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Guardians of the Cosmos ((RP Thread))
Started by: MadMel

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Gender: Male
Location: Australia

Guardians of the Cosmos ((RP Thread))

Guardians of the Cosmos

Xion, also known as the guardian of Sector X a piece of the galaxy that ringed the edges of the core systems, stared into the fathomless deeps of space. It was a view he could have wasted an eternity looking at, were it not for the army of unknown in front of him. These grotesque enemies had come from outside his home galaxy to destroy and conquer, but Xion, feeling no fear, hovered in front of the enormous force before him. He was not exactly standing his ground - one does not 'stand' in space - but he was nonetheless preventing the army from moving forward.
The Unknown were talking. Maybe they were wondering what Xion was doing, or perhaps laughing at the one-man resistance. Xion didn't really care, either way. He was, after all, here to destroy these invaders, not chat with them, although he did admit that the language they spoke intrigued him slightly. He, like all guardians, knew all the languages in his home galaxy inherently, but apparently this ability did not extend itself to species outside of the galaxy.
Perhaps the most puzzling thing about the unknown was that they were almost 100% organic. Their ships were no more than a larger breed of their ugly race - even the titanic moon sized carrier ships, which resembled giant sacs of flesh that had smaller 'ships' flying in and out of their many orifices. The most disturbing thing was - if these being could survive in the vacuum of space, like a guardian could, then what other powers did they possess?
This question was answered quickly enough, as what appeared to be the army's leader floated to the front lines to observe Xion. The guardian thought this was a strange strategy. The general, or whatever it was, had put itself in grave danger. After all, Xion could obliterate it from here. It was just a different variation of their race. This train of thought ended rather fast, however, as the general's feature blurred and twisted, until Xion was staring at a rather disgusting mirror image of himself. The being's flesh had even spread out to form a cape similar to the one Xion was wearing.
Apparently, the general wasn't satisfied with this image, so the cape melted into it's skin, and instead formed a second pair of arms, that flexed as the unknown experimented with its new form. "interesting" Xion murmured out loud, temporarily ignoring the laws of physics by speaking into the vacuum.
"Interesting." The general mimicked him. it's voice was rough and course, as if it had not formed its vocal chords properly. Before Xion could experiment with this notion however, the general had shot across the void towards him. Their collision was explosive, but silent, and the unknown army merely hovered there, as if waiting. Crushing the Xion in it's four-armed grip, the general plummeted towards the planet below.
Xion knew this planet well. Kah'Shara was a dying planet, with no more than a million years left to live. The guardian had visited the planet at regular intervals to check it's progress. Finally, he decided it was time for the inhabitant to evacuate. The Kah'Shan, a long lived race who respected the guardian's judgement, had agreed and left the planet for good. That had only been a hundred years ago - a blink of an eye to a guardian like Xion. The red sky and stormy black seas flashed by as the two powers wrestled in midair.
The general temporarily got the upper hand with it's extra limbs. In that instant the unknown used it's strength to fling Xion into the nearest mountain. the resulting CRACK echoed around the dead planet as parts of the mountain shattered, breaking away completely to make a new cliff face in the rock. The general closed in, but was blasted away by two bolts of red light. Xion was fortunate that his unique ability was entirely offensive. After several more blasts Xion followed up with a punch that sent the general flying into the black ocean. Ignoring the massive storms and the churning water, Xion followed.
The fight continued, the water offering as much resistance as the skies above. Xion's lasers were shooting off in all directions as the two battled, going deeper and deeper, breaking through the ocean floor and down into the planet's core. The planet's stability took a turn for the worse. If Xion looked at the planet now, he would guess this it's remaining lifespan had been reduced to a few thousand years. The guardian's and the general's actions in the core has pushed Kah'Shara past its limits. Even as they fought in the core the two could feel, and even hear, the planet shaking around them. They finally exploded from the earth on the other side of the planet, next to one of it's once great cities. The buildings towered to the heavens above, but they were still only obstacles when it came to the struggling beings. They plowed through the structures like they were made of paper, which were then consumed by the tidal waves of molten lava that erupted from the hole they made. Xion managed at last to kick the unknown general away into the base of a nearby skyscraper, which began to slow collapse. Not to be outdone, the general retaliated by throwing the whole building at Xion, who managed to duck and catch it on the underside. Whether the general was angry or amuses by this, Xion couldn't tell. It didn't seem capable of making any facial expressions. It simply charged forwards, unaware that Xion had changed his grip on the building slightly.
Swinging the skyscraper like one would a baseball bat, Xion hit the general square on, splitting the entire building in two and sending the unknown flying high into the sky. The guardian dropped his half of the building, deciding that this was the time to end this fight, as the general had clearly been stunned by the attack. He caught up to the monster and pulled it away from the planet as quick as he could. Once free of the planet's gravitational pull, he aimed for the nearest star, hoping that the general would be as doomed as any guardian that had experienced the overpowering heat of a sun. The general, waking at the last moment, gave a out a cry that the waiting army reacted to instantly. They all swarmed towards Xion, but too late, as the guardian threw the unknowns fallen leader into the crushing gravity of the star, which Xion knew it could not escape. It fell, burning as it went, and then it was lost beneath the fiery surface.
The unknown army continued its charge towards Xion, blindly following the last order of it's fallen commander. Xion, feeling fed up, unleashed an enormous torrent of red light at the enemy. The first wave perished instantly from the sheer intensity of the blast, and the waves behind disintegrated slowly. The unknown kept on coming, determined to kill the guardian until, quite suddenly, they stopped. Xion could tell from the chatter that broke out that the army was confused, as if they were taking orders from ten different people at once. Then, without warning, hundreds of portals opened around the army, ripping apart the fabric of space. Xion, sensing an opportunity, sped towards the portals, but by the time he reached them, they had closed, and the army had disappeared within them.
"A retreat?" he wondered out loud staring at the now empty space in front of him. Not that it mattered. He had accomplished his mission and saved this part of the galaxy. There were other areas, he knew, where the other guardians were fighting to defend star systems that were of strategic importance. He left this system and headed for the galaxy's centre, where the Grand Council resided. He would have to report his findings ASAP. What he learned in this fight could be of great importance. It might even be the key to winning this war...


