios, remained on that planet, a part of them, however, was engaged into counter-attack in Ignar system. Saepen looked cursorily at the Terrans – they were dressed in the same uniforms, that were worn by the Sthresian Militia soldiers, and they used the same equipment, as they did. Their clothing included navy suit, with dark grey vests, thight pads and cuff pads, made of nonilan and covered additionally with a protective layer of half-metallic advinen. They were distinguished only by badges on their shoulders, signaling their membership of self-defence units, and by the presence of shoes, that were not worn by lizzords. There was no need for them to do it – the skin on their clawed feet was very resistant.

Saepen intended to walk around only, and check, in what shape are the humans before the incoming attack. As most of Sthresians, he had a condescending attitude to them – he respected them in his way and found them brave, but on the other hand, weak and futile. Physically they were very weak, it was easy to kill them, they easily succumbed to the battle pression. Comparing to lizzords, who had perfect adaptations, they were not fit to be soldiers. Nevertheless, they fought and they achieved certain successes.

Suddenly, Saepen heard familiar voice, calling him in strangely accented strev. He turned to direction, from which the shout was coming, to see his good friend, lieutenant Rodrigo Mendez, who was closing to garave in fast step. When he came close enough, he swung with opened hand to his head, but he restrained quickly and saluted in Sthresian way.

"Welcome, captain" he said officially "What brings you to us?"

Saepen knew well, that it is easier for the humans to use their own nomenclature, when they talked with Sthresians, so he did not pay attention at all to the fact, that Mendez did not use garave term.

"Nothing special, lieutenant" he said, responding to salute "I just wanted to check, how are you doing."

"Not badly. Most of us is a bit out of shape, but we’re still looking forward to kick the asses of those sons of bitches" after a while, Rodrigo added "Captain."

"Let’s forget about official titles today, my friend" Saepen bursted out laughing "Tell me, how it’s going?"

Mendez smiled widely. Both officers perfectly knew each other since fights on Akios, when Saepen saw the courage of Terrans for himself on Rodrigo’s example. During street battles in one of human cities Sthresian had seen, that this human, still non-commissioned officer then, fought with no fear of his life, almost sacrificing it in one moment, to save an overpowered lizzord from Militia, one of Saepen’s subordinates, from certain death, as he was about to be torn apart by Ildan monster. Garave, who was a witness of that insanely corageous act, made sure that young Terran had been immediately transferred to the infirmary, and his life saved at all cost. Medics hardly managed to keep him alive and save from death of the wounds he got, and Saepen never ceased to admire Rodrigo since then.

"Actually, I don’t have anything new to say to you" said Mendez "I’ve only received a message from my wife to take care. I’m rather not surprised with this."

"Ah, those human relationships of yours."

Saepen was conservative in that matter. For Sthresians, who did not connect in pair for whole life, the Terran family model was something quite unusual.

"Maybe you will think, that is isn't so bad, if you try it yourself."

"Unfortunately, I’m not human, so I doubt about that. And how is it going in your camp? What about the morale?"

"I’d say, that it’s high. I can hear constantly, as my boys shout one through each other, what did they do during last battles on Akios, and how they intend to gut those Ildan bastards for what they’ve done for ten years."

"Part of them is making up, if I may call it so gently, am I right?" asked Saepen, who moved ahead slowly, walking along with Rodrigo now.

"What do you mean?" said human, walking at the lizzord’s side

"Your platoon is almost entirely but a band of novices. Perhaps some of them haven’t seen a viriner on their own eyes."

"You know, how is that with those pups, Saepen" Mendez released the air with a sigh "They must add themselves some reassurance with all that bullshit."

"Well, at least we are not much different in this matter" garave laughed

"Rather not. But they really show enthusiasm. Not only because they can make some payback to Auvelians and Ildans at last, they are happy to have you at their side."

"Really?" Saepen’s eyes widened, showing the ends of his elipsoidal pupils

"Sure. I think it’s some kinda call of brethrenship. Just some tens of years ago you were conquering the Earth, now you show, that you are on our side."

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"Do you believe in peace, Rodrigo?" asked garave, struck by a sudden thought

"Do what?"

"Do you believe in peace between our races? That some day would come a time, when we will give our hands to each other?"

"You ask strange questions sometimes, Saepen" Mendez shook his head "I didn’t think about it, I only know, that for know, everything differs us. One Akios won’t change it. It also won’t change the fact, that we once turned your planet into hell, and that you have put us into collars now."

Saepen soon regreted, that he moved that topic. He knew, that for humans, who surely appreciated independence, the fact of being under supervision, if not occupation, of an alien race, was very hard to take. Regardless of what mutual relationships raised between lizzords, and humans, the history of their feuds laid in shadow to such bonds, like friendship with Mendez.

"I’m sorry for reminding you about the-" started garave, but lieutenant didn’t allow him to finish

"Come on, Saepen. I’ll not demand from you to apologise me or anybody for what your race has done" human turned around, looking into his eyes "I reconciled myself to that a long time ago. And I don’t remember, that your soldiers harmed us in any way, when they come to Akios after the fall of the Earth, to change it into one of SVS provinces. Even now a few thousands of them died, to save our lifes. And tomorrow more of them will die."

"Let’s not talk about this any more, ok?" asked Saepen

"All right."

The lizzord did not fancy listening about the occupation of Terran worlds by SVS. He was proud of the fact, that his race had completely beaten humans – which could be the proof of righteousness of Sthresians’ belief in their superiority over other nations. Yet the fact of imposing the supervision on the GTU was not so glorious, although the lizzords tried not to interfere directly into the sovereignty of fallen Terran empire, nor run a robberius activity on occupied colonies through a mass plunder of recources from individual worlds.

"Will you have a drink with me?" asked Mendez suddenly "It helps me a lot in situations like this, and I hate sitting alone by it."

"Gladly" said Saepen after a while

Sthresian surrounded him with his arm, and a grin went back on his face.

To be continued

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It better be continued smile


A long time have I waited for this, my little green friend!

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Looks like I'll have to translate the whole text.

Before the next part, I shall give you a few translations, as usual:

Indeve - (plural: indevi) Sthresian length measurement unit, equal to three fourths of milimetre

Daerion - Sthresian dragon-god, one of three draconic deities, worshipped by Sthresian race. Daerion is the deliverer of life and love, and the patriarch to the majority of Sthresian society.

Savashke - (plural: savashka) no equivalent; it is a Sthresian insult, that contains such words, as "bastard", "villain" or "scum", yet has much bigger express than any of them.



"What is that, soldier?" asked Idaren harshly, holding an item taken from Sirame’s backpack

"Magazine, mai derian" responded stupefied padene, standing at attention in his uniform

"What magazine?" said officer with pressure "hat ammo is that?

"Explosive, mai derian. Caliber: sixteen indevi, and a half."

That answer clearly enraged Idaren. Sazeli, who watched that scene, rolled his eyes, knowing, that Sirame will have some serious trouble.

"Did I order you to get rid of that kind of ammo, soldier?"

"Yes, mai derian. There was such order."

"So how did I find that magazine in your backpack?"

Before Sirame managed to answer, Idaren already turned away from him, shouting to the others. He was in a bad mood, through what his voice became hissing and Sazeli hardly understood him by moments.

"I remind you, that the action will take place in the object that remains in space" announced officer "That means, if you aren’t smart enough, that we cannot afford blowing its hull. I don’t want to see any explosive ammo in your loaders, is that clear? Only standard and cluster bullets. Flame grenades only, not any others. You are to throw away the RPG, too. If someone right now has a gear that does not accord to my order, he is to adapt immediately."

Nobody moved, and individual Akirni only looked at themselves, which meant, that single Sirame forgot about the instructions concerning their equipment on this mission.

"I hope that I won’t have to check you any more" said Idaren "Go to the assembler now, and put your armours on. We have not much time left. And you, Sirame" commander turned to padene again, speaking harshly "are going to stand to report after we come back."

Sazeli gasped with weariness. Today morning was enlenghtening unmercily, and mai derian’s mood was only worsening the situation. Idaren had a reputation of quite violent officer, but he usually tried to control himself.

Akirni woke up very early this morning, when the ground forces on Ignar IV were surely still sleeping. Getting up from the berths wasn’t nice though, especially for Igaten, who left his one, when Ekreva pulled his tail, throwing him down from a bunk bed with the accompaniance of the laughter of the other team members. A few minutes later they ate breakfast, in loneliness, having only clearly reticent Dainer as a companion. The mess was empty at that time, as the change of watch did not yet take place.

When they finally reached the storage, they had to bear tirades of Idaren, who thoroughly checked their gear, taken to the mission. He even told Azaen to test the functionality of the bomb, that they were to take with them.

