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They're Not Laughing Anymore ...
Started by: Deano

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They're Not Laughing Anymore ...


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Hello all ...

Well, well, well. What a couple of weeks. It is a strange and surreal feeling to watch your books of nearly two decades unfold before you on the TV screen and I can confirm that it gives you no satisfaction at all.

'I told you so' is far less the reaction than 'What are we going to do about it?'

I have been banging out year after the year the two key coordinates that we need to understand to get a fix on what is truly happening in the world. These are (a) where those in control wish to take us and (b) the methods they use to get us there.

Put the two together and a world of apparent confusion, chaos and complexity takes on crystal clarity.

This is the structure of global tyranny that the bloodline families and their masters have been working for thousands of years to install:

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There may be a few other elements, like a Middle Eastern Union, but this is basically it. In the end even the nation states would go as units of government to be replaced by smaller regions to disperse any unified response to the edifice of power above.

The main technique that is used to advance this agenda is what I call Problem-Reaction-Solution, which goes like this: Create a problem covertly and blame someone or something else for what you have secretly done; tell the people through an unquestioning and pathetic mainstream media the version of the problem you want the masses to believe; then openly offer, through changes in society, the 'solution' to the problem you have yourself created. This 'solution' is always the installation of more centralised control.

Take these simple coordinates and apply them to the events of the last few days and weeks and everything morphs into focus.

The banking 'crash' has been coldly designed to create the 'problem' that can lead to the 'solution' - a massive centralisation of power in the 'private' and 'government' banking systems, both of which are owned and controlled by the same network of families.

Look at that chart above and you will see 'World Central Bank', the body the Elite want to impose to control the entire global financial system. As a result of the economic turmoil, we are now seeing this being proposed to 'solve the problem' of the banking chaos and to 'make sure it never happens again'.

They have not yet, to my knowledge, used the term 'World Central Bank', but that is precisely what they mean when they talk about a new structure to police the global banking system. This theme was summed up in a headline in the UK Daily Telegraph: Global financial crisis: does the world need a new banking 'policeman'?

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How appropriate that Britain's Mr. Sleeze, Peter Mandelson, the man behind Tony Blair, was brought back into government this week by Prime Minister Gordon Brown as 'Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and President of the Board of Trade'. Note: Secretary of State for 'Regulatory Reform'.

He's been brought back at just the right moment to secure UK support for a global body to control the banking and financial system. He is not an elected Member of Parliament, but that's no problem in a 'democracy' like Britain. Instead he's been made a 'life peer' which secures him a seat in the unelected House of Lords and thus qualifies him to join the government.

Mandelson, the son of the advertising manager at The Jewish Chronicle, came back into government after serving four years as Trade Commissioner (unelected bureaucrat) with the European fascist dictatorship, sorry 'Union'. His two previous roles in government ended with him being forced to resign over allegations of corruption.

This Illuminati gofer was installed just in time to deliver his 'solution' to the banking crisis: a new 'machinery of global economic governance', as he calls it. Gordon Brown himself said that global regulation was 'urgently in need of modernisation and reform' and the head of the International Monetary Fund has also called for a global organisation to police the financial system. We will see this theme constantly promoted.

As the Telegraph article said:

'So, as the world's central bankers gather this week in Washington DC for an IMF-World Bank conference to discuss the crisis, the big question they face is whether it is time to establish a global economic ‚§policeman‚§? to ensure the crash of 2008 can never be repeated.'

Classic Problem-Reaction-Solution.

But the banking crash has many other elements. These people rarely, if ever, do anything for just one reason. This is why connecting the dots across a vast series of subjects and events is so important to exposing the game.

Another coordinate that I have been stressing since around 1997 is China's role in all of this. China is a massive centre for the conspiracy and in so many ways mirrors the global society these sick people seek to impose.

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China has been incubating for hundreds of years being prepared for its role as a key player in these times we are now experiencing. I was told by an insider many years ago to watch for the emergence of China as an economic and military power because then the action would really start.

Well, here we are.

China's 'economic miracle', based on slave labour that undercuts production costs across the world, has produced a mountain of money which has been used to buy foreign debt. It holds in excess of one trillion dollars worth of US Treasury bonds (debt) and debt of the US government mortgage lenders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, recently saved from collapse by political intervention.

But even this trillion dollars doesn't nearly tell the full story because it doesn't include Chinese investment in private US corporations and the use by the Chinese government of third parties to hide the extent of its holdings.

Put it all together and China is gaining ever more control of the US economy and it can use this power to destroy what is left of the American financial system. If it sells its massive dollar holdings the value of the 'mighty dollar' will plummet and if its debt is not repaid it can claim American assets, yes government assets, just as a bank forecloses on your house if you don't make the payments.

And the United States is now ten trillion dollars in debt with more being added by the minute. The 'superpower' is essentially bankrupt and at the mercy of its overseas creditors - especially China.

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Given that the plan is for a war involving North America, Europe, Russia and China this takes on even greater significance, as does the involvement in the trillion-dollar (open chequebook) 'bail out' of US Treasury Secretary Henry 'Hank' Paulson. Who is picking up that debt?