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The Scenario
Greater Sci-Fi combatant

Gender: Unspecified

It had not been long since Memory's senses detected the deformity. He guessed that there were half a million or so of the spatial disturbances, spread out over the planet. They filled the horizon, and Memory considered the possibly they had surrounded the planet. They were an anomaly to Memory, their minds and bodies too alien to be easily deciphered. If, perhaps, one could be studied, their secrets might be archived. It would be difficult, certainly, so went the war.
Memory stopped as he felt the first lives end. A natural cycle, he knew, but the tiny lights flickering out were too many, too unnatural. The planet's inhabitant were under his jurisdiction, and he was to protect them. And protect them he did, preserving their memories as was needed, and warding off the largest threats to population. Otherwise, they could take care of themselves. These Unknown were a great threat, to be sure, and there was the war to consider. Memory did not enjoy taking lives, but there was no choice in the defense of the star system he held dominion over.
To an outside observer, it might have appeared that Memory was enveloped by nothingness as he was transported to the highest concentration of the Unknown. There really were so many. Memory was again left with no choice, calling upon the Legacy. A special ability unique to each Guardian, Memory was a collector of the dead. The imprint any living creature left upon the universe, a recording of their existance; such was Memory's domain. With a quiet word, he called to them, forming a cast of the psychic footprint into temporary re-existance. As Memory appeared, so did hundreds of thousands of warriors from each planet in the system. Thousands of uniforms and weapons, so integral to the soldiers' identities that they could not be removed. With another effort of will, Memory sent them to the corners of the world, their mission to confront the Unknown.
In moments, the force of Unknown creatures had their attentions trained on Memory, the attack temporarily disrupted, as he stood before the armies of the dead. It would not help to attempt communication: these beings had no desire to try diplomacy. Memory attempted anyway, giving the Unknown a chance to leave without further violence. For another moment, it seemed to stir some of the beings. But then, a cry roseout, and they surged forward in a tide of flesh. Memory gave the order to fire.
Weapons flashed and exploded, beams reaching out to slice at their targets all over the small planet as the Unknown met massed fire. The Unknown slowed, but their momentum carried them through the first volleys, and Memory felt their lives holding strong, though several were extinguished after concentated blasting. Not enough damage was done, it seemed, to stop the charge. Then the armies clashed, and blades leapt from scabbards or hilts, crystals powering up into coherent forms. Almost experimentally, Memory reached out and caught one of the invaders. It clawed at him, but was unable to find purchase before Memory simply crushed the creature. He felt its imprint forming, and caught the remains to store its Legacy. Again, Memory felt the alien presence, and was unsure he could work with it. As he tried to cast the imprint into something physical, another of the Unknown came after him, forcing Memory to lash out with a braided fist, breaking something within the creature. A hundred more took that one's place, and Memory transported himself above the field of battle. It seemed to be going well. Each time an Unknown struck down a Legacy, they were surprised to find Memory recasting them into place. While it was true that army of the dead had a difficult time harming the Unknown, they could not be permanently destroyed, not while Memory held the remains. Each unknown to be killed went to Memory, but still he could not form them, the remains too different from those he knew. The tide was beggining to turn, though it would not last at the current rate, as Memory's energy depleted for each revival. Nor could Memory stand to take the field himself; the numbers were against him, he knew. Instead, Memory took a new approach. The armie of Legacies simply disappeared, only to return in new positions, at flanks, surrounding broken ranks of the confused Unknown. The Legacy weapons fired again, to much greater effect this time. Massed fire to weakened areas, Legacies appearing in the worst possible spots, Memory did all he could to maintain the sowed confusion, even risking himself to join the fight. One blow, to the ground below the enemy's feet, and the terrain reacted, a shifting break in the earth. Unknown tripped and fell, while Legacies to the high ground, again shooting into disorganized clusters. It would take time to clean the planet, but Memory felt he could afford to wait.