At least they may count on a small easement, that was given by the presence of the armour assembler. Akirni transported their battle suits in parts, an putting them on manually took some time. The mashine was doing this in a minute.

Sazeli stood in marked place on the floor, while mechanical arms were putting metal elements of armour on following parts of his body, protecting even his feet and a tail. Type FV-300 armours were the only sealed battle suits, used in Sthresian army. They had their own power supply and life support system. They also had servo-mechanisms, improving lizzords’ natural physical strength, and their own computers, conducting the systems of armour. Sazeli felt, that assembler is putting the last element of the armour on him, and that a visor, equipped with view field corigators, closes on his head. After a moment he saw a vision, flooded with red, and heard computer’s report of readiness.

Karisu stood in line along with the others, waiting until eveybody have their armours put on. He watched surroundings calmly, adjusting quickly to change field of view, that he had with visor on his head.

When they finally finished, Idaren made a short inspection, checking the communication system by the way, and then told them to go to the hangar immediately. Azaen and Veranius were going after the rest of the squad, carrying the bomb. Dainer was moving by mai derian’s side.

Kilena was waiting for them already, walkig there and forth next to docked dropship. As Sazeli noticed, it was not only modified to be suitable for their mission, but also properly repainted, so it would be invisible at the plain of dark void. The difference of the ship was commented quite quickly.

"What kinda freak is that?" said Igaten, standing next to Sazeli "Are we supposed to fly on that thing?"

"Let’s just say, that it’s only a new model of a dropship" responded Sazeli "I’ll explain it to you later, we are going soon."

Kilena opened the side door of the dropship and went inside right after she spotted incoming Akirni. Sazeli looked around the hangar – there was nobody here, besides of them, and the whole area was strangely silent.

"Get in, karisu" shouted Idaren from the inside of a small ship "We cannot afford to lose any moment, we’re on a tight schedule."

When everybody were on place already, they set themselves in their arm-chairs, while Veranius had shut the covers on them. Weapon has been put into special catchers for the time of flight. Soon the pilot of a dropship released the locks connecting her with the cruiser, and a small ship flied out through opened gate.

Idaren moved ahead, to the cockpit, leaving the duty to introduce subordinates into details to Sazeli.

"All right, gentlemen and ladies, listen up" said karisu, beholding the others from beneath opened helmet "Our mission target is Ildan orbital base. They have a machinery there, which controls the hordes of those monsters of theirs. If we do our job right, they will lose that control, and our land troops will massacre them in following battle."

"It’s suicide" stated Veranius empathically "We won’t even made it to that base, I bet my tail, that it’s well defended.

Sazeli grinned.

"You saved that tail" he answered gailly, trying to loosen the atmosphere up "But it is so, that we are currently testing a new enemy sensors disruptor."

"Which means?" asked Ekreva

"Which means, that our scientists mounted an equipment on that dropship, thanks to which we are invisible to Ildan detectors. We can sneak through their orbital defense stations and dock in that base, and they won’t even realise that."

"So reaching our destination will be easy?"

"According to plan, yes."

"Ildan orbital platforms sighted" words of Idaren, who spoke quietly now, like if he was afraid of being detected, rang out in speaker "We’re passing them… everything is going as planned so far."

Sazeli remained silent for a moment, then he continued.

"That’s the plan: we’re getting on board, and Dainer hacks through external terminal directly intro the station’s computer system. Thanks to that, he will deactivate the power grid and neutralize security system and defense robots. We’ll thus have an ability to conduct base’s functions, along with the option of deactivating and self-destructing the beast control machine."

"And what if this assassin won’t manage to send that damn thing back to Kagar using computer only?" asked Veranius

"That’s why you and Azaen were to take that explosive charge."

The Dropship shook to the side suddenly and Sazeli barely held balance. He was looking around with unrest for a moment, yet it did not seem that they were spotted.

"We’re passing Ildan defence lines. Noone opened fire" Idaren’s voice rang out again, this time filled with careful optimism "To the Feomar’s blood, that damn thing is working. Those idiots can’t see us. They’re blind."

"Is that all?" Ekreva was clearly disappointed "So we could take no ammo with us at all on that mission."

"Don’t be so quick. Not all must go according to plan. Maybe we won’t manage to deactivate all defence systems. Maybe they will still have something up their sleeves."

"Hope so."

"All right, knock it off. Azaen, you take the first squad. You have Veranius, Ekreva, Igaten and Sirame. You are going to stay with me and Idaren. We will also take the bomb with us, if that would appear necessary. In that case, we will put it in the station’s centre. It is also up to us to clean the area up. Is that clear?"

"Yes, karisu" answered faze Azaen

"Parina, you will lead the rest. You have Suel, Eslitha, Feliga and Khage. Second squad is to secure the ‘one’. If something goes wrong, you will also have to clear and hold the evac route. Got it?"

"Yes, karisu" responded faze Parina

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"Any questions?"

Ekreva rose her armoured hand.

"Yes, mai padene?" Sazeli turned to her

"What recompensation may I count on" Sthresianess’ face was not visible under the black visor, but karisu could swear, that she grinns from ear to ear "If I won’t kill any of those Ildan savashka?"

"That you needn’t to care, mai padene" repelled annoyed Sazeli "Take care of your task, you will think later about your sacrifice to Feomar for today."

"Yes, karisu."

Then they heard next Idaren’s communicate.

"Enemy passive defence stations are behind us already. We’re closing to target, we may be docking in a half of alit. Prepare yourselves."

After a moment the dropship began to reduce its velocity. Engines stopped working and they were going ahead by the force of momentum. Soon the brake nozzles were activated, working gently.

"Gear up!" ordered Sazeli "Let Feomar aid us!"

"And Daerion forgive us for doing, what we must do" added Veranius quietly

"If he’ll want to" karisu commented


Akirni started to take off the covers and get their weapons. Most of the team members were armed with long heavy rifles of AGM-43a type, modified version of assault Irmaers, used by Defenders and Elite Guard. They had bigger caliber than them, and an addition of RPG launcher – which was useless right now, as they were ordered to get rid of all grenades. Moreover, there were two Akirni with heavy EG-25 flamethrower in team, and another two with big automatic shotgun AGM-22a.

The dropship almost stopped. Everyone already stood by the side door, including Idaren, who left the cockpit, joining the others.

"Derian Kilena will coordinate us from the ship" announced mai derian, so that everyone could hear him well "She has us on monitoring."

Suddenly a dull slam enlouded, soon followed by characteristic hiss, with which the conductors of two space units connected. Lights shining at the edges of the door changed colour from red to green.

"We’re unlocking the door" said Idaren "Remember, from now on we communicate through intercom. Secured channel seven."

Sazeli shut the visor of his helmet, experienceing sudden change of field of view once again. In the same moment, the airlock in front of him opened, showing the inside of entrance corridor."

"This is commander, get in" heard karisu in headphone of communicator "First squad, follow me. Then enters the two. Dainer, you’re going with me, prep your gear."

Sazeli moved forward, following Idaren. The assassin was walking slowly right at his side. Corridor of the dock stretched on a short distance, and after a while they found themselves in front of the next airlock. It seemed, that there was a monitoring system here, which began to examine them. They had to neutralize the security system immediately, otherwise base’s central computer could raise up alarm.

"Dainer, do your job. Just hurry up."

"Stay cool, this will take only a moment" enlouded the assassin’s low voice

Sazeli hoped so. He could already hear a mechanical, warning voice in the corridor, as well as see the red lights, turning on and off. Although karisu did not know the Ildian language, he presumed, what it is about. Meanwhile, Dainer methodically started his work, opening the terminal in the wall next to airlock, and connecting his micro-computer to it.

For a moment, Sazeli was certain, that they will be compromised, but the alarm did not manage to occur. Suddenly, the warning communicates seased, and the lights returned to normal status.

"I’ve neutralized the securities by the entrance" stated Dainer "Soon I’ll move on and hack to the main system."

"That’s possible?" Sazeli interested

"Yes, in case of Ildans. They enjoy creating systems conducting huge objects, where all, even minor terminals, are bound with each other. "

For a moment there was a nervous silence, when the assassin worked on system, pressing following sequences of buttons on the keyboard. Sazeli, who stood right behind him, tried to watch pictures that were appearing on the microcomputer’s screen, for a while, but he got lost soon.

"They have pretty good securities here " said Dainer suddenly "But I’ve worked it out already. I can now cut off the power for all systems, disconnect the station’s armament, an the control machine. "

"So what are you waiting for? " asked Idaren "Do it now! "

Assassin pressed the button on the keyboard and suddenly sparks came out of terminal, and all lights in the corridor went out. Akirni would probably have problems with seeing now if not the advanced optical systems of their suits, enabling fighting in the darkness. At the same time, low and quietening sound could be heard.

