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Comic Idea
Started by: BrainGrimm

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Comic Idea

I just thought i this comic idea when i was taking a shower, i dont know why but my mind wounders when i am in the shower. anyways tell me what you think about this basic comic idea, its not my favorite idea but i thought it was unique in some ways and i want to hear from some of you people. eek!

What do you think would happen if you were given the power to kill anybody you want by just touching them with just your hands? What if this power was given to a mentally damaged human clouded with rage? Oh no!!! It takes place in 2014. The US lies in destruction from an atomic bomb set of by the Russians during the cold war in 1980. (This is alternative reality where the Russians did actually bomb us instead of making peace) There is an estimate of 1,000 survivors in the U.S. The story fallows a man who lost his family and friends to the atomic bomb. He lives on the dead streets of his destroyed country, fighting to survive against the other human survivors (kind of like road warrior if you have seen that movie) The protagonist somehow gains the power to kill people by just coming in contact with his own hands. For example. If he sees a person on the street who he doesnít like he can just shake his hand and the guy will die instantly, he must touch the personís actual matter though, cloths donít count. So if the guy is wearing glove lucky him! Itís a mystery why he has this power. The protagonist also learns that he has the power to pass his mysterious powers onto other people, all he has to do is make eye contact with the person then they will have his powers also. Like a vampire thing if you think about it. Anyways, he learns of his new powers and he begins to believe his power is a gift from god to make everything right again. During the progress of the comic the protagonist teams up with most of the survivors of the atomic bomb to rebuild their country seeing the protagonist as their new leader with his miracle powers. Once the protagonist rebuilds his country and becomes its official leader he and his army that have the same power as he declare war on Russia and other dictatorship countries that are a potential threat for their new country. They obviously kill everyone pretty fast because the other guys cant kill by just touching people, I mean a army of people that can kill that way! Imagine that! Anyways Near the end he beings to get the idea of destroying every other country that doesnít join his side because he believes that separation and different ideas create wars. Its basically the story of a normal person who is given power and uses it to rise to the top to take down anything that opposes his mission for power. Itís a story that contains lust, and the corruption of power, and the differences between peopleís believes.

Sorry that was so long, anyways disscusion is open Happy Dance

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Home » Misc » Artwork Forum » Comic Idea

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