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Darth Piggott
Sith Acolyte

Gender: Male
Location: United States

Toshihiro stood on the top branches of the Asana tree observing the forest ground. He stood silent, patiently tracking his prey. The beast stood peacefully on the riverís edge, drinking from the river; it occasionally looked up to observe its surroundings. Its horns looked beautiful on its head. They were exactly symmetrical, and were at least 46 inches wide and 24 inches tall. Toshihiro knew that he would have to get as close as possible to the beast, because if he moved to soon, the beast would dart off. Toshihiro slowly descended from the tree, stopping anytime the beast moved its ears. Once he reached the bottom, he laid upon the ground feeling the warm earth against his body. The tall brown grass hardly hid his body. Toshihiro decided to change his skin color to light brown to blend in with the grass. Once his skin was completely changed he crawled towards the beast. He wanted to inch within ten feet of the beast, and then spring his attack.

Toshihiro was about 35 feet from the beast, when it suddenly stopped drinking. It raised its head and surveyed the area around it. The beast returned to drinking from the river when it decided that the area was safe. Toshihiro was glad that the beast had a poor sense of smell, because it would have surely smelled him out by now. He slowly creeped up towards the beast. The closer he inched towards it, the more it would pause to look around. Toshihiro was about twenty feet from the beast when he grew impatient, and decided to begin his attack. He was confident that he could overcome the beast from this distance.

As soon as Toshihiro rose up from the grass, the beast reacted immediately, kicking out its back hooves at him. Toshihiro barely missed the hooves, and jumped up and over the beast. He grabbed the horns, and used his muscle to bring the creature down. He gave out a yelp, as its face smashed into the river bed. The massive creature used it front arms to slowly bring its head back up. Toshihiro tried to keep the animals head wedged into the river bed, so that it wouldnít be able to have an advantage. He knew that he couldnít hold the animal for long, so he slowly climbed his hands down the beasts horns to reach its neck. Toshihiro kept his knee on top of the animalís nose to give himself leverage. Once his hands reached the animals neck, the beast swung it head up, and Toshihiro rolled his legs around the animals head. Toshihiroís legs landed in front of the beastís front legs, and he quickly put his massive arms around its neck, putting the beast in a sleeper hold. The animal flung its arms around in the air, its claws leaving a massive gash in Toshihiroís leg. He felt the pain and concentrated on his leg beginning to heal. The beast landed on its stomach, and tried to squirm its way out of the sleeper hold. Toshihiro squeezed tighter with every move of the beast.