"Done. I’ve turned off the power for all systems and taken off electronical blockades from all doors " reported Dainer "We may now proceed inside and walk, where we'd like to. Even the guns won’t do anything to us. "

"Is that all?" Sazeli was surprised "I’d say, that it was even too easy."

Ekreva cursed quietly, but not quiet enough for other Akirni to hear her, part of whom looked at her.

"Control machine is out? " asked Idaren

"Yeah. I’ll just undergo a bit more detail system diagnostics. "


The surroundings was completely consumed by the darkness. Guns mounted in the ceiling freezed.
However, silence and the dark ruled for a few seconds only. On of the main computer’s screen was suddenly enlighted by a weak shine. Emergency program worked perfectly, activating by itself immediately.

* * *

>>> Power system malfunction
>>> Diagnostics:
Security system – out of action
Remote control system – out of action
Security lock system – out of action
Anti-grav lifts system – out of action
Docks system – out of action
Communication system – no response

Control core – no reaction
Connecting with outer web – unable to comply

>>> Unauthorized entry detected
>>> Protocol 12 comma 2 initiated
Emergency power activated
System lockdown at higher functions level
Core reactivated
Sentinel reactivation – unable to comply
Ardram program activated

* * *

Everything lasted very shortly. Whole room was enlighted again, and huge core, situated above, was activated again. Soon the same thing happened to next elements of sophisticated machinery, set on the other levels. Device started to send control psionic pulses again immediately, in order to maintain forces in adjusted region on the planet.
At the same time, another commands were send, reaching the lower levels of the station.

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I think you should perform some grammar and spelling checks before your next upload, is this an original piece or something of a work of Fan Fiction, it seems to have much promise. But I do have some advice to give, and I would be quite happy to proof read the next upload. Just pop me an e-mail.

[email protected]


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Don't wanna die...

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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Der_SpeeDer

There is also one problem, however. I could not find the word for a part of the armor, which protects the wrist and forearm (no such word in dictionary), so... I made up one... embarrasment . Will anybody help me here?

the word that youre thinking of is i believe "vambrace"?


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Ms.Marvel
the word that youre thinking of is i believe "vambrace"?

Yeah, it seems so. Thanks.

Now, next one. I'll try to fix some grammar or language errors before uploading.

Alien terms as usual:

Pakir - a sort of grain, similar to rice

Pakir with revnair is a sweet meal, sort of dessert, which is most likely given to the Sthresian children. As a phraseological sentence, it has meaning analogical to "piece of cake".



"That’s what I was afraid of" said Dainer suddenly

"What is it?"

"It seems that the control device has better securities, than the rest of the station. When I’ve cut off its power, computer activated some kinda emergency procedure."

"Does it mean, that this bloody thing is working again?" asked Sazeli

"Yes, it is. Computer wanted to send the message about the intruders, but I’ve unabled that to him, fortunately. I’ve also permanently blocked the access to the other systems."

"Can you turn off that machine again?" Idaren was not hiding his impatience

"Wait… I can. But it will take me some time, that damned thing has additional securities…"

"Some time? You mean how much?" asked Sazeli

"Hard to tell, perhaps four alits. Maybe longer. I just need to…"

"We can’t afford just standing here and wasting time. There is a schedule for those on the planet's surface to attack."

"But there’s a lot of time…"

"Silence" ordered Idaren, calmly, but with pressure "Dainer, other systems, including security one, are still not working, right?"

"Yeah. Only that core is still on. Maybe they created some kinda emergency program in case of…"

"So we shouldn’t waste time" announced mai derian "B plan. We’re going in."

"Dainer, open that door!" ordered Sazeli "First squad, get ready."

Assassin shrugged his shoulders, and pressed a few buttons. Sparks came out of electronic lock and the door moved and opened widely, showing the inside of a corridor, with an intersection near to the entrance. The lights were all turned off, so it was dark everywhere.

"Veranius, Ekreva, Azaen, secure the entrance."

Three soldiers appeared inside instantly, and pointed their guns to the depth of each corridor. They reported, that they are clear.

"Dainer, could you get us base’s schematics?" asked Idaren

"Pakir with revnair."

"Once you’ve done that, send it to Kilena. She’ll guide us. Igaten, Sirame, you carry the bomb. Second squad, await orders."

"I’m going ahead" stated Sazeli "Keep it tight and watch your back. We might have missed some securities."

"Where do we go?"

"Got these schematics" high Kilena’s voice enlouded "Go straight on for now."

Sazeli went forward through a long corridor, making following steps carefully. His armoured feet sounded metallically with each contact with the floor. Helmet’s visor had mounted head-up display along with the system of sensors, range of which reached the end of the corridor, yet did not detect any presence. Akirne changed the mode of view, switching to the noctovision, thermal vision, and also the mode coupled with movement and heart beating detectors, but the corridor seemed to be empty.

"Still nothing" reported Sazeli "I’ve nothing on my sensors."

"Move forward slowly. Ekreva, watch our back."

"On the nearest intersection, turn right" Kilena instructed them "There’ll be a bigger room, technical maybe. You’ll get through it."

"I said slowly" barked Idaren with annoyment "Don’t rush us."

"Sorry, mai derian."

"Second squad, move in. Secure the entrance and corridors nearby."

"Roger that" confirmed Parina shortly, and after a moment she added "Mai derian, we’re taking positions, but there is no activity here at all. "

"Stay vigilant. That would be too easy."

As Sazeli saw it, it seemed that station was empty indeed. There were even no visible sentry units, in other case movement detectors and sensors would detect them.

"We’re turning right" announced Idaren "Just be careful."

"Take it easy, in the Kagar’s name" growled Sazeli

"Silence. Kilena, how is it further?"

"You go through the room. There is next turn further, and… you’ll probably have to use the lift."

"What? Where is the central?"

"On level four. You are on level two."

"Won’t it just be fine, if we blow the charge here?" Idaren was clearly dissatisfied because of that way of events

"I’ve been preparing for that mission too, mai derian" aswered Kilena calmly "I have certain knowledge and I recommend you to set the explosive charge on level four. Both reactors will be struck and whole station will damn blow up due to chain reaction. And we are about complete target neutralization."

"All right, all right, I got it" Idaren growled, resigned "Dainer, will you be able to activate the lift for us to proceed up?"

"No problem."

Squad still moved ahead and now they’ve entered a little room, where were a few solicitously folded issues of a small machine. Sazeli watched them for a while.

"What’s that?" he asked, not speaking through intercom

"Tech droids" replied Dainer surprisingly, clearly managed to hear karisu’s question "Inactive right now. Ildans make such corridors in their automatic installations mainly for them. And for security droids of course."

"Maybe they also wanted to be so kind and ease the job for saboteurs just like us – said Sazeli sarcastically"

"Speaking the truth" if Dainer shared karisu’s mood at all, he did not show that "They thought about engineer teams, send in case of more serious malfunction."

"Shut up, will you?" Idaren silenced them "And you, Dainer, focus on your task."

Sazeli restrained himself from a comment, although commander’s official behaviour started to annoy him. Karisu was adjusted to it, but his leader sometimes went pretty too far. Meanwhile, Idaren ceased to interest the talkers.

"Parina, change your positions so that you’ll contain our route with perimeter" he said, now more composed

"Roger that, mai derian."

Behind next corner there was another corridor, where Sazeli could already see a big lift. They reached it soon, and Dainer connected to the terminal nearby.

"I’m activating part of a lift conducting system" he announced, working by his microcomputer "We’ll have power in a moment.

"Very well. Second squad, what’s up?"

"We’ll be on our positions soon, there are some small rooms here…"

"What about it, faze?"

"After increasing the energy sensor’s power, I’m getting weak signals…"

"Impossible" confronted Dainer "I’ve cut off power for all sections, that are unnecessary to us."

"But there is something. Barely detecting it, yet it is. Maybe it’s some sort of emergency power unit."

"Check it, and then report" ordered Idaren impassively "We’ll be on our way to level four soon."

Sazeli turned around, watching Sirame and Igaten, both carrying explosive charge. Ekreva followed them, controlling space behind their back incessantly. Then the display on his visor became lighter – the power was up already.

"Get that bloody thing here" he ordered, having heard the sound of incoming lift "We’re going up in a moment."

"Don’t rush us, Sazeli" replied Igaten, stopping next to karisu, and then he added in an undertone "It’s enough for me, that Idaren makes me hate this trip already."

Sirame laughed quietly.

