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Why Michael Myers Can't Die: The Thorn Curse
Started by: GnarlyWalker

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Why Michael Myers Can't Die: The Thorn Curse

The Thorn curse is first explicitly mentioned in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. In Halloween 4 and 5, itís only Implied. Starting with Halloween 4, 10 years after the events of Halloween II, Laurie is revealed to have had a daughter, named Jamie Lloyd. The actions that Michael was affected by in Halloween II left him in a coma, and when he was being transported back to the mental institute he originally came from, he overheard the guards that were driving the vehicle talking about the story of what had happened in Halloween: 1978, and about Laurieís daughter, Jamie. Michael proceeds to kill the guards and hijack the vehicle, and makes his way back to Haddonfield.

After a horrific car accident that leaves both Laurie and her husband dead, that leaves Jamie as the only surviving Myer. Jamie is adopted by a family, and suffers from night terrors that depict a man resembling Michael Myers. Throughout Halloween 4, Jamie and her stepsister Rachel, go around town trying to escape Michael, and ultimately succeed. At the end of the film Rachel is seen driving a truck with Jamie in it, with Michael trying to grab them while holding on to the roof of the truck. Rachel swerves the truck, causing Michael to fly off. Rachel then turns around, and hits him with the truck again. Both Jamie and Rachel get out of the car, and Jamie walks towards Michael, who is still lying on the ground, she touches his hand, and boom, infected with a KILLER virus, literally. He is immediately revived, but then shot down by the townspeople, where he falls down a mineshaft and is presumed dead. Somehow the connection made between the two fused Jamie and Michael mentally, and Jamie stabs her stepmom at the end of the film, and is sent to a childrenís clinic for evaluations.

Pretty spooky if you ask me, but if you ALSO ask me, youíd be all like ďBut what in the name of Sam Hill does that have to do with a curse?Ē and Iíll be like ďStep off you goon Iím getting there.Ē.

In Halloween 5, we see Jamie again, still in a childrenís clinic where she now suffers from seizures. Itís also shown that Michael had stumbled into a mountain manís home after the events of Halloween 4, and was in yet another coma from the angry mobsí actions. All of this is taking place a year later from Halloween 4, meaning Michael was in a coma for a year, until Jamie started having dreams of her uncle coming after her, in which he awakened, and killed the man who owned the house in the mountains. The rest of the film is spent showing how Jamie and Michael are connected. Jamie doesnít want to kill people, so she just doesnít, but when Michael kills someone, she suffers from a seizure (or every now and then at least, I guess they forgot to keep on doing that since films 4, 5 and 6 were so rushed.). Jamie can also see who Michaelís next victims are. At the end of the film, after Dr. Loomis and Jamie had trapped Micheal, and locked him in jail, the jail mysteriously blew up, with no survivors, and Michael gone. There is also a mysterious man shown, in a black coat and his face never shown, but is revealed in Halloween 6, to be Terence Wynn, a doctor who helped Michale Myers escape the hospital he was staying at prior to his escape in Halloween: 1978.

In Halloween 6, is when the Thorn Curse is explained by Tommy Boyle, a child Laurie Strode was babysitting in Halloween: 1978 during Michaelís rampage, and was also almost a victim of it, too. In the beginning of Halloween 6, itís shown that Jamie was taken by the mysterious man, and is seen with a baby, her son, who was born with a Rune on his lil baby tum tum. A nurse helps her flee the facility, and successfully escapes with her son. She finds a safe place to talk to Dr. Loomis about her son, and is kept a secret location. Although she took all the precautions, she is ultimately murdered by Michael. Dr. Loomis then meets with Tommy Boyle, knowing he's interested in the Myerís case, and takes it upon himself to take care of Jamieís son, which he names Stephen. He befriends Danny and Kara Lloyd, 1st cousins of Laurie Strode, and explains to them why all of this is happening.

Finally the part youíve been waiting for. "Runes are a kind of early alphabet that originated about 500 B.C. They were symbols carved out of stone or pieces of wood used in pagan rituals to portend future events and invoke magic. Among the ancient Druids, Thorn represented a demon that spread sickness, brought death to hundreds of thousands of people. According to Celtic legend, one child from each tribe was chosen to be inflicted with the curse of Thorn, to offer the blood sacrifices of its next of kin on the night of Samhain [Halloween]. The sacrifice of one family meant sparing the lives of the entire tribe.". Itís never really revealed why Wynn wanted the curse to carry on, or why he did it in the first place, but hey that's that.

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Home » Misc » Conspiracy Forum » Why Michael Myers Can't Die: The Thorn Curse

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