Suddenly the sunlight vanished. The planet had gone into an unrecorded solar eclipse. This distraction allowed the beast to wiggle out of Toshihiroís loosening sleeper hold. Once the animal was free, it charged at him and lodged its horns into Toshihiroís abdomen. It swung its head around, and Toshihiro landed in the river. The beast then ran off into the jungle, proud of its accomplishment, and the fact that it was still alive. The river pushed Toshihiro downstream, as his blood slowly changed the color of the river. The pain he felt was excruciating, and it didnít help that he had no armor on. He began concentrating on his wounds healing. The massive holes left nothing for the imagination. His wounds healed slowly because he hadnít healed damage that extreme since the First War. Once his wounds had healed he was already a mile downstream. He swam his way to the riverís edge, and grabbed a fallen tree to pull himself up. He changed his skin color back to its normal state, and surveyed his surroundings. He realized that he was only a couple miles north of his camp.

Toshihiro ran the whole way, changing his cells temporarily so that he could move faster. He increased the size of his heart to pump huge amounts of blood. He also increased the size of his lungs and nostrils to allow deeper air intake. Toshihiro reached his camp in 30 minutes, and quickly changed his anatomy back to its original state. He dawned on his armor, and placed his sword in the hilt. The solar eclipse was not only unrecorded, but there was no moon that should have been crossing the star at that time. Toshihiro didnít even recognize the moon at all. He decided to fly up and investigate it. Before he could take off, a ship flew right past him. Sensing him the ship quickly stopped and heading right back towards him. Toshihiro flew towards the organic ship, and before it could fire on him, he pulled out his sword and cut the main turrets off of the ship. The Unknown pilot started to eject from the ship, but as soon as the cockpit window opened up, Toshihiro slammed it back down. The thrusters from the seat caused the pilot to slam into the window, killing him instantly. Toshihiro flew off of the ship, and it plummeted towards the earth.

He then flew towards the moon that was still in front of the star. As he reached closer, he realized that it was a massive ship, and it smaller ships emerging from it. Suddenly Toshihiro was surrounded by the fighter ships. While he contemplated a plan, two of the ships flew away. Emerging from the moon sized ship was another fighter ship, which appeared to be the leader of the fighter pilots. Toshihiro observed as the Unknown commander began to approach the ring of fighters surrounding Toshihiro. It was three times the size of the other fighters, and had massive turrets on the top of its body. The commander began to try and communicate, but Toshihiro couldnít understand the language.

The ship began firing, and Toshihiro easily dodged the plasma blasts. The other ships began firing so; he flew off towards the planet again. The commander began to follow him, but it commanded the others ships to remain in orbit. Toshihiro laughed at how easy the commander had just made his job. He flew through the trees, and the ship stayed above the tree line, never losing sight of him. Toshihiro flew towards the canyon to hopefully distract the commander. As he flew towards the canyon, the cargo bay doors on the ship began to open. A massive gun appeared and began firing on him. The blasts were leaving massive scars in the planet, as if they were appearing from meteorites. Toshihiro reached the canyon, but the massive gun on the commanderís ship began to pulverize the mountains. Toshihiro flew in shock, as his home world was being destroyed right in front of his eyes.

Toshihiroís anger quickly took hold, and he stopped in midflight. The commander flew right past him, and Toshihiro flew in behind the ship. His stripes began to glow, as he filled up with anger, and his cells began to reform to make him stronger. His sword began to glow red hot. Toshihiro flew above the ship, and easily dodged the weak turret fire from the guns on top of the ship. He flew down faster than the speed of sound and slashed the commanderís cockpit from the ship. The commanderís cockpit flew straight into the ground, blowing up on impact. Toshihiro flew towards the destroyed the cockpit to investigate. As his feet hit the ground, the body of the commanderís ship crashed into a mountain overhead.

Toshihiro looked around the crash site, but only found debris, and body pieces. He found a pin that showed a weird symbol that was of no alien race he recognized. He flew up into space to confront the other fighters, but when he reached the edge of the planetís atmosphere, he found a vast space of nothing. It was as if nothing had ever happened. The massive moon sized ship was nowhere to be found. Toshihiro decided that he would need to report his findings to the grand council, so he traveled to the center of the galaxy. He would have to leave his home world to be cleaned up by its other inhabitants.


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