* * *

"Parina, we’re opening the first door."

"Keep your weapon ready."

Faze rose heavy rifle up, watching her two subordinates carefully. Suel put his fingers, covered with clawed, metal gloves, in a slit between the door, which he slowly opened. It was dark inside the room, but advanced optical system allowed Parina to see effortlessly, what is there. Suel looked through the embrasure, sweeping with his frontlet all around.

"Security droids" he stated objectively

"Inactive" added Parina

Indeed, there were two lines of armed robots inside the room, folded and out of action.

"What are we doing?" asked Suel

Parina smiled rapaciously under her black cover.

"Prepare flame grenades" she ordered "That should be enough for those machines not to cause us any problems anymore."

Soldiers listened to the order, unlocking the charges and throwing them into the rooms. After a moment intensive flames exploded inside. Fuel in flame grenades used by Akirni enabled creating considerable heat, reaching thousands of degrees. Soon robots, one after another, were becoming useless, when flames, accompanioned by dropping sparks, entered the armours in places not entirely sealed and burned the lines.

"Take positions" ordered Parina, once she thought, that she had watched it enough "Suel, you take post next to the lift. Khage, Eslitha, stay in the main corridor."

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Disturbing impulses, flowing from nowhere, got them out of torpor, causing rage immediately. Whole place sounded with ominous hissing, bouncing off the walls. Organic substance, that covered them, began to pulse more intensively, than before.

Now, when the upper hatches were opened, the spectrum of their sighting the surrounding world widened. Suddenly they felt something more, than tingling inside their simple minds, something, that warmed them up and gave energy.

Next hatches were opening widely, and eventually they were able to sense with relative ease the scent, that hanged in the air. The stench of intruders. New vibrations, caused by a sudden quake on one of upper levels, only strengthened the resolve, that was sawn in their brains by that impulse. The anger grew up, like fire being slowly fanned.

Driven by pure lust, one after another they were leaving their former living place. They had something more important to do. They won’t rest, until they taste the blood of the intruders.

To be continued

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I can see, that nobody is going to make I reply, so I'll swallow that bitter pill and perform double-posting again (bah, triple-posting in that case).

Now, time for some scenes of action.


Sazeli left the lift already and stood on the fourth deck, checking the surroundings along with Azaen. Soon there was Idaren’s whole squad in the corridor.

"Something’s changed" said Dainer, and his voice was tinged by the unrest for the first time during mission "According to system diagnostics, there’s some kinda activity on the lower leves."

"What does it mean?" asked Sazeli "We’ve got company?"

"[starts with "F"] rubbish..." Parina broke in "Mai derian, we’re on positions and we still didn’t detect anything. Whole level two is empty."

"It’s clear here, too" noticed karisu "It seems that our assassin’s got some kinda trouble with his gear."

"I’m not kidding. Watch out, because we may have a surprise."

"In the Kagar’s name, we are near the target and we have eye on whole sector" said Idaren with little excited voice "Do your job, we’ll soon be in the center. We leave the bomb and get our of this base."

"You’re closing in" said Kilena "To the right from the lift, pass straight through a few intersections, to destination. You’ll surely find the way."

"Thanks for advice" answered Idaren, to growl with annoyment soon "For Feomar’s sake, Dainer, keep back a bit! You’re necessary to us, and you warned us about something just a moment ago."

"I assume, that as Genisivare assassin, I can handle myself" replied Dainer with sardonic voice

"Even you are not immortal" stated Akirne grimly "Ekreva, watch our back. Get Igaten and Sirame covered."

"What for?" growled Ekreva, with voice full of dissatisfaction "We won’t run into anybody anyway."

Veranius cursed, but was soon drowned by enraged Idaren.

"Padene, I’ll hear from you something like that again, and I guarantee you disciplinary punishment! Am I expressing clearly?"

"Yes, mai derian, I beg you pardon."

Sazeli, walking ahead, passed two intersections, not watching corridors at his side even for a moment, until to his and others’ eyes, the central showed up.

It was quite spacious – especially compared to narrow corridors of the station, by which Akirni moved for most time of action – room. In the very middle of it there was a huge cylinder, phosphorising with a blue light. It obviously was a part of a machinery, emanating with specialized psionic impulses, that allowed Ildans to control their battle beasts. On a few platforms, situated by the walls in the upper part of central, there were computer stations, all out of action. At least it seemed so to Sazeli.

Akirni quickly checked the corridors, leading to the central. Igaten and Sirame carried the explosive charge to the middle of the room, putting it on a little elevation next to the blue core.

"Still clear?" asked Idaren

"Second squad here, we’ve got nothing."

"So much for our action, it seems" stated Sazeli

Karisu looked around the room once again. Although movement sensor and heart beating detector turned on, and optical system set to thermal vision, he didn’t sense anything. Surroundings analyser showed that there was sufficient amount of oxygen in this part of station's microatmosphere, so he turned off his visor, opening it and showing his face.

The same thing was done by the rest of the Akirni and Sazeli could recognise each of his subordinates. As long as the optical system worked, it used a part of suit’s energy, which could be later necessary. Sparing the batteries was a common practice in Akirni troops.

"Azaen, do your job" said Idaren, standing next to the bomb

Faze obeyed the command and kneeled by the explosive charge, unlocking its following elements and beginning to programme the countdown timer.

Sazeli breathed slowly, releasing clouds of steam with each exhalation. The same happened to the others. Maintaining proper temperature inside the station was useless, so it was unpleasantly cold here.

"How is it going?" mai derian adressed to Azaen, still kneeling next to the bomb

"I’m finishing" replied soldier "For how long shall I set the timer?"

"We needn't to hurry" announed Idaren after a moment of silence "We also can’t give them time to bring here second such station, after first one already went to hell. Set on five alits."

Azaen nodded, and pressed a few buttons on the panel. Then he took out a small remote from the fuse, standing up.

"Done?" asked Idaren, apparently willing to make sure

"Done" Azaen confirmed "In five alits nothing will be left of that pile of junk. Of course, we may also blow the charge right now, pressing this button."

Here faze pointed at the remote in his hand.

"Give it to me, faze" ordered Idaren, reaching out his arm

Soldier slowly passed the remote to the officer, who hid it inside empty pouch by the suit’s belt. It could hold a big magazine to AGM-43a, so small device went inside easily.

"So, that’s it, as I think" stated mai derian

"End of action?" asked Ekreva, clearly dissatisfied of that fact

"So we’re ending" shouted Sazeli "Get ready for the way back, this won’t take much time."

"Hang on" said Igaten suddenly with strange voice "You smell that?"

"What?" asked Veranius

All present now looked at Igaten, standing by one of the entrances to the room, who sniffed in the air and seemed disturbed. Sazeli remained silent, like the others, and after a few moments of almost complete silence, something touched his senses too. It seemed familiar to him.

"Maybe we shouldn’t have turned the sensors off" said Idaren suddenly "Something..."

He didn’t finish, because it this moment, completely unpredictibly, from the torso of Sirame, who stood nearby, came out two ugly-looking blades, penetrating through weaker part of suit. Akirne’s armour was flooded by a fountain of scarlet blood, and after a second something pulled him into the darkness behind his back, where Sazeli’s sharp sight could notice a mighty silhouette. All happened very quickly.

Soldiers only for a short moment stood still, petrified by the surprise. They reacted almost immediately, unlocking their weapons and taking defensive attitude. There were no fear nor unrest on their faces, as it was something, that they knew too well. Each of Akirni present here looked into death’s eyes too many times to be afraid of it now.

Sazeli rose his rifle up, sweeping and sniffing around. He could now clearly smell a horrible scent, which accompanioned him many times during battles against Ildans. He immediately realized, that they were not alone here.

"What in the Feomar’s name happened there?" asked Kilena "I’ve lost contact with Sirame!"

"I think we made an error" stated Idaren with grave voice "Get ready. We have to get out of here. Second squad, what is your condition?"

"Everybody fine. But… damn, there’s something here!"

Probably all could hear increasing sounds, when Sazeli shut his visor. When the computer transferred the readings of movement sensor on his head-up display, he necrotized, once he saw multiplying red spots. There were a lot of enemies and they were closing in.

"Incoming!" shouted Veranius "Side entrance!"

Sazeli pointed his weapon to the left, targeting into the depth of the corridor. Quick switch of the visor to the thermal vision allowed his to spot the figures in distance. Not waiting for a clear order from commander, he pulled the trigger, sending a burst of rounds to the attackers. Sharp ammo of large calibre ripped the monsters’ bodies, but part of them still pressed forward.

