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Quincy Wrote
Started by: Quincy

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Gender: Male
Location: Through The Looking Glass

Quincy Wrote

Here's Some Things Quincy Wrote

First One.


I figured the night was pretty much a declaratory shitter. Kicked out of my own dorm. Hadn't eaten in anything in a week. It was getting to the point where I could hear my own stomach shrinking. So could the guy next to me. That squirming squish of organs that made conversations stop and eyebrows raise. I was able to ignore it. My watch was beeping. That meant the hour had changed. I pressed the little metal knob that lit up the digits. 1:00 in the morning. At this time of day, it's hard to see that much in front of you. Luckily Sr William College Dipshit invested in streetlights across the campus, illuminating the rain splashed sidewalk just enough for me to avoid puddles.

Can't stand this weather. Just cold enough to need a jacket. I didn't have one. I sighed, half out of exasperation, half just because I wanted to see my breath in the air. A breath of white smoke exhumed and floated away. The soles of my shoes were beginning to slosh. The squeaking splursh of the water in my shoes soaked my socks. It didn't bother me as much as the wet patch on the bottom of my pant legs. Can't stand that.

To my left, the townhouse is still booming it's insufferable drone of the bass, playing too loudly out of some lacrosse scholarship blonde-haired Brent. The only thing more irritating than his frosted hair was his own abrasive personality. Plenty of kids partying there tonight. I'm reminded of my own personal philosophy; "The Party is where the Douche is." Tomorrow morning I'll hear of 3 fights. One broken coffee table. One broken hand. One fractured jawline. Crazy world. Thought parties were for fun. Becoming more like shit-bringers.

The townhouse disappears from my line of vision and now I'm near the library. I can smell smoke. Nicotine. Tobacco. Drifting kids ignoring the no-smoking signs to avoid the shit-bringers of the Brents. Sounds like better company. I take a minute to rest against the hand-rail that leads into the bookstore. I pull myself up. To be honest, I probably would have just sat their day-dreaming, working out how to get back into my room (or just waiting the 30 minutes it would take Shane and that un-lucky new girl to finish what they were doing) but I didn't have time to think of anything interesting before I heard a girl screaming. Eyebrows raise. Heart rate increases. Eyes immediately start scanning. No one to the left. No one in the doorway. Then I hear a manís voice.

ďCome ahn just come back upstairs and it will be fineĒ

His pronunciation has a near slur. I donít wait to hear a response before I peer around the corner. Beautiful girl. Blonde hair. Blue top. Great ****. I hate myself for that last thought, but move on.

ďI swear to god Derek get the **** away from me right now!Ē

Pitch raised. Girl is serious. I look around yet again. No one is anywhere near us. I wonder if Iím relieved that Iím the only one. No competition for hero-status. Then again - what the **** can I do about it? I waste so much time thinking of this shit that I miss the reason why Pretty Blonde slaps this guy. Attention diverted. Rookie mistake. Do I step in? Save this girl? Save her from what? ******* boyfriend? Thatís the plan. Iíll go save her, sheíll thank me, and then **** this guy tomorrow.


When ďDerekĒ slaps her, my tunnel vision breaks. Wonít stand for that. I step out of the darkness of the library overhang and my eyes meet his. This guy could beat the shit out of me. Football player. Lineman probably. Smart thing to do would be run. But not this time. Heís holding something.

Red cup.

Must be drunk. Odds stacked more in my favor now. Sober as a bird. Is that an expression?

ďThe ****ír yoo doin here man?Ē

Perfect. His eyes have that same rounded-ness of someone completely unaware. The same guy at a party who is so drunk heís so happy to see you - even when he doesnít know you.

ďYou just hit a girl.Ē

Pretty blonde girl looks over. Her cheek burns red. Mascara drips down her face. Smears her foundation. Pretty Blonde with great **** isnít having the best day. I might make it worse.

Big drunk lineman isnít one with words. He stumbles. Wheezes. Spits on the concrete. Splashes a puddle with his mucus. This sort of behavior is just disgusting. I start to tell him that when he runs straight at me. Heís seeing double. His vision is spinning. Iím still intimidated - try to decide how to react when his shoulder slams into my stomach. Air leaves my lungs in a gasp. Night gets colder. I lose sight of Pretty Blonde as Iím slammed onto the ground. Shirt probably torn. I loved this shirt. Remember to tuck in my head to prevent reflexive crack on the concrete. I would have winced when I heard the sick thud of big drunks face slamming the pavement if I didnít hate him so much. Look how judge-mental Iím being. I only just met this guy.

No - wait. **** him.

Iím able to get up quicker than he is. Heís on all fours, and I savor the second before I swing full force with my left foot against his ribs. My shoes give off a comedic ďslosh.Ē Still filled with water. God thatís so uncomfortable.

My kick doesnít seem to do much. This is apparent when his right hand connects with the side of my face. His knuckles donít taste good. Hairy. This guy is not attractive. Thoughts race as things go white for a sec. Snap out of it. Start a retaliatory right hook of my own - hit in the face again. This time with his fat elbow. I can hear a tooth crack. ****. As I go down hard on my ass, I wonder if it was one of the front ones.

I look up from sitting squat on the ground and see this big tank of a drunk douche mumbling over his words trying to talk to Pretty Blonde off-screen. Heís forgotten about me already. I should be insulted - but I think itís just a testament to how good the liquor was he was drinking tonight. I think to ask him. Instead, I kick him in the balls and donít hold back.

Thereís a face someone makes when they are surprised. Their eyes sort of bring on this explosive quality. They seem to stretch out and grow larger - like a caricature of the face they frame. I smile at his reaction, and wince as air hits my now hideously chipped canine. Thatís a tooth by the way in case you didnít know it.