On April 3rd this year, investigative reporter, Wayne Madsen (, highlighted a secret document detailing the sequence of events leading to martial law and a possible war. Madsen's report said:

'WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources within the US financial community that an alarming confidential and limited distribution document is circulating among senior members of Congress and their senior staff members that is warning of a bleak future for the United States if it does not quickly get its financial house in order. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among those who have reportedly read the document.

The document is being called the "C & R" document because it reportedly states that if the United States defaults on loans and debt underwriting from China, Japan, and Russia, all of which are propping up the United States government financially, and the United States unilaterally cancels the debts, America can expect a war that will have disastrous results for the United States and the world. "Conflict" is the "C word" in the document.

The other scenario is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government. "Revolution" is the document's "R word‚§?.'

They sure as hell know that a war is coming, as I have highlighted myself so many times. See my newsletter, The Policeman Was Right ... Only 'The War' Is Still To Come in the subscriber newsletter archive.


"How about this? Shut your mouth...Or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and shut it for you."

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Paulson: China's man?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has major connections to China and he is also the bankers' representative in government. Until 2006, Henry Paulson was the head of Goldman Sachs, a major influence in the 'sub-prime' mortgage debacle that is the official excuse for the 'Credit Crunch'. Now, as Treasury Secretary, he is handing out trillions to the banking system he represents and no doubt will return to when he leaves office. He has even appointed another former Goldman Sachs executive, Neel Kashkari, to decide on who gets the money. For 'Goldman Sachs', by the way, read 'Rothschild'.

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Neel Kashkari, or 'Cash Carry' as he has now become.

Paulson is extremely close to the Chinese elite and, according to the Daily Telegraph, has visited China more than 70 times. All these connected facts are not coincidences. There is a plan unfolding here and it is happening on so many fronts.

This week the Bank of China announced it is buying a stake in the French bank LCF Rothschild and it says the two will develop private banking and asset-management services for China's newly rich. Oh, I think there is just a little more to it than that.

China and other foreign interests increasingly own America and, as I have been saying for ten years or more, the idea has been to use America to destroy America, both militarily and financially.

The United States has long been employed to fire the bullets, financially and literally, but the gun is being loaded elsewhere, mostly in Europe. America has been brought to its knees through war and financial mayhem and that is exactly what was meant to happen.

Why? Look at that global government structure again. A world government, world army and world central bank cannot have total control if there is a 'superpower' with the political, military and economic strength to say 'no' to its decisions. America had to be destroyed and that is what Boy Bush was installed to secure by saying and signing anything he is told to.

Unfortunately, those programmed by the vision of 'John Wayne America', Democrat voters as well as Republicans, have been too blind to see what to some has been so blatant.

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American financial and military power

Just before I left America this week, I heard how those opposing the trillion dollar (open chequebook) 'bail out' of US banks were threatened with martial law if the bill did not go through. US Representative Brad Sherman of California said:

'... Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day and a couple of thousand on the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.'

The structure is now in place for the military to police the streets of America when martial law is declared and then a whole list of presidential executive orders are triggered into action that will mean the very fascist dictatorship that some of us have long warned about. The same is planned in Britain and elsewhere when the people take to the streets in protest at what is happening.

Then there is the world army. I said in And The Truth Shall Set You Free, written in 1994, that the world army would be a fusion of the UN 'peacekeeping' forces and NATO. This week the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed his 'shock' that the UN and NATO had secretly signed a cooperation agreement without all UN member states reading the draft.

This agreement declared that the two secretariats would work together with the common aim of 'maintaining international security on the basis of the UN Charter and certain international directives'. Now, er, what could that mean?

Under the radar, at least the mainstream radar, so much has been going on while the masses watched the latest game or soap. How frustrating it has been to see the warnings ignored and ridiculed as today became ever closer.

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Go to sleeeeep ... stay asleeeeep ...

This comatose public indifference has allowed the structures to be prepared to play out the agenda so fast once the button was pressed and the veil lifted. There was always going to be a time when all that has been hidden had to break the surface as the 'new world' was installed as a tranformation of global society.

It has been like gathering an army under cover of darkness and once dawn breaks the targets are attacked from all directions at the same time. 'Where did all this come from?', the targets cry, but it didn't 'come' out of nowhere in that instant. It was prepared long before the strike came - while the people were sleeping.

The attack, in terms of the one now facing Planet Earth, has been in the making for thousands of years. The people have been unaware of this and, even when the warnings and supporting information came over the last 20 years, most either laughed or looked the other way.

Now the chickens are coming home and they are wearing jackboots.

Are we going to grasp the opportunity to act now that the game is being revealed by daily experience? Or is the human race so detached from consciousness that it will still close it's eyes or freeze with fear?

We'll soon see.

I sit here now utterly exhausted after five weeks of almost non-stop travelling and talking in Europe and then America. It is amazing how hard it hits you once you stop. But come Monday morning, and a couple of nights sleep, off we go again with renewed efforts. This is no time to tire, no time to give up on freedom in the face of the challeges we are now facing by the day.

Quite the opposite.

Yes, this is a time of challenge, but it is also offers a wonderful opportunity - IF enough backsides and sofas are willing to part company.

I'll address just that point next week.

The David Icke Newsletter


"How about this? Shut your mouth...Or I'll kick your teeth down your throat and shut it for you."

Old Post Oct 13th, 2008 10:22 PM
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