"Let Kagar consume it!" growled Idaren with rage "We allowed to get ourselves into an ambush! Sazel, Azaen, Veranius, guard those corridors! We’re falling back to the lift!"

"Mai derian, there’s shitload of them" announed Igaten objectively "Where did they get from?"

"Who cares? Blast them! Second squad, status!"

"We’re under attack" reported Parina "Incoming from at least three directions, we won’t hold for long on our current positions."

"You need to buy us more time. Sazeli, stay on positions, until I give the order! Igaten, Ekreva, and you, Dainer, pass to the lift, we must control the retreat route!"

Karisu screwed up his jaws, feeling, how his nature of predator comes into voice. Blood blazed in his veins, when he massacred incoming enemies with following bursts. He knew perfectly – everyone knew – who fought them. Those were Ildan battle beasts, that somehow lived somewhere in that station. He yet did not recognize that species. They were similar to viriners, but were clearly stronger than them. They did not die so easily – although from time to time one of them fell on the floor, dying of inflicted wounds, next ones were still approaching to Sazeli, standing at the end of corridor. They also did not smell so nasty – that probably was the reason of the fact, that Sthresians, gifted with a gentle sense of smell, sensed their presence so late.

"Veranius! Azaen!" shouted karisu, turning away from the corridor for a moment "Prepare to fall back!"

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He shot the remaining rounds in the magazine into the attackers, and he reached his pouch, catching a new one. One of the monsters jumped ahead, closing dangerously to the lizzord and attacking him, but Sazeli was faster. He stroke with clawed gloves, tearing enemy’s torso and outstripping his strike. The monster did yet not only receive a cutting wound – Akirni’s gloves were connected to the power unit and caused deadly injuries of electricity. Before Ildan beast came back to senses, it received another strike, and after a moment already lied on the floor, when Sazeli knocked it by blowing with his tail, and then smashed its head with armoured foot. With next quick move he loaded the rifle and laid a suppressing fire once again.

"Where are you?" asked Parina with loud voice, not hiding her unrest "We can’t hold them forever!"

"You must hold on!" shouted Idaren in answer "Sazeli, we’re on our way to lift, join us. Veranius, Azaen, you join too."

"Get back!" ordered Sazeli "We’re going back to the lift! Azaen, fry those bastards a bit!"

Karisu started to withdraw from the corridor, and then from the central. Azaen appeared next to him, spitting with a tide of fire from his flamethrower, flooding the room and blocking the way for the enemies with a wall of flames. Veranius already stood behind, firing one burst after another. Yet monsters were still coming through, producing wild screeches, burning with lust for kill.

Sazeli responded with scream of his own – lizzord’s war cry, which filled him with overwhelming energy. In moments like this he could always count on his internal beast, on the predatoric part of his mind, yet he also had to control it and keep his ability to think reasonably. When warning signal, reporting that the ammo in the magazine is running out, came out of his rifle, he ceased fire for a moment. He did not have large amount of ammo with him, and he could not fight like that for too long. Next to him, Azaen was replacing the fuel can in his flamethrower, and Veranius took his role. Despite of Akirni’s covering fire, maintained during withdrawal to the lift, monsters were still approaching, and one of them attacked Sazeli, landing on his shoulders and trying to tear his head. However, before monster’s claws touched visor of karisu’s helmet, lizzord shook it off the armour, and then connected fingers of left hand, stabbing the enemy by it. Creature howled, when high voltage burned its body, and after a moment he writhed on the floor, when Sazeli kicked him away, breaking its ribs by it.

"Where are you, to the Feomar’s flame?" shouted Idaren "We’re by the lift… Igaten, watch out for the second corridor!"

"We’ll soon be with you" answered Sazeli "They’re following us, our fire isn’t stopping them at all!"

They were in the corridor already and they could not back each other up. Azaen moved forward, flooding the enemies with next wave of intensive flames. One of the monsters managed to get through fire and swipe the Sthresian at his breast, but claws only damaged outer armour. Azaen stroke ahead with his sharply-ended tail in answer, impaling his enemy and pulling closer. Beast fell on the floor between Akirne’s legs, and before it could react, lizzord smashed its skull with hard, metallic shoe.

"Dainer, fall back" Idaren’s scream could be heard again "I don’t care you are from Genisivare, I don’t wan’t you to drop dead!"

"Igaten! Ekreva!" shouted Sazeli "Where are you?"

"Behind the corner, karisu" that was Igaten’ voice "Be careful, those damn corridors split here."

Sazeli already noticed that himself. He sent Azaen and Veranius forward to the lift, while he stood in the corridor to the central. He changed the magazine before, and he could suppress the Ildan savashka with fire from his rifle again.

"Second squad!" despair in Parina’s voice filled Sazeli with unrest "We are unable to hold! They’re pushing us off our positions!"

"Igaten, fall back!" he ordered, passing padene, who tried to keep the enemies, coming from two corridors at one time, at bay "Got you covered! Go, there’s no time!"

"Move, I’ll join you soon!"

Akirne fired to the right corridor from automatic shotgun, killing an attacking monster instantly, and then withour hesitation stroke with heavy weapon to the left, blowing an enemy coming from second direction. Igaten’s strike broke creature’s skull, yet it managed to make one furious cut before fall. Lizzord, not expecting the counter, was too late to block the strike, which slashed him in the neck, in suit’s weak spot. Igaten choked with his own blood, using free hand to catch his throat, from which gore flowed flentifully, flooding the suit with scarlet stream. Despite the wound, he still struggled to fight, firing next few shots. However, he ran out of strength soon.

"Igaten, you bloody fool!" growled Sazeli with anger and despair, when padene fell on the floor already "Don’t die here now, in Feomar’s name!"

He send a few quick series to the enemies, incoming from few directions, while he cought his friend’s arm, trying to pull him away. Unfortunately, he was too slow. He could hold a rifle with one hand, but this made fully successful fire impossible. Monsters were coming in fast and Sazeli began to fear, that he won’t manage to defend himself, trying to save Igaten at the same time. Yet before first of the beasts managed to close in enough to strike, a burst of sharp shells pushed it back, impaling its body in several places. Sazeli turned around and saw Ekreva standing behind him.

"Hold Igaten, karisu" said Sthresianess "If one of them tries to close in, I’ll perforate him."

There was something in her voice, that Sazeli could interprete as an enthiusiasm, joy flowing from killing in the Feomar’s name. He continued to pull Igaten away, while Ekreva moved ahead a bit, opening fire at the attackers with a roar. Monsters were still not leaving them, advancing in a horde.

When karisu was a bit further, he caught Igaten more strongly, and set him back on his legs. Lizzord was still alive, but he was losing more blood with each passing moment. He was unable to walk by himself, so Sazeli set his arm on his own, guiding him to the lift. It was quite near and karisu joined Idaren, who, along with the rest of his team, tried to hold the position.

"Get into that damned lift!" shouted mai derian "We don’t have time! Veranius, prepare the bandages, quick!"

Sazeli set heavily wounded Igaten on lift’s platform. Medical system injected him painkillers already, but stimpacks were obviously unable to fix the hemmorhage from the neck. Veranius appeared at his side soon, pressing bandage to his friend’s wound.

"All in!" announced Idaren "Dainer, lift down! And close that door!"

Karisu felt that his heart is filled with despair when he observed dying Igaten. Friendship and brotherhood bonds were very strong in Sthresian society, much stronger, than those of humans. There were not many things as oppressive, as the death of weapon companion, with whom so much was experienced. And what about Sirame? Wasn’t his death unnecessary? If they weren’t so stupid, so arrogant and self-confident, to disregard the norms of prudence, Akirne would still be alive. Sirame appeared to be the price for their error.

"Come on, you gonna make it, bastard" uttered Veranius through set fangs, still pressing bandage to Igaten’s neck "You were in worse situations before. Damn it, Feomar’s my witness, we all were. You won’t die, damn! You won’t!"

Sazeli hoped so too. They were on the half way back. Igaten had to hold on, at least until they will return to “Isanturai” and he could be put into infirmary.

Karisu prayed to the Feomar in his mind, that he did yet not take his subordinate into his realm.

To be continued

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Don't wanna die...

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im still reading everything youve posted here btw and i enjoy it smile dont be dismayed! big grin


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Next part. In order to put another one, I'll have to translate it first.

No new 'alien' terms this time.


Derian Kilena watched the monitors hectically, seeing, as the situation is getting worse. Although Akirni were deadly effective warriors, their team was overwhelmed with enemy’s advantage in numbers. What was more, the whole level was densely covered with a web of narrow corridors, which in few cases forced single soldier to repel attacks from two or three sides at one time.