Big man goes down to his knees. Heís done now. I squeeze my right hand into a fist until the skin turns white before cracking his nose crooked. Blood spurts and splashes my wrist. Gross. Also warm. I feel like I can smell it. I hit him again with my left just because I donít know what to do next. Big drunk hitís the ground. My vision blurs for a minute again. I tongue the side of my mouth - blood. Lots of it. Tastes like metal and salt. I spit. Just like him. I hate myself for a moment - then decide to take it out on the unconscious boy in front of me.

I kneel over him - aware that Pretty Blonde is saying something to me. Sheís either calling me a hero, or asking for a cigarette. Or sheís screaming. I ignore her for now. The big broken behemoth is wheezing again. Not because heís so blackout drunk. Itís because his nose is shaped like an ďLĒ now. As Iím crouched over him, I wonder how he got into this school. What kind of scholarship. I feel the urge to hit him again. And again. Until all the bones in my right hand break. And then Iíd use the left. I could do all these things to him. I realize how lucky I am that this guy was drunk. Heíd murder me if he recognized me later. Then Iíd probably die.

Instead of hitting him again, I stand up. I look at the Pretty Blonde girl. Should say something here.

Instead I turn around and head back in the direction I came from. Shane should be done ****ing by now, and I could get some sleep. But I should probably wash the blood off of my hand first.

No - wait. I should check to see if my shirt is torn as bad as I think. I love this shirt.


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Don't wanna die...

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Gender: Male
Location: Through The Looking Glass

You know.



Itís likeÖ

Well. Itís not like anything really. It is its own thing. And thatís the truth. It is an actual presence. Your body feelsÖtired. Spent. But it isnít just your body. It feels more like your entire soul is tired. Heavy. In a way, itís being dehydrated. But it isnít water that your body needs. You just need that feeling back. And even if you have that feeling - if its still there inside of you - it doesnít make it real again. There is so much more to it. You can say it out loudÖ.you can reassure yourself, but it is only a matter of time before the dark sets in again. And thatís the truth too. It is dark. Sometimes, I feel like I can actually see it. This heavy air. Itís like tunnel vision. The body even feels like you could pass out at any moment. The crime was - you donít. You just have to let it settle. Maybe fight through it. Or just let it wash over you. Give in. And there isnít much happiness in that moment. You just have to surrender to it. Your body may be crying out for it, but you wonít pass out. You wonít even sleep. You canít. Instead of sleep, you just toss and turn. The blankets are too hot. The pillow isnít fluffed. And even though these things are driving you crazy - they arenít what is really bothering you. And when you realize that, it all comes back over you again. When you break out into a sweat, your brain sort of bursts. That is what itís like when you are reminded of it. And what do you do then? Do you cry? Do you get angry? No one can blame you for either. You just have to heal. But there isnít any real cure. Because the cold hard truth is, deep down - you know what is going to happen. What has to happen. That eventually you will get ďbetter.Ē But you arenít better really. Instead, when that blackness washes over you, when you are reminded, you just wonít care anymore. And in a way, that is the saddest part. You used to feel something so big. Bigger than you. And at first, you can thrive on it. But when it becomes that dark shade, it consumes you. Itís entirely frightening. And thenÖitís gone. Like everything else, it just goes away. And youíll remember some of it. How could you not? But you never remember it in the same way. Itís just a passing thought. A side note. And your old self, the one that never wanted you to be like this - if they could see you - theyíd ask ďwhy?Ē

ďBecause thatís fate.Ē You say.

And then both your hearts break.


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Gender: Male
Location: Through The Looking Glass

A Smash Brothers Love Ballad

The first time I saw you we were both at Hyrule
It only took one hit to make me your love struck fool
You were someone elseís princess but I knew that in time
Youíd see Iím the good one and then you would be mine

And we fell in love
Across the Lylat stars
So hop on my Dragoon
And my love will take you far

Oh because Master Hand cant stop us - his strength ainít enough
Because next to our love heís just Jigglypuff
And Crazy Hand cant stop us cos Youíre Samus - Iím Marth
And when you shoot your rockets - they go straight to my heart

So lets get together and we'll play two on two
Cos no one can beat us and you know that is true
Not Sonic or Mewtwo or that Lucario
If heís spamming his shield - get close and use ďthrowĒ

And if Captain Falcon wants to Falcon Punch
Iíll jump in front of you - I love you a bunch
And Iíll get KOíd but babe please donít you cry
Iíve still got 3 lives left - Our love never dies

And we fell in love
And kissed at Green Hill Zone
So stay with me
Youíll never be alone

So smash open that barrel - thereís a bat we can use
And then I will take you on a Rainbow Cruise
Weíll play this forever and go hand in hand
And then at Delfino we can lay in the sand

Quick there goes a heart box - grab it in a flash
And Iíll keep them off you with my dolphin slash
I have no projectiles but baby trust me
With my sword in hand - from Bowser weíll be free

And we fell in love and ran through Jungle Japes
No one beats our love - not even those D.K Apes
And Tabuu cant stop us - I love you too much
And I would fight solo - if it meant we could touch

Hey Look thereís a smash ball and Pitís in pursuit
So quick go and grab it - bust out Zero Suit
Please take off your mask and then show me those eyes
Thereís no need for first place cos you are my prize

And if for some reason you run out of lives
Iíll KO those bad guys a million more times
But baby I miss you, so wonít you press ďstart?Ē
Iíll give you my last life - we canít be apart.

ÖAnd there comes a day when Iím Red and Youíre BlueÖ
And instead of me, thereís an Ike next to youÖ
But I wonít forget you and maybe one dayÖ
Youíll come back to my house and maybe weíll playÖ


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Old Post Feb 4th, 2010 09:22 PM
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