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Dawn Of Tomorrow
Started by: Darth_ZeD

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Dawn Of Tomorrow

((Well I'm new to this forum and since i'm too lazy to keep up with a story already gone far to the horizon, i'm starting my own, feel free to join up, the more the merrier ))

Story is set in fantasy, characters you can create your own but don't do too many please, i'll do some in the beginning here, best to follow them, but feel free to create, as long as it does not rupture the story. Plot and the likes we can discover as time flows enjoy!

Characters: (feel free to make up your own abilities)
Hûldir the Socerer
Ghand the Bard
Galeed the Paladin
Baracûs the Necromancer
Immortalus the Ninja

Ghand stood at the top of the hill gazing at the landscape. The others were all sitting by the campfire, enjoying a nice mug of ale whilst exchanging stories. Ghand could never understand why ale could be so enjoyable, "'twas a silly thing to put in your mouth" is what he said once. Although such an odd party, the fellows stuck together and fought together, they all got along somehow.

Ghand however could not sit idly by tonight, there had been a strange noise coming from the shrubbery over at the sandbank. As he gazed suspiciously at the leaves leaping up in the air Galeed shouted, urging him to forget the silly noise and join the rest in storytelling. But Ghand could not let it go, there was something special about this noise, and the bush seemed to be gazing back at him.

- What yer doin' over here all by yerself mate?

It was Immortalus, he had been watching Ghand from another shrubbery not far away, impossible to see as always.

- Nuthin, 'tis just that this shrubbery over there has got an eerie feeling lurkin' all over it, I hafta do sumthin.

Ghand frowned, he felt kind of awkward being all alone when the others were having such a blast, but he felt a need to investigate this matter.

~ ~ ~

What is the noise you ask? Well, hope we'll find out soon peace be onto you all mates!


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that doesn't seem right, the bard would be the main one storytelling and drinking... The paladin seems more likely the one to be alone and not drinking or partying .... just my opinion

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Not having received an answer, Immortalus shrugged and decided to join the drunken revelry below. Ghand crept gingerly toward the mysterious, quivering foliage, the pounding in his chest increasing with every step.

As he swept aside the brush with a mighty swoop of his staff, he saw a tiny, white rabbit shuddering below. It appeared to be injured. Ghand immediately felt pity for the poor creature, as it would surely be used for supper should the others catch a whiff of it. Ghand tenderly picked up the rabbit and hid it in a pocket in the lining of his cloak. Taking a seat somewhat removed from the fire, he spent the better part of the evening nursing the timid beast, trying desperately not to raise the notice of his comrades, lest he be ridiculed, and his new pet be turned into stew.

Immortalus was given watch duty that night as the others slumbered; aloof, ever aware of his surroundings, he couldn't help but notice some slight movement from where Ghand was sleeping. Immortalus's curiosity was piqued, so he stealthily tread over to where Ghand's resting form lay.

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