Among thirteen views from soldiers’ head-up displays, three were showing nothing more than a static. Kilena knew perfectly, that it means the loss of the signal from the suit, and thus the warrior’s death. A fourth person might soon join them – Igaten’s life signs were getting worse, and the pulse was weakening.

"Damn, they had to keep an entire hatchery of those bastards" she stated through intercom "They’ve overtaken a few levels of the station."

"What don’t you say?" shouted mai derian Idaren, clearly balancing at the edge of the battle rage "Dammit, second squad, where are you?"

"We’re losing the evac route!" faze Parina was in similar mood, quelling the fear with the aid of her instincts of fearless predator "Eslitha is down!"

"We’re on our way! Who guarded the lift?"


"What’s going on with him? Suel, come in! What is your status?"

Kilena was about to interfere, in order to inform maid derian, that Suel is dead, but before she spoke a word, a horrible scent attracted her attention, a scent unable to be mistaken with…

"Have mercy, Feomar" she sighed with perturbation, rapidly turning in arm-chair to the door leading to the dropship’s cargo space

The stench was intensifying, so Kilena rushed to the console in the cockpit with a decisive move, hitting the airlock blockade button. She stood still for a while, as she was not sure, if sounds coming from beneath her back, are not just a creation of her imagination. Eventually she strongly squeezed her jaws, turning to the cargo space door again.

Monster, that managed to enter the deck, before Kilena blocked the airlock, stood on the doorstep of monitoring center, burying sharp claws in the metal walls, and drawing long blades, attached to his arms, out and in alternately. Sthresianess has seen those beasts already – or it seemed so to her. If it was truly a viriner, she was dealing with a modified version of it. Of course, it was similar to it in build – he had quite squat, yet strongly muscled legs, long and mighty arms, and his body was covered with thick brown, leather-chitinous carapace. He seemed to be more massive though, and bigger than normal individual. Kilena also saw through eyes of Akirni, how elite soldiers fire at those creatures from heavy weaponry. Their fire was efective, yet less effective than in fight with ordinary viriners.

For a moment they stared at each other, and the silence, disturbed only by sounds coming from intercom and monitoring system till now, was slowly supplanted by increasing furious growl of the creature. When Kilena drew pistol from holster by her belt and unlocked it, monster attacked with strident yell.

Everything happened very quickly. Sthresianess managed to pull the trigger a few times, dealing the first wounds to the creature, before it got to her and stroke with claws, disabling her and hurting her arm. Red blood coloured Kilena’s green scales, as she moved backed impulsively, seizeing wounded limb and making a painful roar. The injury though was not serious enough, for the Sthresianess not to regain control on time to dodge beast’s furious attack. Monster reacted quickly and soon made next wild jump ahead, changing direction instantly and pushing Kilena to the console with monitors. Yet Sthresianess did not run away, catching clawed arm, descending on her, bouncing the other one with tail, and biting in seized limb with her fangs at one time. She soon gave up, however, when beast’s jaws were about to close on her head. Kilena growled and kicked opponent in torso, trying to tear his carapace and skin with claws, yet it did not seem to make any effect.

Sthresianess did not feel fear – her primal rage successfully quelled unwanted emotions, warming her up and giving her strength. She stoke with her claws at the creature’s neck, but it didn’t work, while viriner attacked again with his second arm, avoiding tail this time, and burying claws in Kilena’s chest. Sthresianess howled of pain, catching claws, buried in her body, with free hand. However, she was unable to pull them out, and meanwhile the creature’s second arm was closing dangerously to her head, overpowering the resistance of Kilena’s left hand. Monster roared triumphally in her face, blowing on her with stinking breathe. He was certain, that he has already won, that he will deliver cruel death to the Sthresianess soon, giving vent to his bloodthirsty nature.

However, Kilena responded with roar of her own, when she was seized with sheer, animal fury. Her eyes were clouded over with blood mist, when with the flow of new strength she pulled opponent’s claw out of her body. Ignoring the pain completely, she moved ahead, wrestling with the beast, which now began to lose clearly. Sthresianess was stronger, and after a moment she pushed the creature, breaking its right arm, springing at it, and, despite its desperate attempt to dodge, squeezeing jaws on its throat. Creature wheezed and struggled, because of which they both lost balance and fell, but Kilena did not yield, remaining above, and her fangs did not cease to bury in viriner’s neck. Succumbing to her instincts almost completely, she totally lost control of herself, tousleing opponent obstinately, until he became motionless.

Sthresianess slowly regained her senses, yet few moments passed, before she controlled the bloodlust and released the creature, slipping off it. The fury started to pass, Kilena was only puffed, hissing by each breathe. It was over, she made it…

Monster, obviously more vital, than it seemed to her, woke up surprisingly, attacking almost instantly, this time burying his blade in Kilena’s left leg and breaking her bone. Sthresianess roared in pain, feeling, as it increases along with the passing of battle rage. Viriner was unable to get up, but it writhed, attempting to press her to the floor. Pressure, that it made on her massacred leg, caused new wave of pain. The last thing, which Kilena remembered, is the fact, that she roars, unable to stop, howls in the suffering she never felt in her life.


Sazeli hoped, that when they go back to level two, which was guarded by Parina’s squad, they will gain a moment of relief and get back to the ship. However, when he left the lift along with the others, this hope dissapeared, as he observed the mighty mass of the creatures, filling the corridors to the right from the lift. Akirni opened fire, but they had no chance in getting through this crowd, especially that they were running out of ammo. Beasts cut the escape route to lizzords.

"Suel!" Idaren yelled "Damnation, where are you?"

"Suel is down, mai derian!" repelled Parina "They jumped at him from all directions, he was unable to hold them off!"

"Meet up with us, faze, and help us to get through this scum!"

"There’s too many of them, mai derian! We can’t break through, they forced us to withdraw!"

"We must find another way!" growled Sazeli, during break between following bursts from his rifle "We’ll evade them and maybe we’ll manage to break through somehow!"

"This way!" Idaren pointed the other side of the corridor "Ekreva, Azaen, Sazeli, hold those bastards back! Veranius, take Igaten!"

Sazeli roared with fury, pressing the trigger and sowing the death among attacking creatures by continous fire. Horde, that lunged at them, was filling the whole space, and the monsters, possessed by bloodlust, sometimes even climbed on the back of their brethren, trying to reach the Sthresians obstinately.

Akirni were retreating as fast, as they could. Idaren was moving ahead, as well as Veranius, leading Igaten, who was hanging at his arm. Dainer was right behind them, holding pistol and shooting at the crowd, which Sazeli and his companions tried to contain.

"Kilena, you must find us another way to the dock!" shouted Idaren through intercom, and when he did not receive any answer, he spoke again "Kilena, come in, on the Daerion’s mercy!"

Sazeli felt a squeeze in his stomach. Kilena was not responding on communicates in the lift already, which could mean, that she is dead. If one of those monsters managed to get aboard the dropship, they were finished.

"Idaren, stop it!" said Dainer with passion, forgetting about the rank due to the battle zeal "She’s not responding! I’ll take care of it and find you escape route!"

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Akirni were proceeding to the side corridor, struggling to withdraw away from the beasts’ horde, but they were doing that too slowly. Although Azaen tried to cover the corridor with fire, a part of the creatures were still breaking through. At the moment, when sound signal, warning about the ammo supply in the magazine running out, came out from Sazeli’s rifle again, five beasts attacked three soldiers at one time, reaching the lizzords with agile jumps. Sazeli saw with a corner of his visor, that a monster strikes Azaen from above, trying to bury blade in his head. Yet faze blocked the blow with his weapon, kicking opponent simultaneously. Meanwhile, Sazeli clashed with two at once. He stroke one of them with a rifle, before he managed to deliver the blow, and next blocked the attack of the other one. Creature soon made next attempt, clinging with the lizzord in combat. While they were trying to overpower each other, beast, that was stroken earlier, attacked again, only to be repelled once again with a tail whip and a kick. Sazeli growled, thrusting away the arms of the creature that wrestled with him, and tearing his torso in a flash with claws. Before enemy managed to regain control after a number of deep cuts, and electric shock, lizzord stroke with his claws again, this time tearing his throat. Despite of deadly wound, monster still tried to fight on, but was soon kicked back without ceremony by Sazeli, who already began the fight with his kin.

"Damn, they’ve overtaken whole level two!" karisu heard Dainer’s voice in intercom "There’s no way to break through!"

"Find us the way to the main corridor, we’ll try to break through there!" ordered Idaren


"No prattle! Parina, are you able to gather in the main corridor and hold them off for a moment longer?"

"Mai derian" Sthresianess’ voice was strangely composed, more likely resigned "We don’t have access to the main corridor any more, they’ve suppressed us."

"What do you mean, they’ve suppressed you? Where are you?"

"We’ve taken positions in side-sector. We’re surrounded."

"Stop talking through your hat and listen to me!" the news of incoming loss of half of a team clearly filled Idaren with anger and frustration, and when Sazeli stoke next monster, that was attacking him, with whole strength, he thought, that he is not surprised at his commander at all "Speak up, where are you, we’ll join you!"

"You won’t get though main corridor, mai derian. There’s too many of them. They’ve surrounded my squad and are preparing for the next attack. There is no way, that we join you. We may only send to Kagar as many of those savashka, as it’s possible, before they kill us."

"Faze, please give me your… "

"Good luck, mai derian. They’re incoming already."

"Let Feomar lead you" drawled out Idaren after a short pause, barely controlling himself

Sazeli gnashed with his sharp teeth, and his anger due to the death of his companions only increased. Lizzord roared with fury and frustration, wreaking them on next opponent, crushing his skull with rifle’s barrel, cutting with claws and then thrusting back. The others lunged ahead in order to attack, but Sazeli kicked back the nearest monster with whole strength, keeping the others back with tail whip.

"I’m gonna fix you, bastards!" he roared straight in their mouths "Ekreva, grenade!"

Karisu reached his side, getting his own flame grenade, unlocking it almost immediately and throwing to the monsters, that already attempted to attack again. They stopped, however, when the charges exploded, covering the whole part of corridor with fire wall. Flames blowed at Sazeli’s armour, and he felt their heat even through it.

"Burn, foul savashka!" growled karisu "Ekreva, Azaen, we’re retreating, but we’re not holding fire!"

Akirni moved backwards as fast, as they could. Trying to hold the advancement of the creatures, they left far behind Idaren and the others. Sazeli entered next corridor, following Dainer. Meanwhile the beasts were coming also from second direction, and Sazeli, Ekreva and Azaen left their positions in the last moment, avoiding the fight on two fronts.

"We won’t make it to the dropship!" announced assassin loudly, keeping away from the fighters right now, and watching the screen of his microcomputer "Escape routes are full of those bastards!"

"Veranius, look out!" shouted Idaren, and made a battle roar, clearly lunging at next opponent himself

"Mai derian!" screamed Veranius

Sazeli moved forward, while Ekreva and Azaen were shooting behind, slowing down monsters, that were chasing them. When he finally reached Idaren, he was currently fighting hand-to-hand with two monsters simultanously, covering Veranius, who was still loaded with Veranius.

"Get the [short word, starting with "f"] out of here!" commander growled through intercom "By other way, just as furthest away from those bastards, as it’s possible!"

Veranius moved right through corridor, and Dainer and Ekreva went after him. Having Azaen behing his back, Sazeli intended to help Idaren, but before he reached him, one of monsters suddenly lunged ahead from beneath his kin, who fought mai derian, attacking the lizzord. Akirne made an attempt to defend himself, trying to block the blows, but he was too late. Beast jumped at him, cutting with his claws from above and hurting Idaren, who was pushed back. Before mai derian regained control, creature attacked again already, burying claws of his left paw in his neck, and stabbing him with the blade on right arm, at the belt’s height.

Sazeli roared with frustration and helpless anger, seeing as his commander is being slain.

* * *

Idaren was surprised. It was not a new feeling for him, yet this time he allowed to be surprised this one time too many. Before he managed to react, monster already gained the advantage, exploiting it immediately and landing two deadly blows. Blade, which drowned in lizzord’s stomach, hit also his pouch, destoying the remote hidden inside. Idaren thought for a moment, that is disables the instant detonation of the bomb.

However, his mind was quickly filled with pain emanating from his stomach and his neck, which the creature seized with his clawed paw, burying claws deeply. Mai derian choked with his own blood, dropping the rifle, losing concentration because of the pain. He tried to enter the battle rage again, but he knew already, that he lost. Monster closed to him, hugging his throat even stronger and burying his blade deeper. He brought Akirne to his knees with a wrench, standing above him and breathing victoriously. In his red eyes, Idaren saw the joy, flowing from delivering the death to the enemies. Yet there was nothing, that seemed to be a soul.

Monster did not, however, manage to enjoy his victory to the full. He was opening his mouth wider already, intending to catch Idaren’s head with his teeth, but then his skull broke due to the hit of hypersonic bullet. Burst of following shots killed him, and delivered serious wounds to other beasts. The aid was coming, but it was too late for mai derian. Sazeli intervened, killing next incoming creatures and at last reaching his commander, lying on the floor. Ekreva and Azaen appeared nearby, too, struggling to hold off the enemies.

Idaren tried to focus, but he was losing his vital strength. Blood was flowing away fast from two grave wounds, he was also unable to find enough energy, in order to give vent to his predatoric instincts. At least he felt no pain – the painkillers, that were pumped into his veins by the suit’s medical system, were working already.

"Idaren! Say something! Can you get up?" shouted Sazeli, who took off his visor, showing his own face to mai derian

Officer saw it very blurry, and he barely recognized his subordinate.

"Get away from here, try to save yourselves" he said, or at least tried to say, because torn throat made speaking and breathing hard

"We’ll get you out of here! Ekreva, where’s Veranius?"

"Give it up, you won’t make it with me" unclear hoarse came out of Idaren’s mouth instead of words "Leave me here, give me grenade only."

"What is it? What are you saying?"

"Grenade!" wheezed mai derian, trying to speak clearly and rising his hand "Give it to me and get out!"

Sazeli just stared at his commander for a while, as he was not sure, if he should obey the order. If not Azaen and Ekreva, covering his back, he would be probably dead already. He nodded with his head eventually, reaching Idaren’s belt, taking flame grenade and putting it in commander’s hand. His sight stopped at destroyed remote only for a second.

"Let Feomar favour you, mai derian" said Sazeli sadly and solemnly, and then started to run "Azaen, Ekreva, we’re going! We’re to leave him here!"

Akirni stared at their commander, but only for a short moment, as constantly attacking beasts were unabling idleness. Afterwards, the followed Sazeli.

Idaren remained alone, and the corridor was soon filled with viriners’ bodies. All were chasing soldiers obstinately, only one of them paid his attention to still alive mai derian, lying on the floor. Lizzord squeezed his fangs, unlocking grenade.

"Hope Kagar welcomes you equally hot, savashka" he growled

Death came quickly. Idaren felt no pain, when the grenade, hugged in his hand, exploded with light flame.

To be continued

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Location: Planet Earth, Orion's Arm

Whoa, I'm back finally, and as I've translated next part of the text, I will put it here. Anybody waited for it?

Here are some new terms:

Enelit - Sthresian time unit, equal to about 90 seconds (1/10 of alit)

Lidean - Sthresian distance unit, equal to about 1,2 kilometer.

Virne - a class of Sthresian APC, armed with twin autocannon turret (firing bullets at hypersonic speeds, just like any other Sthresian weapon of that type).

Ragera - a class of Sthresian light vehicle, wheeled, with mounted ballistic cannon. It fires proton (subnuclear) or incinerating shells.

Halome - a class of Sthresian tactical bomber, that is used to bomb the enemy units and positions precisely (literally: tornado).

Evalon - a class of Sthresian heavy fighter, of medium speed and maneuverability, yet heavily armed and armoured (literally: thunderbolt).


* * *

"It is over, karisu!" announced Dainer "They’ve cut off all escape routes to us!"

That was what Sazeli was afraid of. Their situation became hopeless – second squad was entirely slaughtered, there were only five of them left, excluding disabled Igaten, they were short on ammo as well. As if it were not enough, it seemed, that they would not be able to fly away even if they managed to return to the dropship, as Kilena did not respond. Karisu suspected that monsters got on board of their ship and killed the Sthresianess.

"They won’t get us that easily!" growled Sazeli "Dainer, search those corridors once again and find some kinda place, where they won't get us for some time!"


"I’m talking to you, dammit!" shouted karisu, turning around and sending a long burst to monsters that were trying to chase him "The best place for defence! If they are to kill us, let them pay dearly for it!"

Flames produced by grenade that was used by Idaren to commit suicide, were not enough to hold the enemies for long. They were advancing from other directions, as well, and dense web of corridors unabled easy defence. Sazeli also predicted, that hostile troops will grow up in numbers, when they will be joined by a group, that wiped out Parina’s squad.

"There is one of generators here" said Dainer suddenly "In separate room."

"Where?" said karisu, picking his words, while attempting to hold the enemies at distance; from side corridors, sounds of Ekreva’s and Azaen’s weapons were coming "Where is it?"

"Two intersections from here. Small room. It has only one entrance. Quickly, come with me, I know the way!"

"Don’t run too fast" growled Veranius "We’ve got to watch those corridors!"

"Excellent. I'll help you" assassin sighed "Idaren does not care it anymore anyway. Neither do I."

Sazeli ran faster. Ekreva and Azaen were still at his side, trying to hold the enemies back as much, as they could. They have crossed the first intersection and were attacked by new group of monsters from the left corridor. Veranius, who walked ahead, was still leading halfly-conscious Igaten, yet tried to shoot at his enemies with his rifle. He let one of them too close, though, and Sazeli did not know, how would this result, if not Ekreva, who lunged herself at the attacker, tearing his throat, impaling his neck with her claws, and finally tearing the head off. Sthresianess kicked dead enemy back, beholding the trophy.

"Did I tell you, that you are[starts with "f"] ?" asked Veranius, neither stopping, nor holding fire

"Sure" replied Ekreva coldly "But it has no meaning now. Go on, we’ll hold them for a while."

Sazeli was not so certain of it. They were close to their future defence position, should they believe Dainer’s words, but they will not be able to barricade there, though, if those beasts would still step on their tails.

"Veranius!" he shouted, struck by a sudden thought "How many flame grenades do you have?"

"Three, karisu" responed Akirne "Why do you ask?"

"Very well. They will be a bit necessary to us. Ekreva, Azaen, gather them from Veranius and wait for my command."

"What are you up to, karisu?" asked Azaen

"Discourage those bastards for longer. We’ll throw some grenades and burn the whole corridor. This will give us a short moment of relief. Dainer, are we there yet?"

"We’re in place" growled assassin, and his voice pointed that he was currently fighting the enemy "If you wanna get here, make it quick, they’re coming closer."

With Ekreva, Veranius and Azaen, guarding his back, Sazeli rushed forward, willing to join Dainer as fastest as possible. When he was about to cross the last pass, suddenly he almost collided with a viriner, that struck the wall with momentum, leaving the corridor, that karisu was about to turn in. Akirne was ready to kill new enemy, but he instantly spotted, that he has slashed throat and knife buried in his breast. Ignoring the dying creature, Sazeli passed the corner of an intersection, meeting Dainer at last.

Assassin was forced to defend himself against two enemies, attacking him at one time, but he clearly had an advantage in this clash. Armed with two kathar blades, he dogded opponents’ blow agilely, cutting them time after time, inflicting next wounds and killing them slowly. First of the viriners attempted another strike, but Dainer bounced the first blade, dodging the second one simultaneously and cutting deeply monster’s breast. Creature’s companion lunged himself at the lizzord, but was pushed back with a kick and blows that followed it, last of which stroke the head. Monster, that was wounded earlier, tried to attack assassin’s back, yet Dainer made a jump with somersault in the air, landing on the opponent and burying blades in his head. Viriner fell on the floor with impaled brain. While he was writhing in agony yet, lizzord finished his companion, blocking the creature’s attack once again, breaking his arm with practised move and burying blades by his right hand straight in monster’s eyes. Beast howled of pain and fury, when reptile kicked it back, knocking down on the floor.

Dainer looked at Sazeli, who watched him with admiration.

"What are you staring at?" growled assassin "Where are the others?"

"They’re coming. Open the door, we’ll incinerate this part of corridors."

"Incinerate?" repeated Dainer above his arm, unlocking the entrance to the room.

"Veranius, move ahead and bring Igaten here!" ordered Sazeli "Ekreva, Azaen, get ready!"

Karisu himself took the grenade – the last one he had – watching the corridors. Dainer had eliminated few beasts going on ahead, but the others were closing in already. Veranius with Igaten went inside the room, but Azaen and Ekreva, with grenades in their palms, awaiting command. Karisu looked at the ends of three corridors leading here – there were monsters coming in from each direction. They were surrounded.

"Now!" shouted karisu, when the attackers closed in a bit already "Burn them!"

Sazeli threw his own grenade into the depth of corridor in front of him, seeing, as it is consumed by flames after a few seconds. Fire exploded from other directions, too, blowing on three Akirni.

"Get inside!" ordered karisu "Two more!"

Whole part of corridors was burning already, but Sazeli was intent to intensify the flame, discourageing enemies more. He looked with determination at monsters, that howled, breaking through the wall of fire, licking their bodies.

"Get back to Kagar, bastards" he growled, before ordering Ekreva and Azaen to throw the remaining grenades

Lizzords closed the door, before charges, that were thrown by them, exploded. Sazeli sighed with relief, hearing nothing more that a soothing sound of cleansing flame. Blood, blazing in his veins earlier, now slowed down, when battle rage started to leave him completely. Then something came to his mind.

"Dainer, could you jam the door?" he asked "And turn on power here.

"Karisu?" asked the assassin, as if he was not sure, if he got that properly

"They won’t get in here" replied Sazeli "We can rest for a moment and gather the thoughts… maybe… maybe we’ll manage to find some kinda solution."

Other lizzords said nothing. They were left by last remains of battle fury, too. Sobering up and fatigue came, connected with consciousness of their situation. Sazeli knew, that we will not manage to convince them, that their position is not hopeless at all.

"Sazeli…" said Azaen suddenly, standing next to his leader with opened visor "This is merely formal, but… Idaren is dead. Now you’re in charge."

Karisu looked at his, opening visor too, and letting his eyes to rest.

"I know" he replied with indifference" But does it have a meaning now?

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"Sixteenth company, fall in!" shouted Saepen aloud, standing among the tents occupied by soldiers from his unit "In five enelits everyone is to be ready, or you’re gonna stand to report!"

Officers and lower ranks went to their units, gathering troops. There was a great confusion all around. Sthresians and Terrans were folding their tents, collecting equipment and standing at the rally points. Part of warriors was going to the machine park already, while APCs slowly began to organize, getting ready to transport the infantry units. Separate stations were being taken by wheeled assault vehicles of Ragera class, armed with heavy ballistic cannons.

Garave Saepen woke up two alits ago, having eaten quick breakfast, but he managed to sober up and now he was unexhaustingly watching his soldiers’ preparations for march. Whole XX Corps was set up, destination – which was plain named Ruvania – was defined as well. As this territory was currently occupied by a horde of Ildan monsters, Sthresians were to proceed there in battle formation, ready to commence attack. Victory in this battle was critical for the operation on Ignar IV, as it was giving access to the heart of Ildan territory, icluding a few settlements.

Saepen was hoping to speak with Mendez today in the morning, but it was impossible – lizzords and humans were forming separate contingents, and Sthresian had to look over his company. He thus only watched from the distance, how Terran units prepare for march as well.

In barely five enelits the unit was ready – all soldiers were standing in rectangle, and Saepen joined them, while whole division infantry was gathering on position. Besides of it, there were five more infantry divisions and four armour divisions, all forming 89. Regiment of Militia, unit consisting mainly of young, unexperienced warriors, yet well trained and ready for battle.

After following ten enelits, there was no sign after the field base, and each soldier was standing on his place, awaiting orders. A few columns of Virne class APCs, armed with auto-cannons, soon arrived. Single vehicle stood in the front of each platoon.

"Into the carriers" ordered Saepen "Take your places and secure the guns. I want no mess this time!"

A part of 89. Regiment was going by APCs, the rest was to be taken by dropships, that were dispatched by the fleet. Saepen saw them in the sky already – besides of them, a few squadrons of Halome class tactical bombers appeared, being escorted by heavy Evalons.

Young Sthresians soon took their places inside the vehicle, and the cannon operator closed the side door. After a moment they were moving ahead already. Their destination was quite near, in distance of around fifty lideans from former base of operations. Infantry, going by APCs, should arrive on place in four alits.

"I’ve got a bad feeling about this, pal" Saepen heard a part of soldiers’ conversation

"You were saying so during the first action, and each other" replied another voice

"Whole two of them" added someone else maliciously "You are just a young pup, just like we are. But, somehow, only you’ve got…"

"Quit the chattering!" shouted garave "Keep the discipline!"

Saepen tried not to show it, but he suspected, that it is visible in a distance of lidean, that he is excited with all this as well. He took part in street fights during battles in cities of Akios till now, but he never fought in open field. Vastness of local spaces was overwhelming to him, especially when he tried to imagine an open battle in such terrain. All this was emhpasized by the land’s barrenity and the lack of flora and fauna. Ildans did not care introducing those, treating Ignar IV only as one of their footholds on their way to expansion – accompanioned by Auvelians – on the outer Sthresian colonies. Fortunately, this expansion never occurred.

Saepen said a short prayer to the Feomar, asking that neither him, nor his subordinates, be as dead, as this world, after that campaign.

To be continued

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